Review iPad Mini 6 Replacing my iPad Pro with it!

hey everybody it’s lance and we’re taking a look today at the ipad mini this is the new one the sixth generation version and i’ve been playing around with this now for the better part of a week and i really like this so much so that i’ve been using an ipad again and we’re going to get into this and what i like about it in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this new ipad is all about now the price point on this starts at 499 and goes up from there the one that we’re looking at today is the entry-level version that has wi-fi only and 64 gigabytes of storage there is also a 256 gigabyte version available too you cannot upgrade the storage on this although you can attach external storage so depending on what you plan on installing on it you might want to go with the larger one so you’re not necessarily constrained but for what i do which is mostly consumption content consumption this 64 gigabyte model is adequate now this is available also with a cellular version and it supports 5g networks so you can use it when you’re away from your wi-fi if you want and i have to say i really like how this feels it reminds me a lot of those data pads that you used to see on star trek the next generation it’s just got a very nice feel to it it’s not that heavy it doesn’t get uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time like my ipad pro does and it’s something you can very easily pick up from a nightstand and read from or just walk around the house with it like i’ve been doing over the last couple of days chasing the kids around it weighs 0.65 pounds or 293 grams the cellular version is just slightly heavier so it’s just very nice lightweight and very well balanced in the hand now compared to the old mini this new one is smaller but has a larger display because they were able to shrink down these big

bezels on the top and the bottom and i always felt like the old mini wasn’t mini enough because of those bezels and this new one just feels right to me now the display on this new one is 8.3 inches it’s an ips display running at 22.66 by 1488 it has 500 nits of brightness so it’s nice and bright under most circumstances it’s got a 4.6 to 3 aspect ratio because it is slightly longer than the prior edition display and it also has a greater pixel density at 326 pixels per inch so it really looks nice and sharp the colors look great on this this has that true tone display so even if you’re doing some photo editing and creative work on it i think the color output on this is certainly adequate for that but the display is not perfect one of the things that i and many other reviewers have been noticing is that if you scroll very quickly up and down on a web page or an app you’ll notice a bit of a jelly effect with the display apple said that they’re not going to fix this problem because they don’t consider it to be a problem it’s just the nature of its display so if this is something you’re not crazy about i would avoid the mini but otherwise the display looks pretty decent and to be honest with you i haven’t really noticed it all that much unless i’m really quickly scrolling through a web page or an app now the rest of the hardware here is a lot like the ipad air just smaller you’ve got your nice aluminum back here that wraps around with those flat edges again really nice to hold in the hand on the bottom here you do have a usb type-c port that got rid of the lightning port that was on the prior generation and this is a full service port so it does power video out and data devices so you can plug in a docking station and get your video output going at the same time the power is going in you can

attach usb storage to it if you want you got a lot of flexibility out of this port provided the apps you’re using support that this also has stereo speakers but it’s only really stereo when you have it in the landscape orientation so you’ve got your two speaker grilles down here another two on that side and when it’s in landscape you’ve got a really nice sounding set of speakers that sound good for music and movies and conference calls and everything else that you might want to do with it on the top you have your touch id sensor so this does not use the face detector it’s got the fingerprint sensor but it’s built into the power switch so when you want to unlock your ipad you just push the power button in with your finger it detects your fingerprint and you’re off and running i would suggest programming in two fingerprints at a minimum one for your right hand and one for your left hand depending on how you’re holding it and that’s one thing it prompts you to do when you’re getting it set up and the volume rocker switch is on the other side of the power button here and these will smartly reorient themselves based on the screen orientation so whenever you push up on one of these buttons depending on how you’re holding it it will make the volume go up and then it’ll flip it around when you flip the screen over so pretty smart little touch there and you’ll also notice that there is a spot here for the apple pencil this is a capacitive charging spot for the pencil it also pairs the pencil up with

your ipad just note that you have to use the second generation pencil with the ipad mini the first generation pencil which is still available and cost less does not work with the ipad mini so you have to go with this one the nice thing though is that it will stick to the side and it holds itself there pretty nicely and this functions exactly like it does on the air and the pro we’ll take a look at how the pencil works with it a little bit later in the video now it’s got a very nice camera system on board the back camera here is a 12 megapixel camera shoots really nice photos as you can see here and it also shoots nice video you can shoot up to 4k at 60 frames per second out of the back camera here although there is a bit of a camera bump it does not have optical image stabilization like the iphones do but it does have its digital stabilizer and it does a very nice job shooting video and it’s definitely more than adequate if you don’t have any other cameras nearby so it’s a nice rear camera and the front facing camera which is located right here is also very nice it’s an ultra wide 122 degree field of view lens shoots 12 megapixels you can do 1080p video at 60 frames per second it is super clean and actually digitally stabilizes itself quite well so it works well as a selfie camera for doing your videos and stuff but it also supports the apple center stage feature so when you’re on a facetime call the camera will digitally

