Review AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT & RX 6800 They ALMOST Did It

well great people hello i’m dmitry you’re more than likely are used to seeing eber doing these but you recognize the last a number of months have been harsh therefore several of the group is taking some time to reenergize as well as prepare for 2021 however have no worry demetrius right here good yet anyway after more than a year of rumors and the upcoming big navi we ultimately get to see what the rx 6800 xt and the rx 6800 can and also those cards are so vital since they bring the whole radeon schedule right in line with the competition versus the finest and video clip needs to supply as soon as possible let’s discuss availability okay it’s not going to be quite this is the assumption of 2020 but amd had actually tried to take full advantage of stock as well as enable board companions to market the made by amd recommendation layout initially and after that followed by the customized designs later will certainly that make a significant distinction most likely not the truth is the scenario isn’t a lot different versus what happened last year with the rtx 2000 series launch as well as the rx 5700 xt launch too and we remain in the center of pandemic so circulation and also manufacturing are all affected so yeah it is obtaining really tedious and also type of irritating to see every little thing from the ryzen 5700 x to the rtx 3090 sell out faster than we can blink yet i suggest the reality is we can not truly do anything concerning that now but i don’t want to get embeded the background lesson with you guys so today we’ll be doing our common standard collection plus speaking about brand-new points like ray tracing uh smart accessibility memory craze mode and all those points will certainly be time marked down below for your benefit let’s start this testimonial right hereafter the brand-new corsair k100 rgb is a true front runner key-board with 4 000 hertz drawing rate and new opx optical mechanical buttons top quality pvt keycaps a gorgeous redesign all over

and the brand-new intelligence wheel that has a great deal of functionality check out the k100 rgb down below all appropriate so let’s start points off with amd’s new rdna 2 architecture and what they required to do to bring this whole lineup into the competition with nvidia’s ampere ampere ampere to do that they struck four main areas over the very first generation rdna style so enhance number of compute systems increase bandwidth ensure the core can clock higher and likewise add some hardware aspects to support directx 12 utmost attributes like ray tracing the crazy point is they required to complete all that without pressing through their power budget plans and additionally sticking to that seven nanometer process because the last point they needed was a like a warm running power starving style that limited efficiency so the primary step was to leverage objective these lessons in making cpus to enhance clock speeds while additionally decreasing how much power was needed to hit a given frequency and also that means every one of these new gpus can in fact reach over 2 ghz and like you’ll see in many cases a lot even more than that too which is extremely interesting an additional point that’s been ported over from ryzen is the infinity textile and also what they’re calling the infinity cache basically this massive 128 megabyte cache means that more video game data can be kept in your area on the gpu as opposed to being kept on the slower dram this will decrease general

latency and additionally allow amd to strike greater data transfer numbers without taking up pass away room with more memory controllers or relocating to costly dram like hbm as well as gddr6x all of those have actually added to making our dna 2 a substantial generation step ahead for radio as well as lineup a lot more significantly it’s gon na allow them to turn out a much more total item pile from the luxury to access degree and hopefully a lot more competitive stuff on the notebook side also so this is the entire schedule today and it’s certainly a super huge dive over the rx 5700 xt we will be taking a look at the 6900 xt when it hits later on following month however the rx 6800 and also the rx 6800 xt are really quite various from one an additional sure they both make use of the very same 26.8 billion transistor navi 21 core yet the 6800 is reduced fairly considerably so it can hit a reduced cost point this lineup is additionally a whole lot more costly than previous generations however that is because amd’s finally positive sufficient to recognize that their gpus deserve equally as long as what nvidia’s billing and talking of just how these line up with nvidia rtx 3000 series well this is where things obtain really fascinating so back in the rtx 37 year evaluation we discussed that nvidia left a substantial hole in between it and also the 3080 and also amd just drove their rx 6800 directly into that gap at 580 it sets you back greater than the 3070 however much less than the 3080 and also enjoyable truth it’s implied to contend with neither it additionally has a whole lot even more memory than either nvidia card and also its board power is simply a bit higher than the 30 70. While the rx 6800 xt goes directly for the rtx 3080 throat while setting you back 50 less now that is certainly on paper uh we have no suggestion what stores will really wind up charging for the rx 6800 xt since we are 100 think that is going to be a truly prominent card when it comes to the outside perceptions right here the cards they look rather good if you desire to see the 6800 xt at work see to it to take a look at this very remarkable construct that eber mike did over here sure they don’t have that one-of-a-kind heatsink style of nvidia’s creators version yet there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with the downdraft cooler either there’s a couple of things that i intend to aim out though their length is simply 10.5 inches long so it will suit more portable instances than the rtx 3080 discovered version would certainly however also bear in mind that 6800 xt uses a 2.5 port style whereas the 6800 is just a 2 port card i also like the reality that amd is staying with the normal 8 pin pcie power adapter for both of these cards so you don’t require that ludicrous dongle hanging off the gpu the i o is intriguing due to the fact that amd added a usb-c connection along the screen port 1.
4 and hdmi 2.1 connects the type c below is for virtual reality headsets as well as other

