The BEST Full Tower Cases – O11 XL vs Enthoo 719 (Luxe 2)

all right great individuals so welcome to this very interesting contrast in between what I would certainly consider to be 2 best full towers of 2019 the reason I want to contrast these two instances is due to the fact that they basically satisfy the same target market they are huge sufficient to fit enthusiastic water air conditioning systems they’re likewise valued in the same bracket with a Phanteks somewhat more affordable at 189 versus 199 as well as in fact offered to buy versus the o11 XL that’s been out of stock anywhere one interesting tone concerning the Enthoo Luxe 2 is that it’s been relabelled to Enthoo 719 since thermal get of all brand names had suggested it was also similar to their sis company Luksa – that duplicates mobile stuff so Enthoo 719 it is might I remind you thermaltake has an H200 enclosure just how intriguing so allow’s do the function break down so you can choose which one matches you best after this your eyes have not seen anything like it yet the new razor blade Pro 17 loads it beautiful and fast 4k 120 Hertz panel with beautiful vibrancy and also shade precision with extraordinary clearness outstanding for creative work that will never disappoint with a great future-proof IO too it’s also a touchscreen so your fingertips obtain some action the bezels a tiny the framework is smooth the fiery key-board is perfect that tracked by this massive the equipment is legendary with r-tx man the blade professional 17 is a total bundle experience a smooth 4k gaming web link below alright so initial allow’s cover the

size distinction as the O11 XL is significantly smaller sized however with a somewhat broader frame despite the dual chamber design on both situations I was likewise rather stunned to discover that they weighed the very same – regarding 14 kgs 431 pounds and that is since of material differences so the exterior structure on the nine one 7 is really mainly plastic which is how they’re able to attain all these smooth contours and design issues without skyrocketing in the rate point the only non plastic pieces on the exterior are centered which are sandblasted light weight aluminum as well as look incredible while on the O11 XL if there isn’t also a solitary drop of plaster anywhere the outside panels are all brushed light weight aluminum with solid metal frame as well as that’s most likely why it’s a little much more costly the TG panel on seven one 9 is humongous and also swivels to open it can be locked at the front with a thumb screw and also has a lengthy secure for assistance to get rid of any type of droop while the back side panel also has a lot going on for it initially we have another TG home window that partially reveals all 3 SSD caddies second of all I love the ventilation

pattern on below that matches the character of the case and lastly the great dust filters are magnetic with a special framework style that lets you conveniently put them in the proper spot on the panel to get rid of any kind of potential dirt spaces the O11 XL also has an unique panel approach where the leading panel safeguards the rest of them in position as well as you draw them out independently this means no thumb screws and the exterior stays attractive the dirt purification on below is not as expensive as those Phanteks with just this routine magnetic strip that are rather restrictive that is why I liked the dirt purification on the 719 because the fine mesh used below is really efficient versus fragments without choking off the air movement and also they are magnetic with a pullout kind for the bottom the very same on the XL by the means as this is the just great mesh filter present on the linee instance allow’s proceed with numerous various other resemblances between both like the outside ambient lighting strip I like the integration on the follower text room that spans all the way from the bottom across the leading with this fine-looking cohesion and in the indoor strip as well right below the motherboard to divide all-time low chamber while the

O11 XL has a strip running throughout the front only looking great without way too much bling on fanfics you can sync the lights with your motherboard and also also include accessories to the male connector or if you have any various other follower message illumination gear simply plug them in into this port while on the O11 XL it just has the motherboard sync 5 volt a RGB port the i/o is practically the same as well on fantex it’s concealed behind the front cover which for USB 3 ports type C gen 2 different sound jacks with illumination buttons on the O11 XL it has similarly of the front however 2 USB 3 ports are located in the front foot to break it up a little bit which implies that you’ll need 2 motherboard adapters for the USB 3 cable televisions as there are 4 ports total now the inside of each instance is rather various but notification no fans are consisted of out of the box both sustain up to EB motherboards so your choice will more than likely depend upon what’s radiators you intend to utilize for your system and if a 2nd system is something you appreciate so as an example with the 7 one 9 you can install an ITX motherboard in all-time low chamber this ITX panel is included and yet I will certainly state the steel is rather thin so cautious not to display your finger stamina however you will require to purchase a riser cable television

