The Most Powerful Gaming Laptop of 2022?

This new gaming laptop is kind of insane!Lets find out what Intels best laptopCPU and Nvidias best laptop GPU cando when combined together in games! I have MSIs highest specced GE76 gaminglaptop with an Intel Core i9-12900HKprocessor, Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics withup to 175 watts of power and 32 gigs of newDDR5-4800 memory in dual channel, and thisone also has a 17.3 1080p 360Hz screen,but you can check other configurationswith the links in the description. Just before we get to the benchmarks, heres aquick run down on Intels new 12th gen hybridarchitecture.

Basically the processorsnow have both P and E cores. P cores,or performance cores, are basically your regularcores as weve had before with hyperthreading,while the new E cores, or efficient cores,are smaller lower powered cores that handleless important background tasks, andthese do not have hyperthreading. The Core i9-12900HK is Intels mostpowerful laptop processor this generation.With 6 P cores and 8 E cores, its a 14 core20 thread part with 24 megs of cache and a5GHz single core turbo boost.

This is quite alot more processing power compared to the best8 core 16 thread parts of last generation,but does it actually matter for games?

Well, just before we get to the games, I can showyou that 12th gen does make a big difference inCPU heavy workloads. The 12900HK is easilyable to claim the top spot out of any gaminglaptop tested so far in Cinebench R23. We were ofcourse expecting the multi core score to be ahead,but 22% higher compared to any previous8 core laptop is still impressive,not to mention the 17% boostto single threaded score. As for the RTX 3080 Ti graphics, were lookingat a 21% increase to the CUDA cores comparedto the best option from last year, the RTX3080. The power limit range is the same,though the new Ti doesnt end up reaching as highclock speeds.

The new Ti has 16 gigs of VRAM,while the 3080 had both 8 or 16 gig options,however the Tis memory is also faster.

Ive also got MSIs last gen GE76 here with11th gen i9-11980HK CPU, RTX 3080 graphics andDDR4-3200 memory, and its been freshly testedtoo so we can see what the differences arebetween a best case gaming laptop from last yearagainst a best case gaming laptop from this year. Both laptops also have a MUX switch soIve tested with optimus disabled forbest performance results. Both of theselaptops were also tested with Windows 11,however Core Isolation was off by default. Well start out with some 1080p resultsthen look at higher resolutions after asthis hardware is certainly capable ofplaying games at higher resolutions,but that said both of these modelsdid come to me with a 1080p screen.

Alright lets get into some game benchmarks! Lets start out with Cyberpunk 2077,which was tested exactly the same onall 18 of these laptops. Ive got datafrom most recent laptop GPUs here so wecan really get an idea of where thenew hardware fits in.

In this game,were seeing a 9% higher average FPS withthe new top end GE76 compared to the bestGE76 that was available last year, though theresa larger 15% boost to the 1% low with 12th gen. But wait, it gets better!

Microsoft FlightSimulator was tested in the Sydney landingchallenge and were seeing a massive 20% boost toaverage FPS this generation compared to last gen,with a similar 19% higher 1% low as well- quite good for a single generation jump.This was the biggest differenceout of all 12 games tested though,unfortunately its not allmassive gains this year.

Rainbow Six Siege was one such result.It was tested with the games benchmark,and while the average FPS from both of the GE76laptops was essentially the same, the newer 12thgen model had a lower 1% low result. Im notexactly sure why, perhaps theres some confusionwith the P and E cores, but this was the onlygame out of 12 titles tested where this happened.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was testedwith the games benchmark,and the 12900HK and 3080 Ti combo isagain at the top of the graph as expected,reaching a 7% higher average frame ratecompared to the best on offer last year.Of course these changes arent nearly enoughto justify an upgrade if you already havethe best from last gen, but its cool tosee how far top spec hardware can go now.

Control is generally fairly GPU heavy at themaximum high setting preset, even at 1080p,though were only seeing a 6% boost toaverage FPS compared to last years 11980HKand RTX 3080, though there was a larger 13%increase to the 1% low, so a more stableexperience with the newer hardware. Watch Dogs Legion was tested with the gamesbenchmark and had one of the smaller differencesout of the games tested, just a 2% higheraverage FPS compared to last years GE76,though both were a fair bit aheadof other lower spec laptops. Metro Exodus was also testedusing the games benchmark,but this time the 12th gen i9 and 3080 Ticombo was offering a 10% higher averageframe rate compared to 11th gen i9 and 3080,only just shy of 100 FPS at ultra settings.

Death Stranding on the other hand was basicallythe same as last years GE76 when it came toaverage FPS, though there was slightly moreof a difference in the 1% lows.

That said,the 1% lows from the all AMD Advantage laptop withRX 6800M graphics were ahead of both of these.Make sure youre subscribed for when Iget the new RX 6850M XT in for testing. Assassins Creed Valhalla wastested with the games benchmark,and also had fairly small differences between thebest of 2021 and best of 2022 – were talking justa couple of frames difference on average, honestlynot something youre likely to notice in practice,hopefully the difference at the higher 1440presolution is larger. Well test this soon.