applications yet personally i love this because for tiny type aspect constructs you have this high data transfer capability usb-c connection at the back that you do not have to reroute with the situation and also all that dazzling however to bring them down a little bit i make certain there’s mosting likely to be a lot of discuss the following what you simply listened to was inductor white wine or coil wine on the reference 6800 xt it’s uh higher pitched than like an opera vocalist sometimes it seems like nail scratching on a chalkboard it’s extremely unpleasant uh as well as you recognize that’s something that it will certainly vary from sample to example but in an open examination bench environment it is it is super undesirable of course you inhabit that inside an instance the gas mileage will vary on exactly how loud the coil one will be now first off just the 6800 xt has the coil red wine on our cards while the 6800 is totally silent likewise most of the high pitched inductor sound takes place when the card is running above 250 fps which is on par with like general coil red wine which is due to the fact that there’s this variable power lots on the card that triggers extra tension on the chokes in an open benchmark atmosphere undoubtedly customers and us will certainly bring this up however it will be much less visible when inside a situation certainly having the card inside a situation makes a significant difference in coil wind noise yet that is just

covering up the problem as well as not truly repairing it and also with that out of the method allow’s ultimately chat efficiency we’ll cover temperature levels uh clock speeds and also sound currently the temperature side requires a little an explainer because amd added a brand-new joint temperature which gauges the most popular component of the gpu while we still have the core temperature that standards out the temperature level throughout the gpu this version of navi is expected and developed to run the hotspot or the t-junction temperature level of 110 degrees celsius during video gaming whereas your standard temperature level which is what we normally see is designed to be a lot less than that beginning with the rx 6800 it is very important to bear in mind that amd’s paper spec have this card performing at up to 2105 megahertz yet we’re seeing a lot more right here like 2300 megahertz on a normal basis since it’s capitalizing on added power as well as thermal clearance to enhance clocks also greater meanwhile the temperatures are really well handled as well as even the hot area which does not get anywhere near purpose these 110 degrees celsius max moving on to the 6800 xt as well as the tale right here is practically the same yet the temperatures are slightly higher

with the clock speeds often tend to move a little bit much more too here the typical speed has to do with 2350 megahertz which once more is a lot greater than promoted but pretty normal when it pertains to noise this is actually excellent because normally with amd recommendation cards they are extremely loud and individuals required to wait for board companion styles for quiet procedure yet not this time these are two of the quietest gpus around and also they quickly match what nvidia is placing out real-time power consumption sticks right below where amd stated it would certainly for both cards with the rx 6800 xd around 300 watt mark while the 6800 is just listed below 250 watts when compared versus nvidia’s cards it resembles rdna 2 may have the performance per watt variable pin down pretty damn great right here’s our test system as well as all the benchmarks have actually been redone with the ryzen 9 5900x which will certainly additionally allow us to test a few amd particular features like clever gain access to memory that we’ll cover later on in the testimonial so allow’s begin with some 1440p standards the rx 6800 xt professions strikes with the rtx 3080 while being 50 dollars less costly and also eating less power men amd promised as well as they supplied i indicate i can not believe this is the day i’m getting goosebumps yet does it win convincingly and that’s the essential concern here it actually hinges on the video game some support amd some favor nvidia but in general the rtx 30 is slightly much faster generally however the

