Icesleet x7 Finally a DIFFERENT CPU Cooler! 😲

all right so i’m going to begin this video with a little bit of a tale months ago a company called iceberg connected after we restarted our heatsink evaluations i suggest we do obtain a load of requests from various business however mike as well as i in fact thought that this entire point was phony given that each of their products look like nothing even more than a providing however even then these look like several of the most one-of-a-kind colders around so yeah we wound up asking for something and see what actually winds up revealing up at worst we won’t be obtaining anything or it looks something like you obtain from a failed wish order so fast ahead a bit and also this revealed up the iceberg iceland x7 twin and also you know what fashionable names aside this thing really looks rather darn close to those renderings i mean certain you would need a particular build to go along with this specific cooler yet i’m actually type of digging this guys not only that however this isn’t a personalized work it’s really readily available to buy today at a high price of about 95 bucks and that makes a larger statement and also any type of performance claims since it puts the x7 right up against the fabulous noctua u12a and a heck of a lot greater than the u12s the u14s and my personal preferred the scythe fuma2 so the inquiry that needs to be responded to here is are you spending for a fancier looking cooler such as this one which looks pretty cool in fact or

exists any type of actual performance to support that cost well allow’s find out right after this include some fun to your area with added fight designed in sweden with concentrate on quality items improved experience you’re considering project 4 their 4 generation of items with super awesome color methods to stand out with matching collections to satisfy with a strong b4 bungie lightweight ergonomic m4 computer mouse the k4 keyboard is wonderful every one of which are performance focused and also finish it off with colorful gp4 mouse floor coverings that are bold in layout and also smooth on the surface the retro motif particularly has obtained the really feels full your setup with additional great no regrets ensured fine so first of all i have to provide some credit to these men for utilizing packaging that’s entirely recyclable i maintain stating this but i desire a lot more companies would certainly do this as well as there’s likewise been a great deal of thought put into exactly how every little thing’s set out you have amd components in their own area as well as intel in the other so there’s much less opportunity installment items will certainly obtain mixed up from away i do need to claim that the iceberg x7 multi-faceted heatsink cover looks pretty stunning however up close well it’s a huge mass item of plastic guys don’t get me wrong there’s definitely nothing wrong with it however it does create some small spaces in between the different pieces this point is

simply flat-out one-of-a-kind yet i make sure there’s mosting likely to be individuals that fall under a couple of teams either you dislike it or you definitely like it and also obviously there’s rgb as well with both the top logo design as well as the intake fan being lit up i imply it looks fine but i assume this whole point is much better without any lighting in any way but at the same time this design causes the very same trouble that arctic faced with their fridge freezer 50. Both the outside 120 millimeter and also indoor 140mm fans are totally constructed into the frame so you can’t exchange them or change them if something goes wrong either way under all that plastic is a truly actually well-built twin tower format with very slim fin stacks the plastic really maintains a whole lot of the air flow concentrated at going via those towers however i’m not certain if the fixed pressure on the followers is going to be adequate to maintain air relocating successfully those 2 towers are each connected to the end of seven 6 millimeter size heat pipes that run into a truly well completed nickel layered copper base and it looks lovely individuals all in all this thing’s really well constructed a lot far better than i ‘d anticipate from a quite brand-new firm but after that once more the x7 sets you back practically a hundred bucks as for the total size it’s rather large at 135 mm long by 150 millimeters wide and also 166 millimeters high but the height should not be a trouble for the majority of atx cases the size triggers some overhang on memory and if that’s the case there’s just 45 millimeters of clearance prior to smacking into the plastic in basic though for such a chunky heatsink compatibility should not be as well much of an issue installment is well there’s both favorable and unfavorable points you get clearly significant brackets as well as bags for intel and also amd systems and also fortunately there’s likewise a great deal of usual elements for each platform so you don’t get a load of components to

browse via the top quality is on factor as well without anything feeling inexpensive as well as that tube of thermal compound is a nice touch considering that it lasts you for three to four applications i truly value the way iceberg approached their installation manual as well the instructions are clear the illustrations don’t require a magnifying glass to check out as well as all the parts being adjusted are highlighted in their brand name steel color it’s truly well done guys as for the installation itself well on amd it’s rather uncomplicated you eliminate the 2 side panels from the colder after that thoroughly remove the leading making certain that you separate the small rgb power cable television from that point on you’ll require to get rid of the stock amd installing bracket recycle the back plate include studs and also after that screw down the retention braces for the cooler however like typical intel’s 1150 series 1136 and also 1200 is a little bit much more complicated since those intel systems don’t come with a back blade so you have actually obtained to make use of the one that iceberg offers i have to value them sticking to the branding with the blue and gray appearance yet i hate that it’s plastic the following steps are the same for every system and also i’m not also crazy concerning it mounting the leading braces is quite straightforward yet for some unusual reason iceberg didn’t pre-install the retention arm that’s obtained the two screws on it instead you would certainly require to use the little thumb screws to safeguard it in location anyways when that’s on simply protect it right into area and get all set for some serious frustration you see these plastic panels might look quite yet

