Review Long Term User Apple M1 MacBook Air

good people i’m dmitry and this base model macbook air m1 has totally changed how i work on a daily basis let me explain in short this is the best computer i’ve ever owned shocking news i know considering how many notebooks have gone through my hands how many pcs i’ve built myself but welcome to my long-term review of the macbook air m1 base model and why i think you should get one i will talk about all my workflow integrations between the m1 between my editing pc and my gaming pc plus we’ll do a few live demos to show you how powerful this baseline machine is for what i use it for plus how ridiculous the baseline storage configuration really is you’ve probably already seen a thousand reviews of this machine so this is not a benchmark video but if you haven’t bought one yet perhaps this video will nudge you in one direction or the other my wife loves it she says uh it fits in her purse it doesn’t hurt her back it’s light and small and it gets the job done all right so let me tell you everything i want to tell you about this machine right after this play your games the right way with the much improved virtuoso rgb wireless xt with bluetooth support fantastic swivel hinges deeper ear cushions tactile controls with usb-c charging a beefy microphone to step up your comms game and awesome wireless sound reproduction check it out below right off the bat i’ve probably done over 200 video calls for this thing webcam quality is possible it’s still 720p but the microphone quality is super impressive if you want to record voice memos leave messages be on calls with someone microphone in this thing is really good quality despite the small body on this thing the speakers on the air are mind-blowing with large and powerful output that puts all my windows notebooks that i’ve used in the past to shame and that just shows that apple does the basics right [Music] the headphone output is also respectable delivering clean non-hissy audio regardless of the load on the machine i cannot say the same about my razer blade pro 17 that even at like really light tasks it’s a hiss fest i gotta plug in an external amp because

otherwise their internals mess up the audio signal on my blade i love the new updated keyboard it’s fast to get used to just enough travel distance and a silent profile the backlight function is now in the command center for manual control but it’s always smart enough to auto adjust anyway while the trackpad is best in class zero complaints all right so the dual thunderbolt three ports on the side honestly for my use and a simple hub it’s a non-issue so for one of the ports i run my pro r display that charges the m1 as well with the same cable while the other port is reserved for the hub if i need to offload files from an sd card for example or use my external storage devices now you can only run a single external display with these m1 machines which for me is perfectly reasonable i’m not running like multi monitor setup with the tiny macbook air but eber made a really interesting observation as to why the intel version of the 13 inch macbook pro is still being sold by apple and that’s because those machines can run two external displays because of the higher pcie bandwidth however the performance compromise you get with the intel machines is not really worth it in my opinion so i’d still choose the m1 uh even though you can only run a single external display also more importantly the performance with these thunderbolt ports has been always consistent regardless of what i plug into them but unfortunately i’ve had lots of weird slow down issues when i’m

using usb-c thunderbolt ports on my razer blade where one day everything has been transferred at full speed another day i’m limited to 40 megabytes per second for like reading something off my really fast t5 ssd none of that with the m1 and that makes me happy so every morning this gets plugged into my pro r display the instant on nature of these m1 machines is fantastic as there’s absolutely no waiting around and also the automatic unlock if i’m wearing the apple watch is speedy but i also love the fingerprint unlock that’s also your power button and you can do all your purchases with it fill in passwords it’s fantastic the battery in this configuration gets charged and i answer all my morning emails but the impressive part about this configuration behind me is power consumption and how much lower it is for doing basic productivity things without me needing to turn on my editing machine that consumes so much more power but also something many windows users will appreciate if you’re coming from a previous windows machine is the consistent performance while on battery so you don’t get a performance penalty by just unplugging the power cable which is not something you can save for any windows machine okay and you can check out our fascinating analysis right over here all right so i am confident to say that everything you’ve heard about battery life with these machines is true the m1s are incredible so i’ll be using this every morning for a couple of hours for email i have twitch running in the background i have discord open talking to my guys maybe some music playing in the background as well

and i would lose about 30 percent throughout my work day okay that is incredible even though the included 30 watt charger is pretty compact it actually never goes in my bag unless i leave for a couple of days in general battery life is so good it is never a concern i lose about 10 every two hours during my productivity tasks so take that with what you will or what’s the saying take that for what you will all right so this macbook air m1 has been instrumental for my thumbnail creation so i’m right now in adobe lightroom everything is working just fine like you’d expect in terms of performance it’s just as smooth as my rtx38 machine and i have absolutely no issues here and i can just go back into photoshop for the final touches adding some text layers manipulating everything else that’s around uh and it’s really smooth i haven’t had any issues here it’s only when we get into davinci resolve where it doesn’t really play back in real time with all my grades applied but final cut works absolutely without issues and hiccups for all types of creative and productivity applications the macbook air m1 handles everything just fine now the main reason i got the base model is because doing thumbnails and general productivity would be the limit of how i would use this machine but now looking back i think that might have been a mistake for two reasons the main one is storage 256 gigabytes is an absolute joke i don’t even save any files on here and having the remaining 150 gigabyte capacity is not even large enough to back up my 256 gigabyte iphone while the second part of that conversation is the eight gigs of ram that if you don’t really want to future proof on how you can use this machine for a bit more productivity a bit more multitasking 16 gigabytes is a

significant improvement in performance all around and my good friend escrine uses the 16 gigabyte model for absolutely everything when it comes to video production and there’s absolutely no slow downs and it’s insane how powerful it is whereas on my eight gigabytes i’m noticing some slow downs here and there the machine has crashed while i was watching a youtube video when i installed grammarly through safari it just kind of you know it starts to spin and eventually it shut down my air was not responding while adobe creative cloud was updating and a few of those instances where i’m sure it’s not just because of the memory but when you have so many things open it’s one of those things where our expectations have come up so high for the m1 that we expect even the base model to perform incredibly well and it does but not when you really really push it to the limit so for power users 16 gigabytes is a must plus you get that additional gpu core for slightly more smoother more future proof experience down the line also the completely fanless nature of the m1 airs is something you will definitely appreciate once your chunky windows notebook cannot keep quiet even at idle while i can be exporting things from lightroom or davinci or final cut and be completely silent the last two things are the display and the form factor so the hinge is absolutely perfect you can open it with one hand there’s no wobble while you’re typing i really appreciate it it’s a 16 by 10 aspect ratio or something that ever asks on every single windows notebook review the resolution here is excellent especially with mac os

scaling and the true tone which warms up the the colors a bit uh depending on the time of day really pleasant for the eyes we have glass here that you have to clean occasionally and i don’t really care about the slightly chunkier bezels the screen for the base model is fantastic it is not as bright as the pro model but still for a thousand bucks it is the best screen you can get as for the form factor it’s the same macbook air what can you expect fits into everything weighs nothing at 1.3 kilos and it’s a solid chunk of aluminum for a premium build computer so what can i say after six months of using this device it’s the best computer for a thousand dollars you can buy in terms of like a really complete portable package without any major compromises uh unless you’re choosing the base model and want some insane productivity multitasking whereas the eight gigabyte ram versus 16 gigabytes there’s a significant performance difference there so if you want that future proofing and you’re gonna be doing a thousand things and want proper playback and the additional uh gpu core then get the 16 gigabyte uh model but otherwise as the macbook air it does everything and more for me the eight gigs is fine because i do all the heavy lifting on all my other machines but as a portable everything else but video production this thing is awesome all right guys i hope you enjoyed this uh long-term coverage and yeah subscribe if you haven’t already let me know what you think if you have experienced the m1 in your life and i’ll talk to you in the next video

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