Razer Blackshark V2 X – After 6 Months, THIS happened…

well good people hello i’m dmitry something we want to do even more of on this network is to do long-lasting coverage not just for smartphones and also like various things spread throughout but also for a larger series of items i see so numerous discuss our razer reviews discussing long-term top quality worries which is completely reputable right like we have these products for one to 2 weeks prior to launch and i suggest to be truthful that’s not nearly enough time to see exactly how the item has fared over time therefore that’s precisely what we’re doing today with the black shark v2 x headset this has actually been my go-to wired headset for video gaming every day for the past 6 months and also i still seem like my initial remark from the evaluation applies right here i’m actually a lot more fired up regarding the v2x because at just 59. this is mosting likely to be i think one of the most preferred 59 headset on the market however as expected it hasn’t been without issues right a lot of various other users have added to the entire responses loophole and also today i intend to address one basic question whether or not this point is still worth it for the 59 rate factor after 6 months of daily use you have a 1200 watt power supply in there yes and also the three-way slot rtx 3090 certain it will certainly fit if you find one and a 240 millimeter radiator this my close friends is the new sugar 14 as

well as 15 from silverstone the microwave the itx instance you need for a no compromise construct under 20 litres examine it out below all right so as soon as possible if you have not seen the initial testimonial examine it out over here but let’s enter into the issues will we my major issue with the construct high quality is the difference in size expansion so on my budget plan v2x it’s been flawlessly great because day one so wonderful resistance uh it remains in position and it’s not going anywhere yet on the more costly v2 and also the wireless v2 pro a few of which have arrived truly loose where the weight of the ear cup would glide down on the on the dimension extensions without also me touching it this reveals that there’s a substantial resistance distinction in between each headset as well as i’ve gone through 6 pairs every one of which had some variation of like nice density versus truly loosened as well as so it’s a threat aspect for people that are acquiring the v2 variant of the headset since i have no suggestion what kind of copy you will get the next huge concern i’ve encountered is with the 4-pole headset jack that isn’t appropriately protected into that splitter cord suggesting it can quickly be separated with a slight swimming pool or get unbalanced signal in case the plug takes out a little i have checked out so several testimonials as well as also experience these concerns myself where you obtain unbalanced a appropriate and also left representation so even if this 4-pole jack obtains somewhat displaced like somewhat drawn out due to the fact that perhaps you kicked this or this has gotten stuck and also you pull down the headset just slightly due to the fact that this link is so loosened you’ll obviously assume that there’s something defective with the headset because left and also right are not also this also extends into the microphone high quality where also if the 4 pull jack is connected properly right into the splitter cable television the rotation of that link will influence the microphone high quality as well as the left as well as appropriate equilibrium as well so this splitter cable television is a big ooh from razer

due to the fact that many individuals will just think that the headset is faulty and it will result in numerous adverse evaluations and also are surprised as well as i entirely agree with the customer below this splitter extension is awful when it comes to all other cords on the headset i’ve had no concerns whatsoever so the revealed environment-friendly cable on the top i believed might give me issues in time yet it always flexes in the ideal means i’m likewise satisfied at just how little cable noise you hear when the wire is brushing versus your t shirt or something it’s silent and also soft next up is the microphone arm so however it has lost a great deal of its memory so it no more remains in the correct placement as it utilized to prior to regrettably this will worsen gradually and may eventually just obtain loose to stay in appropriate position this makes me appreciate removable microphones considering that you may replace it later but also if you eliminate it you’re not utilizing that flexing uh thing on a day-to-day basis and they additionally appreciate the solid boom arms from like sennheiser headsets that are staying there and they’re gon na remain there forever successive i either did not notice this at the time of the review or maybe the ear mug fit has obtained slightly loose due to the fact that they turn method too easily inside the housing the ear pillows as an example can merely change setting when you’re placing the headset on or off and also this could develop this non-symmetrical feel between left as well as ideal i discovered it due to the fact that the joints were not lined up and also since the ear mugs are oblong so they’re not round this change as well as turning will certainly impact exactly how they secure in the audio and also exactly how they feel on your head in terms of convenience so it’s a very easy solution due to the fact that you can simply see where the seam is and rotate it as necessary so today as an example just make sure they’re both dealing with down yet still something that i have to bear in mind i am amazed at how well this fake leather has held up throughout both the ear

