Honor 8x vs Honor 7x vs Honor 10 Side-by-side comparison

hello you gorgeous lovely people this is Christmas expert and I’m here with a trio of a great value on their smartphones here in the middle of this menage tois is the sleek and shiny new honor 8 X to the left you’ve got the older on a 7 X launched at the end of 2017 but still good budget value a handset and on the right we’ve got the honor 10 flagship phones which one might be best for you let’s do a full comparison of the hardware the software everything you need to know so you can see and don’t forget for lots more in-depth hands-on coverage of the latest tech do poke that subscribe button down below Cheers supposed obstacle 3 side by side you can clearly see the honor it X is the Beast of the bunch it’s a 6.5 inch handset one of the biggest smartphones launched in 2018 but the good thing is that at least honor has managed to basically cut out pretty much all of the bezels sarandon that display so it isn’t an absolute monster as you can see they’re supposed a similar sort of design for light to the iPhone 10s very slender bezel down below especially when compared with the other on a handsets in this roundup because the auto 7x and the honor turn both got a slightly thick bezel down below actually thick enough for the entire logo to be slapped on there as well in the case of the 7 X and while the other tens disappears when they smidgen smaller than the honor 7 X’s it’s a 5.8

full range compared with the honor 7 it reduces 5.9 – it does of course for a bit of screen not action up top I just helped the despair to reach basically to pretty much the very top of the smartphone just to help keep it nice and compact it’s definitely the most easy to handle out of these three phones so thankfully all three of these smart phones rock eight or 100 board all you need to do is you swipe your thumbing your finger across that navigation bar down at the bottom and as you can see it just minimizes the entire display and makes it much easier to use with a single mate if we spin these three phones around you’ll see they Rock a very different design from one another Jahna 7x is defi the odd one out as it rocks this matter metal finish this was obviously all the style back in 2017 but these days 2018 it’s all about the shiny glossy glass finish instead which is what the honoree legs and the honor 10 Rock we really really love at the stylings of the honor 10 as you see there’s but it’s neat solid disc or back as it catches the light it sort of morphs from blue to purple and you’ve got this neat striation effect as well very sleek and while this black model of the honor 8x isn’t quite as exciting you can pick it up in blue and read something not red in the UK

that’s on the available overseas but so in the blue model also looks very very nice and colorful just like the honor tents would recommend picking up that version if you can of course the one bad thing about glass smartphones is they pick up smudges and grease rather easily which is something that the honest 7ex most certainly want of you’re something that’s gonna stay nice and smart without having to be constantly buffed up then this is the one for you a lottery phones have proved perfectly rugged as well I’ve given them a good fashioned about I just slapped them in my backpack trapped them with utter contempt and disrespect and absolutely fine upon door cracks on the glass ones no real proper dents for anything on the honest 7xo all good good news if you still Rock some wired headphones as well because all three of these honor phones have a bet 3.5 millimeter headphone jack action as you see there they all have a bottom mounted speakers as well only the honour turn actually sports a type-c USB charging port the other two use micro USB as for security as you can see

both the honest MX and the honor is X having rear mounted fingerprint sensors just falls naturally under your finger when you pick up a small phone nice and easy and I’m both kiss is nice and nippy and responsive as well if I tap them at the same time you’ll see the screen basically turns on pretty much straightaway a nice and responsive they on a 10 that the fingerprint sensor is actually mounted right here beneath the screen instead rather than on the back again it’s nice and nippy though so just a quick tap and you’ll strip into your desktops and the great thing is it’s actually built into the glass on the honor 10 as well which means that even if your thumb is a little bit moist if it’s full on wear it won’t work but if it’s a little bit damp then it should still pick up your print no problem and in more good news if for whatever reason you can’t use the fingerprint sensors on any of these three smartphones for instance you’re wearing gloves or your hand remit Mucky from working in the kitchen something like that all three of these handsets also support a bit of fearsome lock and it works really really well as well all you need to do is just tap a power button and boom you’re straight into your desktops as long as you set the option to to bypass the lock screen entirely and it works really really well as well while weighs fits recognition

works nicely in low-light even if you’re wearing sunglasses things like that pick up your mug no problems or top-notch stuff so as already mentioned the owner is exports the big displayed by quite some margin is 6.

