Review iPad Mini – Which iPad Should You Buy?

so today i’m reviewing the ipad mini this is a product that i honestly thought apple was never gonna update it was sitting in a corner of a dark room for a very long time they were selling it on their website with no update inside and i think the reason why it took so long was because they wanted the hardware and the battery life to catch up you see building an ipad air is easier because you have a bigger chassis and if the hardware is a bit too fast you can just cram a bigger battery inside with the ipad mini it’s a bit tougher to do because the chassis is significantly smaller the improvements to the a series and the components getting smaller probably made this a better time to do this and they were able to do so by keeping the same sort of experience as the bigger ipad air in fact the similarities are alike between the two but there are a couple of key differentiators that make these products a bit different for the first thing the air has a smart keyboard

connector which allows you to connect accessories like the smart keyboard and the magic keyboard but they didn’t include it on the mini and i think the reason why they didn’t is because using a magic keyboard on a device this small would feel very awkward like could you imagine typing on a seven inch or 8 inch keyboard it just wouldn’t be good instead you use bluetooth and then you can go out and buy a bigger keyboard to use which would offer a better typing experience the other thing is the air has the inferior front-facing camera it’s only 7 megapixels and doesn’t support apple’s new center stage all the other ipads well almost all the other ipads do support it and center stage is pretty awesome like if you’re someone who’s working from home or if you’re someone who’s doing a lot of online classes it makes a big difference on the way people perceive you it’s using the updated 12 megapixel ultra wide camera so that allows more people in the frame and if you’re just up close and personal it crops right in but look how tiny this thing is like you can grip this with one hand which is something you can’t do with the other ipads you could literally place it in your back pocket which i’ve done i don’t suggest you do because it might fall out but you could and it just makes it a very light and portable product to carry for me personally this is my ipad of choice like if i’m traveling i don’t want to carry

a 9 or 10 inch tablet this is going in my bag it’s small enough that i can carry it but it’s also big enough that i can watch content on it i do have the cellular model here in a starlight color it’s more of a muted gold with some silver undertones i quite like it it’s different you know it’s not as in your face but it still has like this classy appeal to it these cellular bands represent that this is the cellular version if you don’t see these bands on it that means it’s the wi-fi model the other big update was the 12 megapixel wide camera on the back this is the exact same camera that the air uses and the exact same wide lens that the new ipads pro use now the one thing i truly appreciate was the ability to increase the screen size like the previous ipad mini only had a 7.9 inch display this one has been extended to 8.3 and the form factor is very similar except the height is a bit shorter so again making it a bit smaller than the previous model but you get more screen real estate to work with it’s a laminated display in fact the only ipad right now that’s unlimited is the ipad normal and look it’s a great screen it’s an ips display it’s the same color accuracy and color representation as the ipad air it even has the same amount of brightness 500 nits so you’re not going to see a difference there but it does have the most pixels per inch like if you’re a hardcore pixel peeper and you’re trying to read text this is going to be the

sharpest out of all the ipads because they’re cramming more pixels in a smaller form factor not a big deal but i still want to point it out honestly one of my favorite features though is being able to use the apple pencil too with it like it’s just such a great note-taking device i personally wouldn’t buy this ipad if you’re hardcore into drawing and design i still think you need a bigger display to do that with but just for like simple note-taking just for like bringing this to class and and and writing down notes it’s perfect you know because like you could use this you know watch a presentation you could jot down some answers and then pull out the pen to write down a quick note and and it works beautifully i do like the fact that it fits perfectly on the top of the device like i mentioned this in my unboxing which you can find on my other channel but it sits nicely in between the cellular bands so there’s some symmetry there now to give you guys an example of how this device looks beside all the other ipads i have a bunch of them here so you can see for yourself this is the ipad mini this is the new ipad with the a13 chip this is the ipad pro which is pretty much the exact same size as the ipad air i left the ipad air at home unfortunately and then we have the big boy ipad pro with m1 chip the 12.9 inch version this kind of gives you an idea of how big these displays look beside each other we have 12.9 inches 11 inches 10.

2 and then of course on the left hand side we have 8.3 now just like the ipad air touch id has been embedded into the power button which is at the top right hand corner of the ipad if you buy a lighter color it’s painted in white and if you buy a darker color it’s going to be painted in black it works just like the ipad air so you tap it and then it quickly logs you in just a quick tip if you are new to this you want to bind two fingers you want to bind the pointer finger on your right hand so that when you’re holding it in portrait mode it can log you in quickly and you also want to bind it to the pointer finger in uh landscape mode so that when you’re holding it in landscape you can use your left hand to get you into i’m also happy to report that apple swapped out the lightning connector for usb type-c the only ipad left in the entire lineup with a lightning connector is the affordable ipad i mean this thing needs to go right on the iphones as well there’s no reason for lightning to still be around it’s slower it’s proprietary and we can be doing so much more for the environment if we all just used usb type-c now you do get four speaker grilles and you do get two speakers don’t let that fool you it’s still technically only two speakers and the sound quality is better than the regular ipad it just doesn’t get as loud as the regular ipad even the ipad air has a similar amount of speakers but i found it to get louder and it’s probably because the body of it is bigger so it can kind of reverberate the sound louder compared to a smaller chassis like this now when it comes to performance i did a geekbench test between all of these devices just to like you know see what’s going on there and of course as expected the m1 ipad pro has the best performance out of them but it was

very interesting to see the new a15 that’s inside the ipad mini almost match the a14 inside the ipad air i have a feeling it’s going to be a faster result on the iphone 13s my gut feeling is they reduced the performance to keep it in line with the air so that the experience is very similar or they might have reduced the performance in order to conserve battery life but the jump based on these two results from the a14 to the a15 is very minor and quite frankly these benchmarks truly mean nothing like i use an a13 and it feels just as fast as a lot of these other ipads and i highly doubt anyone out there will be able to tell the difference in terms of performance between the air and the mini now if you’re a gamer it’s still using a 60 hertz display i would have loved to have a higher refresh rate that’s still reserved for the more expensive ipad pros but because you have such a portable device it’s kind of nice just being able to pick up your xbox controller jump on xbox game pass and have a screen to utilize so that’s pretty much it for the ipad mini some nice really cool updates my personal favorite ipad but i still recommend the ipad for most people for 329 this is still apple’s best tech deal it’s fast it has a good display even though it’s unlaminated it has good battery life and it’s such a key component for a household the only thing i wish apple did was add multi-user support because this sits in the living

room of my home my daughter picks it up my wife picks it up my son picks it up and it’d be really nice just to be able to swap in and out of different user profiles fun fact if you buy the 256 gigabyte version of the regular ipad it’s still cheaper than the entry-level ipad mini now should you buy the ipad mini or the ipad air and i think that comes down to one thing specifically do you need a keyboard and how much do you travel if you’re someone who just wants to carry this as a second device the ipad mini makes a lot more sense if you’re using it as your main computer you’re going to be typing a lot of emails on it and it’s not going to be your main consumption device then the ipad air makes a lot more sense too as for the ipad pros i think you know who you are you’re very specific in the type of work you’re doing and you might need that extra processing power if you have any more questions let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one you

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