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hello stunning utterances i’m chris from texpert and today we’re going to be taking a brutal good look at the oneplus indicate 2ce i it up again every time it’s the oneplus note ce2 oneplus note ce2 you know that’s the best take i’ve had of about five or six attempts so it’s staying in the oneplus nord ce2 will cost you time 299 quid or 349 euros the pre-order’s open on the 3rd of rally and it goes on sale on the 10 th of progress here in the uk and the likes of john lewis and amazon and despite that low-spirited asking price the specs seem pretty brutal solid you’ve got a super amoled display on there dimensionally 900 chipset you’ve got 65 watt super vook charging substantiate anyway fairly rambling let’s beat it on out of the box make you on a expedition of that hardware and software and for more on the most recent and greatest tech like the oneplus nord ce2 uh surely satisfy do pork subscribe and ding that notifications bell praises so firstly up let’s have a squint at what you get in the box and of course you get a oneplus nord ce2 you get that big old-fashioned hulking 65 watt super vook charger customary chip of radiant red usb cable activity oneplus has currently chucked in a condom contingency to slap around your nord ce2 and keep it safe from residence and as usual you’ve got the usual welcome symbol terminated with little doodles of all the people who worked on it including some random dog who’s there every time andy the dog apparently i’d like to know what his contribution to it is overall really perhap does the moisture test by slubbering all over the thing and you got a wii uh welcome sort of

bit of blurb there as well steer true and there you have it that’s all the lovely nonsense you get wrap in the box so now let’s check out the oneplus nord ce2 so here it is our firstly look at the oneplus nord ce2 and gotta say no i’m not particularly remarkable designer though very smart and tidy at a shadow over 6.4 inches “its one of” the more compact smartphones around in 2022 comparable to the real me 9 pro plus which i am only refreshed just 78 mils in total so preferably skinny as well you’ve got a gorilla glass 5 display up front you’ve got a pre-installed screen protector on there as well for extra protection which is always good to see and then flip it around and it is just your glossy plastic rear end and when i say glossy i intend super super glistening this is the great mirror finish and they weren’t kidding it is actually a mirror you can do your whisker in it or your eyebrows in my bag doesn’t have the sort of inhaled uh shadow the consequences of previous oneplus smartphones that’s just as well because they tended to applied it up at the top rather than at the bottom where you’re actually clutching it to help actually mask the grubby fingerprints and dust and yes this thing does pick up the old finger blots rather readily and as well as gray-haired mirror you can also grab the oneplus nord ce2 in bahama blue-blooded which sounds very tropical and it is splash proof as well it’s obviously fine if you want to take it out in a bit of a shower or you accidentally pour a bit of your jug on it but don’t go fully submerging it there’s no official ip rating which is pretty standard at this sort of budget

price point and together with the ford oneplus very kindly chucked over a couple of the official nord ce2 cases let’s check those out so first up we’ve got the sandstone blacknes bumper action let’s just slip that in there and if you really don’t want to see yourself in the back end of the oneplus nord ce2 or you just want to get more textured finish then i guess that’ll do the number of jobs but seems a little digesting truly much more joyous overall is the blue vacation bumper case once again with that sandstorm finish so you get that lovely textured clutch does add a little of hunk onto your oneplus nord ce2 but good-for-nothing more terrifying i’m now going to jostle my sim card inside of the oneplus nord ce2 and as you can see here it is a perfectly peculiarity sim tray you’ve got area for two sims on one side and then flip it around you’ve got room there for a micro sd recall poster enormou nonsense so the one plus nord ce2 all set up good to go unfortunately it is the older android 11 still on here same to what you had on the redmi indicate 11 pro which i recently reviewed surely would have been great to see the fresher android 12 on now especially as that came pre-installed on the real me 9 pro plus so here’s what we’re not waiting too long for an update to android 12 but oneplus is at least promising two os updates or to 12 and then to 13 probably beyond that and likewise regular certificate updates for three years and then sat on top of android 11 as ever you’ve got one pluses on oxygen os 11 which includes in all the usual bonus flecks including the shelf feature and as

