Review ATZEBE HDMI Active Optical Cable 98 Foot / 30m HDMI Cable with Integrated Fiber Optics !

hey everybody is line siphon and we’re taking a look today at a cable yes a cable I’ve got this 98 foot or a 30 meter HDMI cable here and what’s unique about this cable is that it’s actually a fiber-optic cable even though it’s got HDMI connectors on both ends and we’re going to be talking about this cable because as it turns out there’s quite a bit to discuss with it and I thought you might find it interesting because we do a lot of home theater stuff here from time to time and you might be looking to run a longer HDMI cable so we’re going to explore what this cable is all about here in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this came in free of charge through the Amazon vine program however all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded let’s get to it now and see what this cable is all about all right so let’s dive in and see what makes this cable tick there are a number of companies selling similar cables on Amazon so I suspect there’s probably some manufacturer or two out there that just stamps different

logos on them but this particular cable was made by a company called @zb and the lengths that I got in here is 30 meters or about 98 feet and that cost is $78 that seems a lot for a cable but if you were trying to go this length and having to buy some kind of adapter to get your HDMI transmitted over a longer distance this cable might be competitive with what one of those adapters might cost they have longer and shorter cables available so you can go 250 meters for about 96 bucks or go to the creme de la creme here at a hundred meters for 122 dollars and the way this cable works is that it’s a one-way transmission so you have to plug in the right end to the proper device so for example this connector here is the source this goes into your game console set-top box or whatever else you’re trying to connect and the other end plugs into your display or your home theater receiver and it won’t work in the other direction so just be advised about that and the way they work apparently is that they have embedded the fiber optic module inside of the molded connector so what’ll happen here is that you’ll get your standard connection to the HDMI those pins will then connect up with the fiber-optic transmitter on the source connector here and there’s a receiver on the other end that is able to grab that data and convert it back into something that your device can use I also like the fact that they say it’s safe without radiation I always love the translation issues that come up on some of these product descriptions now what was interesting though is that hdmi cec does work even though this is a one-way cable so what I did earlier is I hooked it up to my TV upstairs with my Nvidia shield I was able to turn my TV on by turning the shield on as I always do and then I was able to control the shield with the remote control from the television so what they must be doing is routing the CEC commands over a regular wire inside of

this cable and then the video and audio data going over the fiber-optic that’s the only thing I can think of given the fact that this really is a one-way connection couple other things we checked out was whether or not it would work with copy protected content especially 4k copy protected content hdcp 2.2 the good news is it works with that we hooked it up to my Apple TV a little bit earlier and I was able to watch a 4k film on there without any problems it also was able to work with Dolby vision at 4k we also had 60 Hertz running at 4k so as far as most things are concerned this cable will work like any other HDMI cable but over a significantly longer distance and I also tried some of my 4k blu-ray rips where we’ve got lossless audio along with that 4k HDR video everything worked just fine and in fact I didn’t see any difference between this long cable and my shorter traditional HDMI cables so that was a good experience and then I tested latency because one of the things I have experienced in the past in trying to run HDMI over long distances is that you often get a lot of latency introduced into the mix because you’re having to run those HDMI cables through some kind of converter box to get it to go that distance so in my old job we were using an HDMI to cat5 converter which really introduced a ton of see to the point it was almost difficult to even use the computer mouse with it this really did not introduce much at all I measured about a 20 millisecond difference between using the cable and using a more traditional HDMI cable we tested that with my analogue NT MIDI which is an FPGA based NES clone console you can see my full review of that link down below in the video description it’s a very cool device and also very low latency typically we get about 44 milliseconds of response when hooked up to a gaming monitor with a regular cable this one came in between 60 and 75 milliseconds running the same test so just a little bit of overhead that will be added to the mix but much less than I’ve seen with other HDMI extender boxes now the cable is not very thick and very bendable here so you do have a lot of flexibility figuratively and literally for getting it to work in your environment it’s certainly a lot thinner than this

25-foot extension cable I bought from Amazon a little while back that is not bendable at all so you will certainly have a better time with this longer cable getting it to where you need it to go one thing though is that I don’t believe it is certified for a ceiling or wall installation somebody asked that question on the product page and that question has gone unanswered a week later so I’m guessing the answer to that is likely no so just keep that in mind but overall it’s a pretty good cable here I was surprised that it worked as well as it did with so little latency introduced into the mix as well this might even work well if you are a game streamer or somebody doing what I’m doing producing video and you want to get a camera on the other side of the room hooked up this will work just fine it really seems to be flawless in my execution of it and I was really surprised that it worked as well as it did I was expecting a gotcha and didn’t find one so if you’re looking for something like this this one might be worth taking a look at and I’m sure you might find some other cables running with similar technology out there as well but this was the one we got in and this one seems to be working just fine so check it out if you’re looking for something like this and until next time this is Lana Simon thanks for watching this channel was brought to you by the lawn TV supporters including gold-level supporters Chris Allegretto the four guys with quarters podcast Tom Albrecht and Kalyan Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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