Review Lenovo Legion 5 with AMD Ryzen Gaming Laptop with GTX 1650 ti

hey everybody it’s lon seidman and we’re taking a look today at the legion five again we looked at this a few weeks ago but this one has an amd processor in it and the last one we looked at had the intel one so we’ll be able to do some comparisons here to see how this one performs versus the one we looked at a few weeks ago and we’re going to get into this in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this came in on loan from lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware this is the mid-range of lenovo’s gaming laptop lineup this is a 15-inch device it’s got a 1080p display on it there’s a couple of different display options the one that we have on our review loaner here has a 144hz display at 300 nits there’s also a 120 hertz display at 250 nits of brightness and a 60 hertz

that’s also at 300 nits and of course the price you pay will vary as to which display you choose this one is the top of the line one and it is pretty bright we’re on battery right now so it’s a little reduced but i was pleased with the brightness overall and it’s very similar again to what we saw on the intel version of this now this is all plastic it doesn’t have the metal finish that the legion 7 has but otherwise it feels pretty much identical to the intel version now this one has a ryzen 7 4 800 h processor inside that’s got eight cores and 16 threads the intel one we looked at which had the i7 processor has six cores and 12 threads and as you’ll see as we get into some of the benchmarks that we ran on this this does have some pretty good advantages on cpu performance over the intel version and if you need some cpu horsepower this might be what you want to look at now this one has a 1650ti nvidia gpu on board the intel we looked at had a 1660 ti so unfortunately we can’t do a direct head-to-head here between the two uh but there’s also a version of this that has a 2060 installed so you can choose to go up with that uh the review unit here has 16 gigs of ram and 512 gigabytes of nvme storage i did take it apart and it looks pretty much the same as the intel one inside you can see all of the cooling that they have set up on there the nvme drive is right over here under that metal plate above it is the wi-fi card it does support wi-fi six the ram is upgradable and is underneath this metal shield here this one had two sticks of eight gigabytes installed and then you’ve got some additional storage options again very similar to what we saw on the intel one actually identical to that one so you

can install a sata hard drive here in this slot or you can install another m2 nvme ssd but you can’t do both because physically you have to remove the sata drive mount here in order to get that m2 drive installed but you do have some good amounts of storage options on this one now the weight on this is five and a half pounds or 2.26 kilograms and that of course is heavy for a laptop but relatively light i think for a gaming laptop i like the portability of these lenovo units i actually have an older lenovo gaming laptop that i use for gaming but actually mostly for production these days because they’re very portable yet very powerful and this one of course continues that again all plastic but it still feels pretty solid i am very pleased with the keyboard on the new legion devices it’s got a number pad here which was lacking last year very nice large keys lenovo’s been making good keyboards for a while but the travel on this one is actually better than a lot of their other laptops the keys really push down far they’re not mechanical but you get a lot of nice tactile feedback here which feels really nice now this keyboard is backlit but it’s a single color backlight on here you can see it lighting up there they do have an rgb version available but i don’t think you can control individual keys in that setup just range of ranges of keys the trackpad here is very nice same as what we saw on the intel version also redesigned for

this year feels really good and it’s a click pad of course and for ports you got pretty much the same layout we saw on the intel legion five so we have a usb 3 port here on the left hand side with a headphone microphone jack over there a bulk of the ports you’re going to find here in the back so we have gigabit ethernet right here next to it is a usb type-c port and they’ve got some cool labels here above them so you can see what you’re plugging into without having to lean all the way over to the back of the laptop this is a usb 3.2 gen 2 port it’ll perform at up to 10 gigabits per second it will also do display port out but it does not work with power delivery you’re going to have to plug in the ac adapter in order to charge the laptop and power it next it you got two more usb 3.0 ports these are running at five gigabit speeds you have an hdmi output here you’ve got the power adapter there and then of course you’ve got your kensington lock so you can lock it down on your desk and not have it walk off with anybody there and then on the other side here we have an additional usb 3 port no thunderbolt on this one of course but it does have a good array of ports that should work with most peripherals that you plug into it now like the intel version you can adjust performance levels with a keystroke so keep an eye on the power button here which is currently lit up red if i hit function q here it will go into quiet

