Zephyrus G14 2022 vs G14 2021 It Actually Got BETTER 🤯

one of my favorite laptops just got even better good people this is the rog zephyrs g14 that’s been updated for 2022. now we all know the history behind the g14 it offers incredible performance in a super portable 14-inch form factor i just love this thing it looks really cool and it’s reasonably priced as well so what’s new with this year’s model well a whole lot more than i expected first off it’s got amd’s new ryzen 6000 series cpu and amd’s new 6800s gpu that’s right a fully loaded amd laptop and it’s got some subtle design tweaks as well so what we’re going to do in this video is compared to wait for it last year’s g14 top to bottom uh we’re going to talk about performance specifically with this new amd gpu because that’s an interesting move from rg from nvidia’s rtx graphics chip so let’s get the ball rolling now first off rog is offering only two models for the new g14 and they’re best buy exclusives it starts at seventeen hundred dollars and that gets you the new ryzen 9 6900hs cpu with eight cores and 16 threads 16 gigabytes of ddr5 memory at 4 800 megahertz a one terabyte gen 4 nvme ssd an rx 6700 gpu and a 14 inch quad hd 120 hertz display the spec out model costs two thousand dollars and really the only thing you’re paying for is that flagship 6800s gpu that can push a little bit more power and our sample is a little bit over the top with twice the memory and the fancy anime matrix display this is a special edition that isn’t available on best buy

or any of the retailers the 2500 price tag in my opinion is way too expensive and quite frankly not worth it the good news is that pricing has remained pretty much the same compared to last year’s g14 but the bad news is that you won’t be able to find one for less than 1500 with some decent specs and i think that’s gonna disappoint a lot of people so let’s start off with some of the physical changes that asus has done to the new g14 first off the color theme is consistent across the chassis i have the moonlight white sample over here and one of my pet peeves about last year’s model was that it had this combination of white and silver on the inside and that looked a little bit weird but that’s not the case anymore they’ve actually given it a fresh coat of paint and it looks absolutely stunning the anime matrix display now has more leds for better clarity when there’s any sort of content being displayed and once again customization is endless with this feature you can actually make your own animated text there’s now a content store through armory crate where you can you know download a bunch of effects and just pop it in there would i use it not really i mean unless if i want to show it off at a coffee shop or something but it’s really not my vibe that being said there is an audio mode that basically detects the audio source and displays the equalizers in real time and i think this is a great feature for djs who just want to add a little bit of spice to their setup build quality is pretty similar to last year’s g14 i mean the entire chassis is made out of magnesium alloy and it feels sturdy now the benefit of using this material is that it’s a lightweight body that only weighs less than four

pounds and it’s only 0.73 inches thick they’ve also managed to make it a bit smaller this year i love the fact that i can simply toss into my messenger bags so from a portability standpoint there’s nothing really to worry about the g14 the hinge still exhibits a little bit of wobble but that’s due to the nature of the design since it actually supports itself on the surface but at the same time it also elevates the keyboard for a better typing experience this year they’ve also actually made the display tilt all the way up to 180 degrees flat versus 110 degrees on the older g14 but i don’t really know why someone would take advantage of this feature but hey it’s a pretty cool flex asus the power adapter is noticeably bigger this time it’s a 240 watt adapter versus 180 watts last year and i think this is mostly due to the power hungry gpu that’s inside this new laptop so keep that in mind however i’m still not a fan of the power connector placement since it still gets in the way when you’re connecting other cables so that’s kind of annoying moving on to the interior space and as i alluded to earlier the fresh coat of white paint transformed the look of this laptop it doesn’t feel cheap compared to the silver plasticky finish on the older model the keyboard layout remains the same you still get dedicated keys to control volume and access armory crates if you actually take a closer look at the keycaps asus has added what they call a dazzling prismatic sheen that gives this overlike shine if you view it in direct sunlight personally they could have just stuck with the same color scheme as the palm rest but this is asus that we’re talking about they just love to experiment with cool things now the switches are one of the best that you can find for a windows laptop with great key travel and satisfying feel when you bottom out this time it actually comes with rgb however my sample does not uh it’s just the standard white led