reduced one percent lows are somewhat better on the rx 6800 xd the rx 6800 toe is a little a various issue as well as look it’s not suggested to take on the rtx 3070 however the competitors is a bit closer than i believed when it wins it wins huge in doom red dead redemption 2 as well as telephone call of responsibility yet in various other titles the rtx 3070 wins a whole lot there’s likewise a pretty big void in between it as well as the rx 6800 xt despite the fact that they’re divided by simply 70 what this results in is the rtx 3070 still being an efficiency per dollar leader at 1440p supplied a wonder can take place and you can in fact locate one at 500 on the other hand the 2 rx 6800 cards use very comparable worth to each other and also both of those are a bit better than the rtx 3080 when averaged throughout all of the games we checked but all this is extremely reliant if you can find any one of these cards at the suggested retail prices so all the best have fun and now let’s move on to See and 4k if anything changes the fascinating aspect of 4k benchmarks is that despite the fact that amd cards have a lot more video memory it does not seem to matter that’s since minimal game are going to be bottlenecked by 8 gigabytes or more of video memory even at 4k and sure it may transform in the future however it is difficult to inform because most video games are restricted by the gpu core itself long before memory dimension actions in either way the rx 6800 xt as well as the 3080 end up being within like five percent of one another while the rx 6800 divides the gap in between the rtx as well as the xd 3070 so the positioning on the

worth side does tighten up a lot at 4k with every card providing concerning the exact same efficiency per buck and what that indicates is that you’ll get regarding the same frame prices loved one to your investment despite whether you can select the area 30 70 the 3080 the 6800 or the 6800 xt although none truly stand out it gives the purchasers uh some more option when it comes to 4k gaming but i do desire to point out something about the rtx 3090 due to the fact that eber claimed in that testimonial it’s valued means too expensive also for 4k pc gaming and also sure if people desire to pay the costs to get the very best of the very best from nvidia however they’re mosting likely to have to do something concerning that 1500 price point prior to the 6900xt turn out the following stop on this evaluation would be clever access memory uh because it’s one-of-a-kind to amd as well as there’s been a great deal of talk about it because its statement from a quick viewpoint smart accessibility memory permits the cpu to harness all the on-board memory as well as that could lead to performance rise in some scenarios prior to it was just able to access a map as much as 256 megabytes of gpus memory at as soon as which created increased latency in some scenarios that appears appealing easy but for many individuals it actually isn’t first off you’ll require a b550 or an x570 motherboard in addition to the brand-new ryzen 5000 series processors as well as a totally updated biographies it appears like smart accessibility memory is offered in a method to incentivize players to change to a ryzen 5000 collection cpus and also to likewise pander out the entire zen community particularly for players yet due to a load

of compatibility problems it will certainly not be allowed by default however individuals can go right into the bios and allow the above 4g decoding and resize bar assistance it could make it seem like it becomes part of like some type of exclusive point that amd created however it isn’t they’re just making use of the resizable bar assistance that’s been component of the pcie specification for many years practically it does not even need pci gen 4 brand-new cpus or even an amd system for that matter nvidia could capitalize on clever gain access to memory if they verify their very own hardware and software program all it truly needs is a system bias that talks properly to the video clip bios at this moment you’re most likely wondering why did it take this wish for somebody to turn out this resizable bar support into their software as well as buy us which is due to the fact that the advantages are super very little for the amount of effort involved despite the fact that amd declared approximately an 11 increase those were undoubtedly hand-picked games due to the fact that in the titles we examined we accessed many 4 percent and also some video games actually worsened frame rates it likewise presented sufficient accidents to our test system that required us to reinstall windows just to end up some standards so i’m gon na call this a really interesting modern technology that will certainly have some impact

