Review Intel i5 12600K – A WIN vs AMD Ryzen Prices…Sorta

hey guys snows here with hardware canucks and coming right after our 12 900k review it’s time to step things well down a bit for the more affordable categories i mean flagship products are nice to look at and dream about but most of you are probably like me i’m more excited with what less expensive options have to offer since that’s more likely what i’d buy or recommend to friends hence we have the i5 12 600k a cpu that’s meant to compete with some of the most popular options on the market right now like the ryzen 5 5600x and yes the higher end ryzen 7 5800x and let’s be honest those two have been sitting in their position for a long long time since intel simply failed to mount any real competition against them up until now the nzxt capsule microphone get the best airflow for your vocal experience with a

modular pop-out chamber to simplify installation on and off the base control the gain for best volume rpm in a package that looks this good with usb-c and headphone input io with a true unbox plug-and-play solution for your loud thoughts to shine the capsule sounds pretty neutral as you can hear plus it’s a good place to start if you plan to overclock with eq later check out the nzxt capsule black or white down below so let’s jump into the specs there’s six performance cores and four efficient cords for a total of 16 threads that is all wrapped up into a package that is supposed to cost 300 usd if like me you live in canada and are used to those crazy markups it’s not going to be that bad since 390 maple leaf dollars will get you a 12 600k that puts it at about the same price as the 5600x and it’s a lot less than the 5800x well editing snows here with a little correction while the 5800x’s msrp is definitely way more expensive at 4 49 the price actually went down the cheapest you can currently find it is at micro center for 329 usd but that might change because it was 299 about a couple of days ago or at other retailers you can find it for around 390 usd and like the last one this isn’t really a normal review either i’m gonna go deeper into some interesting power and temperature results and i’m going to focus on real world testing and show both windows 10 and 11 results since yes

everyone’s still in the sort of transition phase between os’s so let’s see if intel got what it takes to grab the value crown something they’ve never really owned as for the test system here are all of the specs you can pause if you want to read through it i should also mention that resizable bar support was enabled and all of the systems were set at amd’s or intel’s default settings so no pbo no one click oc just bone stock alder lake’s behavior is very dependent on the situation you put it in and the 12 600k isn’t any different in gaming on average it consumes less power than the 5800x and only 6 watts more than the 5600x see it’s pretty good it’s a year late but intel is finally on the efficient side when gaming at least temperatures were pretty impressive too with it getting the lowest results at under 60 degrees on a noctua nhu 12s with its fan running at around 1100 rpm now at that point it might look like it’s in the bag for this chip but the 12 900k was also not that bad when gaming for that flagship it all went to hell when it was hit at an all-core load heck i was expecting the 12600k to do the same thing but i was pleasantly surprised while it’s nowhere near as efficient as the 5600x it fares better than the 5800x and the 11600k it only consumes about 120 ish watts the entire time of our maya render which is odd given its 150 watt pl2 the 12600k isn’t that hard to keep in check you want proof check out these core temperatures they’re actually cooler than our 5800x and while you can’t call this a cool running processor it’s not anywhere near the searing heat of the 12 900k as a matter of fact you should be able to get away with a decent mid-tier cooler like a 212 evo rather than a high-end

360 mil aio let’s get into our suite of benchmarks for synthetics and cinebench r23 we can see how well this architecture behaves in multi and single core full workloads it beats the more expensive 5800x by a pretty good margin past synthetics for mozilla compile in windows 11 it is a close second after the 5800x and i mean very close but that is extremely impressive when you compare it to its price competitor the 5600x it destroys it in windows 10 though well something is broken the load only runs on the e-cores and by the way we reached out to intel about it and they did confirm that those issues are present so this isn’t up to our configuration in handbrake it edges out the 5800x by a few seconds but once again it gets a lead of almost 30 percent over the 5600x i mean it is a 16 thread cpu after all so those extra little cores are putting in some work as for windows 10 well yeah it’s still broken for now in davinci resolve it’s actually pretty tight while it does have a slim lead over every processor tested all three are pretty close this is mostly due to the load being gpu centric thankfully no big differences between windows 10 and 11.