5 inches compared with just under six inches for the other two smartphones although all three phones Rock a full HD plus resolution so you do get nice crisp visuals even on this larger on it it X display as you see there if we punch in nice and close the tiny text is nice and legible the icons nice and sharp and it’s an IPS panel on all three phones as well but despite that still pretty punchy colors as well and it’s customizable too if you dive into the display section then seeing play around with the general color temperature and output and you’ve also got the the night Lord as well all the iComfort mode as well we calls it and I just felt as the blue light you can schedule it for night just for a nice easy on the eye comfortable experience suppose you can see here nice punchy hues on all three of these smartphones I think the honor 7x is probably the least vivid of the three but there’s not really a massive amount in it definitely the honor in X and the honor turn just seems to be particularly shining for some of those pinks and oranges as you can see there but yeah definitely they all are perfectly good for enjoying a bit of Netflix I mean now that browsing your photos etc no worries on top brightness either you’ll absolutely be able to see these screens clearly even

in bright sunlight as you see there they are really super powerful of course as you’re getting close here as well the honor 7x is the only one not to rock a screen notch which has basically become the norm in 2018 now not everyone likes a good bit in notch action though but thankfully in the case of the unaired X in the honored sent you can knock it off or basically mask it from view if so desire to get that nice clean flat on a 7 X appearance so what about the software with all three of these smartphones are running a bit of Android Oreo with a bit of emotion UI it slathered on top this gives you plenty of bonus features on top of the standard Android or your stuff so for instance we’ve already touched on the likes of the face recognition in the security section and the one handed mode as well which comes in a particularly handy here on the honor sx here’s to getting various other motion controls as well the like so history to answer a call flip it over to mute it does get a bunch of standard Huawei apps slapped on top of there as well so for instance the usual form manager that just helps you to basically check out your general resources you can block nuisance numbers you can scan for viruses stuff like that so actually pretty handy and of course you get the likes of the game sweet app as well which is this the acts as a hub for all of your games it just allows you to fizzes blockly notifications that might be ticking through while you’re getting a game on

you don’t get distracted then that is definitely a good thing speaking of game and when it comes to the performance the oniton is still the best of the bunch with its Kirin 970 chipset as you can see here outperforms the other two on a Fonz when it comes to the benchmark and although there’s not a massive leap between the honor 10 and the honor 8x which rocks the mid-range Kirin 710 chipset so the honor 7x does linger we’re back in third place whether it’s all that carrying six five nine platform however all three phones do have four gigs of RAM packed inside so you generally get some nice smooth performance for your everyday use apps tend to blow it up without too much issue and all three of these handsets you I get the occasional little stutter stammer here on the onit 7x but nothing too serious I think I news is if you do like to play a bit of pub G things like that in your spare time then all three of these smartphones support WoW is GPU turbo update as you can see all three of these phones can handle a bit of pub G and no problem at all nice smooth through mate the gives the honor 10 is actually run on the high detail levels and even then it’s absolutely fine the frame rate thanks in no small parts that GPU turbo update go check out my full video or not to see what a difference it makes to the general stability I think it’s the honor 7x the only 8x is on the medium detail settings and as you can see a pretty smooth frame rate overall doing nice bits printing to

the countryside at the moment and as you can see they’re nice and smooth sometimes you can’t get a tiny bit chattery when you’ve got there’s a firefight going on something like that or you’re whizzing around in a vehicle yeah if you’re planning on doing a lot of gaming for the next sort of year or two we definitely recommend jumping up to the on a 10 if at all possible just steal them away from that cliff edge when it comes to the battery tech at the honor it X has the larger Sony at 2,750 milliamp not too surprising as it is the biggest handset by quite a margin the other 7 XA has a 3,240 milliamp and the honor 10 has a few thousand four hundred milliamps um or less the same size because I own a textures have the larger display to power as we find this the battery life is pretty much the same on all three of these handsets you’ll get a day and a half of pretty intensive use out of all three of them and if you do do a lot of game and Skype and things like that you can generally make it to bedtime before you’ll need to stick it into charge and as you can see there you’ve got all of your usual power saving that mods and everything as well if you really are struggling as for the storage space the honor 10 is the obvious winner here with 128 gigs built-in although you