lighting system and it’s all right i mean the light spill is not as uniform as you’d expect it to be because if you look at the windows key it kind of fades away personally i would just turn it off full time the trackpad gets a significant upgrade this time asus is actually able to expand the surface area by 50 and let me tell you that makes a world of a difference when scrolling through content and navigating through windows it’s also a glass surface which makes gesture control really smooth and seamless the primary left and right buttons are well defined honestly they’ve taken the best from the rog zephyrs g15 last year and just dropped it into the g14 port selection is pretty similar to last year’s model on the left hand side you have power in hdmi 2.0 b usb 3.2 gen 2 type c port with displayport pass-through and power delivery up to 100 watts along with an audio jack switching over to the right you get a couple of usb 3.

2 gen 2 type 8 ports another usb type-c 3.2 gen 2 port and now they’ve added a microsd us2 carburetor they did kill the kensington lock though compared to last year’s model this uhs mini or micro sd card reader just makes no sense compared to getting a full size reader i’d rather actually have another type c port and the same goes for the hdmi port it’s not 2.1 so you can’t do 4k at 120 hertz so keep these things in mind when you’re shopping around i also want to quickly mention the built-in dock inside this laptop it’s just incredible the output is very clean and was comfortably able to drive my epos h6 pros no problem and as you can tell they finally listen to our prayers by adding a webcam to the g14 now this is a 720p sensor the

quality is going to be pretty okay but at least you get one and you also get asus’s ai noise canceling characteristics so if you’re working in a meeting or if you’re working in environment where there’s a lot of background noise this will come in clutch uh to you know sort of isolate that noise but oddly i just find that the sound quality especially the microphone seems a little bit too distorted it does seem to peak at least from my recording or at least on my sample so it is definitely a little bit worse compared to last year’s model if you look at the speaker setup they relocated the two front-facing tweeters at the front for better sound direction plus it doesn’t get in the way when you rest your palms on the palm rest like the older model now after listening to the back to back i did notice that the trebles were a little bit more detailed on the newer model compared to the older one and the bass output was pretty much the same i’m just glad that you’re at least getting something good compared to bottom facing setups moving on to the display and there’s a whole set of upgrades added to this new g14 you’re now getting a slightly bigger 16 by 10 aspect ratio screen that results in thinner bezels and more vertical screen real estate to work with it is an ips level panel with fantastic colors and contrast ratios as you can see it covers 100 xrgb 87 adobe rgb and 99 dcip3 which is similar to last year’s model however the sustained peak brightness level gets a major bump up

from 342 nits to almost 500 nits that’s just incredible so outdoor visibility is not going to be an issue especially since it’s matte the refresh rate is still 120 hertz but they’ve significantly tightened up the response time from 25 milliseconds to just three milliseconds so this is certainly going to complement the gaming experience and i got to give it to asus for improving one of the most important factors of a gaming laptop as for upgradability you have instant access to a single sodium slot that’s already populated on my sample 16 gigabytes is on board so you can max out to 32 gigabytes keep in mind that best buy models have eight gigabytes on board so you’re only limited to 24 gigabytes of max capacity the gen 4 nvme ssd is a slight improvement over last year’s model in both read and write performance it’s nothing huge but it’s still pretty fast and speaking of ssds did you know that this year marks the 35th anniversary of nan flash memory you see from the first use of flash memory until now keoxi’s technologies have been there pushing the limits of what’s possible from the evolution of hard drives to ssds from cds to mp3 players and smartphones or from camera film to sd cards they’ve been there every step of the way and today keoxi’s ssds with bix 3d flash memory are some of the most exciting stuff