in premiere we’re looking at a clear lead at around 3 minutes and 40 inch seconds for our render we got a chicken dinner over the way more expensive 5800x which clocks in at around 5 minutes and 20 seconds keep in mind that premiere does leverage the integrated graphics on the intel cpus so that’s something to consider for the 3d modelers and animators you’ll love this chip in blender once again the 12600k is the winner performing slightly faster than the 5800x we can kind of forget about the 5600x here for this one but past that to our blender ev renders we see it essentially match the 5800x in performance and of course leaving the 5600x in the rearview mirror as you can see for the rest of the tests we get the same story the 12600k at least matching the performance of the 5800x but clearly leaving the 5600x in its trail it seems like unsurprisingly the number of cores and threads lie supreme in these benchmarks hooru thunk now let’s move on to some gaming benchmarks in cs go we’re starting to see a shift the 12600k gets absolutely demolished by amd’s 5600x now

sure there is a bug in windows 11 that makes it a little worse than uh in windows 10 but even so it still gets crushed especially into one percent lows now we are talking about performance way above 360 fps which is pretty much the highest end monitor out there but still we can clearly see that amd has the edge here the same seems to be the case invalorant now this could be due to the gap in clock speed that the 12 600k has i mean these two are very single threaded games so let’s see how it goes on more multi-core optimized games first we have doom all three cpus perform similarly with the 12600k edging out both in consistency with these one percent loads but still it nestles itself in between the amd cpus and average fps in rainbow six siege we see it top the charts with a small lead in average fps but look at these one percent lows now we see how consistent alderley can be it beats both by a huge margin i mean that’s over 100 fps in far cry 6 we see more of the same an average fps with a clear lead but they’re very close in their frame consistencies honestly i didn’t expect that after the cs go and valorent results then we move on to call of duty in this game we see the 12600k edging out the 5800x by a small margin now it’s slight but it only happens in windows 11.

In windows 10 it’s trailing the 5800x by a couple of fps in horizon zero dawn we get more of the same with it being the 5800x but only by a few fps on average but it does get a nice boost in its one percent lows which brings us to the last game red dead redemption 2. in this case it trails both the 5600x and 5800x but it really is not enough to make a difference when playing the game so in conclusion if you compare intel’s 12600k to amd’s offerings well intel wins and performance per dollar and performance per watt its power and heat performance also push back against the assumption that every alder lake cpu is going to be a power sucking blast furnace this could be the deal that gamers have been looking for as an alternative to the 5600x ever since amd kind of incrementally upped the price from 200 to 300 the problem right now though is platform cost anyone buying a mid-range amd chip has the option to buy a pretty feature packed b550 board and these easily run at sub 100 i’ve seen some for like 69 bucks nice and you get everything there you get oc support and pcie gen 4 speeds for your gpu and nvme so yeah b550 is going to make the overall system cost cheaper for an all amd system meanwhile the cheapest z690 board that i could find in stock was 200 bucks that’s two-thirds the price of a 12-600k that’s insane now some motherboards are slightly cheaper but even at 170 dollars it’s

still a little too much for a mid-range cpu and while sure it has all the platforms advanced features like pcie gen 5 what intel is lacking is a b550 competitor and the sub 100 to 150 price range but intel is intel so whatever they come up with be it a b660 board or whatever naming scheme that they want to adopt i don’t think that intel will make the necessary platform changes to be competitive but you know what i truly hope that they crush our expectations i mean they did produce a price competitive product here let’s just hope that they extend that to their motherboard features so i’m calling you out intel b660 i want cpu overclocking and i want all of the bells and features of 690. You know what you can keep keep that pcie gen 5 because nothing really supports it right now in any case guys that is pretty much it for the video hopefully you’ve enjoyed drop a like if you liked it a comment if you want to talk about well the video as is you can click right here to see the latest video right here to see my lids video on my channel right here to subscribe to hardware canucks and right here to subscribe to boot sequence and yes i will have that many end screen cards at every end of videos on hardware canucks it will never end take care goodbye

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