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so the one ui4 launcher has just acre on some of samsung’s biggest smartphones including the s2 1 flagship family and this doesn’ t only tweak existing aspects to offset them even more lovely the committee is also supplements an ultimate shower of fresh the characteristics and implements like dangerously so much substance that just the notes i compiled for this video if reproduced off could probably chalk a off-color rotate if for some reason i engrave them off on waterproof newspaper and then after going to all that trouble time convulses them straight-from-the-shoulder into the ocean but i digress there’s a shag consignment of brand-new samsung one ui4 stuff to cover so i’ m just going to closed my tart opening and get on with this tips-off reduce best boasts navigate slash whatever this is actually supposed to be and for more on the most recent and greatest tech satisfy do jab subscribe and ding that notifications bell applauds now with one ui4 you’ ll find that there’s not a big quantity of gap when it comes to the general customization and personalization of your desktops and whatnot but one ui4 does take advantage of android 12′ s new shade palette boast which as you can see there can change up your colour scheme your typefaces your icons all that good nonsense based on the

actual dyes of your wallpaper now samsung smartphone are really espouse these emblazons for you there’s no way of manually adjusting it to pick the dyes yourself but you can actually view the effects that we’ll have in these helpful little precedent screens up top that’s pretty much it for the wallpaper and style slouse though here in one ui4 and the theme section hasn’t really altered up at all either once again you time download from a huge selection on there the majority of members of which will cost you extra scratch something else that has changed up for one ui4 though is the widgets menu so sounds your way into that you’ll discover it much more neatly laid down by so you can quickly and easily move through a full list of all of your apps find one that you want to add a widget for got a couple of taps later you’re basically done for one ui for samsung has also improved the fastening screen for your sami smartphone as well so for instance now you’re stream a good bit of music to a talker or some headphones you want to change the actual media output though you can actually do that immediately from the residence screen now without even inconveniencing to unlock your smartphone very quick and convenient and there’s plenty more clever trash as well if you redouble tap that clock widget up at

the top a lot of other widgets will pop up as well it’s amply customizable of course so first as you can see exactly what your schedule holds for you today looks like mine is uh is yet another thriller good old-time man the gift that restrains on opening and you are eligible to even uh record little articulation memoes direct from the fasten screen now as well if that’s your pocket memo to self be borne in mind that every second of life is super prized even the ones where you’re basically scooping “cat-o-nine-tail” turds and you’ll find that in one ui four the always on display has is rather fidgeted with as well so for instance you’ve now got the option to only show the always on display for brand-new notifications relatively helpful if you want to preserve your battery life clearly a good doctrine with the standard s2 1 and you’ve also got some highly provoking brand-new stickers and things to play around with extremely now another area that has been spruced up for one ui a 4.0 is the good old-time device charge area of the establisheds as “youre seeing” there the primary page of device care has been rejigged so it’s got more useful information available at a glance although slightly arbitrarily samsung has decided to express the overall health of your manoeuvre via the

medium of emoji kind of utters you feel like you’re back at academy again gold star sticker johnny you have not your phone more presumably a frowny face would signify stop downloading all those ariana grande nudes that are packed to the tits with spyware it’s no good for the telephone protection or for your eyesight but if you do have any issues whatsoever the problems will be diagnosed now you do actually have a separate diagnostic division as well where you can test absolutely every aspect of your samsung smartphone and if you crave a better idea of what’s going on behind the scenes merely tap this little icon up here and you can see a full biography with all of your apps i love how there’s absolutely bugger tons of battery features and implements carried in here now as well you can see exactly what’s been draining your liquor sound on to more battery adjusts as well you’ll find a couple of new features in here including the protect battery option as “youre seeing” there that can help to extend the lifespan of your artillery by limiting the maximum charge to 85 so it’s not overcharging although with something like the galaxy s21 really wouldn’t recommend turning that on unless you require your telephone to be dead well before t meter and if you’re a fan of samsung’s built-in one ui keyboard well that’s changed up a little bit as well so for instance jump into the emoji section you can now combine two emojis into one to