Ive included Shadow of the Tomb Raider for anolder game as Ive got plenty of data from itfor comparison. The top spec 2022 GE76 wasreaching 5% higher average FPS compared tothe 2021 model this time, and again bothhad a fairly big lead over the others. Battlefield V is an older one too, I haventyet bought the newer 2042 but based on how thatlaunch went Id be interested in hearingif you think I should even bother gettingit for testing.

Anyway a 5% boost withthe new GE76 compared to last year here. Last game before we look at 1440p, TheWitcher 3 is the oldest game we still test,and there was about a 5% gain withthe new hardware here vs last gen too.

These are the average frame rates fromall 12 games that weve just looked at,so as expected the 12900HK and 3080 Ti weregiving the best result, with an average FPSabove 150 in these specific titles. Giventhis puts it about 50% ahead of mid rangeoptions like the RTX 3060 or 6600M which werearound 100 FPS, I think it really goes to showthat you definitely dont need this maxed outhardware to have a good time, at least at 1080p. Heres how this years new top endconfiguration of MSIs GE76 compares againstlast years best configurationin these 12 games just tested.On average in these 12 games at 1080p,this year’s Intel Core i9-12900HKplus Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti is about 6% fastercompared to the Intel Core i9-11980HK plusNvidia RTX 3080 from last year.

Results of coursedepend on the specific game, but a few moderntitles could see a 10% or more boost with the newhardware, while others had basically no change.

Now obviously with this more powerfulhardware gaming at higher resolutionsis certainly possible, solets also test out 1440pand see what happens when the3080 Ti can stretch its legs. Cyberpunk 2077 was doing the best on the newhardware, though the average FPS was only justslightly ahead of the desktop replacementClevo machine which has a desktop processorand 3080 graphics. The last gen GE76wasnt too far behind that either.The selection of laptops is differenthere compared to 1080p as Ive only beencollecting 1440p data on laptops thatactually stand a chance of running it.

Control was similar in that the desktopreplacement Clevo machine was very close,while the 11th gen GE76 wasnt toofar behind the newer 12th gen version,were talking like 3 frames difference on average,though both were still a fair bit ahead of otherthinner 3080 gaming laptops.

Honestly I wasexpecting a bigger difference from the 3080 Ti. The Red Dead Redemption 2 results have somepotential problems. The 11th gen machine ishigher here, but this is with the original datathat was collected when it was originally reviewedlast year. We retested the 11th gen machinefor this video and it was more like 88 FPS,which seems too low compared to a numberof higher results that would be above it.Basically Im not sure if the game has beenupdated some time in the last couple of monthsthat affects the performance, so these may notbe comparable and I might have to dump the datacollected for this game going forward which issuper annoying.

The 1080p data looked ok though. Although we are getting chart topping gamingperformance with the 12th gen i9 processorand new 3080 Ti graphics, it wasnt always asmooth experience. We had a number of randomissues while testing games on the 12th gen laptopthat just didnt occur on the 11th gen model,so Im not sure if this is due to the new 12thgen hybrid architecture or something else.This is still only the first 12th genlaptop that Ive personally used so far,so I just dont have a whole lot ofother information to go on right now.

Basically a number of games like Battlefield, TheWitcher and Microsoft Flight Simulator just hadproblems opening, though often this was fixedsimply by rebooting the machine.

But still,not something that I really should have to do,or that Ive had to do on any other laptop. A number of games also just crashed orran at otherwise unplayable frame rateswhen connecting an external screen to thislaptop so that I could collect the 1440pdata. Now I have seen this strange behaviorbefore with a last gen Alienware laptop, so Isuspect it might be some other weird Nvidia issuerather than being specific to this new model. Basically the problem only happens whenyou have optimus disabled and an externalscreen connected to one of the ports onthe back.

The fix is to enable optimus andthen the ports on the back still connectdirectly to the Nvidia graphics anyway,so it shouldnt really matter that optimus ison or not.

Anyway I have no idea why its thecase but given Ive seen that same problemwith last gen hardware I wouldnt say thatthose crashing issues at 1440p with theexternal screen and poor performance wasdue to 12th gen. Maybe its just someother yet to be uncovered optimus bug. Overall things werent too bad in terms ofstability, but I do hope things improve over time.Now Ive focused this comparison on gamingperformance, however I do plan on comparingthe 11th gen i9 against the 12th gen i9in an upcoming CPU comparison video. Somake sure youre subscribed for that one, Illcompare things like battery life there as well,I just didnt have time for this video as Iveonly had this new laptop for 2 days so far.

Until then you can check out the rest ofthe new gaming laptops coming out this yearin this video over here next,Ill see you in that one.

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