Review Best Budget AMOLED Smartwatch? Xiaomi YouPin Mibro Watch X1

hello delightful peeps i’m chris from textburn and today we’re going to be checking out a super cheap xiaomi smartwatch it’s actually from one of xiaomi’s sub symbols this is the u-pin me bro x1 the amiibo watch x1 currently costs under 50 quid from retailer aliexpress and hitherto despite this it boasts an amoled screen you’ve got lots of fitness tracking pieces the 24 hour heart rate tracking all that good stuff and surprisingly good battery life very but it’s not all glamour and sunshine of course you do have to take the bumpy with the smooth as far as budget smartwatches is now going the u-pin mibro x1 watch is no exception this is a full-on touring review anyway for more on the latest and greatest tech delight do jab subscribe and ding that notifications bell heartens so first off actually setting up the mibra watch x1 is an absolute piece of piddle all you’ve got to do is download the mibra fit app this is supported by android and ios simply download from the usual app store you’ve got to sign in or get registered with an account then the two will pair up in a minute or so super easy my me bro watch did have to perform a couple of updates when i first got it all set up i did have some issues with it disconnecting from my smartphone as well but that seemed to have cleared up after about 24 hours in touch with the two have stayed paired up absolutely fine since then and we’ll come back and take another

in-depth look at me bro fit in a bit because this is basically how you self-control a great deal of material on your smart-alecky watch but for now let’s check out the design so the u-pin mibro watch x1 is primarily erected from abs polycarbonate with a silicone strap attached as well it does feel very budgetly that’s for sure it is quite lightweight it’s 52 grams including the strap and all not the skinniest gent around though at 11.4 millimeters thick so certainly not the worst i’ve encountered but yeah not exactly scrawny the screen isn’t level with the surface of the watch it is sunk beneath the bezel as “youre seeing” there so that should yield some defence at least if you have to smack your limb off a wall or something like that which means resounds slightly unbelievable but it seems to happen to me a lot probably because i flail my forearms around a lot and partly because i like my alcohols and so far the watch itself seems perfectly rugged as well i have bashed it about a bit tread it with mostly zero respect whatsoever and so far no scratchings or scuffs or anything to speak of and the design itself is very straightforward quite suggestive of a good deal of other fund smartphones as you can see you’ve got two physical buttons now on the right edge you’ve got a home button which helps to wake up the smartwatch and also takes you to your main list of apps and you’ve also got the sport button beneath it which makes you directly into the exercise tracking although you can actually remap that

button to perform a different operate so it’s not necessarily merely athletic you can get it opening hours a different fitness aspect otherwise pretty much any other app on here like the music actor the timer the stopwatch and the mibra watch x1 is also water resistant to five atmospheres as well so you can take it swimming you can rock it in the shower whatever you thought so one of the fanciest features here on the mi bro watch x1 is the fact that it’ s rocking an amoled spectacle which is quite rare for a plan smart-alecky watch it’s a 1.3 incher or respectable size and no it’s certainly not one of the sharper screens around but it’s not hideously pixelated either even quite small typefaces are legible the main benefits of that oled tech comes from the fact that it is quite colorful relatively punchy uh so certainly those more glowing colourings genuinely shine on this screen you’ve got neat late blackness as well and the fact that large sections of the screen can effectively precisely disable themselves so as to create that black impression helps to preserve the battery life as well which is especially good if you are using the always on display feature although the always on display is decidedly cac because you can only actually allowed to be for up to 20 minutes at a time at which point it really disables itself so you have to keep on enabling it which various kinds of interprets it pointless you’ve got a handful of presentation locateds you can mess around with inside of the actual smartwatch sets which can be called up at any point by the way simply by swiping down like so and then tapping this little cog menu so for instance

you’ve got the aged raze to wake you’ve got that ever on which is just not very good at all you can also play around with the brightness regrettably there’s no vehicle brightness now on the mibro watch x once you’ll have to manually tweak it each time you want to lower it or elevate it which is rather annoying the good news at least is that it does vanish fairly high-pitched so if you are going to be outdoors a lot i have no troubles with visibility and the actual viewing inclinations and everything are absolutely fine and you do at least have fast access to the brightness from the primary uh pull down menu here really sounds there and you’re straight-shooting into it so that’s something you may have noticed as usual i’m rocking a geeky anime background here on the me bro watch x1 that’s actually a tradition watch face that “ive created” via that amiibo fit app all you got to do is go to the equipment tab and then go to custom watch face and you can craft your own either from a photo you’ve taken yourself or a photograph that you’ve downloaded so let’s just create another geeky anime effort this flake of off-color peter shin diggery is fairly straightforward you choose the background you choose the color of the actual uh font and you can choose the position as well so top centre or fanny and that’s mostly it affected installation and your watch face will be uploaded in a couple of hours otherwise if you can’t be bothered with any of that just go back into the me bro fit up go to the dial busines this time and you can choose from a

