Review Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones

hello just peeps this is Chris from Tex bird and I’m here with the new it’s our Wireless sports headphones up from j-bird hopefully pretty much all the information you need is right there in the title they are fully wireless Bluetooth earphones and they are designed for the more active lifestyle so if you like jump in between rocks in your spare time you know so it’s gonna cost you 90 quid they’ll be available online from October the 9th and in stores from October 15th I’m just gonna get them fully unbox set them all up using the gia bird mobile app and test them out as well to see if they’re actually up to snuff and for more reviews on the latest headphones earphones stuff like that don’t forget to hit subscribe and thing that notifications bell Cheers so let’s just break into this packaging and the grand and veil there are that our Wireless bought headphones accessories inside yep that’s very helpful obviously need all the usual stuff to power them back up because they are of course bluetooth and then behind all that you also get a rather meaty Quick Start Guide Wow look at the size of that it’s like worn freaking peace so the actual headphones themselves we’ll just stick those aside for a moment and have a full explore them in a second so you also get a proprietary charging dock as well so you need to do is connect to the tower to the dock like so just push it in there nice and firm once that’s connected then you just basically plug in the USB bit either into a laptop a USB adapter whatever you have lying around and that should power back up again full charge should take about six hours but partly you can also get a full hours of use from just ten minutes of charge times are pretty handy if you forget to plug them in before pounding the pavement that is actually connected pretty damn tight as well so they certainly

shouldn’t slip off by accident or anything it’s not magnetic connection unfortunately it is basically just clips in there and that’s that’s held tight at least so that’s the main thing as you can see there the towers do of course bought a soft silicone in earbud and you actually get a spare set right here in the box as well so no matter what your ear size and ship you can get a different set connected and hopefully provide a nice comfortable fit they snap off nice and easy just basically give them a bit of a tug off they come as you can see there the inner bits exposed then all you need to do is find another one and snap it on there there’s a nice little sticky a bit to help keep it in place so just slip that over there and that will hold it nice and firm as you can see there the cord can actually be adjusted on the flight as well so you can make it shorter longer whatever you fancy to get a nice comfortable fit you also get a bit of clip action as well if you just want to clip it to your clothing just to make sure it’s not flying about the place I just slips onto the cable like so and then you’re basically good to go as you see there you’ve got a little control panel actually attached to the tower wireless spot headphones as well so you’ve got control over the volume you can also pause and play your media and apparently can be used to answer

calls and there’s also a full support for Google assistant in there too designs pretty straightforward by the looks of it nor particular frills or anything like that it’s all about obviously the comfort the fact that is a fully water resistant as well it’s ipx7 so you can give them a full on Duncan in some water you actually wear them while you’re swimming if you want to and it’s pretty sweat resistant as well good news if you were you sweat up a storm like I do with any amount of activity you can grab it in black and gray or blue and it certainly so far just from an initial test seems pretty durable that nice flexi rubber cable shouldnt get all tied up or twisted or anything like that and hopefully should be able to take a good bit of punishment as well now as mentioned there is actually a gia boat app available to sync up with your headphones as well and that’s available for either iOS or Android first up we just need to actually pair them a to the smartphone of course that’s dive into the bluetooth effort and then if we hold down the power button here on the gia bird taras there we go we’ve got a little light flashing on as you can see it just pops straight up in the devices and then pair and complete nice and easy that’s what we like dive on back into the gia bird

app you can see it’s busy connecting now to our Terra’s connected hooray I like it when stuff just works so what this allows you to do is basically customize the audio output from the G over terra’s all the ways you can choose from various presets as well if you’re feeling a bit more lazy diving on into the music section it looks like you can actually stream some tunes island beats cardio live hypernym of course you can you just use your standard Spotify playlists if you’d rather do that you could also share your presets and everything or with the world if you want to and then you can check out a little bit more about your headphones as you see there there’s also a fine my buds option as well so let’s turn that on and then this will actually show you where your buds are currently looking at it presumably only if they’re actually turned on and everything of course all right so I’ve been using gia birds for a couple of days now full on use and so far definitely liking them the silicone gels provide a nice comfortable fit the fact you’ve got different sizes as well means you can find the ones that are just right for your lug holes and then when you slip them in there it’s getting nice and easy to slide straight in it’s a nice snug fit so you can be a running pounding the pavement as fast as you like and they will stay in there there’s no sign of slippage or anything even when you’re getting a wee bit sweaty I

have found however that because you’ve got this control block here over on the right hand side they do contendere get dragged over to the right a bit as you are moving around which kind of tugs a little bit on your left earlobe and it’s particularly annoying if you’re trying to then look over your right shoulder it just then pause a little bit and provides a bit of resistance not to the point where I’ll ever risk popping out or anything just it’s just kind of a little bit irritating so definitely recommend using the bundled clip which I showed you earlier just clip it onto the back of your collar if possible and that’ll just help to prevent that from happening and I’ve got to admit I did miss the magnetic connection of the Wampus but as well especially handy when you’re not using them these things we can just slip off quite easily whereas the one place you just stick them together like that they magnetically connect and I see forms are kind of weird necklace no problem with it slipping off at all those controls work absolutely fine they’re nice and easy to locate and you’ve got usual volume controls and nice and intuitive volume up at the top volume down down below you can also skip tracks as well a few long press them so that’s pretty handy if you’re doing a bit of a play list some it comes on you don’t really feel in the mood for as for

the battery life I have found that between five and six hours of use per full charge is basically spot-on they give you a little update of roughly how much battery life is remaining when you turn them on you do actually get a proper precise readout of exactly how much about your life it is remain and within that jaybird app which is definitely very handy and as promised you can pile them up pretty quickly as well just ten minutes of the plug and you will get a full hour of use out of them no problems and good news if you can just kind of on a quick jog and session and you forgot to charge them as for the sound quality I see the towers are pretty respectable in that front as well probably quite similar I guess to the one-plus bullets vocals come across nice and crisp and it’s only the sort of heavier rock tracks things like that where things get a little bit muddled especially on higher volume but in terms of the volume as well absolutely no problem they’re strong powerful output when you bump them right up that’s a good news if you’re a wee bit deaf like me and that in a nutshell is the dear bird Tara wireless sports buds definitely do the job for anyone who does a lot of runnin hits the gym quite frequently and just want something to listen to their tracks for decent quality its nightly quid not the cheapest as well you can’t get the lights the oneplus Wireless buds for cheaper than that so definitely let us know what you think in the comments down below and thanks for watching everyone don’t forget to hit subscribe for more on the latest and greatest tech Cheers

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