GeForce Now Adds 4k 60fps Game Streaming on Nvidia Shield,120fps on PC/Mac

hey everybody it’s lon zeidman we’re back with an update on g-force now we haven’t looked at this service in a while and i thought i would do an update on what is new since the last time that we looked at it if you’re not familiar with geforce now it is a game streaming service from nvidia that allows you to play some of the games that you own already on pc gaming platforms like steam ubisoft or the epic game store the library is a bit limited and i’ll explain that in a few minutes but if you have a game that’s compatible it actually works pretty well and you don’t have to buy the game again you can use your existing steam account to play the games that you already own through nvidia’s cloud servers now what’s new since the last time we looked at this is that they’ve added a 3080 based cloud pc as a new tier of service that you can subscribe to so you get a lot more horsepower than the prior iterations of geforce now but you’ll pay a lot more for it let’s take a look and see what’s new here but before we do i want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that nvidia gave us a

free account to check out for the purposes of this review but all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nvidia did not pay for this video nor did they review or approve anything you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this new service tier is all about now with this new 30 80 tier there are three tiers of service to choose from on geforce now they retained the free plan which you can use for no cost at all that gives you access to what they call their basic rig which is based on an nvidia 1080 from two generations ago good enough for 1080p gaming though but they limit your sessions to one hour before you have to log off and log back in again and it’s also subject to availability so if they are heavily saturated with users on the free tier and you try to get in you might be put on hold until a server becomes available the next tier up is the priority tier which now costs ten dollars a month this is based on an rtx 2080 and you will get the benefits of the rtx platform which includes the ray tracing they do give you a lower price if you buy in six month increments so about 50 bucks for six months of service we looked at this tier previously here on the channel when they first rolled out the subscription plans and this will give you priority access to the server so you shouldn’t have to wait

for a server when you want to log in and they’ll limit you to a six hour session length additionally the maximum resolution you’re going to get out of the priority tier is 1080p at 60 frames per second now the 3080 tier comes in at 20 a month but you get a better deal if you buy it out in six month increments certainly a lot cheaper than buying a 3080 based gpu at the moment but still a big jump in price over the priority plan you do though have a longer session length eight hours per session again like the other tiers you have to log out and log back in if you hit that eight hours but you probably have to go to the bathroom at some point anyhow if you are on a pc or a mac it’ll give you 1440p at up to 120 frames per second you will also get 120 frames per second on compatible android phones they have a list of android phones that can hit that frame rate you want to make sure though that you’ve got a really good wi-fi connection for that phone because it will consume a lot of bandwidth to get you to that level of clarity and frame rate and then on the nvidia shield tv and only the shield tv you can get up to 4k at 60 frames per second with hdr i tested it a little bit earlier on my oled tv upstairs and it looks great and we’re going to test it here on a non hdr 4k 60 monitor in a few minutes and what’s great is that it even works on the 2015

era nvidia shield and these shields are the gift that keeps on giving because they are still relevant years after they were initially released but you are again paying a lot more for the service tier to get this level of performance now one of the downsides of geforce now is that the library is not as extensive as you might think the reason is is that many developers don’t allow nvidia to stream their games over their service even though you have bought the game so for example i have 264 games right now in my steam library i’ve played about six of them i just keep buying them when they’re on sale i’m sure a lot of you have that problem as well and this is what i’ve got on my pc side but if we go over to the nvidia shield here you can see that only about 50 of these games are actually playable because these developers have allowed their game to be played over geforce now and all the other developers have not and it’s quite frustrating because these are games that i bought and i think i should have the right to play them however i want but developers have put clauses in their licenses that prevent streaming so my advice would be to sign up for the free tier first and connect your steam and epic and ubisoft accounts to geforce now to see

what is playable another thing you can do is go over to their home page and browse the game section here where you can see every game that is currently allowed to be played on the platform and the only thing preventing a game not being played on the platform is just the developer deciding they want to limit access to the game that you purchased unfortunately you can browse this list alphabetically or you can search it and you’ll also want to make note of which stores are supported for that game so you can see here galactic civilizations works from both the epic and steam stores so if you bought it on one of those two platforms it’s bootable in g-force now every thursday they do announce new games that are available on the geforce now platform so you’ll want to check every once in a while to see if a game that wasn’t on before is now on now on the nvidia shield you will find your geforce now games in the nvidia games app on other android tv platforms you’ll want to download the geforce now app and remember the 4k stuff is only going to work on the shield at the moment now unfortunately i don’t have many games in my library that are compatible that can really show off what the 3080 can do but we are going

to take a look here at one of my favorite games no man’s sky which does run really nicely on here and i think can really show off what a 3080 experience can handle now this monitor doesn’t support hdr but it did work on my screen upstairs a little bit earlier and when i click play here it is going to basically spin up an instance of this 3080 computer in the cloud takes a couple of minutes to get into it and of course you have all the loading time that you would typically have with the computer so we’re going to take my spaceship here up into space another challenge here is that i cannot get a frame rate counter up on this game but we can pull up the settings that it’s working with now remember i am down converting here from 4k to 1080p for the purposes of my production system here but we are in fact outputting 4k to this monitor so let’s go over to the options here and you can see how everything is set up and we’ll go to graphic options first so you can see right now everything is set to ultra dlss is enabled which this game supports through those new nvidia rtx cards and if i go over here to the video options you’ll see that we are indeed running at 4k so we’ve got a pretty good level of performance here and it definitely looks as though it is running at a full 60 fps even though we can’t verify that with a frame rate counter now one thing you’re able to do let me get my spaceship landed here real quick and

