Review NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti – NOT a New Hope for Gamers

another launch another f in the chat huh all right so let me start off this video by saying this is what you need to know about the new rtx 3080 ti it’s meant to be almost as fast as the rtx 3090 in gaming but it’s only as fast as the rtx 3070 in mining okay it costs a cool 11.99 and yeah we all know this is going to be marked up like crazy yet because of that mining limitation it might make its way into the hands of a few more gamers and look everyone here at harvard canucks asks the same questions you are when nvidia start to talk to us about this gpu why are they releasing it now instead of trying to improve the stock of the situation of existing cards that even we can’t buy and then why doing this in the middle of a shortage anyways now the problem here is that nvidia is basically diverting cores that could have been used to make the rtx 3080 stock situation a little bit better but instead using them to produce an even higher priced card meanwhile there’s still people waiting for their rtx 3080s making this purely a business move from nvidia and nothing more because let’s be honest the last six months since the rtx 3080 launch has been the total show limited supply super high demand

tariffs scalpers and even plenty of greed from retailers and board partners it isn’t even a cool meme anymore and rather something that has become a lot more serious that could have lasting effects on the whole pc gaming space and to be frank i hate it it’s easy to make fun of the stock situation and call this launch nvidia greed or laugh while every gpu is sold in seconds but on the flip side this might be the first time we’re seeing a company at least take some steps to discourage large-scale mining that means the rtx 3080 ti will be the first car to include a hardware-based hash rate limiter not only that but other than the cores going into the rtx 3090 every new geforce gpu coming off the assembly line will have the same cut down hash rates so is this finally going to give some new sense of hope to gamers well maybe but maybe not show off the cool build and not the cables with the new corsair 5000 series welcome the all-new interior you’ll appreciate for whatever build you desire without any hassle of cable management and appropriate cooling all around with proper dust filtration on all three

models check it out below alright so let’s start right off with the elephant in the room and that’s is mining first of all any new rtx 3080 3070 3060 ti and the 3060 cores will have that built-in hardware limiter that’s supposed to cut the hash rates in about half and no this isn’t a joke piece of software but a true hardware-based solution that will be labeled as lhr on the packaging for light hash rates since until stock of the new original cards sell through both will be around at the same time the ti cards will natively have this cut down from day one so they won’t have the lhr name oh and the rtx 3090 will keep being sold as is without the lhr version so right about now you’re probably wondering if this will drive up the demand and prices of these older gpus even more and the answer is absolutely yes at least in the short term until lhr cards become more widely available so what does that mean for the rtx 3080 ti well like i said in the intro it might cost a ton of money but at stock settings it has only a bit higher ethereum hash rate than an rtx 3070 while chugging down a heck a lot more power i should also mention our crew in montreal was able to lower the ti to 58 power or about 205 watts and not lose any mining performance so take that for what it is but ethereum and dagger hashimoto algorithms are not the only games in town for gpu mining is just most profitable right now and is the only one being targeted by this limiter right now there are smaller algorithms like octopus

where the rtx 3080 ti still packs a full hash rate punch basically nvidia is not cutting off mining altogether and that’s good news for hobbyists who use their gpus to make some extra cash in their downtime since those other algorithms are available through platforms like nicehash so by targeting ethereum exclusively nvidia’s intent is to make those gpus a lot less desirable for the mining companies and professional miners who buy truckloads of those things i wouldn’t put past them to somehow find a work around the toe like they did with a software limiter but honestly will that do a darn thing about availability absolutely no at least not right away first of all we’re living in a world where miners are paying way over a thousand dollars for the rtx or the rx 5700 xt that mine around the rtx 3070 levels which really makes the rtx 3080 ti price point at 1199 the perfect gpu for markups through the roof and even if some magical land massive mining corporations don’t want them there’s just so much pent-up demand for gamers still waiting for their chance to like update then these rtx 3080 ti’s are going to be grabbed up in no time anyways let’s get on to the gaming track in the normal market nvidia would have had to respond a lot sooner to the rx 6900 xd by either lowering the rtx 3090 price or launching the rtx

3080 ti earlier but they didn’t mostly because they were able to sell every single one of those cards and aim these been pretty much unable to produce more than a handful of those cards anyway in terms of specs you basically get 95 of the way to an rtx 3090 except with half the memory but like eben mike saw in past videos 12 gigabytes is more than enough for literally every gaming situation and yes even in 8k there are cuts to both core and memory frequencies along with the number of cuda cores and texture units all of which points towards nvidia using the ga 102 cores that didn’t make the cut for the rtx 3090 but while the 3090 is still technically the king of the hill due to things like internal clock timings and variations between cores the ti could still come out on top every now and then the bigger comparison however will probably be against the rtx 3080 and in that respect there is a pretty massive spec bump for the ti and yes even with its price but what the rtx 380’s ti founders edition carries forward from its smaller brother is the overall design of the card it has the same dual slot layout and uses a unique push-pull design that nvidia first shot off six months ago i mean it looks great fits into most cases and gets almost as good uh temperatures as the much bigger designs and yes i’m looking at