express your composite human sensations even more accurately here’s one absolute stunner that i stirred myself earlier once you’ve chosen your duet of emojis you can even supplemented a bit of text action you can do some free anatomy extorting really personalize it certainly you’ll probably want to create something that isn’t quite as cack as this and of course there’s lots more cutie stickers to share with the world so hippie odd life is slightly more bearable the android 12 too provides up various enhancements when it comes to privacy forming it much easier to see what your naughty little apps are up to at all times and denying them dispensations when you want to be unseen and unheard not i’m suggesting you’re up to anything dodgy of course simply a little of personal experience a little bit expend room nothing wrong with that so for instance now when any of your apps start using the camera or the microphone well you’ll get a little alert up in your notifications but a little green icon will twinkle up either with the camera or the microphone inside and you’ll likewise get a everlasting light-green fleck up in that notifications rail time to clue you in and if you don’t have any mind which app is actually retrieving your camera or your mic where it is possible exactly drag down that notifications prohibit and grant that icon a little tap and it will twinkle up with exactly what app is using that device and if you have a none of that where you can simply revoke its access instead if you go to settings dive into that privacy menu you can actually perfectly kill the camera and the

microphone access for all apps only with a quick tap at these little substitutions now and you’ll pinpoint you’ve got those accurate same alternatives in your notifications forbid as well if you drag that down to the bit with all the shortcuts icons you will need to actually add these because they aren’t in there by default but really tap that little plus icon and you’ll learn them in there camera access and microphone access precisely drag them into place and then anytime you figment a better article exactly lag it on down go to those icons and you really give them a speedy tap as you can see once again revoke that camera access for all apps and same for the microphone and if you are at all paranoid about apps doing dodgy nonsense behind your back well this privacy dashboard is absolutely brilliant really tap all permissions there you can see exactly what’s been accessed in every aspect of your smartphone either the most recent access otherwise you can also tap on individual apps and hear exactly what they’ve been up to all right so let’s move on to samsung’s camera app and to be honest this hasn’t really changed up much at all for one ui 4.0 the situation optimizer doesn’t pop up every two and a half seconds to scream at you to change the settings which is definitely nice it only really performs now to say hey things are a little bit dark now buddy perhap you should think about considering turning on that night mode huh maybe you’re big-hearted dummy in that photo mode you can also now press and hold on

the shutter button to start immediately recording a video and if you want to you can also drag your thumb up to that fastening button in order to keep on recording as you can see there relatively handy if you’ve got kids or domesticateds and they unexpectedly start “ve got something” charming for a cruel modify and speaking of pets the photograph procedure actually now works for cats and pups as well so you can shoot a biography move of them then dive into the gallery and modify the background consequence so you are eligible to simply convert the ferocity of the bokeh mode blur impact otherwise you’ve got all kinds of different studio options to have their blurry little mugs stand out quite like the colour quality one that usually causes some quite dramatic impressions and you can change the background brightness i’m still a big fan of samsung’s single take camera feature as well which is again huge if you’ve got uh babies or pets so you merely just wanted to make lots of photos and videos some sort of lively subject the only problem with this is it surpass off at 15 seconds which sometimes isn’t enough but now with one ui 4.0 you does in fact get this plus five seconds

option which blinks up if you need a little bit of additional experience you can only pass that a sound and as you see it’ll simply add five seconds to the timer not really wholly sure why they’ve done it that way and not just simply maxed it out at 20 seconds instead but here who am i to question the mighty samsungs i’m sure they know what they’re doing and last up for one ui4 uh samsung has also somewhat nipped the pro procedure as well although chiefly simply a couple of little aesthetical mutates so for example if you supplement a grid tab you get everything lined up you’ve also now got a level on there as well only to make sure your shot’s not wonky but the one ui4 fun does not end with just shooting your photos as well oh no no no because samsung has also spruced up the gallery app so now for instance you’re checking out your collects you want to flick up get a little bit more information about them you’ve now got the very helpful map section which can really plan all of your photos into the geographical location where you were and this is basically a very quick and easy way of tracking down any photos that you took on a specific trip only thought to the location on the delineate and give the little icon a little tap you’ll be able to see all the photos that were shot freedom

