Review Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard – “Opto Mechanical” Switch

hey everybody its la and side-bend and we’re taking a look today at a new keyboard from Razer this is their Huntsman elite gaming keyboard and it sounds like your run-of-the-mill mechanical gaming keyboard with those super loud keys but inside it works a little differently it has an optical sensor on each key to register the key press versus an electrical connection that we typically see on keyboards and razer says this will result in a longer lifespan for the keyboard and possibly a little less latency as well so we’re going to be taking a closer look at what makes this keyboard tick in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this came in free of charge through the Amazon vine program however all the opinions are about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before I uploaded it so let’s get into it now and see what this keyboard is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware there are two configurations on this keyboard this is the elite configuration that costs $200 there’s also a regular huntsmen keyboard not an elite that one cost 149 what the elite gets you are these multimedia controls here at the top along with this dial control you can configure all of these things and I’ll show you how to do that in a minute and then you also get a wrist rest with the elite version that lights up so when I attach the wrist rest here you can see it begins lighting up and I’ve got this light that will continue around the side of the keyboard if I remove it here you’ll see that the front of the keyboard here will retain that lighting as well and there’s a little connector here that it docks to it

comes together pretty nicely and very quickly comes to life there it’s very comfortable too it’s a padded fake leather and Cory who works for us here on the channel has one of these things and he says it holds up pretty well over time so the quality feels pretty nice here the keyboard itself feels pretty solid it’s got a good weight to it the keys are as you can hear very noisy what some folks are saying is that this mirror is kind of the cherry blue switches so it feels like a lighter key to me I like a little heavier key when I’m typing which is what I do mostly on my computer so this one is certainly a lot more sensitive we’ll look at some of the key actuations in a minute you have an RGB lighting system here I’ll show you the software you can use to configure that you can get very granular in how these keys are lit so we’ll walk through some of that in a minute as well and it feels overall like a very nicely put together piece of hardware now like most mechanical keyboards it’s very easy to pull these key caps off to keep things clean and underneath it is the key mechanism my understanding on these key caps is that they are compatible with Cherry so you should be able to find different key caps if you want for your keyboard here and that’s what it looks like there now the mechanism here looks a lot like a traditional mechanical keyboard mechanism but inside is a light sensor that gets tripped when you push the key down and that is what actuates your key press this light here actually is not the sensor though that is the backlighting for the keyboard and I found the keyboard to be very very sensitive in addition to being very noisy and I’ll show you here with the zero key what it takes to get a key initiated here very little here they say it’s about a millimeter and a half before something

actuates and I’m seeing that it’s actuate ahir that click so what you’re looking at here is a slow-motion video I shot with my iPhone I had 240 frames per second and what we’re looking for is how long it takes for something to register on screen in this case a zero as you can see that just popped up there after the key is pressed now typically with game controllers this is a easier test to do because the button gets pushed and you can see how long it takes for that to register these keyboards are tougher to measure in this way because this keyboard in particular has a one and a half millimeter actuation rate which means the key is pushed down a millimeter and a half before something is actuated but the entire keyboard travel is three and a half millimeters so it’s really hard to measure exactly what the latency is so you can take like a best guesstimate as to where things actually initiate so if I look at it based on what we just saw a minute ago maybe we started here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 key presses before we see that 0 begin to appear on screen that translates out to about twenty eight milliseconds give or take very fast actually especially given that if I have a NES controller hooked up to a CRT television I was measuring about that amount of latency there too so not all that bad for a USB keyboard here this was plugged into my gaming PC running out to a monitor at 144 Hertz so I can say that it’s definitely very very fast but is it any faster than other mechanical keyboards probably not or at least not in a way that any human can measure these things are really fast to begin with including the

traditional mechanical keyboard so it’s very difficult to say that this one is so much faster than some other razer keyboard or another cherry based keyboard for example but it is very very quick and performs as well as a traditional mechanical keyboard does so that is one thing going for it one thing of course that’s going to be very difficult to test is the overall lifespan here they’re basically saying you’ll get double the number of key presses before the keys wear out on this keyboard versus a traditional mechanical keyboard that may or may not be the case it’s hard to say but maybe in a few years we’ll have to come back and take a look at that so let’s take a look now and see how you can configure the keyboard this one like many other Razer products uses the synapse software to get all of this stuff configured on it I’m not going to go into a total deep dive on here but I’ll cover some of the highlights ice which you’ll see here when you first log into the software is that you’ve got an option for gaming mode and when you turn this on what it does is disables the Windows key here because if you’re in the middle of a game this happens to me sometimes you get a little too excited you hit the Windows key and it pops you out of the game this will prevent that accidental key press by essentially disabling that Windows key on the keyboard and while that’s on you’ll have an indicator here on the keyboard right over on the side here to indicate that that mode is on so if you’re trying to hit your Windows key and nothing is happening you look at that light you’ll know that you’re on gaming mode and there’s

