Review Acer Swift 3 with AMD Ryzen 7 4700U A better buy vs. the Intel version

hey everybody its Lawnside and we’re taking a look today at the Acer Swift 3 which has the new rise in 4700 u processor inside we looked at the Intel version of this laptop a few weeks ago but today we’re going to see how well the AMD version performs and in many cases you’ll find this for less money than what that Intel version costs and you’ll see greater performance in many cases as well it’s a very interesting device the first we’ve seen with this generation of AMD processors and we’re going to get to it here in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that I paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on this one is 649 dollars that’s about $50 less than the Intel version we looked at a few weeks ago so let’s dive into the hardware now and see what it’s all about this has a 14 inch 1080p display and if you’ve been reading reviews about this laptop a lot of people have a lot of bad things to say about the display on this one I don’t share all of those opinions I think for the price point here it’s fine it’s I P es it’s nice and sharp if you haven’t upgraded your laptop in a while it will likely be an improvement over what you have but my biggest issue with it is the brightness it is a very dim display this was something that I noticed on the intel version as well and that’s the only thing that i have to complain about here on the display and i think that might be an issue for

folks that need a brighter display depending on their particular situations but otherwise the display is functional I like how the hinge here goes flat to the desk this is not a tablet or anything but you do have a lot of range of motion of that hinge on there and that works pretty well the display is matte so you’re not getting a lot of reflections back on yourself there and of course it’s not a touchscreen but otherwise it works pretty well as I mentioned this has the rise in 4700 you processor that is an 8 core chip this provides some really nice performance improvements over the prior generation AMD chips we’ve seen in laptops like this that includes both CPU performance and ethical performance as we’ll see when we get to the games in a little bit eight gigabytes of RAM inside not upgradeable unfortunately it has a 512 gigabyte nvme SSD which is performing quite nicely so that’s nice to see here and you can upgrade that if you want now the weight on this one is 2.6 pounds or 1.1 eight kilograms like the intel version it is all-metal it feels very nice I do like the color of the Intel when I looked at which is a little darker than this one and I’m not sure if they’re going to offer the AMD version in that same color the keyboard on this is very nice I think I noted in the review of the Intel unit that it was among the nicer Acer keyboards that I have looked at recently it is backlit the keys are well spaced and nicely sized you’ve got decent travel on them as well trackpad is pretty nice on this too and there’s a fingerprint reader here for getting into your computer with Windows hello you saw how quickly it

activated there so no complaints on the input devices here let’s take a look at the ports now and see what we’ve got there I’ll switch to my overhead view to get a closer look at those your power plugs in over here but you also have a full service USB type-c port and this will also take power and it will send video out to a display and of course you can plug your data devices in so if you wanted to connect up a docking station that does charging and video output and data devices you could easily attach that to this the Intel version has a much faster Thunderbolt 3 port in this spot this one is USB C Gen 2 which will provide 10 gigabits per second but again slower than the 40 gigabit per second Thunderbolt port next to it you’ve got a full size HDMI and you also have a USB 3 slot so that’s good to see there a full-size one nothing on the front there on the other side here you’ve got a headphone microphone jack this is a USB 2.0 slot so if you get this laptop and want to use an external hard drive I would connect that hard drive to the USB port on the other side because this one’s going to be running much slower this would be better for a mouse and a keyboard and that sort of thing and then you’ve got a Kensington lock here for locking it down on a desk the speakers here are underneath the unit left and right good stereo separation but not the best sounding speakers out there so if you want better audio fidelity attach some headphones or use some Bluetooth headphones the sound will vary based on what surface you’ve got this thing down on now you do have some vents here at the bottom for the cooling

