Review GameSir X2 USB-C Android Game Controller (Newest Version)

hey everybody it’s lan seidman we’re continuing our look at game controllers that snap onto mobile phones and i just bought this one from game sir this is their x2 this is the 2021 edition now there’s a couple different versions of this this is the one with the usb type-c connector and this is designed for android phones only that have a usb type-c connector we’re going to be taking a closer look at this in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this controller is all about now the price point on this is 69 there is a version that you can get with bluetooth versus the usb type-c connector that bluetooth one will also work with the iphone however when you go over bluetooth you’re adding input lag to the mix so the best experience you’re going to have with one of these controllers is one that’s wired in and if you have an iphone my advice would be to get the backbone controller i bought this

one and reviewed it a few weeks ago and i really like this quite a bit and this will hardwire itself to your iphone and they just came out with a little adapter so you can fit your iphone pro 13 in there if you need to but this will be very well suited for android phones with a usb type-c port the cool thing is that the port here can adjust itself so you don’t put too much strain on your phone’s connector or the controller’s connector and what we’re going to play with today is my google pixel 6 pro and this is their new android smartphone that they sent to the channel free of charge and full disclosure we’re going to have a review of this coming up in the near future and all you have to do is just get your phone aligned with the port here and click it into place and then you extend out the controller and you’re good to go now this phone is the biggest one i have in my repertoire and game sir says that you can put a phone that’s up to 167 millimeters in length or about six and a half inches and so you can see this phone is pretty much at the limit here i’ve got a little bit more room on the controller here but not much although i do believe this will fit the galaxy note phones which are slightly larger than this one now you’ll notice though that my pixel 6 pro here does not have a case on it and that’s because the connector isn’t long enough to get plugged into the phone when a case is attached this is something we see on a lot of the snap on game controllers the razer kishi that we looked at a few weeks ago did have some removable pieces to try to accommodate cases but this one is likely going to be something you’ll have to take your phone out of the case for unless you’ve got a case that’s very thin on the bottom that can get that connector snapped in and i know some of you

were curious about the ipad mini and this device unfortunately the ipad mini the new one is too long to fit so it’s going to be limited to android only it’s pretty nicely built it’s got a really nice rubber here on the back and these rubber grips on the side to hold the phone in place and i found as i was gaming on it during a live stream the other day that it really held together pretty well and didn’t creak or bend or anything like that so it feels very well constructed now you’ll notice here at the bottom there is a usb type-c connector this is for pass-through power so you can charge your phone while it is inserted note though that when you connect power it will disconnect the controller and reconnect it so if you’re in the middle of a game it might disrupt things when you do that so just be aware of that not all phones are going to support the power pass through the ones that i have are mostly google pixel phones that they send us over the years to review all of the google pixel phones charge but not every phone will so just be aware of that additionally you have to make sure your phone supports otg usb devices for this to get detected and picked up some phones don’t support it at all others do but they have the function disabled so follow your manufacturer instructions for ensuring that that is enabled if you have trouble getting the phone connected the controls on this feel pretty good we’re going to talk about gameplay in a little bit i was initially concerned about the d-pad here it’s one of these clicky d-pads and there’s very little travel to it but it actually is pretty accurate and you’ll see some examples of that in a few minutes the sticks here feel nice they’ve got a decent amount

of travel but not too much and they feel very confident and clicky and i was able to play some first person shooter games with this a little bit earlier and had a good experience there the buttons here are clicky buttons and feel pretty nice as well you don’t have analog triggers on here like you do on the backbone controller so these are either on or off but they have some clicky micro switches in there and those feel pretty nice and you’ve got a nice grip here on the back too one thing it doesn’t have is a headphone pass through so if you want to listen to audio you’re going to need to go with bluetooth headphones now the one thing that bugs me about this controller is the button layout they went with the nintendo switch layout because apparently there’s some switch emulator they’ve partnered with but if you are playing a lot of xbox games or games that are mapped for the xbox controller all the controls are sort of reversed here where a is b and b is a and x is y and y is x there is software that gameser has available on the google play store so that you can configure things and one of the things they nag you about is for your location and if i disagree to this it doesn’t let me in however i found if i click the skip button here at the top i can get through that now one thing you can do if you don’t like the layout of the controls is go over to the second option here and go to key layout settings and what you can do is have it follow the xbox layout if you want however if you are using xbox game pass ultimate the streaming service the game pass app will automatically remap the controls so for the game pass app for xbox you want to leave it in the switch mode because it’s going to switch it for you automatically but other games you’re going to have to go in here first and apply the xbox layout now the controller’s software will also let you play games that are touch only what you can do is load the game up and then

