Review LANCOOL 215 – EPIC Airflow but there’s a Catch…

good people i’m dmitry and behind me is a 69 dollar landcool 215. It’s truly not difficult to picture what a spending plan enclosure ought to look like in 2020 as well as i really feel like the 215 sets a good standard on what various other firms must strive towards in terms of air flow not so much in attribute set due to the fact that this is very basic but i feel like lanco’s concern here was airflow and they certainly supplied you can see the temperature levels here are absolutely under control as well as for a 69 dollar unit this is impressive of training course the front panel is a minor barrier to air movement because the front fans are not high fixed stress and they only move at maximum 800 rpm the factor why i’m showing you the temperatures right away is due to the fact that lee and also lee had to reduce some edges in order to hit that price point and also to hit this performance level so i desire to focus the rest of my review on talking concerning what’s not so ideal about the 215 as well as possibly possibly you should look elsewhere simply when you assumed ssds are getting boring check out this brand-new team group cardea ceramic pcie gen 4×4 ssd in one and 2 terabyte abilities with remarkably fast read compose rates however likewise with that distinct ceramic plate for heat dissipation examine it out listed below all right so first let’s align our assumptions because this is a budget unit 69 is not anything incredibly premium as well as it does different itself extremely well from the lanco 2 mesh you can examine out our full testimonial to get acquainted with the mesh unit which is amazing but below the construct top quality isn’t anything unique so the front panel for example is plastic apart from the metal mesh uh and right next to the glass side panel it does not look really superior let’s be straightforward though the front mesh looks specifically what uh cooler master had delivered with the h500 series so you know they’re taking inspiration here you can even see the support on the center which is specifically what cooler master did too on the favorable side nevertheless the steel mesh is rather strong it does not bend also with a solid finger poke as well as it likewise acts as a dirt filter

getting rid of the need to add another layer for the air flow barrier the bling is valued as both 2 hundred millimeter followers are argb and they connect to their own center at the back and we likewise have the liam lee logo near the bottom that is also illuminated as component of this entire system so you can cycle in between the different shades uh via the led button in the top io for 69 bucks it is appreciated and what shocked me one of the most is that each follower has the argb pin so you can link them straight into your motherboard if you wish to bypass the center which incidentally you can additionally plug right into your motherboard as well as have that control uh via software the center can likewise sustain 6 3 pin fans which is wonderful if you intend to run everything off the center which is powered by sata the leading dust filter is magnetic quite standard things and also below you can do approximately a 280 mm radiator with duo 140 and 120 fans one actually favorable aspect of this room is that size sensible it’s not anything bigger than the dx-500 or the new corsair 4000 series yet it looks like we have added spacing above the motherboard for a radiator as well as collection of followers so you’re not going to be overlapping as well much as well as memory clearance need to not be a concern with the 215. And also so overall if you remove the large followers at the front you can do a 360 radiator up there at 280 on top which is pretty good for a 69 unit as well as you have full seven centimeters as well as the power supply shadow clearance for radiator and collection of followers as well as plus because you can mount the fans outside of the framework at the front that implies you can do push-pull very easy incidentally you will certainly observe the distinction in between retail followers as they will have a much smaller sticker label and also the front panel on my sample was really challenging to get rid of however that will certainly be transformed since the tooling has been modified for simpler elimination the io on top is correctly spaced out in between the ports although the audio jack is actually far away and likewise this being in the corner it’s kind of inconvenient also the toughened up glass side panel in some way is inconvenient because there are no latches on the side panel at the rear so when you eliminate the thumb screws you don’t have anything to pull the side panel with so you’re gon na have a great deal of finger prints to clean as you try to get rid of the side panel in reverse moving inside this is a really basic interior yet atx and also eatx motherboards are sustained which is wonderful the entire

power supply shadow is perforated as well as we have this large dust filter that is detachable from the back and also it spends the whole floor a few things to notice below is that we have no vertical pci slots the dual ssd caddies behind the motherboard tray do not have the restricted thumb screws which i find really strange as well as they can not be relocated on top of the power supply shadow which is something that you can do with most cases however not with the 21.5 and there’s a solitary hard disk drive gauge in the bottom chamber but without a drive caddy so if you do put a 3 and also a half inch drive there you need to make use of screws on the side so as you can see the case is budget plan oriented and the experience is pretty bare bones especially when it concerns cord monitoring it’s a good idea that we have the hub consisted of so you do not need to run the fans right into your motherboard but the velcro bands are very standard and also i discover the lack of cord kind points around the room specifically at the base a little of a disadvantage since i imply i can have done a much better wire monitoring task but only if the situation enables me to do so for instance my latest experience with the corsair 4000 series that wire monitoring system for 79 is much above what you discover with 215. Here of training course the concern has been provided to air movement with the two followers below and the one exhaust 120mm follower so ultimately here’s what the system looks like set up i truly value the added height above the motherboard so if you are mounting any radiators there you have plenty of area as well as for the 69 rate point this is the best air movement room in its class regardless of the front panel not looking very rather however this is a clear example of item segmentation due to the fact that the lanco 215 as well as its very own spending plan class that does not touch the attribute point ofview that you discover on the lanco 2 mesh which is a 99 situation i feel like leon lee is beginning to become a little bit extra hostile in its pricing strategy as well as a bit like phanteks of releasing uh proper enclosures in their cost classifications without violating on the toes of their own items that’s an actually great technique to top charts when it comes to temperatures yet like i said my experience in terms of building and also taking care of the room it doesn’t really feel extremely great it really feels like an inexpensive enclosure as well as that’s specifically what you get all right guys i’m dimitri many thanks a lot for viewing check out this other relevant material subscribe for more i’ll chat to you in the following

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