Windows 11 on Laptops! // Should You Upgrade?

so the windows 11 dev build has been available to download if you’re part of the windows insider program and there’s tons of videos you can watch on it but i wanted to do it from a laptop perspective because i feel like most of you watching my channel are probably using laptops and i’ve had it installed for the past few days and so far i’ve been really impressed in fact this build is so stable that i feel like by the time we get to november we’re going to be super happy when we upgrade our computers now the overall theme as microsoft says is a glass design very transparent layers it looks beautiful to me it reminds me of a smartphone os being combined with elements from mac os now this is not a bad thing you know i think the two together offer its own unique experience and like as soon as you load into windows 11 you’re presented with a taskbar that looks slightly different as you’re used to on windows 10 and before all the stuff used to be on the left hand side but they moved it to the middle and i think this makes a lot more sense your eyes naturally gravitate towards the middle of the screen and

being able to access your favorite stuff on the bottom is obviously preferred now i just want to show you the lock screen quickly before we continue because it does look a bit different like all the stuff you see on the middle used to be on the left hand side for the windows 10 screen but now it’s centered right in front of your face you can also see the font is slightly cleaner and chunkier compared to the previous version now the windows button will take you to this okay and i’ve already put this computer in dark mode because that’s my preferred color space but as soon as you click on that windows logo you’re presented with pinned apps these apps are there that you can set for yourself or these are the ones that are defaultly pinned the first time you install windows below that is the recommendations the stuff that you use the most right like if you’re constantly using microsoft edge or discord you’re going to see it under your recommended settings now if you want to access all the apps it’s very simple you just click on the all apps button and then you get that traditional list of apps that you’re

used to seeing before the next thing is search and this is probably what i use the most because i don’t want to like look through all my apps to find the one i’m using i’ll just click the search button you don’t see any sign of cortana thank god and you can type in the app that you’re trying to look for so let’s say i’m looking for obs which is running this screen recording right now i can type it in that’s the first suggestion i get because it’s one of the apps that i have installed now let’s say you don’t have the app and you type it in it’s going to give you suggestions in other places so for example i don’t have discord installed right now so i can type in discord and it’s going to give me web results but if i click on apps it’s going to suggest that i look at the windows store now i want to take you to the windows store because this is one area they’re completely changing and right off the bat it does look a bit different compared to the windows 10 version but it’s nicer right and as time goes on you’re gonna get all the applications that you’re used to going to search for on the net yourself directly in the windows store

because microsoft is opening it up to everybody so right off the bat like if i look for zoom right it’s already here okay they’ve already included their zoom app on the windows store which was never there a week ago and adobe creative cloud you can download from here eventually i was able to download obs from the windows store which you couldn’t do before and this list of apps is just going to continuously grow now this is good because if you ever reinstall your computer you can see the apps that you downloaded and reinstall them right away you don’t have to go to each individual website manually to do that yourself now the apps store is basically what i was just talking about right like the accumulation of windows apps from where you used to search into one direct location the other thing you’re going to find here is android apps unfortunately it’s not activated in this dev build i’m sure it’ll come at a later date but you’ll be able to download android apps from the amazon app store i know some of you are saying but matt the amazon app store is mostly amazon apps and a few more popular ones but think about it right like if amazon’s app store is the front and center location to download your android apps i bet you

developers are also going to start putting their apps on there too because it’s going to be more accessible by windows users entertainment’s there so you can watch content and then of course you have gaming which is like microsoft’s xbox game pass like this is where you’ll go when you want to live stream your games directly in windows file explorer got some changes nothing major just a few things to tweak it make it more accessible they got rid of that ribbon bar at the top of it and it’s more of like a command structure and it it’s better but there’s nothing really to bag about like they change some of the colors and and icons of the stuff you’re used to seeing like downloads and desktop but for the most part it’s pretty much the exact same file explorer i will say this though i do love the rounded edges of the file explorer like i think it looks cleaner and more minimalistic than the squares that they were using in the past and there’s this new feature called snap grid or snap 2 grid which is what you’d usually do when you hit the windows key and an arrow button it will move the pane you’re looking at either to the left side or maybe to the top if you want to snap to the top but if you hover your mouse over the maximize button it will give you different options and i think this is like one of the best things about windows

management that no other operating system is doing as well like you do try to do this on the ipad it’s a nightmare right you got to flick your finger around everywhere pick your nose it’s terrible this you just follow the suggestions and you can snap these windows quite easily but the system tray is so much better okay right now you see a little blue microphone at the bottom right hand corner this is letting me know the user that my microphone is being used and it’s being used by obs because it’s recording my voice for scratch audio when this goes away that means the microphone is no longer being used now when you click on the up arrow here it’s still the same as windows 10 it gives you some of the stuff that’s currently running in the background you have access to your onedrive account uh your wi-fi menu it is different right like it’s combined now with your volume your brightness and a few other quick setting features that you’d find like on the top of like a android phone which i think just looks better and makes your life so much easier so if i want to get to my wi-fi networks now i just click on the little arrow and then of course it’s going to do a scan and give me other suggestions like do you guys remember the volume in windows 10 where it shows up on the top left hand corner that was ugly this just makes

