Review ASUS Zephyrus G15 vs ASUS M16 – AMD or Intel?

so today’s a good day because i reach contrast the zephyrus g15 to the m16 both of these guys are the 2022 model and also if you’re checking out one you’re most likely taking into consideration the various other recognize this though the m16 is a little bit much more expensive and also you may escape just acquiring the g15 instead depending on what you’re doing however i’ll obtain to that shortly as well as if you’re looking for the most recent laptop computer the g15 is concerning 4.2 pounds whereas the m16 is about 4.5 extra pounds these are the specific same style like there is no difference even the type factor and format of these frameworks are the same the reason that the m16 is not deeper since of the 16 by 10 aspect proportion is since asus instead of making a bigger laptop simply put a big bezel at the end of the g15 so that they can use the very same framework for both products they have identical layouts there’s actually no difference this is the black version this happens to be grey they both have led indications at the back so you can see what’s happening with your laptop computer the port design is likewise extremely the same with both of them having their power port closer to the front hdmi rj45 usb 2 type c ports and an audio jack the m16 because it is using an intel chip supports thunderbolt 4 whereas the g15 does out the opposite side it’s the same sort of tale you

have your micro sd card slot as well as a usb port i recognize i said this in my reviews i do desire eventually that asus can place the ports on the back of the laptop computer because once you have wires linked to this it just looks a lot cleaner currently both of these laptops can be opened with one hand the screen goes 180 degrees so it exists level versus the table and the deck and also keyboard setup is identical the touch pad dimensions are literally the exact same they both feel absolutely precise to use sticker positioning is most definitely better on the intel design amd and also nvidia simply do not obtain along however the key-board typing experience and also i’ve claimed this in my evaluations is amazing such as this keyboard for pc gaming as well as much like routine efficiency is absolutely incredible the other thing to remember is the materials like when you touch the deck of this keyboard it’s a bit a lot more level i like the way the m16 feels it really feels much better yet you will certainly get substantially a lot more fingerprints on this individual per vital rgb is not a point on any of these laptop computers it’s simply single zone illumination so you can change to any kind of color but you can’t alter each trick both of these laptop computers have four audio speakers they seem fantastic not better than a macbook pro 16 certainly yet great for a home windows laptop and also you have a bunch of specialized volume control and armory cage secrets now both of these laptop computers do have a mux button and that was

something you could not hop on the previous version the only distinction though is that it does require a restart you can’t do it on the fly when it comes to the display screen you can get the g15 with a 204 hertz panel both of these ones i have here are 165 fairly honestly i believe 165 is sufficient for this design of laptop yet you do obtain a far better panel with the m16 because it’s simply a whole lot brighter like over 500 nits compared to like simply under 300 on the g15 shade precision is pretty the same so doing any type of type of imaginative deal with either gadget will certainly feel fantastic and also the webcam is on both last that was something i could not state in 2014 the g15 did not have a cam in 2021 but it does now currently in an excellent globe both of these laptops would certainly have similar specs yet however the models i have right here are a little various they are utilizing the very best processors that you can place in them so 6900 hs for the g15 and afterwards you have the i9 12 900h for the m16 m16 has 32 gigabytes of ram contrasted to 16. This is utilizing an rtx 3060 m16 is utilizing an rtx 3070 ti both of these gpus go for 100 watts with 20 watts vibrant boost they both have a one terabyte nvme ssd if you were to compare these men with the specific very same specs so for instance if i obtained the g15 with a 3070 ti 16 gigabytes of ram and also exact same