always if you don’t like the rack you’d probably just have your notifications bar pop up instead you can change that in the swipe down to access section that gives you more of a furnish android mode setup and as always oxygen os computes in a defect a ton of bonus boasts that you can play about with fan favorites like the very best old-time zen procedure of course if life is absolutely kicking your ass and you time need a bit of coldnes occasion i really like the personalization section which exactly allows you to tweak and customize the general ui the standard stuff like the wallpapers and of course the uh ambient showing but then you can dive in even deeper and mutate up the likes of the fonts the icons the range daybreak which is like a notifications light which really blinks at both sides when you get something sounding in unhappily because it’s not android 12 you can’t modification up the ui color scheme based on what wallpaper you’re using was just about to do some manual tweaking if you like meet lots of great stuff tucked away in there and thankfully unlike a great deal of contenders like xiaomi for instance you don’t get tons of turd where piled onto your oneplus smartphone the oneplus has chucked on a couple of apps of its own including the games app which i will hit on last-minute for the

performance side of things got the usual highly exciting fare like the clock app for security you’ve got an in-display fingerprint sensor only a simple optical exertion but it seems to do the job absolutely fine now on the oneplus nord ce2 and as ever if you can’t exploit that because you mix a bit grubby or whatever you’ve got a bit of uh face identification funding on there as well you can have it time unlock straight away otherwise have the usual swipe to unlock if you prefer that and the oneplus nord ce2 comes with 128 gigs of storage uh by default what the hell is the storage have i gone past it am i ever gonna absolutely maniac there it is and not a huge chunk of that used up by the system uh to begin with which is always good to see and as i mentioned before expandable via microsd up to a further terabyte if needed so let’s switch on to the media performance and what you’ve got here is a 6.43 inch display fairly sizable not quite as comfortable as some out there but more than good enough for watching a bit of netflix youtube whatever smothered there by reasonably skinny bezel slightly fatter cheek but good-for-nothing extremely

horrendous it’s an amoled presentation like a great deal of adversaries like the redmi record 11 pro the real me 9 pro plus so once again sharp-worded contrast you’ve actually got full hdr 10 plus assistance on this thing nice poppy pigments as well especially on the default vivid screen pigment mode so yeah your anime your general invigorated aspects look absolutely lush it goes to a really nice strong brightness as well so the oneplus nord ce2 no issues with visibility outdoors neat wide examining angles as well the pigments don’t wring or anything like that as you tilt the screen away from your face if you dive on into the display establishes you’ve got the usual heart solace state and everything you can tinker with the shade temperature and production and you can also play around with the screen freshen frequency as well which is set to high 90 hertz by default unhappily no dynamic refresh charge option here on the oneplus nord ce2 so you can bump it down to 60 hertz manually if you’d rather save battery life otherwise just leave it at that 90 hertz position the oneplus nord ce2 supporters a

basic mono speaker setup suddenly there’s no stereo speaker setup unlike on some antagonists but let’s see if it’s actually any good that should do it and you know what it’s only get bloody-minded survived that single talker is rather tinny the output’s not particularly enjoyable to be honest so i would most recommend certainly plug it in good fleck of headphone jack action down now on the bottom end otherwise of course you’ve got the usual bluetooth smart-aleckies as well now the oneplus nord ce2 is powered by the mediatek dimensi 900 chipset backed by eight gigs of ram and so far haven’t had about 24 hours with oneplus nord ce2 the performance seems absolutely fine everything seems pretty responsive apps seem to load up straight away exactly what i would expect from the dimensionly 900 chipset i’ve also done a bit of geekbench and it’s pretty honorable values all round especially considers the 300 pound toll pitch but of course the true test is a good bit of gaming so let’s jump on into that competitions app now let’s do a bit of uh gentian impact i don’t think wordly will be much of a test and

