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hello you beautiful bugger you and welcome to another knee slapping escapade of textbook weekly and this week’s bout is introduce into you by a loathsome migraine which is exactly what i’ve had these last couple of dates because we’re literally having our old bathroom rent out piece by piece and replaced with something that doesn’t look like an old person died in it unfortunately that does too signify i’ve had to put up with non-stop pounding for most of the week so now i know how your mum feels so anyway if my normal tranquilize and reflective approaching to this week’s tech shenanigans seems a little bit more confused or swipe rush than usual or we’re abruptly interrupted by a frenetic bout of hammering or drilling uh that’s the reason i can only defend and say that hopefully next week’s episode will be slightly less amateurish but i think we all know that that would just be a lie expert weekly so tech story a and uh the coming week the statu 50 telephone eventually launched here in blighty after in the asian markets like four friggin months ago and this 6.57 inch spunky slab sports a 120 hertz screen that veers right around those hems and it’s powered by a snapdragon

778g chipset with a 5v modem built in the 4300 mah artillery aids 66 watt fast indictment shenanigans while the 108 megapixel primary camera can crush out a kraken four two or two when necessary wait for that to finish of course the best news is that google services are it or k now on the reputation 50 phones because of honor split with huawei so you’ve got all the usual google apps and full play store access now articles are and i’ve only led and done you a full unboxing and hands-on with that reputation 50 so check that out right now for all you need to know also this week although the launch hasn’t actually happened at the most duration that i’m seeing this substance at the camera by the time this video extends live and you’re actually watching me say this stuff hopefully xiaomi will have officially launched the fresh brand-new redmi record 11 serials this includes three telephones the standard redmi note 11 as well as the tone 11 pro and the tone 11 pro plus for those who’ve got a bit more cash substance down the back of the mattress apparently the standard and pro examples of the redmi tone 11 is advisable to powered by mediatex fresh

dimensionally 920 chipsets or the line itself roughly with the snapdragon 778 g it’s awfully good bit of mutter uh meanwhile the pro plus will indulge in a bit of swinging with a ameliorated dimensionally 1200 soc and you are eligible to expect some red-hot 108 megapixel camera action as well as some super spry 120 watt artillery accusing backing as well just like on the recent xiaomi 11 t pro go check out my unboxing that bad son if you haven’t already it was uh instead marvellous but it’s really annoying i signify frankly although this is just pissing in the winds might have just been pretending to launch the fresh new redmi document 11 phones and then actually really stood around on stage for an hour whistling short-lived chants for all i know you’ll know more than i do really by googling it i want perhaps they just divulged a entire cluster more robot extinction dogs instead who instantly turned on their lords and the audiences as well in scenes of outraging bloodbath and now we’re already heard in the last of the human survivors underground in a desperate attempt to save the remains of this category and as this video ticks live on the youtube servers there’s no bugger around to actually watch it because the signal in a concrete drivel of 50 feet underground is probably rather crap which is a real shame of course because this is an absolute cracker of an occurrence and to be honest that’s pretty much all of the more interesting tech news this week there were very few launches and stuff hectic everything was crammed into the past couple of weeks instead has been reasonably gentle

on that front which intends regrettably it is time for the part of the show that’s about as health as snorting a deep-fried block of monarch it’s for your explains it’s the only time in my life i’ve actually cried for a brand new bathtub to come crashing through the ceiling and crush me right on camera few notes so firstly up in accordance with the somewhat deplorable discussion on west life last week james very kindly sent in the following this is some kind of bizarre alternative reality where i actually became a pop idol but not really sure i’d fit in with the rest of the west life chaps to be honest i various kinds of ogle more like pat shop with a 10 times a day crack pipe habit but praises anyway james certainly “ve been given” a snicker uh there were quite a few people asking where did the pixel unboxings go i used did a pixel six in the pixel 6 pro unboxing last week uh they were up for a few epoches uh but then uh quite a lot of people were saying oh you broke embargo you break-dance booger the emboggle was incredibly uh involved unnecessarily so to be honest uh so google said you’re not allowed to demonstrate any of the new boasts i constructed sure i didn’t illustrate any brand-new pieces but i did show off a bit of the camera ui and material and i mulled best only to sort of make them down until the full embargo elevator uh this week which has proceeded live so pixel 6 scrutinize is live pixel 6 camera review is live all the unboxings some similarities on their method as well but yeah i hear these double embargoes it gets very confused and very few creators actually use them thankfully google and samsung are two of the only that still do and poverty-stricken old uncles but you know he gets confused at the best of epoches these days unless he’s had a pint of vodka and then suddenly gains crystal clear clarity on everything uh keep it coming on the subject of the pixels milwaukee fan tv says you pimped that pixel 6 review so much you’re mostly snoop dogg now i know i totally did want to be snoop dogg when i was like 14 15.

