Legion 5 & Legion 5 Pro 2022 – Sticking with What Works!

so today lenovo is announcing their brand new legion 5 and legion 5 pro if you guys are enjoying these updated ces videos make sure to subscribe as it does help me out but i want to start off with the legion 5 because to be honest there’s not a lot being changed here it’s the same design the same look most of the ports are on the back of the laptop so it keeps the desk clean you have a couple of usb type-c ports on the left-hand side and a couple of ports on the right-hand side you can buy it in two different colors this year so depending on which one you like better you have a couple of options but overall it’s the same feel right the only difference they’re really changing is the cover before it felt a bit plasticky and they’re improving the aluminum and magnesium in that cover so it feels better to the touch and it doesn’t feel as hot if you push your finger on it the display is going to be the same but the big difference is you can spec it up to a qhd panel 2560 by 1440 so you’re still at 16 by nine but it does come with a 165 hertz

refresh rate now it’s gonna be color accurate enough that i feel like most people will be comfortable doing design work on it but you only get about 300 nits of brightness it is being updated with wi-fi 6e so if you have a router to support it you should see some better connectivity and speeds and it does have usb power delivery that’s the theme this year most of these laptops will support usbc power delivery across the board now internally again not a lot of changes here okay lenovo does say they are improving the fan size it’s going to be 40 more powerful than the previous generation and the exhaust fin area is also getting 45 bigger so in theory we should see slightly better cooling which will help with this 12-gen intel processor and the new 6000 series speaking of which you can get this with a 12-700h or with a ryzen version if you prefer that i think it’s going to be the same story this year you go with ryzen if you want the better battery life the 12 000 series might offer a bit better performance but overall it’s it’s not going to be a crazy ordeal now if you do want to buy this laptop you cannot buy it until february if you want the intel version it’s going to start off at 11.99 that’ll net you up to an rtx 3060 and the gpu should run around 125 watts of tgp if you want the amd version you have to wait until april and that’s going to start at 11 29.

Now if you want the best of the best you go for the legion 5 pro this one a lot of awards in 2021 at least on my channel but they’re not changing the chassis this is a fairly new chassis this will be the second year of it and just like the legion five it’s getting a lot of small improvements you can buy it in a storm gray which is the same color as this guy this is last year’s model or a white if you do buy the white i think it looks great but i think if you’re going to keep it for a very long period of time it might change color a bit just because it’s white so just keep that in mind when you’re looking at it but the biggest thing in terms of the form factor is they thinned it out so it’s a bit thinner than the previous model so that should be more felt when you hold the laptop but overall it’s the same now it’s still a 16 by 10 display i love this i love that we’re now getting laptops in 16 by 10 and you can still spec it with a qhd plus panel with 500 nits of brightness and even though you can buy with a 240 hertz display the biggest deal this year is it

dynamically switches so we’re getting a refresh rate that will dynamically switch based on what you’re doing you’re playing a game it’s going to ramp up to 240 hertz you’re looking at a web page it might drop down to 100 hertz or 60 hertz if you’re doing nothing it might even drop lower than that now the battery in here is not 99 watt hours it’s only 80 watt hours so it’s not going to be as good as probably a laptop with that massive battery but it does have rapid charging so you could literally charge this to 80 in just 30 minutes now the cool thing is a lot of these new laptops this year the limit to using usb type-c is no longer 100 watts they’ve bumped it up to 135 watts and i think lenovo is also going to be selling a charger that allow you to charge this laptop via usb type-c using one of their 135 watt adapters now the biggest complaint i’ve always had with lenovo laptops was the adapters that come with these things they’re usually 230 watts or 300 watts and they’re these massive bricks apparently they’ve slimmed it down this year i don’t know by how much but smaller is always better when you’re giving a laptop this much power there is 165 watts of tgp so your graphics card is going to be able to boost up and perform very well you can inspect this with an rtx 3070 ti but they’ve also improved the cooling just like the legion 5 they’ve updated the fan system and there’s obviously a larger

exhaust area to keep this thing cool now it is thinner like i said and you can still buy it with four zones of rgb and customize the colors and you have all their software to allow you to dynamically switch between different fan profiles but i think the biggest thing about this laptop is just getting the best of the best wi-fi 60 brand new ddr5 4 800 megahertz ram and up to one terabyte a pcie gen 4 storage you have that nvidia’s g-sync 500 nits of brightness everything to basically get you going and they’re also using this new certification that’s supposed to help reduce blue light so if you’re gaming into the night that reduction in blue light should in theory help you go to sleep a bit easier now this guy is not going to be out until february if you decide to go for the intel version i think the limit for the cpu is a 12 700h and that’s going to retail for around 1500 ish dollars but if you want the amd version of this then you got to wait until april and that’s going to cost about i don’t know 1429 1450 around that price point now i’m gonna be reviewing all these laptops so if you want to see a review on them make sure to hit the subscribe button so you get notified like the video if you liked it and stay tuned for more news coming out of ces 2020 to 2022 yeah all right goodbye

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