do get a pretty generous 64 gigs on the 7x and the NX as well not bad at all that sort of budget to mid-range price point however when several X near decks do beat the flagship phone is the fact that they support micro sd expandability so you stuff in a memory card of up to 400 gigs in the case of the on a 8 X and 256 gigs case the on a 7 X and the on a 10 sadly and none of that all of which delights bring us on to the camera tech as you can see all three on a smart phone sport a bit of dual lens camera action here on the rear the honor 10 is actually the most advanced of the three however you get a 16 megapixel OGB lens bolstered by a 24 megapixel secondary monochrome lens and those are both f1 point here to soak up a decent amount of light in those sort of low-light situations the 7x immediate exports bought a very simple 2 megapixel depth sensor as their secondary lenses that’s basically just used for the portrait mode in order to get a proper depth of field you’re on a 7 X tiles at a 16 megapixel primary camera and that’s been boosted up to a 20 megapixel for the honor 8x welcomes the selfie cameras they’re basically in order of Awesomeness here the honor 7x boasts a simple 7 megapixel front-facing camera that gets boosted up

to a 16 megapixel for the honor 8x and it gets the honor 10 you get a 24 megapixel selfie cam dive on into the camera apps is where you’ll see the 7 X is the most basic of the 3 it doesn’t support the new AI Scene Recognition which you get on the 8x and the honor 10 especially just a slightly more advanced version of that auto mode Scene Recognition really helps to boost some colors and bring your scene to life which is actually pretty impressive unless you’re trying to shoot a naturally vivid scene in which case we would recommend knocking it off because things can get a little bit too sort of like yellow submarine’s surreal really acids tripped in your face kind of thing all three phones do of course support a portrait mode using those dual lens cameras in order to stop nice and crisp on to your subjects and keep the background all blurred very snazzy effects indeed and of course you’ve got a bit of a moving picture mode in all three phones as well that just shoots a brief snippet a video with every photo you take to help bring your galleries to life as you’re flipping through and as

you’d expect you’ve got a plethora of bonus camera modes on all three of these honor phones as well you do of course have full up manual controls and all three of these handsets so that’s handy if you just not know exactly what you’re doing with a camera you want to get a very precise kind of result with that lights the white balance that shutter speed things like that you get good results for three of these phones which is the 7x is a bit more lacking compared with its more modern contemporary efforts here however we really have to give a shout out to the honoree index well it’s excellent night Lord this is a the same sort of night mode that you get on the p20 in the p20 pro allows you to shoot a nice long exposure shot even when you’re holding the phone by hand none of the blurry results really really smart nice bright images that if we go check out a full on it in X camera view of Unruh combo if you want to see some in-depth results are that of course the owner tends still shoots very respectable night shots as well but nothing on that sort of level as for the video unsurprisingly once again that they are ranked in ascending order so here on the honor 7 actually misc the shoot

simple Full HD video at 30 frames per second it gets the honor its X you can shoot full HD near 30 or 60 frames per second the results of pretty good and that 60 FPS level and on the honor 10 you can shoot all the way up to Ultra HD 4k resolution across the image stabilization in great when you boost the full HD to 60 frames per second or when you bump all the way up to 4k level so you will want to stand pretty still while you’re shooting and that right there in a nutshell is how these three on a smart phones compare there are some actually pick up really cheap these days because it is basically fast approaching its first birthday that we have to see the honor it X is great value at just under 250 quid the boost in the performance and the upgraded camera tech alone make it well worth your while although of course it is a bit of a beast as well at 6.5 inches which won’t suit everyone if you want that slick performance on that great camera tech as well but in a more compact form then we’d recommend the on a 10 although of course you will have to boost up your budget a bit the only 10 does still sport the better camera tech as well even though it lacks the night mode that you’ll find in the honor 8x so that’s the what you think in the comments down below which on a smartphone do you think might be best for you B grit to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to poke that subscribe button for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech including lots of honor goodness because they launched new phone pretty much every two weeks thanks everyone love you bye

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