you gigabyte with your massive almost four slot graphics card it also uses the same 12 pin power connector as the other fe cards which exits in the world’s worst position but i guess they couldn’t be avoided since that’s where the pcb ends anyway the only real change you can see from the outside is a subtle polished metal edge around the fans where the original rtx 3080 uses a matte finish meanwhile the rear has all the basics including hdmi 2.1 and three displayport 1.4 ports unfortunately no usbc here and this is also where there’s another small change instead of the gunmetal gray on the 3080 the ti has a chrome finish now before i get into the actual benchmark results it’s important to understand how the rtx 3080 ti lines up with other nvidia gpus from a temperatures noise and power consumption standpoint even though the ti uses the same cooler as the much more efficient rtx 3080 temperatures were pretty well behaved throughout testing as a matter of fact they never got anywhere near to nvidia’s maximum so that’s really good news those temperatures did not come with too much of an increase in noise either since the ti state pretty well behaved it wasn’t the quietest of the cards here but it was barely audible over our system fans power consumption on the other hand is right in line with the rtx 3090 and our sample at least actually peaked a little bit higher i think the most interesting thing here is how the rtx 30 ti compares with the

rx 6900 xt and that is it actually sucks down a lot more power so amd does hold a slight edge in overall efficiency now with specs like these performance at 1440p is pretty much tied with the rtx 3090 uh and 12 to 20 faster than the rtx 3080 provided a game is not cpu bottlenecked and yes these cards are so fast it’s pretty easy to get them into a cpu limited territory even at 1440p but even though this looks really impressive finding any of these cards at nvidia’s mythical suggested retail price point will probably be impossible it’s a lot extra to pay for that kind of uplift i mean sure against the completely overpriced rtx 3090 it looks like an okay value but the 3080 or even the 6800 xt are really well positioned even if they’re at the bottom of these charts and let’s not forget the rx 6900xt which is even harder to find than any of these geforce cards but it still competes pretty well considering it’s supposed to cost a thousand dollars moving on to 4k and it’s pretty much the same story as with 1440p since positioning of these high-end gpus is rarely if ever changes when it comes to crazy high resolutions framerates take a plunge but you can see how the rtx 3090’s

double memory size does absolutely nothing so again it’s overall just two to four percent faster than the rtx 3080 ti and against the rx 6900xt i’ve got to hand it to amd since they’ve designed a really competitive gpu again if you find one gg moving on to ray tracing when it comes to nvidia versus their own cards basically follow the last two benchmarks the rtx 3080 ti matches or is just under the rtx 3090s performance while the amd cards fall a bit behind but the interesting thing here is that with the last few drivers uh the rx 6900xt and the 6800xd have become a bit more competitive it’ll be more interesting to see how this plays out in next few months as both teams launch more games that support ray tracing now what about programs that impact the workflow of creators and both nvidia and amd claim their gpus speed up this workflow but by how much well this is a new area for us but it touches on a lot of the applications that we use on a daily basis so starting with blender cycles rendering and this is one area where nvidia clearly has the lead but let’s be honest for a second even though they claim the rtx

3090 is built for creators in this situation it actually isn’t since the much cheaper 3080 ti gets identical results moving on to premiere and this is something really interesting no matter how many times we ran our custom output test the rtx 3080 ti kept leading by a pretty wide margin again and again and again and again there’s no real way to explain this other to say that these are the results that we got and that’s it on the other hand amd’s been working very closely with the blackmagic team on optimizing resolve for new radeon cards and is starting to show at least from a rendering perspective the rx 6900xt and the 6800xt just walk all over everything nvidia has got right now even with studio drivers that’s pretty impressive well done amd and so i guess that wraps things up in the end if this was a normal year with the usual rollouts of graphics cards the rtx 3080 ti would be a pretty good addition to nvidia’s lineup right it performs well and it almost matches the super expensive rtx 3090 in most games but i also have to wonder if nvidia’s strategy here was to release a card like the rtx 3090 which is so stupidly overpriced that it makes everything underneath and even expensive cards like the 3080 ti look like a better deal anyway the real question here is whether or not nvidia’s mining limiters will make any

difference uh they’re sure making a big deal about it aren’t they like it’s it’s all that’s all they’re talking about and the answer to this would be a bit more complicated in the short term the answer is no because demand from even regular gamers is so high that every damn gpu will sell no matter what in the long run however no honestly nvidia is looking out for themselves before anyone else like amd and intel their company living at the will of their short shore holders shareholders and that means ultimately making money so introducing cards with capped hash rates for the gaming market while pushing miners to the more expensive options is a win-win situation for nvidia in the end hopefully this leads to better availability i mean we always say that for you know less scalping and better prices for everyone and at least some hope for improvement but i guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens i really don’t care how they swing the story this isn’t about helping gamers because the 3080ti still costs 1200 and above and that feels like a money grab before anything else i can see it now retailers asking the rtx 3080 buyers if they want to cancel their orders in order to buy a higher-end price card i’m sure this is going to be happening everywhere really i’m thinking by the time the dust settles this might be just another expensive gpu you cannot buy and that would piss us all off even more but let me know what you think of the new ti launch press f in the chat i’m dmitry thanks so much for watching check out this other relevant content subscribe for more and i’ll talk to you in the next

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