system that you want to keep clear for the best performance the fan on this is super quiet I was actually surprised by how quiet the fan is even when the laptop is under load so I think you’ll be quite pleased with it if you’re not too happy with fan noise on a laptop you’ll hear it but it’s again pretty quiet and surprisingly so given the small size of the laptop here you’ve got a webcam up here not the best video coming out of that one but certainly adequate enough for a conference call or that sort of thing so you shouldn’t have too many issues there but it’s not going to be the best battery life that was very good on this I was getting about 10 hours or so with the display brightness at a reasonable level and doing some basic web browsing and other tasks like that you start playing some games you start doing some heavier duty applications that will of course impact the battery life but I think if you’re looking for an email productivity device to have around the office during the day you’ll probably be able to get through the whole workday on a single charge within reason of course and very very good here based on what I’ve seen with older AMD laptops so let’s take a look now and see how it performs we’ll start with some web browsing and then we’ll move on to games so let’s pop into Google Chrome here and see how everything performs this does have an Intel Wireless card and it supports Wi-Fi six if you have it but of course it works with older Wi-Fi access points as well I’m running this on my AC wireless network right now no complaints here nice and snappy and fast and pages render in very quickly so that’s good let’s have a look at a YouTube video now so let’s take a look at a 1080p 60 video here running on my youtube channel started up just fine of course I had a couple of dropped frames when it first got going but it’s been able to maintain the 60 frames per second here without any notice of issues so all is good on the video watching front you should do well with

YouTube and Netflix and all the other things that you might want to watch on it and on the browser bench org speedometer test we got a score of 184 on version 1.0 of that test and 105 point 3 on version 2.0 that puts it pretty much in line with the Intel version we looked at a few weeks ago very close to the score we got there you can also see what the i7 version of that Intel chip will do versus this one again very close and this one is less expensive so it’s able to keep up with those Intel chips on some more computational intensive things like web browsing but let’s take a look now at its gaming performance because that’s where this new chip really shines and we’re going to start off with a couple of benchmarks and then look at the games running on this laptop let’s take a look so let’s take a look first at the 3d mark cloud gate test we got a score of 14,000 902 and you can see that this chip is performing better than the 10th generation i7 processor with the g7 graphics and the i5 chip with the g1 graphics that was in the Intel version of this very same laptop it’s performing exceptionally well for its price point and I was very very impressed with these scores the CPU tests the physics test that runs in that benchmark does show the i7 is a little bit faster there but this one is really holding its own against it and I was quite pleased with that and also take a look at the Acer Aspire 5 that one had an MX 150 GPU a separate graphics processor and this one is performing pretty much where that one was performing on this test and on the first graphics test is actually performing a little better than that so the best way to describe the performance here is that it’s almost like having a low-end NVIDIA GPU from a year or two ago built into the computer yet it’s all running on the same AMD chip a significant

performance improvement here in this new generation of AMD processors I got one more benchmark though to check out let’s take a look at the 3d mark time spy and on that time spy benchmark we’ve got a score of 1100 and to that again puts this very close to the performance we used to see out of MX 150 equipped laptops so all together really nice performance here it’s almost like having a low-end discrete GPU but you got it all inside of one chip and I am very impressed with what these benchmarks are showing me now I do want to point out though that for the same money you can get a laptop that’s more powerful the Asus tough that we looked at a few weeks ago I think comes in around the price point of this one and it has a more powerful NVIDIA GPU on board along with an AMD CPU but what you’re paying for here is something that’s thin and light that Asus weighs a lot more the battery life isn’t as good the fans are super noisy and if you want something thin light importable that’s what you’re paying for here and you often get the choice between raw performance but no accoutrements or something a little bit more comfortable to walk around with that cost the same money it may not be as powerful and that’s kind of the choices that you have to weigh when you’re out shopping for one of these devices the one thing that the Intel version of this will bring you though is the ability to attach an external GPU so that thunderbolt port allows you to just plug in a desktop graphics processor into the laptop and that of course will give you

a significant performance boost when you’re at your desk and you can’t do that with this one so with all those numbers out of the way let’s take a look at what this actually means in a game we’re gonna start off by taking a look at GTA 5 so here is GTA 5 running at 1080p we turn the settings all the way down to their lowest settings and we were seeing at that resolution 40 to 45 frames per second and it rarely dipped below 40 so this is a really good score here on this particular laptop the prior generation AMD chips we were playing with would usually hover around 30 frames per second at 1080p so this is definitely showing some improvements in overall performance so that looks fantastic we also booted up rocket league and what we did with rocket league was run it at the highest settings at 1080p just to see where we’d end up and once again we were in the four frames-per-second territory with this game at high settings so you can easily get sixty out of this at 1080p if you tweak the settings down a little bit and it looks great and performs great what’s nice too and having those eight cores is that the gameplay is pretty consistent rocket League sometimes gets a little slowed down on some of these low end laptops when there’s a lot of nearby activity with all the cars in the ball near each other we weren’t seeing those framerate drops on here with rocket League so that was really

