ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 & G15 2022 – They Finally Did it!

welcome back to another ces 2022 video out of all the laptop announcements so far i personally feel asus has had the best lineup this year first and foremost they’re correcting a lot of the mistakes we found on previous zephyrus laptops for example the g15 and m16 have had some refinements to make this the product we want it to be you know the g15 was one of my favorite laptops of 2021 but one of the biggest problems with it was it didn’t come with a webcam well this year with the new g15 they’re finally putting a webcam on top it’s going to support windows hello so you can quickly log yourself in and you no longer have to carry an external webcam around in your backpack if you want to have a simple conference call now we’re still sticking with an amd ryzen processor on the g15 you can spec it all the way up to a ryzen 9 6900 hs and it will have 8 or 16 gigabytes of memory soldered onto the motherboard like it did in the previous year if you buy anything over an rtx 3080 it’s going to have 16 gigabytes of ram soldered on which means you can put up to 48 gigabytes of memory inside this laptop now because this is one of their more expensive products you’re getting ddr5 ram so 4 800 megahertz it’s going to be nice and fast it’s going to make this feel a bit faster than it was compared to the previous year now the big announcement from asus this year was that all of these laptops doesn’t matter if you’re buying an rog strix a zephyrus it makes no difference they’re all going to come with mux switches so you’re going to be able to connect directly to the gpu you’re going to be able to switch back and forth now the tgp of this laptop is going to be very similar compared to the previous generation only 100 watts plus 20 watts of dynamic boost but i feel like for most people that’s

more than enough and my gut feeling is that the 3080 ti is probably going to be overkill because of the wattage on this thing and i have a feeling like 30 70 or regular 3080 is going to be the sweet spot now you can inspect this with a hertz panel with a three millisecond response time and it has adapter sync for that refresh rate to make it variable you can only inspect it with a one terabyte nvme ssd but you can probably upgrade to something bigger yourself obviously it comes with wi-fi 6e 20 bigger touchpad compared to the previous one and there’s six speakers inside of here and the wattage on the battery is is still 90 watt hours now obviously it has usb type-c because this is an amd product it’s not thunderbolt 4 but you can charge the laptop up to 50 in just 30 minutes the same story kind of holds true for the m16 you know same design same port setup nothing’s changed in terms of where the ports are located they’re still using that ergo hinge all the ports are more forward on the laptop which is kind of annoying when you have stuff connected to it but that’s the way it is if you want this ergo hinge to exist but just like the g15 you do get a bigger touchpad again this is the previous model it’s going to be 20 bigger keys are going to be 1.7 millimeters of travel distance apparently they’ve reduced the sound of it so it should sound quieter when you’re actually typing on it the display is still super thin of course you get the webcam like you did in the previous version but unlike the g15 you do get a 16 by 10 display which is qhd i think 165 hertz a little lower but it’s still qhd and you get a obviously more vertical space to work with now this is the intel version right m16 only comes with an intel cpu you can spec it to a 12 900 h and unlike last year where you can only have an rtx 3060 in north america or 3070 in some other regions this guy could finally be specked with an rtx 3080.

Now it also has a 90 watt hour battery usb type c but unlike the amd version of the g15 this has thunderbolt 4. both of these laptops support pcie gen4 so you can have those super fast read and write speeds and just like the g15 you’re gonna have some of the rams soldered on to the motherboard this is what i think i think if you’re a content creator first but also a very passionate gamer i feel like the m16 is gonna be better suited to you just because you get that extra vertical space and historically intel processors have always been better with certain creative applications especially the adobe suite but if you are more of a gamer first i feel like the g15 will be the better option just because of that gaming display at higher refresh rate better battery life because of the six nanometer amd processor inside but those are the two differences between both of these laptops now the

zephyrus product that i’m truly most excited about is the g14 because this thing got the most changes and asus answered a lot of our questions or a lot of our wants basically they change the way this thing looks and it feels and i think a lot of people buying this in 2022 are going to be a lot happier webcam was always an issue now it has one it’s only 720p but there is an ir sensor baked inside of it so you can use windows hello to quickly log you on the other thing i didn’t like about it is the fact that the screen was by nine which is great if it’s a strictly gaming laptop but on a 14 inch display it feels super cramped so they bumped that up to a 16 by 10 aspect ratio making it feel bigger than it truly is you could still buy with a full hd panel with a high refresh rate or a qhd panel with 120 hertz refresh rate so a little better more pixel dense color accurate if you’re a creator first game or second but if you’re strictly a gamer the full hd panel is the one you probably want four speakers inside here 91 screen to body ratio so the bezels are going to be thinner than the previous version which i’m showing you right now and of course just like the g15 you get the latest 6000 series processor the 6900 hs if you buy the most expensive model now one thing that’s very interesting though was they ditched the nvidia gpu like last year you can only spec it with an rtx 30 60.

this year they switched to amd and you can get this up to an rx 6800 s now according to amd this 6800s is on par with an rtx 3080 that you’d find in a blade 14. so not only is it going to run cooler since it’s running on a six nanometer architecture it’s going to boost higher too because it has the potential to boost up to 105 watts which is more than last year’s rtx 3060. so expect really good performance now in terms of ports it’s very much the same like the left-hand side you’re looking at the same sort of port lineup still in the front which is unfortunate but that’s just the way it is on the right hand side it’s the same the only difference is the new one is getting a micro sd card slot now just like the m16 and g15 it’s gonna have some of its ram soldered onto the motherboard but unlike those two you can only spec it up to 32 gigabytes of ram and it too is coming with a muk switch honestly i am really impressed with asus’s lineup this year it does look the most attractive that i’ve seen so far but we still have more manufacturers coming up with their lineup so stay tuned for that if you have any questions about any of these laptops i just talked about make sure to drop your questions in the comment section because i will be reviewing all of them like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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