yet there’s the bg5 series that packs an incredible amount of space into this tiny and efficient footprint the cd7 which pushes the absolute bleeding edge for data centers with pci gen 5 interface that offers double the bandwidth when compared to a gen 4 drive and of course there’s the xd6 which is an ssd that might look like a regular m.2 drive but it’s completely hot-swappable now if you want to know more about keoxia and how they’re continuing to offer some of the most exciting storage solutions around head to the link down in the description below all right back to the g14 and let’s talk about battery life now you might remember the original g14 uh as the battery champ and this one just gets better basically amd’s architectural refreshes focuses almost entirely on efficiency and that means better battery life higher clock speeds for the same power and improved standby time too and based on these results it’s a mission accomplished big time but you also have to remember that the new g14 usually operates at a bit higher wattage under more intensive loads since it has more thermal headroom than the previous generation so it does get a bit worse battery life under heavy usage but that’s to be expected you’ll also notice that the guts have been upgraded even more i mean look at the heatsink design differences between the 2022 and 2021 models there’s now a much larger heatsink and vapor chamber covering the cpu and gpu cores both of those also get an application of liquid metal thermal compound as well and when you combine that with architectures that are designed for efficiency well some interesting things happen like this usually turbo mode on these

laptops is so loud we just avoid it completely for performance testing because no one would ever really want to use it on a daily basis but on the new g14 turbo isn’t anywhere near as loud as on the other laptops then the other two modes get even quieter but to make this happen has asus made any sacrifices to temperatures or clock speeds well let’s start off with how much the processor is chugging down and it actually looks like performance and silent are pretty much the exact same both hit a constant 51 watts which is a bit above the 6900 h’s default of 45 watts but turbo takes things to a whole new level by leveling out to a constant 74 watts that’s actually a higher constant level than some of the older lake laptops we’ve seen lately and it’s a massive amount of heat for the cooling system to handle now those power levels lead to some usual behavior too every other asus laptop we reviewed has three clearly different power plants that lead to very different performance levels but here performance and silent run at identical frequencies and when you look at turbo mode it cranks things up to 11.

We’re talking about 4.05 gigahertz all day every day and that’s a good 200 megahertz higher than the 2020 version ever got to but like they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch because look asus is obviously pushing turbo mode on the cpu for everything it’s worth in order to win in benchmarks without sounding like a jet engine and so that causes a huge amount of heat to build up normally 96 degrees is hot but it isn’t varying levels for laptop processors because remember even last year’s 5900hs was rated to run at a maximum of 105 degrees but on a 6900hs 96 is a pretty big red flag since it’s technically a degree higher than amd’s own maximum operating temperature so i wouldn’t really use this mode that much switching over to the rx-6800s and now we’re starting to see some real differences between the three modes turbo pegs its power consumption to 105 watts which is 5 watts more than amd’s stated maximum so i guess you could count this as an overclock if you look at performance and silent modes well they need a bit more of an explanation because there’s some odd stuff going on here you see in these modes when you start playing a game the gpu’s power needs are very different from a little while later in performance mode you start off at 86 watts but end up at 65 watts after about seven minutes of gameplay while silent gets cut back to 55 watts and frequencies run parallel which means turbo ends up way above amd’s nominal 1975 megahertz game frequency but the other two modes see their speeds drop off over time and they drop off by a lot especially if you look at performance

mode which gets chopped down by a good 300 megahertz by the end of the test and this brings up a pretty serious point usually reviewers put up a game run their 30 to 60 second benchmark and then quit hop onto the next game and so on until gaming results are done so with that in mind this kind of frequency behavior on this new g14 can seriously and i mean seriously inflate frame rates numbers just wouldn’t be representative of what gamers would expect when you know actually playing game for you know a couple hours so i guess this highlights why it’s so important to include a heat up phase before running laptop benchmarks it just helps avoid situations like this but it also explains why maybe sometimes our results are very different from other channels and if you look at how temperatures behave on the 6800s there’s a bit of extra headroom being given at the very beginning of gaming workloads and then performance and silent modes are using power and frequency reductions to eventually hit a constant 80 degrees meanwhile turbo is giving away way more overhead and yes almost 90 degrees is getting really toasty on a laptop gpu and typically you’d expect these hotter running components would lead to increased surface temperatures but asus has things pretty well managed here even though higher end components are being used in the 2022 model you can actually see the keyboards primary typing and gaming areas don’t get noticeably hot because most of that excess heat is actually pushed towards the sides and i know there’s been some concern about what those rear exhaust vents mean for the display and at least in performance mode there isn’t any