reasonable selection of stuff that’s been created by people who aren’t quite as lazy as you and i gotta say the selection in here is absolutely wild some of these watch faces “re so” utterly bonkers they kind of beg a ideology quite a decent uh variety that’s for sure between analog and digital got some disney endeavors which i’m sure are officially sanctioned of course this one right here is definitely one of my favorites it appears to be a pork chop running the 100 meters hasten i can’t really explain the reasons and i guess that’s part of its appeal otherwise if you prefer sweaty chippings that is also an option but my eventual favorite 100 has to be this one here partly because it’s so totally ruffling and partly because it looks like it was designed by a four-year-old i’m not really sure what the hell is going on why this guy now appears to be so happy about being “tai chi” knocked in the face why surely this guy is kung fu kicking this person in the face in order to get them to tell you what the time is and then to make it even more disturbing is this actually a guy kung fu kicking his lover lash bride simply based purely on the clothes because there’s no other defining pieces i don’t know i don’t know what’s going on these are all questions i will certainly take to my tomb but anyway there’s something to suit pretty much any kind of taste out there if you miss something a bit smarter or just something a little bit colorful and jazzy there’s plenty of options in there stuff for minors as well

you’ve got all the other standard aspects you would expect here in the me bro watch x ones gives so for instance you can dive into notifications and setups you do get pinged on your watch whenever something percolates in from the likes of gmail facebook messenger skype unfortunately not all lotions are supported so i don’t get notifications when i get something from my zoho forward app for example which is slightly besetting and the actual notifications when they pop up on your watch very basic you really get a very brief overview and there’s nothing you can actually do to interact with it you can’t reply delete anything like that you’ve also got some other specifies and facets you can play around with here in amiibo fit but the majority of these you can also exactly interact directly with via the watch now the actual smartwatch ui here on the reflect watch x1 very straightforward and instinctive to anyone who’s had a smartwatch before you can access various widgets by flicking this acces including your heart rate measurements you’ve got a weather app which tells you that you’re going to get sprinkled on yet again because it’s winter in the uk you’ve got your many fitness stats and you can add a couple of other fragments as well although there’s not much to speak of you’ve got like media ensures normal sp02 shenanigans and of course you’ve got sleep tracking here on the me bro

watch x1 as well which just tells you the quality of your sleep uh which not 100 accurate gotta say i certainly didn’t get eight hours and 23 instants worth that’s for damn sure it was close to about seven hours uh but i was kind of lying prone in bed uh just watching youtube for a bit so that’s probably what’s throwing it but the likes of the heart rate tracking seems just as accurate as any other budget smartwatch that i’ve experimented it tends to elevate quite significantly when i’m shooting these videos for some reason and uh be fairly calm the rest of the time alternatively if you only miss a brief overview of everything you are eligible to only flick it this lane and this will tell you what the weather’s gonna be like what your current heart rate is in spr two position and it gives you fast access to those health stats again as for the sports tracking well it’s fairly basic material but you do have 38 different plays modes so pretty much everything all the basic stuff is covered off including float as well if you do about that and there is a free rehearsal procedure as well if your picked activity isn’t submerge off here and it’s pretty basic trash again it say to you how long you’ve been working out for what your current heart rate is a rough counseling of how many calories you may have burnt you can access your media dominances uh rapidly and readily with a swipe this behavior i say it quickly and easily sometimes it takes a couple of swipes because the

screen responsiveness ain’t awesome on this thing as you may have noticed and the media powers do seem to work absolutely fine for streaming services like spotify and deezer they allow you to pause the music skip a move if you miss and you can change up the magnitude as well and then when you’re done time swipe this away and touched that big x and you’re done and unlike more payment small-minded watches like the apple watch and wear os watches for example you can’t increasing the proportion of apps on here but you’ve got a few supportive ones stuck away on there by default regardless you’ve got likes of a calculator a timer you do have a fine phone as well which merely mostly shapes your telephone make a horrendous rackety interference until you locate it of course those music dominances and you’ve got the usual breathe and stress succor trash as well only to help calm you down when you’re wigging out a bit although the breathing employ app does cause the watch to vibrate quite violently when you have to inhale which is anything but specially unwinding and the battery life now on the mibral watch x1 is pretty good as well like a good deal of budget smart watches uh not quite as good as the promised two weeks of regular employ between attacks i find it’s actually closer to one week but still not bad at all if you’re gonna be going away regularly away from home on little tours or whatever then at least you don’t have to be lugging the charger with you and if you don’t mind precisely literally employing it as a watch then there is a basic mode on now as well which exactly bump it right up to over a month of battery life they calculate 60 dates so there you have it that right there is the xiaomi you pin me bro watch x1 in a nutshell so as i say under 50 quid from the likes of aliexpress right now and if you’re looking for a fund smart-alecky watch with a neat punchy screen then this will certainly do the job you know you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth as i said before sometimes the screen responsiveness isn’t fantastic but i represent it’s worth it alone just for this bloody big watch face right here so anyway for more on the most recent and greatest tech and also random small watches delight do shove subscribe and dig that notifications bell and have yourselves a bloody splendid remainder of the week heartens everyone love you

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