more sense now battery okay and i think this is probably going to be a big topic for windows users is different on windows 10 when you right click on the battery you can change it to like power saver best battery mode or performance mode whatever you want the new one doesn’t let you do that right like you have the options to go into your power and sleep settings or go to battery battery saver settings even if i unplug the power button there’s no way right off the cusp in your system tray to select that performance mode i will say this when you do click on the the battery settings and you go into your settings menu for windows everything looks so much better like this new screen looks awesome it tells you your battery levels it tells you how long you’ve used your battery when you were just off of charge which is great to know to figure out how long your battery’s lasting throughout the entire day and there’s a power function that will will give you ways to customize your battery experience when you want the screen to turn off when you want your your computer to enter power saving mode that you can customize like you could before just it’s a lot more

accessible now the battery use stach is probably one of my favorite things because like you can click on it and really take a look at the battery levels kind of like you would on an android phone i can see the screen on time i can see the screen off time i can see exactly what programs are using my battery so if chrome which is usually a culprit for a lot of people is completely killing your battery you’ll know right here and you can get rid of it and install a different browser but since we’re in the the system settings just look how nice it looks right like again reminds me of an android phone i click on bluetooth and devices i can quickly add a device and i have all the different settings that are associated with bluetooth now there is some ugliness behind all of this okay like if i click on the search bar for example then you know i can still access the control panel like the old school way like you would back in windows 8 it’s still there okay and i think a lot of that older stuff is still in the background hiding it’s there if you need it and every once in a while when you’re doing something it shows itself and i think this is something that’s always going to stick with microsoft because they have so many legacy apps they need to support there are so many it

administrators that need to get into the nitty-gritty of the settings and they have to use this old-school way of doing it another thing the system tray the notification center nice little update it’s no longer like one vertical pane it’s like bubbles now you know like you have different sections so for example it shows me my calendar it shows me what i was just looking at on the microsoft store my mail for example i have a new mail from amazon business canada it’s just a cleaner looking notification center and then of course if you go into the actual notification settings in your settings menu then you can use focus assist right this is what apple was including with the latest version of the iphone which lets you set times to be disturbed set times to be not disturbed now widgets there’s two ways to access it you can use touch which is with your finger and swipe to the right and you’ll get presented with all of your widgets it looks great i love this glass pane i think it looks super duper clean there’s not a lot of widgets to choose from right now it’s mostly microsoft stuff so for example i have all the standard stuff

that you saw before like your calendar and to-do list but you can’t like drag these widgets anywhere else like i can’t bring these widgets onto the actual desktop they have to stay in this widgets pane i don’t know as long as the news is good and i can configure where my stories are coming from then i’m happy with this i think this looks super clean and i expect at some point like third party manufacturers are going to add their own widgets to this store i will say this touch is so much better so much better even though the little icons are tiny when you press your finger on it they still make it easier to press so for example i have this file explorer open right and the x is a little bit bigger than before but when you put your finger on the screen a little circle appears and the circumference of that circle kind of goes around the x and allows you to push it significantly easier compared to the old way of doing it as for gaming i was expecting a huge performance hit because this is a new operating system but wow it’s the same like i didn’t feel any difference in terms of gaming compared to windows 10.

I just quickly played some overwatch on this laptop which is not like the best experience on a surface lap top four but i got exactly the same frame rates so i’m not expecting uh gaming to be an issue on these early dev builds the last thing i want to show you is the color theming and if you go under personalization you have already a ton of pre-installed the windows themes that you can choose from first and foremost i really love these wallpapers that microsoft is using i think they look awesome but if you don’t like it they have some other themes you can choose from you can stick with light mode like i have here but i’m more of a dark mode person so i’m going to choose this dark mode with a blue palette this blue palette will be synonymous throughout the operating experience for example you can see here on the bottom layer on the bottom taskbar the flower kind of shining through it through that transparent theme that microsoft is using and even like little things like gray highlights are present now inside of your windows experience now you can turn all this off and just use the basic stuff like you could you could even turn off the the transparent layer if you don’t like seeing those visual window effects happen while you’re using this computer so that wraps up my first experience with windows 11 on laptops i think it’s going to be great for laptop users out there just note that there are some minimum requirements that have to be met if you want to install windows 11 on your laptop like for example you need like an 8th gen intel processor or a 2000 series and above amd processor as long as it has like a tpm chip installed if you want to use windows 11. like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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