down the line however since now it truly feels like a better examination beta beta test damn it as well as now allow’s discuss ray tracing that’s a truly crucial discussion for amd and we recognize that nvidia has planted their feet right into entire ray mapping and also ai picture processing with dlss as well as they’ve been doing it for 2 years and also they’re continuing to press it yet amd’s ray tracing method is pretty various and also a lot less enthusiastic and possibly a bit a lot more practical too given the current state of graphics cards their thinking is extra along the lines of assisting programmers use targeted ray mapping instead of spraying it all over the scene for no reason taking a much more calculated method will most likely suggest existing generation hardware will certainly be much better able to support these features without tanking framework rates yet it can likewise hold back growth of even more sophisticated attributes also anyways amd has actually loaded what’s called ray accelerators right into each of their calculate devices simply do not think these have the same capacities as the ones in nvidia’s ampere cards given that they’re not integrated fairly similarly yet among the most significant distinctions is how rdna 2 style handles ray mapping alongside normal shader operations while ampere can simultaneously refine shader and rt operations navi takes an even more of a shared resource technique

with its neighborhood cache so there might be bottlenecks when ray mapping is allowed when it comes to benchmarks we’re just examining the raw efficiency so with no of the dlss allowed no super resolution no fidelity effects and no actors we’ll be doing a much more extensive search those later on so things started quite solid with call of task yet you likewise can not forget just how terribly nvidia shed because video game without ray mapping allowed other than that the amd cards do fall back however they don’t truly obtain like straight-out spanked by nvidia like a great deal of individuals could have been expecting it should be actually intriguing to see exactly how both of the sides play out as they start to sponsor ready their particular design in 2021 we shall see good so the last thing i intend to discuss is rage mode which is just offered for the rx 1600 xd and also it’s allowed with the radeon software program all it does is boost the cart’s power limit as well as changes its fan contour upwards without voiding the guarantee right now you can see the rx 60 100 xt obtains louder but these decibel analyses are still quite reduced that you possibly will not hear them over other points in your computer and also i obtained ta state that amd did a fantastic task with this cooler

design and those boosted fan speeds and acoustic result in a typical core temperature that is in fact lower than the default setting and clock speeds that were about 100 megahertz greater what is disappointed there is the joint or the hotspot temperature that hit 95 levels celsius still below 110 levels celsius max but it is climbing there as well as concerning that power limitation yeah it’s been boosted by just about 15 to 20 watts so it still doesn’t hit the exact same degree as nvidia’s rtx 3080 and also performance well 100 megahertz increase isn’t actually rewarding in real life situations however when you integrate latest thing setting and the small uplift from smart gain access to memory as well as pick titles it’s simply enough to pull even and even defeat nvidia in some video games it is verdict time excellent people so in the gpu globe is important to supply on your guarantees and also after years of tailing amd has actually done it our dna 2 is radeon’s zen moment as they’re being able to capture up and also lastly contend versus nvidia’s best offerings whether you’re group red or green it is necessary to have this competition thriving as well as i more than happy that amd’s lastly captured up their cpus are remarkable and currently their gpus are also right

currently the rx 6800 xt is an actually great choice to the rtx 3080 it might not begin top every time yet it’s 50 less expensive and also takes in less power that is a really intriguing thing to state about the amd card additionally as soon as smart access memory and also other features present of the beta it will even obtain better the rx 6800 tow is a little a tougher referral given that its performance is similar to the 80 cheaper rtx 3070 meanwhile spending 70 dollars more obtains you a heck of a whole lot higher framework prices with the rx 6800 xd yet still well connects the gap between those two gpus one rather noticeable point though the 12 gigabytes of vram is the reason the rx 6800 is so pricey as well as i imply let’s face it also at 4k pc gaming the 12 gigabytes of back ram is primarily going to squander in any case the rx 6800 is something to really get thrilled concerning from amd and i wish that they can enter into the hands of people and also players that actually want them and also not be just some distant idea that you could believe about and be mad at customers because they have the cards as well as individuals can’t get them however yeah allow me know what you think about this launch check out this various other barrier content subscribe for more and as ibra always claims spend responsibly

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