mode and this will make it so the fans are not all that audible and of course it will also dial back the computer’s performance to keep it from heating up too much and this might be something to use if you’re just doing some work on the laptop and don’t want to be distracted by fan noise the next mode is the white mode here and that is automatic mode and that will dynamically adjust power levels based on what you’re doing and then if you have the laptop plugged in you can force it into performance mode which will deliver the full power to the cpu and gpu and give you the best performance that you can get out of the laptop this mode will not work on battery though you have to use it only when you’re plugged in and if i were to unplug the power right here you’ll see that it goes back into automatic mode so if you want the best performance you’re going to want to plug in the laptop now fan noise on this one isn’t bad for a gaming laptop right now i’ve got it in performance mode we’re just kind of sitting on the desktop here i’m not hearing any fan noise at all even when i browse the web and do some other stuff on it it generally doesn’t kick the fans on until you really start pushing the system so when you’re playing a game or something you’ll certainly hear those fans kick on they are audible it’s unavoidable on a gaming laptop just given the size of the machine and how much heat it is generating but generally the legion fives here have been very quiet in comparison to other gaming laptops out there but again your tolerance for fan noise will vary the cooling system of course needs to be kept clear for best performance you’re going to want to keep the bottom here clear along with the sides and back of the laptop to keep that air flowing through now

battery life on the amd version looks to be about an hour less than the intel one we noticed that in our testing just doing some of the basics on it so i was getting about five-ish six-ish hours on this one just again browsing the web and watching videos and stuff the intel version again did a little bit better i was seeing about seven ish hours on that one now of course if you decide to start playing games on the laptop that’s going to eat into that battery life much more significantly so you’re looking at maybe an hour or two on both platforms given the power needs of modern games so now we’re going to do is take a look at the performance of this laptop and see how it does we’re going to start with a benchmark and then we’ll look at a few games that we ran on it so let’s start off with a benchmark the 3d mark time spy test and there we got a score of 4102 now you’ll notice that that score is lower than what we got on the intel version of this laptop but remember the intel version had a better gpu a 1660 ti versus the 1650 ti in this one but the six core intel chip only scored about 20 frames per second on the cpu portion of that test and the ryzen 7 here with 8 cores got 31.06 and if you look just below it on the chart here at the dell xps 15 that we looked at a few weeks ago you can see that although the graphics scores are similar because these two computers did have the same gpu the intel 8 core chip in that dell xps 15 came in around 22 frames per second where again we got 31 frames per second out of the ryzen 7.

So the ryzen 7 here with eight cores is really outperforming an intel equivalent and i think if you’ve got cpu intensive applications this one will have the edge and might perform a little bit better but of course what really matters is how well these things play games and we did run a bunch on here to get an idea as to how it all performed this is gta 5 running at 1080p lowest settings and as you can see we’re getting about anywhere from 120 to 150 frames per second here so that was a pretty good experience on gta 5. we also ran the 2016 version of doom here at 1080p and we set this at ultra and there we were getting between 80 and 100 frames per second so that game ran really nicely here and paired up nicely with the 144 hertz display we’ve got on it uh the witcher 3 we ran at the ultra settings 1080p and there we were getting about 65 frames per second this game can be pretty demanding so it was good to see that performance out of it we also of course ran fortnight and there at the looks like the epic settings we were getting between 50 and 75 frames per second so you might want to adjust things down just slightly on fortnight now we also ran call of duty warzone that’s running here at 1080p medium settings frame rates here were between 70 and 110 frames per second so i think for the bulk of the aaa titles out there they should run at a pretty decent frame rate on the native 1080p display here the price point on the laptop will vary of course based on your configuration these generally started around a thousand dollars with a 1650 gpu and a slightly less powerful ryzen 5 4600 h this one here with the 4800h and the 1650ti will probably run you around 100 or 1200 dollars and then depending on all the different options you choose you

could see the price get a little bit north of 15 to 1600 dollars so take a look around do some customization on the website and i think you’ll find something that will work for you and on the 3d mark stress test we got a passing grade of 98.9 percent that means we won’t see too much thermal throttling on this one and you can also see what temperature the cpu and gpu were at under that heavy load so altogether i am very pleased with what lenovo has put together here with the legion line for this year this is now the third legion computer we’ve looked at we looked at the intel legion five as we mentioned and also the legion seven a few weeks ago i really like the portability of these i like the performance i see out of them and i think if you are looking at this one or the intel version i think the amd one is probably the way to go if battery life is not important to you because you will get a little bit more cpu performance out of this one versus the intel equivalent and i think that might be important to some folks depending on the tasks or games that they might be playing on it and these are really good for more than just gaming too they’re great for video production and video editing they’re great for photo editing as well there’s a lot you can do with a thin and light laptop like this that has all of the horsepower that you might need for some of those demanding creative applications that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters brian parker jim peter tom albrecht and chris allegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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