cups and also the headband understanding that my various other headphones have started to flake with this material so both the headband and ear mugs are in excellent condition since day one yet i will certainly state this inner material the one that makes call with your skin is a little bit rough particularly if you like to wear one side at once like me and also constantly go from you know complete headset to attempting to hear what’s occurring in your exterior environment and also that motion it’s very extreme as well as i do not appreciate that part of the convenience in time merely because my various other earphones that have much far better padding are simply a lot a lot more comfortable that’s actually the only disadvantage with comfort because whatever else regarding it the securing pressure as well as the weight are fantastic as well as the last bit that has transformed since the initial review is the quantity dial to start with i never got made use of to it getting on the left side because that’s my keyboard hand as well as eliminating that to change the quantity i am vulnerable in video game since i’m not bombing side to side like with all various other video gaming headsets where the volume connection or like the little dial gets on the primary thing however the right side below is that the quantity wheel for the very first 50 has gotten slightly loose which is strange since i never use that quantity range anyway while the the various other 50 as great and also resistant and also smooth as they want when it comes to my expectation on audio efficiency since the first day it’s type of funny to check out some evaluates that reveal their dissatisfaction in audio high quality but it’s a 59 headset allowed’s uh reduced our expectations okay the base below is a little boomy but i value that there’s no violence on the luxury specifically if you max out the quantity i still wait

what i stated it is sufficient for the 59 rate factor you know it’s not going to contend in regards to detail and also resolution to something a lot more premium like a proper fidelio x3 headphone for example however, for games i’ve been using it for six months my ears are not bleeding i can determine where everything is taking place and you can drive this conveniently with both an earphone as well as a motherboard amplifier without issues likewise a number of people that have assessed this headset have discussed that the volume result on gaming consoles is a bit reduced to their liking i do not own gaming consoles so i can’t truly discuss that yet something you need to keep in mind of if you are preparing to utilize this with like a like a controller or something or plug them directly right into a console plus the microphone quality on this set i would state is great for the 59 rate point this is the headset i’ve been utilizing for all my video calls since i audio excellent i can listen to everyone just fine two points to remember is that there is no integrated side tone unless you allow it to such as software with your various amplifier so if you do not like that muted appearance or noise when you talk you can’t hear yourself that’s something to bear in mind as well as number two is that this boom arm has shed a whole lot of that uh rigidity or suppleness so it’s a whole lot much more adaptable not in a great way versus day one and so the takeaway for this long-term recap for the v2x is that i mean it’s stood up pretty well maybe a six-month window is a bit of an as well except an amount of time to see

proper destruction when it comes to audio items yet i have actually been utilizing this literally each day for the past 6 months so i believed this would certainly be a great time to you understand provide you a wrap-up the 2 major dissatisfactions however are the splitter cable that will create complication stress and also certainly are impressed where people are not recognizing that perhaps the splitter cable television is creating the unbalancing and also the microphone issues and number 2 those size extensions male they actually have to repair it so there’s uniformity across each v2 pair because in all 6 pairs they were somewhat different slightly loosened somewhat tighter and also i simply sort of obtained fortunate with the most affordable pair having like the best uh density to the expansions as well as they remain in place as they must therefore to come back to that original concern whether or not this thing is still worth it for the 59 rate point as well as i would certainly claim yes although you could come across slight variant in the size extensions i think it’s okay offered it’s a budget entry currently it’s not alright when you’re investing double the amount on the v2 professional cordless set and also you’re experiencing just the same construct quality concerns but i would certainly say for the in that 50 uh budget area a few of the compromises that we see with this pair are fine just remember that that splitter cable i hope you get a great one where everything much like breaks right into area it’s not much like a really loose connection but otherwise i would claim it’s still worth everything right so i hope you appreciated this somewhat longer recap share your use background of razer or any type of various other gaming items gradually and also exactly how they have actually stood up in your daily usage i’m a dimitri thanks a lot for viewing check out this various other appropriate web content subscribe for even more i’ll speak to you in the next video clip probably in the six months time or something

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