You know doggy star was absolutely fantastic bloody album um gotta admit a little bit my someone does kind of wither apart every time i see those time eat ads but you know i’m not gonna justice he has been possible to inhaled his space through the majority of members of his savings and even a pimp has to think about you know pension plans and retirement and such forth oh good they appear to have set up some sort of alarm i didn’t even know we had now brilliant uh next up uh latrell 1973 says is the pixel made by what was left of htc after google buy up some of the company yeah um certainly the age-old htc mob was involved with some of the previous pixel flagship smartphones and everything so i’d be very surprised if at least part of them didn’t work on uh this new one but yeah really surprised actually by just how much that design and pretty much everything else involved with the pixel smartphone changed up for this generation quite a breath of fresh air over the usual you know minor little refinements uh entirely transgressing uh free of the whole tech shackles now uh dean says just last night i had a giant yorkshire pudding fold filled with microchips and sausage i think i may have just came a little and except doug says currently at 666 000 readers should we all show concern or just go back to the pub rock on brother yeah i obviously uh did notice when i clicked over onto that 666 differentiate i might have detonated a little bit of classic damsel that did just to uh celebrate uh david too noticed as well as “youve had” 666 000 subscribers can you tell us a frightening ghost story next week and i guess that would be fairly apt for being halloween this week and everything as well but frankly who needs a ghost story when real life is

this terrifying and next up naffy says cinto boy manga was so good can’t wait for the anime and also part two of the manga yeah definitely promotion through the ceiling on that one mate yeah well experienced the bit of the manga that i’ve read still further i’ve still got a lot to catch up on there uh but yeah the anime seems freaking phenomenal so definitely get my peepers on that one uh next up flash heart is that a blackout of reference and if so i approve heartily uh says you are to tech reviewers what father jack hackett is to clergymen and yeah that’s uh that’s pretty apt actually i do feel kind of out of place at quite a lot of these press events these days all these fresh-faced young bucks sipping their kale smoothies and there’s me slumped in a wharf and corner of the barb double fist and some whiskey um mikkel juice sorry from all the pronunciation of that says what camera are you working for this video or the footage looks great uh it’s the sony alpha a7s 3 and i’m using the sigma 24 to 70 mm lens on it as well which does seem like slight overkill considering all it’s got to record is my baldy buns in the occasional telephone now when i first started this direct as well i was literally only recording uh abusing i can’t even matt i think it was like an aged iphone that “i probably shouldve” lying around or something like that uh with exactly a little lav mic uh stuck in it so yeah it feels like a bit of an evolution is in terms of the production values not in the actual quality of the content unfortunately and next up we’ve got billybean8 9 uh not just one but two tech related issues now actually compiling me uh slog this week uh what would you go for between the oneplus 9 and the google pixel 6.

