These New ROG Switches Change EVERYTHING!

oh pretty exciting day huh i mean welcoming a whole new family you know and we get to pick a favorite there are plenty of options to choose from that’s for sure you’re telling me this whole family is diverse with both optical and standard mechanical switches promise uh you let me do the type test yeah we’ll see about that good people today on the review table we have something very exciting from asus five new mechanical switches the rog rx and the rg nx switches that should satisfy your cravings or your desired preference for a gaming switch we’re also told these switches are designed from the ground up while still delivering your fan favorite variants clicky tactile and linear in some new keyboards that i’m excited to share with you so in this video we’ll cover how they feel how they sound how they are implemented in those keyboards and do they actually deliver anything new unique and different versus all the standard mainstream variants of the same configuration right so let’s begin right after this the tower 100 by thermaltake now comes in new colors this racing green and turquoise to add some fun into your next build with a full black interior so the exterior can shine with these fun colors and the unique on-display layout to

showcase your hardware check out the new tower 100 down below okay so first of all let’s cover the rog rx optical switches because they’re totally new they feel pretty awesome they come in linear reds or clicky blues and have two very special characteristics so the first one being the x stabilizer inside the switch to eliminate keystroke wobble and this four corner latch system on the keycaps to further stabilize the entire switch making it impressively stable not just doing these like finger swipes on top of the keycap but mainly when you type as the up and down motion is totally vertical without any wobble whatsoever so there’s this really special consistency in up and down motion regardless of where you press on top of the keycap and it’s especially impressive on the larger keys because the stabilizers will get to them later but having this additional sort of like stability and concrete structure that holds the keycap in place right in the center for larger keys helps significantly remove that very slight rattle that we normally experience with larger keys and mx stems also because of different keycap mount the leds therefore centered giving a much more even illumination throughout like we’ve seen with romer g switches in the past the second special thing of course is the optical nature of the switch so the actuations are instantaneous without any de-bounds delay and lifespan of up to 100 million clicks which is pretty standard for an optical keyboard however asus did put a 10 millisecond break in between each trigger to avoid accidental double clicking the rx reds have a 45 gram actuation force while the rx

blues have a 65 gram tactile force uh with four millimeters of travel and 1.5 mm actuation point making both switches totally suitable for games as neither is too light so you don’t have to worry about the accidental presses of the weight of your fingers plus i’m generally impressed at the smoothness of the linear switch and pleasantly surprised at the clicky nature of the rx blue also both rx switches have been tuned for zero actuation versus reset point so as soon as you go slightly higher than the 1.5 millimeters it will reset the switch immediately so it’s ready to go so it’s a slight technical benefit over other switches where the reset point is a bit higher than your actuation point and it gives you a bit of more consistent experience for your really fast fingers now the clicking point on the blue switches has a little softness to it so it’s not as crispy as like crazy greens or mx blues but the added stability is a major value add compared to the rest of the clicky competition while the rx reds have really nice density and smoothness to them because of that x stabilizer but also because as you bottom out it becomes a bit heavier so the keycap and the switch can reset very quickly now what you might hear from this setup is a bit of pinging but i’ve got to mention this is an early pre-production keyboard that was not lubed at the factory while all retail units in the future will come with pre-looped tabs and the switches so obviously asus took steps to improve beyond what i’ve got here and by the way this is the claymore 2 keyboard it’s kind of the ideal flagship keyboard to have these switches built in so not only can you swap the side of the numpad with this simple mechanism but the keyboard has wireless functionality with a magnetic usb compartment and visible battery level 2.

it charges with usb-c has a pass-through port a full-size wrist stress and will come with both abs and pvt keycaps i am a big fan of double shot ppt keycaps because they have that additional texture for grip and of course they hide that glossy feeling that you normally get with abs the stabilizers may not sound that great fortunately however they feel much better than they sound thanks to the added stability of the switch itself and then we have the three new standard mechanical switches to compete with all the mainstream stuff with nx red nx blue and nx brown the red switches for me aren’t anything particularly unique since asus is going for that classic red feel that we know from cherry switches the main difference is that they have a slightly faster actuation point but if you felt cherry red switches on the gaming keyboard before you’ll have a pretty good idea on how these feel too while the nx blues have a distinct lighter blue stem and a crispy clicky point very similar feel to razer greens but heavier and finally we have the nx browns that are ultra tactile indeed it’s almost like using a modern typewriter because of how significant that bump is and how high it is on the travel distance so it almost gets activated as soon as you apply a little bit of pressure onto the keycap it’s definitely different versus anything else that’s available in the bumpy brown space so the highlight for me here are the rx optical switches both the linear and clicky’s because they offer something totally different in the market because of that additional stability of the

switch and the keycap i’m actually quite surprised the claymore 2 keyboard is wireless because as far as i understand optical switches are always on and therefore consume a lot more power but having the 40 plus hours of battery life i would say is pretty reasonable while the nx brown is a totally different outlier in the entire lineup because of how different they feel in the tactile space now the stabs on the nx keyboards are pretty much in line with the rest of the mainstream gaming keyboards they’re nothing special i would say the stabs on the claymore 2 are significantly better versus what we see on the scope tkl we also have to remember that it’s not just about the switches since this whole balancing act between stabilizers and the switches is pretty important so if one misses a step the other one does too so asus knows this and they need to work together for a perfect typing experience and they have hinted that they’re prepping new models featuring upgraded stab mechanisms in the near future perhaps we’ll see something at ces and based on what i’ve already seen here this has me very excited and so that concludes our showcase for the rog rx and onix switches uh based on the sound test which one sounded best your years let me know in the comments thanks for watching check out this other relevant content subscribe for more i’ll talk to you in the next video

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