hop out one thing you are able to do is pull up some active stats for the game as it’s running so if you hold down the start button this will give you an overlay that you can use to pull up a keyboard or paste things in from the clipboard and if you hold down the left trigger and the left button and push b you will get a little display here at the upper left hand corner that tells you the active resolution that you are currently running at along with the bit rate that you’re currently experiencing now i am running this off of ethernet and i think that is the best way to go if you plan on running this game after any game for that matter out of 4k 60 frames per second resolution or one of the 120 frames per second mode just because you can see how much bandwidth this requires to work and if you don’t have the ability to get that level of bandwidth from your wi-fi you will see a degradation in video quality uh or just a lot of lag as you’re playing and i was playing this for probably better part of an hour last night and it was really working out nicely for me here and most of the little lag hits you might get here or they’re mostly due to the game loading things off of discs which is what i experience on my gaming pc upstairs so all in really good here even at this high resolution and pretty much on par with what you might expect out of a 4k experience on a 3080 gpu on a nicely equipped gaming pc i also have destiny 2 loaded up here on my nvidia shield and this is also running at 4k 60.

You can see a frame rate counter here in the upper right hand corner along with our data coming back from the geforce now service the frame rate counter is very tiny this is the built-in one that the game uses and as you can see here it is locked at 60 but i did want to show you the settings that it’s running at so let’s jump into settings here real quick and go over to video now unlike no man’s sky which was running at super high settings here you can see they did adjust some settings down to hit that frame rate and all of these settings will be done for you by the geforce now server so you don’t have to adjust anything and these settings will be tied only to your use of the geforce now service so when you jump back to steam on your local pc your games will be set where they were when you last played them on that device so as far as getting the best frame rate is concerned everything will get configured for you right out of the gate here now the only computer that i have that can run at the full frame rate and resolution is this macbook pro 14 that i got a little while back and it seems to be running just fine at 120 frames per second here at full screen it is mostly at 120 but

it occasionally dips down a little bit into the 110s or so but nonetheless it is smooth it looks as good as it does if i was running it locally and all together it looks like a pretty good experience at the higher frame rate here using the geforce now service now just remember that only the nvidia shield gets the 4k pcs and max do not the max on the pc is 1440p on the mac it’s 1600p both though at 120 frames per second max additionally android devices like this one here can also make use of the higher frame rates and we’re going to try out a quick game of fortnite here in a second and see what we can get this thing to run at i did find that i had to go into the settings and force it into the higher resolution and frame rate and i’m going to start up a game here real quick and see what we can get out of this alright so we’re playing right now on a google pixel 6 pro this is one of the phones that was listed as being compatible with this 120 frames per second mode and as you can see here it is not a good experience and this phone is connected to my wi-fi 6 access point even though i set it for 1080p the best it’s giving me is 720p and the only time i’m really seeing 120 frames per second out of this experience is when i am not moving so i think the wi-fi is not ideal for this

service given the level of bandwidth that it needs and this wi-fi access point is located right above my head here and it’s just not getting a good connection to the phone and it could just be something related to the phone and it’s wi-fi but whatever it is i am not getting a very playable experience here at 120 frames per second so your mileage will vary again based on the device you’re using and the wi-fi that you’re connecting to i think if you do intend to use the 4k mode on the shield or the 120 frames per second mode on the pc or mac you’ll want to get connected over an ethernet connection for the best results because this no matter what i try so far just doesn’t seem to be working and this wifi is very reliable that i typically use in fact we’ve done a lot of game streaming tests off this very same access point from this same spot and it never is this bad so i think this is probably again something related to this particular android phone and my connection but again the best way to get the best performance out of this geforce now service is to connect your device up via ethernet so that’s going to do it for this look at the 3080 tier on the geforce now service at least as it is at the moment not something i think is worth it for mobile phone users as we saw here but if you have an nvidia shield and you want to play games on your big screen tv it’s a really simple way to do it if you’ve

got the bandwidth and certainly on the pc and mac the 1440p 120 frames per second mode might be attractive as well and my experience with geforce now over the years is that it’s one of the best streaming experiences you’ll get again if you’re plugged in with ethernet the latency is very low i think i’m only about 12 milliseconds to their server from my house here in the northeast and it’s a very good gaming environment the problem though is the library and it’s just something the developers are really making difficult for nvidia and there’s a lot of games that could run on this service and don’t because the developers won’t allow it even though you paid for the game so my advice again would be to go in and check that list of games see if you’ve got enough titles on there to warrant playing with it boot up the free tier and see how it works for you from a latency standpoint and if you want the 3080 experience and your game is on there i think this might be something worth looking at because it is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a 3080 based gaming pc at the moment that is going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters jim tannis and tom albrecht hot sauce and video games and eric’s variety channel brian parker and frank goldman amda brown and matt zagaya and chris allegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit lawn dot tv s

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