applies for the m16 the g15 would certainly cost two thousand bucks whereas the m16 would certainly set you back 21.50 currently when it comes to single core clock rates and even multi-core clock rates m16 is mosting likely to vanquish the g15 it’s simply a far better cpu within there this is an intel year in terms of performance as well as it’s an amd year in terms of efficiency if we’re talking like innovative workloads that actually involve the cpu m16 is the far better option it simply does a faster task if you’re a programmer i would not stress over it excessive the g15 is greater than quick sufficient so you can probably think about that but total cpu rates even in the adobe collection are constantly much better with the m16 due to the fact that there’s various other points that come into play like intel’s fast sync which is undoubtedly much better utilized in these applications currently if you’re chatting strictly 3d work it truly doesn’t matter that’s all gpu so pick the less expensive design due to the fact that it’s just going to be utilizing the gpu as you can see right here in mixer but when it pertains to video gaming after that i ‘d possibly steer far from the m16 as well as go with the g15 and the factor being is because a 69 by 9 display screen is a little better for gaming and once more you’re beginning to make use of the gpu a bit more solitary core clock speeds do matter at 1920 by 1200 but as soon as you press qhd it really

doesn’t make a distinction it’s actually gpu reliant now heat management is kind of similar in both laptops like do not get me incorrect the gf15 might endure higher clock rates for a bit longer just due to the fact that it’s using a more reliable cpu however there’s nothing wonky or anything to fret about in terms of the method these points are cooled fan sound is virtually similar like do not obtain me incorrect it takes a lot longer for the g15 to get loud compared to the m16 m16 it those followers kick on quite quickly and also if you have it on turbo mode both of these people will rise to 60 decibels which is unbelievably loud currently thankfully there’s different profiles you can select from it will certainly restrict the amount of power the cpu gets in order to keep the noise down however if you want things to come down to 40 decibels you can switch it on quiet if you don’t mind remaining in the 50s you can leave it on efficiency setting now internally they’re both similar so i’m just going to reveal you the within among them this is the g15 the only distinction is is the copper may be laid out a little bit in a different way yet generally in regards to what you can upgrade are rather much the exact same if you’re taking into consideration placing a 2nd drive in this you can there’s an additional port to the left hand side this drive right here on the g15 runs slower than the drive they’re using on the m16 perhaps since this is even more of an access degree g15 and maybe the a lot more expensive g15s will certainly have a faster drive i’m not 100 certain but they both have a specific amount of ram soldered onto the motherboard either 8 or 16

relying on the design you get my tip is obtain it with 16 soldered on due to the fact that then you can have 32 so they’re both the exact same quantity for better performance when it comes to cooling it’s not utilizing a vapor chamber but it works extremely well you have a convertible wi-fi card to the left as well as you have a huge 90 watt hour battery and this is where the g15 does a much better task not comparable to the g15 as 2021 i’m obtaining concerning 7 hrs as well as 15 mins contrasted to 6 hours and also 20 mins on the m60. An additional little quirk i found is that the g15 is making use of ranking 16 memory whereas the m16 that i evaluated was utilizing ranking 8. here’s what i think the somewhat slower cpu the ram choices the slower ssd as well as the panel not being as color exact as the one on the m16 currently in all fairness there is a 240 hertz variation of the g15 i don’t recognize what the illumination is on that but i’m presuming it’s much better if i had to directly choose one i would choose the m16 yet that’s simply because i’m a maker and also i love to video game as well as

the 16×10 present the better cpu performance for the applications that i use truly do make a difference but if you’re a 3d musician and also a player or if you’re taking this to college on a daily basis i would most likely lean in the direction of the g15 due to the fact that you’re going to obtain better battery life comparable gpu efficiency and also you’re mosting likely to conserve 250 likewise if you can find one from in 2015 like today i saw the g15 with an rtx 3080 as well as 16 gigabytes of ram going for 18.50 that’s down 350 i would choose that up over all of this because that’s such an excellent bargain contrasted to the brand-new pricing on these men i’ll drop a web link to that in the summary down below however yeah you recognize great laptop computers i taken pleasure in evaluating both of them if you have any kind of even more inquiries allow me recognize as well as more significantly if you like the video struck such button if you’re brand-new to the channel subscribe as well as i’ll see you individuals in the following one

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