getting them back into location without any kind of spaces is a total discomfort in the butt guys in some cases you may get fortunate yet just be all set to invest perhaps 15 mins or so of just pure frustration an additional point you’ll need to take right into factor to consider is memory clearance like i pointed out prior to considering that the integrated fan will certainly overhang into the ports of many motherboards anyways with that out of the means i believe it’s time to move on to our usual temperature testing beginning at the 120 watt setting which generally covers a whole lot of the mid to high end cpus for anyone wondering here’s just how speed portions on these fans align with decibel analyses on this cooler we’re going to start adding these as support for anyone that gets one of these warmth wants and also sinks to duplicate our results beginning with temperatures over time right here the iceberg x7 is able to give comparable outcomes to some of the best coolers around at quite equivalent noise levels it may be a degree or two hotter yet anything under 65 degrees is a really reputable result that’ll cover a good 95 percent of customers out there it won’t touch the fuma 2 though i mean i just feel like that’s one outstanding cooler now one fascinating thing you’ll notice is the x7 results carry a whole lot better to the right in all of our graphes as well as that’s because its followers obtain much much louder as their rpms level increase all the method up to a yelling 50 decibels and at the very least at this reduced warmth load those high follower speeds don’t do a darn point at the same time the graph just

starts at 36 decibels since setting the fans to anything under that causes them to stall out now for those of you that such as something a little bit simpler to look at with a couple of even more colders included below’s just how whatever lines up you can see there isn’t a solitary warmth sink that battles below unless you go with something on the reduced end switching to 165 watts and also this is where things start going a little bit janky for the x7 in contrast to the competition i mean don’t obtain me incorrect under 75 degrees at 165w heat load it is still entirely acceptable however not for practically a hundred bucks however there’s something else i require to direct out and that’s the large dip between 38 and 40 decibels that points towards the fans having a really very narrow wonderful spot where they supply optimum air conditioning performance at the same time at a standard 38 decibels the x7 tracks the pack yet bear in mind enhancing fan speeds simply a bit to 40 decibels makes a globe of a difference right here currently this next examination is truly truly intense since it actually is above iceberg’s optimum 225 watt tdp specification for this cooler yet we decided to do it anyhow and this was quite a lot expected with the cooler falling short the test at 110 levels up till the 40 decibel sound mark even after that it stays at or above 100 levels till the fans are screaming along at over 70 and louder than anything else in our graphes i actually can’t fault iceberg for this considering that we’re pushing beyond their suggestions unfortunately at 30 decibels it could not stop the cpu from strangling so there isn’t actually much to see here so the iceberg x7 primarily it doesn’t try to conceal what it is it’s a heatsink that’s attempting to look extremely distinct while also providing decent cooling performance currently no

matter of what you assume of teal plastic and the rgb combination that’s exactly what it is even if the number’s on groundbreaking as well as i need to place this right into viewpoint individuals we placed this cooler up against the ideal of the finest and a cooler does not need to be on the top of a chart to obtain our authorization the only point going against the x7 is actually its price as well as of program the janky shadow installation if you can get past that and if you desire something that looks super distinct you can be certain that it’ll carry out rather well at sensible decibel degrees yet otherwise if you are looking for simply raw efficiency there are a whole lot of better options out there numerous of which expense a lot less so on that note thank you so much for enjoying allow me recognize what you men think concerning the iceberg x7 does it give you that wow factor i’m just interested to know thank you so much for enjoying as well as i’ll chat to you individuals in the following one all right so let’s start with this van i suppose it’s going to go this way simply like that oh i forgot i failed to remember to set up the uh rgb cord there we go all right so that’s the leading panel now we have to do i think is the center all ideal i suggest yeah it is a total pain in the butt to obtain this on however this is poor all right allow me see if i can redesign this once again so got this follower here i’m gon na put it back up just like that however prior to that i require to make certain that there’s room below and after that i’m gon na paint this down there we go all right i believe i got it currently kind of this is flush but this is not flush what all right now it’s flush oh all

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