as well as the rebellion X power supply that can powering two systems simultaneously and also you can reroute the reset connection from the front IO to power the second system this location can also be used for an extra power supply or for storage when you stack any of these four drive cages here or if you’re installing a radiator near the bottom this is the only brace that’s really removable from the instance as placing anything in the front or top means working inside the situation as typical all the installing gets on strips for most adaptability but I am just a little bit surprised at how soft all these parts of the structure are especially for the price factor while everything on the O11 XL is properly rigid the major indoor emphasize of the Ilia knee situation is exactly how the motherboard tray is almost layered opening up a lot of the space at the front for the side radiator place that is additionally simply developed right into the frame with placing strips the bottom fan brace nevertheless is detachable as that is the least easily accessible location when mounting followers or radiators therefore right here’s the entire breakdown for radiator assistance inside the O11 XL you could do triple 360s with a sturdy 65 millimeter at the base and the leading but with my 45

millimeter thick rod and also the set of followers we are best below that motherboard 280 mils are suitable to 4 top and also bottom and also due to the fact that the case is currently larger versus the initial 11 you have a 120mm follower place for the rear exhaust as well as as much as 169 millimeters for GPU height what’s actually awesome is you can set up the radiator on the side with the fans outside in the framework as you have 65 millimeters till you hit the lower follower brace and 50 millimeters on the various other side until the panel currently the fan– tx case has bigger radiator support since it is taller up to 480 on the front or the side with up to 364 the top and base all-time low is limited to 120 mil large radiators absolutely nothing bigger will fit while the front and also side radiator partnership is nearly binary you either have a front rad or side one as they’re so close with each other only slim radiators will certainly fit when you inhabit them both important to keep in mind that followers can be set up on the various other side of the structure with these SSD plates covering whatever side you’re not utilizing so the fan takes situation

has essentially a lot more alternatives yet likewise a lot more constraints consisting of if you set up these drive caddies on the side plate you can no more mount and radiator to the front additionally only the Phanteks instance has a drain as well as fill ports I marvel there isn’t one on the end Lee likewise the vertical PCI slots are readily available by default on seven one nine you simply require a riser cable while on the accel you require to purchase a full bracket that rotates all your PCI ports independently I additionally find it super fascinating that we have hot convertible Drive cages with Lian Li for caddies in overall to stay clear of any kind of cord mess you can further set up three SSDs on the rear side brace yet this will be a painter out and we likewise have these individual covers with SSD mounts that go rather than the side radiator while with fan tags the back layout is a lot more conventional with dual network velcro wire passed via a follower hub with seven headers and a big cover and from the power supply for visual organization and also I do prefer the motherboard tray layout on the leonie instance as it just offers me a cleaner outcome when it involves wire management versus the level tray on the fan Tech’s unit and also so things is my

typical case system does not represent what these two are designed for the m27 1:9 is method as well huge for air cooling just so you need to load it with radiators specifically that entire location next to the motherboard as well as due to that there’s the base and also no height chamber either an ITX motherboard and/or a number of water cooling hardware and also the exact same goes with the O11 XL likewise that case I feel it covers a bigger audience due to the fact that it is simply a somewhat bigger O11 dynamic which’s an actually popular unit to fit taller GPU obstructs as well as additional radiator spacing in the bottom as well as the top while the 7 one nine is really pushing that entire duel system agenda ahead which I appreciate since this case is cost effective wherefore it can do and also it’s positioning and I appreciate that the target market between these two situations overlaps it’s the enthusiasts water-cooling neighborhood yet either of these situations is doing something distinctly various in their own right all best individuals allow me know which one you would select thanks a lot for viewing make certain to have a look at this other appropriate web content I’ll speak to you in the next day

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