an option to have it only come on when you’re in a game where you can leave it off all the time and what you can do on each key is dive a little deeper into the function of it so for example I can click on the H here and I can have the H do something else of course this is very limiting in the sense that you lose control of your H key to some other function but you can go in and assign macros to specific keys for example so if you have a game where you want a whole bunch of stuff to fire off with a key or not usually pushing you can configure the key to do that and then you can set a profile in the software here as you can see to have that take over when that game is launched and then when you leave the game you can go back to having your H key B and H key again but I was a bit disappointed that it doesn’t have any dedicated macro keys for that purpose so the only way you’re going to get any kind of macro going on here is to replace the function of one of the existing keys on the keyboard so bear that in mind there are other keyboards that cost around this price point that actually have a usable macro row so that you don’t have to give up another key in the process here so just a little thing to keep in mind on that it also has the ability to store some of the profiles inside the keyboard itself so if you’re jumping around to different computers you can have those specific macros and profiles follow you around there’s also a cloud function to where you can store those profiles up on razors servers for a retrieval later now in the absence of a macro row though you do have the option on the elite keyboard to configure these multimedia keys to do something different so on the

keyboard here we’ve got these three keys plus the dial here so you could go into that and perhaps set these things up to do something different so you can do macros of course or do some kind of mouse function one thing you can do here on the dial is not only set what the button on the dial does but also movement so if you’re moving the dial in the downward direction you can have it do a couple of different things beyond just volume controls you can turn your microphone up or down you can look at doing scrolling up or down when you’re looking at a webpage or something so there’s a lot of different things that you can do with this row here that might work well as a macro row if you’re not going to be using those multimedia controls let’s take a look now at lighting and you’ve got some options for that too so if you don’t really care about your lighting here you can just choose through a couple of quick things to do like starlight or a ripple going through your keyboard or something and just set the starting color for that and go from there but if you want to do more advanced things like a perky kind of control you can go into their advanced effects into the chroma Studio where you can really get granular with it and what’s crazy here is how granular you can get let’s attach the wrist rest here to the keyboard again you can see it getting registered in the software immediately and what’s really cool is that every one of these little boxes here can be configured with a different color so even though it looks pretty uniform on the bottom of the wrist rest here you can actually change the color quite individually

here across the way so what we’re going to do is grab static here on the left hand side and we’re going to put that above spectrum cycling because this works a lot like Photoshop where whatever is on the top will take precedent over what’s beneath it and what I want to do maybe is change the these two portions here to green so I’m going to go over to the keyboard here and just select this area here to be green along with this one and maybe that one and then maybe the corner I want to be blue let’s try that real quick I’m going to click on save now and when I do that you can see now the lights are all different and we’re still cycling on the other lights there so you have a lot of control over how this looks and you can even go into individual keys here and maybe set a couple of these to blue while it cycles through the rest of it so you can spend a lot of time in here and you can set up profiles on this section just like you did with your macros and everything else so the overall gaming experience on the keyboard feels pretty nice as you saw earlier it is very responsive and as you are running around the world here things do react very very quickly so it does feel like a premium gaming product again I can’t really say if it’s any better or worse than a traditional cherry based mechanical keyboard I certainly don’t play any better but it does feel as responsive as a keyboard at this price should be and I found the wrist rest to be very comfortable – and of course you can always detach it and move it further out if you want although you lose the light when you

do that so altogether pretty pleased with this one it certainly is a premium price tag on it but I think if you are in the market for this type of keyboard it certainly didn’t disappoint me it feels very well built again the keys do feel a little lighter to me then I prefer especially for typing I like my mechanical keyboards to be a little heavier in how their keys feel but if you are looking for something really a featherweight and sensitive this keyboard certainly will do it for you and again if you go with the elite you’ve got some macro options that you can apply on the multimedia row up there so that is the huntsmen elite from Razer and until next time this is lion Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters Chris alligretto the four guys with quarters podcast Tom Albrecht gerard Newberg and Kalyan Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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