Um i mean i really like the oneplus 9 but personally it “wouldve been” the pixel 6 for me the performance isn’t quite strong but the battery life is fantastic cameras nice and dependable i really like some of the brand-new privacy and safety features and everything they get chucked in there next part of the question likewise do you think that there’s another telephone that offers the same as these two telephones but not that cost so i guess you’re after something that’s a little bit cheaper uh than them too uh the one that outpourings to thoughts instantly is the poco f3 which has incredible achievement uh solid all-rounder for around the sort of 350 to 400 pound symbol but i’ve done a separate video rounding up the best mid-range smartphones in 2020 once difficult check that out for some alternative suggestions is basically the slothful coming and likewise wants i get extra traffic hooray next up stephen says i can’t open the brand-new pixels or the new macbook but lordy lordy the motorola moto e2 0 or that mac erase is right in my wheelhouse you know roughly 20 quid for a bit of cloth uh i convey if i ever get around to doing a video summary of the tech world’s biggest piss ticks that would be somewhat high up the index in fact the majority of members of this would just be sod and apple yeah i don’t know if you guys remember this but uh back in my recombinase i did an essay on the world’s most expensive iphones you are eligible to literally uh expend

millions of pounds on some that are made of solid gold and encrusted with diamonds and flakes of dinosaur abide i you not and yeah i think there were like five six million a pop and yet still a bit crap next up stuart says why is the imaginary municipality of erinsborough from neighbours called erinsborough uh i honestly could not tell you i’ve never seen an escapade of neighbors in my life i sort of i’ve absorbed some flecks of the neighbors culture from your best friend who used to watch it back in the day uh i’ve got no idea is one of “the authors ” announced eren by any chance still on the subject of telly barnaby says i don’t think evil gear turned into a beetle in a later occurrence some people knew him immersed on the sea beneath where he’d gone off the face i mean that is that is classic screenwriting right they run out of projects for brand-new stories to merely bring back a bunny from the past that everyone thought was long since expired it’s like in uh child’s player 2 the classic illustration it makes absolutely no smell why would uh the good guys dole corporation want to fix up a ferocious insane doll that literally killed a whole bunch of people you know actually no benefit to anyone i guess someone on the board must have been smoking a entire onu of sound that day and still on the subject of classic telly mr peanut butter says do you remember manimal that sure freaked me out as a kid um the call kind of rings bell but i never

actually watched it so i am gonna google it oh okay this is a bit more outlandish thinner than i was expected a adult who can change himself into any animal assistants police solve crimes what was i just saying about smoking a whole lot of cracking now we actually talking like any animal throughout the whole of uh history now you are well aware so even extinct trash because then mostly why wouldn’t you only convert yourself into a t-rex and then eat the living of anyone who was bothering you but i’m guessing due to budgetary constraints he largely time transformed himself into a cat or a dog and then we really better make this the last one because i’ve been banging on for far too long apologetics everyone um and nigel says will there be sperton horde merch branded brew cans cider missiles etc yeah i’ve always said from the very beginnings if i ever start spaffing out textbook beakers or hats or anything like that you’ve all got my express permission to punch me right in the nonetheles if there are any uh brewers out there who wanted to do you know a special edition tech spurt spurt and horde embittered or something like that then i’d be all over that like jimmy carr on a cayman islands taxation evade it was like the uh “cat-o-nine-tail” has decided to join me in now get get away from all the the banging outside but yeah bursting infantry liquor something like that cast-iron maiden trooper runway uh you know i’m depicting myself in like a viking helmet and perhaps passed out face firstly in a sort of a orangey yellow puddle might be the beer might be human waste works on so many levels anyway that’s all we’ve got time for regrettably the coming week big big-hearted thanks to

everyone who noted last week uh you know huge merriment as ever predicting through those and uh delight do destruction your explains down below we’ll get through as many of those as is practicable next week and of course as always speaking of next week next week next week what next week now very little once again on launch front uh by the inspections of it let me just check the embargo lifts see if anything is happening there yeah nothing peculiarly eliciting there uh but certainly next week i will be raising you some hot content all the same including lastly my iphone 13 pro max revaluation receive what i think of that absolute house brick of a smartphone i’m likewise scheduling on finally discussing the nintendo substitution oled as well after a few months of played with that bad boy spoiler alarm it’s pretty freaking good and there is an asus vrog phone embargo promoted on the thursday so uh remain carolled for some unboxing action then of course this time next week bit of the verse per week delight hopefully with this banging ah should i wait for it to end no i’ll precisely kill this video all dead bad guys exactly positioned it out of its misery and all of you guys as well so thank you for asking again meet me next week now the cat’s get into oh god damn it simply exactly result it now love you

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