Review COPPA Impact, Disney+, Carmack Leaves Oculus – Does it Doom VR? And more!

hey everybody get slaw inside then it’s time once again for your weekly wrapup and we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to talk about this week as usual you can see all of the topics listed here on screen we’ve got a full video index down below in the description so let’s get to it and before we begin I want to thank our newest supporters here on the channel they include Eric Suge who made an additional contribution for my birthday that put him over the gold level support so I want to thank Eric for that we also have Ahmed Al Hilal and Dan G who both contributed via the donor box page I want to thank everyone for their contributions this week along with everyone who’s been contributing on an ongoing basis along with everyone who watches on an ongoing basis too because all of those things equal channel growth I am shooting to wrap up a couple of days early this week so if you did contribute over the weekend we’ll get you on next week’s show again thank you all for your support and now it’s time for the weekend review on the extras Channel we unbox a new pair of Bose headphones

these are their noise cancelling 700 headphones and we’ll have a full review hopefully up next week and then on the main channel we had my free video video a video where I looked at some of the free services that you can watch a lot of great content on without having to pay a subscription fee they are all and supported but there’s a lot of good options out there and I got a ton of feedback on that video and we’re going to do a follow-up at some point in the next couple of weeks because there’s a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about that you told me about so we’ll do another one of these it was very fun to get all of that feedback and we’re also going to have an errata on that video in a few minutes we looked at the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon this one behaved very oddly it was throttling very weirdly and it was hard to get our 3dmark benchmark to run on it so if you’re curious about that laptop definitely check out the full review which is linked down below in the master playlist and we took a look at another one of these solid-state drives this one from the folks at micron it’s an nvme drives that perform quite well and I was quite pleased with it you can see all of that stuff linked down below in the master playlist and now it’s time for some things in the news that caught my eye and this is some bad news if you are a fan of VR John Carmack is stepping down from oculus where he’s been the chief technical officer because his interests have shifted to AI and it’s actually focused on general purpose a AI where you can program an AI to do anything a human can do and this is a really a growing area in AI

research and that is where he wants to go this is a huge loss for VR because I think a lot of what made oculus successful was the fact that John Carmack really was into virtual reality for a number of years and this is maybe a sign that VR is not hitting the adoption rate that a lot of folks in the industry hope it would have hit by now and I’m sure that Facebook is continuing to lose money on it even though they continue to pour a lot of research dollars into the platform the oculus quest is really great I hope they keep going with it but this is a big loss for oculus he talked a bit about this in our Pick of the Week video this week which was the interview that John Carmack did with the Joe Rogan experience Joe Rogan is a great interviewer this was a great discussion on a whole bunch of topics and he talks about VR his experiences with that and his interest in general purpose AI so definitely check out that interview and let’s hope that oculus can keep innovating because my only hope for VR to succeed right now is on them and I hope they can make it happen rolling forward without them and Disney Plus launched this week and I of course subscribed to the service I paid for like a two-year subscription which got me a pretty good discount on everything overall they had a pre-order period for that but then I learned that my

verizon cell phone account would have gotten me the first year for free so I totally screwed that up so if you have a Verizon phone subscribe through that because you’ll get a year of this service for nothing and I’m sure that made up a good chunk of the 10 million subscriptions they claimed to have already received on the service but I’ve been very pleased with it there’s a ton of content here the first thing I jumped into of course was the Star Wars section because I was very eager to check out the Mandalorian this is a great Star Wars show a lot of fanservice in here it kind of lacks the grandeur of a motion picture but the set pieces are great the detail on the sets are awesome I was really enjoying the show at least the first episode and I think I will enjoy the rest of them a lot of the Star Wars figures I had as a kid that were not often seen in the film’s ours going to be making their little cameos in this show and I already saw a lot of little things in the show here that brought back some childhood memories and made a lot of smiles appear on my face so I watched the first episode I’m gonna watch the second episode tonight my one gripe is that if you have an Nvidia shield the new one that supports Atmos it doesn’t yet support Atmos on Disney Plus and I noticed that the audio when the mandalorian was not very punchy as a result so I’m gonna hook up one of my other multitude of TV boxes tonight and see if we can get Atmos on that one so I’m getting back to the point now where I’ve got multiple boxes depending on which service that I want to get in the most ideal way at most is coming to the shield but it isn’t yet available but the content offering of course is quite extensive on Disney Plus because