really good there next up is doom this is of course the 2016 version of doom and we look at this a lot on a lot of different laptops and we ran it first at 1080p at the lowest settings and as you can see there were again getting about 40 to 45 frames per second it would occasionally dip below 40 here and there but generally was running pretty nicely for a lohan laptop here now we shot this b-roll during a live stream I was doing the other night and somebody asked could we get better performance out of it if we turned it down to 720p and sure enough we did get better performance at 720p again low setting 720p easily 60 frames per second here it usually hovered higher than that so again just spectacular performance out of an integrated device here this is really really good stuff so I was very very happy with the performance there and I also took a look at a game that has never really run very well on integrated graphics Intel or AMD that is no man’s sky and surprisingly at 1080p lowest settings we were getting about 30 frames per second out of this it would sometimes hover in the upper 20s so it’s not going to be an ideal game to play at this resolution on here but it still was much more playable than I had experienced no man sky in the past this is one of my favorite games right now just because there’s really no end to it because it is an endless universe here and it’s just fun to be able to play some of this stuff that really hasn’t been able to run on a laptop of this class in the past and actually get a good experience out of it so that’s pretty good now we also ran the dolphin emulator and I threw the hardest game to run at it which is Star Wars Rogue Squadron here and this game is

notoriously difficult to emulate and it did really most of the time it was at a solid 60 frames-per-second now this is just running at the default we didn’t turn the graphics up it’s basically running at the native resolution but still just super performance on the dolphin emulator which can often be pretty challenging now one thing you’ll see there is that little bit of lag that just happened one of the things that dolphin does with this game is that it’s drawing in the shaders or loading in the shaders as you play so the performance will pick up over time so this is something that I even experienced on my super high-performance gaming PC upstairs but once those shaders are in it runs a lot faster so a little bit of hiccups here and there initially but still spectacular performance here as you can see and I think the longer I play this game the better it’s going to run on here once all those shaders are loaded in so all together very impressive performance out of this laptop with integrated graphics the best I’ve ever seen out of integrated graphics and AMD has really done something special here with this chip and I’m looking forward to seeing other laptops that incorporate it in the future and it’s thermal performance was pretty good to check out the result here of the 3d mark stress test we got a score of 99.1 0% that is a great score for a small laptop like this that means we’re not going to see a lot of thermal throttling when that CPU is placed under load and I was surprised by how quiet the fan was during the course of that test too so all together a spectacular performer here and something that I am very very

pleased with so far I do want to check out one more thing though let’s see if it can run Linux so we’ve gotten boot to 20.0 for running here video was detected successfully Wi-Fi and Bluetooth they’re working audio is working and it looks like you’ll be able to run Linux on this device as nicely as you can run Windows and all is good here at least on the in boom 2 side so that is always good to see and I’m very impressed with this device the performance of this new AMD chip is exceptional and I think if you were looking at the Swift 3 and trying to figure out if the Intel or AMD one was better I think the AMD is the better buy it’ll likely cost and perform better in most tasks and the only real advantage the intel version of this has over the AMD is that the Intel does have the Thunderbolt port which is good if you want to add an external GPU for example but if you don’t need that Thunderbolt port I think the AMD version is a solid buy my only gripe again is the brightness of the display that could be a lot better but otherwise this is a very solid offering and I am really excited to see some of the other new AMD based laptops will be getting throughout the course of the year so stay tuned we’ll have a lot more with this new chipset but it’s really come a long way and I am super impressed with the performance that we’ve seen out of this one and hopefully we’ll be getting more into play with very soon let me know what you thought down in the comments below and until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht Rick vez tudo Chris alligretto in Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to land TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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