follow you around if you’re walking in front of the ipad we saw that on the review we just did of the entry level ipad and it looks like this wider angle facetime camera is making its way into other apple products as they come out and this was a really nice addition to the line because we’ve seen how these front cameras are often pretty lousy even on the high end and now we’re starting to see some really nice conferencing cameras make their way onto other platforms that center stage feature has to be supported in the app that you’re using it does not appear at the moment to work for video recording just in conferencing apps but hopefully they will add the ability to record with it soon now inside this has an apple a15 processor along with four gigabytes of ram as you can see here everything is very quick when you’re browsing the web it really does feel like it’s more than adequately powered to do what it’s supposed to do here it also supports wi-fi six so it will give you some decent performance on your local network and that’s what we’re connected to right now i found everything else i ran on it like youtube works just fine you can also flip it over here and go into the split screen view so i can hit this button here and pull back up my safari browser and play a video at the same time i am reading a web page so it seems to do all the things that modern ipads do here very quickly but in a small form factor and even though the screen is small on this it is still pretty powerful i loaded up imovie here and i was working on a fun little video project with some video i shot on my new iphone so this is a 1080p 30 video that was shot in that new cinematic mode on the iphone 13 pro and then it’s going to cross dissolve into a 4k 60 file that i shot on my gopro and it just does

everything kind of seamlessly here i can go ahead and maybe change this to a different cross dissolve and it just does it just like that pretty neat you can also apply filters very quickly so if we go over to our 4k60 file here i can just hit a button and apply that filter and it plays back in real time so it’s just super super quick and it really feels like a mini version of the ipad pro that i bought a few years ago and the apple pencil on the mini feels a lot like it does on the pro just on a smaller size screen so as we write out here my name it just feels natural like it does on the other ipads very little latency here with the pencil you’ve got all of the pressure detection and the tilt detection that you have on the larger ipads and it all just feels nice on this just like i would expect it to it also lets you do all the cool stuff like handwriting recognition so i could write out my name here with my chicken scratch and it generally picks it up pretty accurately a lot more accurately than my old newton did so it’s good for note taking and that sort of thing and that was largely what i was using my ipad for was note taking in meetings and i really much prefer to carry around this smaller device versus the larger one and of course my pencil docks here to the side just like it did before and the other thing i picked up from my ipad was one of the smart covers these have been around for a while they attach magnetically to the back of the ipad and then close up over the top of the screen to protect it and it’s got a nice felt fabric here and when you lift the smart cover up it turns the ipad on and you can flip it around this way what i like about this case is that it’s very easily detached if you don’t want to have it on the ipad i often take mine off when i’m holding it and then it also works like a little

stand here to get your ipad stood up for doing things like gaming and speaking of gaming let’s take a look and see how games play on this ipad so this is ocean horn a game that you can find on the apple app store and in the apple arcade i’ve got my xbox controller paired up with it the game looks great you can see the xbox controller is about as big as the ipad mini screen here but the frame rate feels very smooth it looks like it’s running at 60 frames per second or thereabouts and just an overall great gaming experience and really nice performance out of a little ipad here and on the 3dmark wildlife gaming benchmark test i got a score of 9550 that puts the performance of this new ipad mini below what i got on my ipad pro 11 that i’ve had since 2018 but to be honest with you i don’t notice the difference this one feels just as fast for all the stuff that i do with my ipad and i suspect for a lot of consumers this is going to be more than adequate the ipad software really doesn’t push the hardware in a way that you can really notice the difference in my opinion between the top end ipad and one of these that kind of sits in the mid-range and for me the convenience of its smaller size and its lighter weight makes it something that i prefer to use over the more powerful ipad and that’s why i’ve been quite pleased with my experiences here with this one so far now apple says the battery life out of this new ipad is about 10 hours and i would largely agree with that assessment based on my usage of the device if you’re doing the basics like web browsing and email you could definitely get to that 10 hour mark

certainly more than enough to get through a work day it’s when you start doing the video editing and the game playing that you might see an impact in overall battery life but i think for the most part most people will experience a nice long day of usage out of this ipad without having to recharge it does support 20 watt charging through that usb type-c port at the bottom they give you the charger in the box so you have that it does not though support wireless charging and overall i am just really pleased with this thing it really feels like what the vision of the ipad should be something lightweight convenient easy to hold and i like this so much that i’m actually picking it up and using it throughout the day for my day-to-day workflow stuff and i haven’t touched my ipad pro in weeks in fact it’s dead right now because it’s just been sitting idle so whatever apple did here i really like and i think if you’re looking for a smaller ipad that does everything the big ipads do this one is definitely worth considering because i think it really is an outstanding product from apple that’s going to do it for now until next time this is london thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lawn dot tv supporters including gold level supporters hot sauce and video games brian parker chris allegretta tom albrecht thomas anfang jim tannis and handheld obsession if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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