there and too back in the gallery app if you swipe up and then tap the little metadata area you can actually quickly and easily revise or delete some of the information collected exactly tap perhaps unsurprisingly on edit and then as you can see there you can remove the location you can change the appointment and the time as well that’s quite handy if you’ve downloaded any photos to your phone because quite often you’ll exactly get the date that you downloaded them rather than the year you actually took them preparing them tricky to track down later on you’ve also got some new implements when you’re editing your selects as well by tapping the little pencil icon so for instance i give this little sun icon down now a sound and you’ll see you’ve got the brand-new beacon equilibrium feature this is a way of just gleaming up any sort of murky sounds without blowing out those lighter parts and yeah the research results can be a bit of a mixed bag but as long as you exclusively use it sparingly it generally facilitates out more than it bolt things up and if you sounds this little smiley face icon down here and go to stickers well yes you’ve got even more hot sticker action than ever before i convey frankly i think this is what human evolution has been leading up to all these millennia if you go into the crop tools you’ve actually

got the ability to completely remove somebody from the background just like you can on the likes of photoshop and it is quite awkward here on smartphone because patently the province that you’re trying to select is various kinds of obscured by your massive paw then you can then add or remove divisions that you want included in the overall final results and this generally tasks better than “id expect” it to generally takes a lot of fine tuning and then eventually after a lot of faffing about you will get there and voila can then save this then stick it on a different background later or whatever you fancy now the bigsby assistant now on samsung’s galaxy smartphones may still be a bit shonky but one peculiarity that i do really really like is the bixby procedures tool which can be found moved apart inside of advanced is available in the decideds this allows you to automate some of the stuff you find yourself doing over and over like trigger and reassuring wi-fi when you leave home turn it on do not disturb when you precisely demand a bit of peace and quiet at lunch epoch or during your workout hour uh whatever this is now a lot more user-friendly and a lot more powerful as well offering a great range of if preconditions you can set up everything from your own gaming mode to your own low-pitched influence state so first let’s here on my personalized gaming mode which i’ve set up before i’ve got the do not disturb coming on so i’m not

getting notifications blinking up the brightness is fastened so it’s not converting during the game got adaptive motion smoothness my earbuds will not uh react to any strokes which i might do by collision and then all of those actions are reversed formerly i come out video games so yeah bixby routine is unquestionably deriving into a useful tool surely as “youre seeing” time an incredible number of if episodes you were able to contribute in now certainly compared with when it firstly arrives even down to receiving specific contents with specific keywords from specific contacts and with one ui 4.0 several other deepens scattered around your samsung smartphone as well so for instance samsung state has had a fresh lick of dye for one if you actually bother to enter all of your individual snacks and everything into this thing well the database is super superb i entail look at the pork scratching selections quite a few different options there i’m a bit of a mr porky man myself those sugared babe jesus i’m gonna have to cut down on these things and if you find yourself browsing uh stuff on your smartphone late at night as well where you’ve now got the extra dim screen modes doesn’t accurately make a huge impact but it is still handy when you’re fated scrolling at 3am still bad for the old noggin but at least it preserves your eyes from being strained and allegedly you should be able to now resize floats and windows with a pinch of your fingers but i couldn’t get that to work at all i learnt the only path of resizing them was just by pull the leading edge like so so anyhoo those are some of my favorite flecks parcelled into one ui 4.0 and android 12 now on samsung’s galaxy smartphones but if you’ve been love a bit of one ui 4.0 on your samsung blower and i missed out your own particular favorite brand-new improvement inform or brand-new facet or whatever emphatically clue me in in the comments down below and for more on the latest and greatest tech satisfy do plug agree mining that notifications below and have yourselves a excellent residue of the week applauds everyone love you

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