you’ve got the whole of the Disney library here they bought 20th Century Fox so you have all of those films as well I was surprised though when I went to the Star Wars section they had just about everything but they don’t have the last Jedi which surprised me because I thought they would be giving you everything and actually the new Han Solo film is missing from this as well but they have other things like the Clone Wars including the special that they had before the TV series began they’ve got some of the shorts that they’ve done with the Lego figures and stuff rebels is on there they don’t yet have the second season of Star Wars resistance so that one will probably come out a little bit later so I was again surprised that we didn’t get the full library because I thought that’s what they were going to be offering but there is still a ton of Star Wars content on here I haven’t watched a lot of the Marvel movies so this might be a good opportunity for me to catch up on that and then what I liked about it is that if you dig in enough you can get all of the movies that they have on the platform so if you don’t want to go through all these different genres you can just get an A to Z list of every film that’s here so that was nice because sometimes with Netflix I don’t feel like I can find the full list of things that are around likewise with the TV series you have the same thing here where you can go A to Z and just find whatever you want they have a different profile for kids so right now we’ve got the Darth daddy here going so if I switch over to my

daughter Kyra she gets her kids interface here which will be more age-appropriate and she can find her favorite princesses or watch some of the superhero stuff that she watches so this is all really nicely laid out and I you know I think it’s kind of Spartan at the moment but that’s okay because the contents here and there’s certainly a lot more content here than what you’ll get on some of the other services out there that might cost more I’m thinking about Apple TV Plus maybe Apple TV plus is about the same cost but there’s not much on that service yet CBS all access has a good amount of stuff but I don’t think as much as you got here I even have the full thirty-year Simpsons run here available to you to watch anytime you want so I’m gonna be spending a lot of time in Disney Plus it supports downloading for offline viewing which is great too so I’m going to be taking a short trip this weekend and I’m gonna be loading up my phone with some offline content a lot of it from Disney Plus here and I’ll continue to update you as to how the service is coming along but I think they’ve done a great job with it and I’m very eager to hear your thoughts down in the comments below and that will be our Q&A for you this week and while I got the Roku out we’ve got some errata to talk about from last week to different items the first is from my video on-demand video where I said the IMDB content was only available on amazon firetv devices that is incorrect and a lot of you let me know that that was not right because they have taken IMDB TV and

integrated it into Amazon Prime it’s just not front and center and there’s no separate app on other platforms so if we jump back to the Roku here if we scroll all the way down the list here you’ll eventually come to a section that will indicate that you’ve got free with add content here so there it is and you can see some of the stuff on here I suspect if you go in and search for some of this content you would find it through a search perhaps a little bit more efficiently but it is in there it’s just kind of hidden with all the other prime stuff that they might be throwing at you there so be on the lookout if you want IMD I am DB TV it’s available on the Roku and other platforms that support Amazon Prime you just got to dig around in the menu a bit to find it and from my Roku overview video I was incorrect in saying that there were no games on the Roku áthe here points out that in the course of my description of the Roku there’s a Tetris icon right on the home screen of my device and sure enough if you load up that icon or download that channel as they call it you will of course get the tetris game that you can play on your Roku it’s not an ideal gaming experience in fact this is not a priority for Roku they used to have remotes that had a one and a two button here in position so you could kind of use it like a game controller but that’s gone away so now to flip the pieces here on Tetris I actually have to hit the rewind and fast-forward button so it’s not an ideal gaming experience but you can get a few games and there’s actually a good number of games but most of them are things that are more in tune for what the hardware is capable of so if we go over to our streaming channels that menu option here and we jump over to games you can see there is a lot here for gaming but most of these are just kind of you know things like chess and checkers and pong and a slot machine thing and a few other similar items too that