when you’re blast your highway through the most recent android names you’ve got a rewrote gaming mode now on the oneplus nord ce2 this one has a good selection of facets you’ve got the likes of the pro gaming procedure which can time altogether block all notices and actually dedicate all of the phone’s resources to your competition and keep you competitive certainly as competitive as someone like me was possible to be you’ve also got the screen recorder feature the likes of rewind recording as well which is continually save 30 seconds worth of footage in the background and when you tap that it will collect it for good you can also check out your current frame rate and the cpu and gpu utilization and final up particularly handy for some of those ultra competitive plays like bellow of duty and pubg you can change up the touch decideds as well so the predisposition so overall pretty comprehensive trash and of course having a lovely gaming state is very nice and all but can the oneplus nord ce2 actually handle activities well gentian impact did certainly struggle a fair bit on the default lore details provides regrettably so a fair few chassis pace slips usually during you know intensive battle cycles the game was still perfectly playable but it wasn’t as entertaining as it is on some rivals

which have a somewhat beefier soc so after a while i swopped from gentian impact and tried a bit call of duty mobile instead and that was a much stronger gaming experience on the higher detail provides played perfectly flawlessly no descent chassis as far as i could see certainly my knackered all peepers the screen responsiveness was absolutely wonderful no publications there at all certainly no issues with the networking or anything and yeah i generally sucked as i typically do at these sports but that’s damn to me not the hardware unlike most other budget rivals these days the dementia 900 chipset parcelled inside of the oneplus nord ce2 means you get full 5g corroborate on here which is great to see you’ve also came wi-fi 6 support too so certainly no conflicts when it comes to the connectivity and as for the battery life while you’ve got a 4500 milliamp cell stuffed inside of this oneplus blower and so far doesn’t seem to drop too harshly when you’re gaming or streaming video or “ve got something” with the screen on but i’ve got my sim in there i’ll be measuring it out for about a week or so so stay aria for my in-depth review for a full final wiener judgment on that battery life and the good

news is that even when the oneplus nord ce2 is fully drained where you got that supervooc 65 watt fast charging funding that we are familiar and cherish from opposed blows consumers dual cadre tech so you can get that perfectly blamed back up again from empty in simply over half an hour otherwise if you do want to charge it up overnight time push it in it does support the trickle accusing as well so you won’t absolutely majority your battery and hopefully that battery life should stay good over time so let’s terminate this delightful wii video on the oneplus memo ce2 by taking a squint at the rear camera chops and we got here is a 64 megapixel primary sensor is the same sensortech as spend on the original nord ce now despite the same hardware being stuffed inside of this thing oneplus claims that the camera output will have actually improved because of the mediatek dimension is camera smart of course i will be fully testing out that camera tech for my in-depth review so keep sung to see if that’s actually the occurrence in the meantime here’s a small selection of sample shots that i just quickly clicked around my homestead over the last 24

hours to get an idea of how it performs in lower glowing ambient lamp etc if you crave a more attracted back contemplate of the action you’ve got that 8 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter and then last-place up the final lens around back is your basic bog standard macro lens if you want to get certainly up close and personal maybe ever so somewhat terrifying and naturally you’ve got the usual selection of bonus camera modes here on the oneplus tone ce2 although you can’ t access them exactly by drawing up like so like you could on previous one pluses which is a shame if you got the likes of the photograph mode to add a neat bokeh form background impression you can change the vigour of that blur you’ve got your darknes mode of course as well which comes in relatively helpful for those low-spirited illumination shots and if you flick right to the end you’ve got even more bonus modes that you can check out as well including the likes of slo-mo time-lapse a few whole movies you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage at 30 frames / second no 60 fps option there but here’s again only a brief sample of what you can expect stay sung for my in-depth

review for more and then finally around breast it is a 16 megapixel selfie crap-shooter you’ve got full hdr uh functionality there you can swap to the portrait mode as usual if you want to make it all about you blur out the background and i predict i’ll be measuring this bloody-minded thing over the next week or so as well and hopefully doing a better place than that and there you have it that in a nutshell kitties is the oneplus nord ce2 which will be available in march for 300 quid or 350 euros full recollect is imminent but what do you surmise are you dared by this bad boy over the likes of the redmi document 11 pro the real me nine pro the nine pro plus will be gritty your thoughts down in specific comments below please do punk subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a gory wonderful remainder of the week merriments everyone love you

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