concern from our standpoint even though there’s a smaller chin most of the heat is directed a little bit lower all right so with all of those numbers bouncing around your head let’s get straight to performance so first of all i do want to mention that we’ll be testing the g14 in both performance and turbo mode and this is how the two modes line up with a couple of other laptops but i want to draw your attention to the differences between the g14 from last year in performance mode its processor sucked back about 5 watts less and the rtx 3060 ended up running at a constant 70 watts on the other hand the rx 6800 s power consumption is all over the place but aside from that the most amazing thing about this new g14 is in turbo mode its power numbers are very close to much bigger heavier and thicker laptops so it’ll be interesting to see how things line up anyways starting with cinebench r20 and there are a few things i need to call out right away going from 51 watts to 74 watts really doesn’t make much of a difference in this test i mean it’s an almost fifty percent increase in power but less than five percent more performance than my friends right there is a lot of diminishing returns also the ryzen 6000 h doesn’t seem to provide all that much more performance per watt than the 5000 series at least not in this multi-core

test moving on to single core and it’s same story between power plants but there’s a bit more of an improvement either way these processors still really really struggle against intel’s all the lake in this one test and as we move through the real world results the same story keeps repeating itself and it’s becoming clear why turbo mode was pushed so far this year’s g14 needs to be cranked to 74 watts to offer consistently better performance than the 2021 edition i mean it does compete well with alder lake’s i9 12900h in razer’s newest play 15 and remember that laptop goes for about four thousand dollars but you also have to remember the blades processor was running at just 45 watts here you also need to put this into context from a size standpoint because this thing is a technological marvel the amount of raw speed amd and asus have managed to cram into such a portable laptop is insanity in my opinion i mean it can easily trade blows with the g15 advantage edition from last year one of amd’s weaknesses is still gpu accelerated rendering in at least though at least in our specific tests but if you look at the older g15 advantage edition i think this might be a driver issue or there needs to be some more optimization built into smartshift with this combination of cpu and graphics card it should be doing a lot better meanwhile if you look at premiere pro the intel laptops have an advantage since they can leverage quick sync right alongside the discrete card

nvidia’s gpus also have an advantage here so the older g14 actually manages to just narrowly edge out the new one oh and don’t bother the turbo mode if you’re using premiere unless doing a two pass render moving on to gaming results and just take note that any laptop with a mux switch was set to the discrete gpu setting there’s gonna be a few trends going on here as well first up the older 2021 g14 trails the pack by a long shot regardless of the game it’s always in last place and the gap between it and the new model is just massive also take note that the rtx 360 can’t run doom at our settings due to a memory limitation switching between turbo and performance mode gives widely different outcomes from one game to the next in some they’re neck to neck while in others there’s a pretty big gap a lot of the similarity is probably due to amd smartshift doing its thing in the background by balancing processor and gpu power nothing’s really changed at 1440p the new g14 is just light years ahead of the older one and yes switching between turbo and performance will net you a few extra frames here and there but that’s about it but there’s a bigger story here and that’s the terrible performance of the razer blade 15s relative to its four thousand dollar price tag this is exactly exactly why you can’t buy a gaming laptop without knowing what wattage the gpu is running at because nine times out of ten a lower end gpu operating at a higher wattage will offer you way more value than a higher end one and no it doesn’t matter if it’s amd or nvidia the rule just holds true for all of them so i think it’s safe to say that this new zephyrus g14 has been improved in all aspects the design is more consistent especially on this moonlight white model because you now get a 16×10 display that is brighter and faster the trackpad is bigger and better they’ve also added a webcam finally and the performance inside this tiny beast is absolutely incredible especially compared to last year’s model it’s a day and night difference so if you’re in the market for a 14-inch laptop

that’s a speed champ this should be on the top of your list the good news is that you can buy this laptop from best buy at the time making this video but it still sucks that asus isn’t offering a skew that’s priced less than 1500 so keep that in mind and on that note thank you so much for watching let us know what you guys think about this new zephyrus rog g14 uh do you find the improvements massive compared to last year’s model and if you’re shopping around for a 14-inch laptop would you pick one up curious to know thanks so much for watching guys and i’ll talk to you in the next one spend responsibly

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