they do you have pac-man there’s a couple of retro games like Galaga on here but I would not consider the Roku to be a great platform to play those games on but there are a lot of games and if you were buying a Roku and just wanted to see what’s out there there’s a good amount of stuff to pick from here most of these games are about 99 cents to $1 some are 5 bucks like the wheel of fortune game is a little bit more as a couple of game shows on here as well but again this won’t rival a game console it probably won’t rival the game selection on the TV for example and really gaming is not really a focus anymore of any of these TV box manufacturers if we take a look at where Amazon’s gone they still have a gaming edition of the fire TV and a pretty extensive gaming library that they were really looking to nurture and get developers in on I think for a while shovel knight was exclusive to the fire TV box even though it was an Android app Nvidia did a similar thing with the shield when it came out they were really getting developers to take advantage of the Nvidia shield and offer content that was exclusive to that platform as well and both Amazon and Nvidia were actually packaging game controllers in the box which nofe both are not doing anymore so I think what’s happened here is that consumers want to not spend a lot of money on these streaming boxes they don’t expect them to play games if they want a game console they buy one but yes you can get games on the Roku they’re just not going to be all that great and on the topic of set-top boxes home Lander writes in an hour Q&A this week wondering if Samsung might look at making streaming TV boxes now that they’re out of the blu-ray player market and I would love to see more

competition in the streaming box arena unfortunately I don’t think there will be more at least from name-brand manufacturers because it’s so heavily saturated right now you’ve got all those Smart TVs you got the Roku the Amazon thing you got Apple TV there’s just too many players and no one’s really making a lot of money in this space and this is also why we haven’t seen the Nvidia shield’s horsepower increase it all from one year to the next we pretty much have the same performance we had when it first came out four years ago I would love for somebody to take one of those really high-powered Snapdragon chips that were seeing in the flagship phones and put it in a set-top box because I think enthusiasts would get very excited about that those chips I believe will outperform an Nvidia shield but they’re in phones and not in set-top boxes so I don’t think they’ll do it but I would love to see Samsung jump in with an offering of their own and this next question comes in from Ciro Mora about the big to do over the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and YouTube if you have a youtube channel even a tiny one you are going to have to declare yourself about whether or not you are making content for kids and you have the choice to say hey my entire channel is not steered at children under the age of 13 or you can do it on a video by video basis and you have to do this to comply with YouTube’s Terms of Service essentially even if you’re outside the US what happened here in the u.s.

Is that the Federal Trade Commission said to YouTube hey you’re in violation of this act because you are collecting data on kids under the age of 13 my daughter for example was using the YouTube kids app she was subscribing to channels in that app but she’s only six years old I was monitoring so don’t worry and she can no longer do that kids cannot comment on these kid channels and if you are a kid Channel they’re going to remove commenting completely from it and this is a big deal because if you are violating this act and not declaring your content properly YouTube at the minimum will D monetize a video but you also open yourself up to being fined directly by the Federal Trade Commission for violating the Coppa Act yourself so what’s happened here as YouTube’s been able to settle this case and then put all the blame on creators versus themselves and that is why the FTC voted three to two on party lines on this particular issue when it was before them so this is what you’ll see now what I did for this channel and a few of my other ones was set it to no but I have another channel that I’ve just been playing with over the years called dad Pro tips where I get some toys in through the Amazon vine program and do a little review with my daughter because my kid is in the video and because we’re reviewing kid products we have to say that these are kid-friendly videos and therefore the monetization will be very different on those videos kids can’t subscribe and they can’t comment but if we didn’t do that we could be facing some severe consequences for not disclosing that so if you do a mixture of content then you’ll have to say you want to review this setting for every video and then on a video by video basis you’ll have to make those declarations and if you’ve got a lot of content all you have to go back