map the physical controls to the touch controls on the screen at the time i’m recording this video though this feature felt broken to me because every time i tried to use it on my pixel 6 pro here it disabled the touch panel and i wasn’t able to navigate the game’s menus however i was able to go in and download templates for many popular games so if they fix whatever issue i’m experiencing right now it should be pretty easy and quick to get up and running using physical controls in touch only games now there’s no way to adjust the stick sensitivity in the app one thing i noticed is that the dead zones aren’t too bad on this controller it’s pretty sensitive but if i just push over to the right a little bit here and then try to go into a diagonal sometimes it gets stuck just like that where it doesn’t immediately transition out of that partial right to the diagonal up and i didn’t really notice this in games at all but i’m definitely noticing it here as i’m testing some of the finer movements if you do broader moves like this as you can see it picks it up just fine it’s just the finer movements have some issues transitioning into diagonals so just be aware of that all right let’s take a look now at some gameplay examples we’re going to begin with the native android games this is sonic the hedgehog the port that runs on android this is not the emulated version and it runs great the d-pad felt much better than i expected it to feel given that it doesn’t have that much travel it felt very accurate the lag was very minimal on it this is a game where you definitely feel input lag if there is significant amounts of it input lag is going to vary based on the phone and how well its usb controller performs but on the pixel 6 pro here it felt great and this was a really decent gameplay experience with the d-pad i also booted up the android version of fortnite and pardoned the screen being off to the side there but i got a really good

uh kill here that i wanted to show you as we’re going through the demo i was pretty able to pretty accurately keep my aim on that player and i am not a very good fortnight player at all so the sticks felt good in this game i did have to adjust the sensitivity a little bit in the game itself fortnite seems to have a larger dead zone than the controllers did in that app that we were looking at so once you make those adjustments i think uh these types of games should run pretty nicely either in native android or on a game streaming service and speaking of game streaming services i’ve got xbox cloud gaming running on the phone right now for me this is one of my primary use cases for these controllers and this feels pretty good here we’re playing this new game called exo which just popped up on game pass the other day and this makes use of the triggers and the sticks this game does not require an analog trigger so it feels pretty good here i think for games that require or maybe rely upon analog controls this may not feel as good but for this game it felt decent enough and the flag is there of course because of the cloud component but it is very playable for most of the games that you’ll encounter on the xbox game streaming service by the way everything we’ve looked at so far including this app support game controllers natively so you’ll find a pretty healthy library of games that won’t require that screen mapping software to be used now one of the things i love doing with my android phones is playing game emulators and i’ve got retro arch here running with the nes version of contra now i have about 30 years of experience and muscle memory built up in this game and if there’s a control issue or a lag issue this is where i’m going to see it and as you can see i’m transitioning my diagonals here very efficiently i’ve got my ups and downs working just fine and it’s really controlling not quite at the level of an original nes controller but very close to it in that this d-pad is very accurate it doesn’t switch from an up to a diagonal unless you really go over with

your thumb here so i think if you’re doing a lot of 8 and 16 bit emulation this is a good controller for that and i would say too compared against the razer kichi which we reviewed a few months ago i actually prefer this one it really feels like a more solid offering the phone feels more secure inside of it as i’m banging away at the controls here in an nes game it holds itself together quite well and again the d-pad on this is quite accurate for one of these types of controllers if you are on ios of course i think the backbone is still the better way to go but for android users this is a really good snap-in solution if you’re not into this controller there are clips that you can get for your phone so you can use your playstation or your xbox controller instead so there’s a lot of different options for gamers but i really prefer having my screen in the center like the switch and many of the other handheld game devices i’ve owned over the decades so this is the kind of format that i prefer and overall this one feels like a real winner you even get a carrying case for the controller in the box it won’t hold the phone when it’s installed though it’s not long enough for that at least with my phone here but perhaps a smaller phone might be able to fit in this and even get a little storage area here too so all in i think a pretty decent controller for the android platforms that is going to do it for this look at the game sir x2 and until next time this is lon seidman thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters hot sauce and video games brian parker chris allegretta tom albrecht thomas anfang jim tannis and handheld obsession if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit lawn dot tv slash s

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