through them all one by one to set this so this is gonna be some work for some folks that might have some kid content on their channel I took a look at my own demographics here and you can see that my 13 to 17 year old market here is very very small and I would imagine that very few viewers are under the age of 13 but as usual things are not very clear to us creators who don’t make kid content but might have something that could potentially attract a child visitor tube filter tried to make some sense of this in an article that they posted this week they listed out the 10 factors that the FTC is using to determine whether or not a video is kid directed but it is so broad like the subject matter of the site or service which I would interpret to be maybe the subject matter of the video that you’re doing the videos visual content so if a toy appears in the video is that enough I don’t know what weight they apply to these different factors in determining whether or not something is kid directed and I’m sure what’s going to happen here is that there will be creators who say no my video about this toy wasn’t directed at kids YouTube might say now it is because it’s got a toy in it and they might get demonetised in the process so this will have an impact not only on the stuff that’s directed to kids under 13 but also channels that might cover some of the stuff that could overlap with that age bracket even if the

intended audience is not a child and again we have no idea because YouTube hasn’t really effectively communicated how we should be thinking about this stuff in those gray areas where our intent is not to focus on children but children might see it anyhow who knows and I guess we’re all going to learn the hard way as this stuff develops just as an example I went through my back catalogue the only thing that I have that might fall under this gray area is this video of the Anki overdrive toy this is kind of a slot car thing without the slots and it’s a cool thing that I was not intending to focus on children under the age of 13 but I think if a kid might be searching google for some information about this product they might find their way to this video am I supposed to declare this is a kid-friendly video I don’t know and that’s what really concerns me about this moving forwards there’s going to be some I think significant packs in the short term is everyone tries to figure out how all of this works I think there will be a lot of channels that get caught up in this that are not kid focused but the objects or imagery or the things that are talking about in the video might lead YouTube to identify them as such and that’s going to have a material impact on what they do at least in the short term I think in the long term though what YouTube will likely do is switch from targeted advertising on those videos and go to contextual advertising where the subject of the video will determine the

type of ad that gets in front of the kid the hard part for advertisers is that I don’t believe YouTube can report the viewership of the ads or the ad duration that the child is watching from before so that might mean we only see unskipable videos perhaps or ads on those videos it might mean that there’s some other metric that they have to try to figure out in order to be able to deliver the data to advertisers to make all of this stuff work for them but at the end of the day I think there will still be advertising on children’s content it’ll be much like it is on television if they know you know a certain percentage of this show or this video is being watched by boys because it’s about a toy that boys typically play with then you probably will see those ads kind of contextually targeting themselves at those videos and the vice-versa for girls and the stuff in the middle might see a mixture of both I remember growing up with my morning cartoons I would see ads for stuff my sister might liken this ads for stuff that I might like and I think that’s what we’re going to see here in the end so I’m not all that concerned in the long run but I think in the short term this is going to be very disruptive and we’ll have to see how it all develops I know for my daughter she’s been frustrated that she can no longer to subscribe to the channels that she likes because that’s been taken away and some of the targeting of videos to her based on things that she’s watching now is also being impacted so I’m really gonna

start digging through their kids app and see how they’re going to direct videos now given that they’re not allowed to collect any data about what the kid is doing on the platform so lots of disruption here but that is what happens in the 21st century when you’re running a media company it’s going to be a wild ride and I would love to hear what you think down on the comment section below so this week on the channel we’ve got a bunch of stuff planned we’re going to be taking a look at the Roku sound bar this is a stereo sound bar with a Roku built inside of it we also got the subwoofer that goes with it which i think is important to add some punchy or bass to your overall experience we got in this little SSD from Cal digit this is called their nano SSD we’ll put it to the test and see how it performs so be on the lookout for that we hopefully will have a review of those new Bose headsets that I unboxed and we’ll compare it to the QC 35 so be on the lookout there too and then some of you were asking about this and I happen to get it in through the Amazon vine program this is the new game controller from Razer that incorporates a phone case and a switch like control surface so we’ll be playing around with this I did not have a phone that fit this but luckily Jake who helps me out here in the channel does have a phone that works with this the note 9 so we try and that out with Jake’s phone and let you know what I think of it and it’s for a specific group of phones that have a compatible case that is in the box with this device so if you don’t have the right phone you can’t use it unfortunately it’s not a universal fit so we’ll look at that as well and probably a few other things too now if you want to

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