ASUS Zephyrus G14 vs Razer Blade 14 – Choose Wisely!

the asus zephyrus g14 was an incredible laptop it was one of the finest laptop computers of 2020 and it continues to be an excellent laptop computer in 2021 as a matter of fact it didn’t truly have any competitors until the razer blade 14 appeared on the market i understand some of you are looking for an effective 14-inch laptop computer as well as you currently have choices are you gon na get the zephyrus g14 or are you leaning in the direction of the blade 14. i will certainly say this though if you already have a g14 whether it’s from this year or in 2014 you obtained no factor to be envious due to the fact that your laptop is still impressive now if you’re taking into consideration among these these are both extremely light laptops they’re both under 4 pounds but technically the zephyrus g14 is a bit lighter the blade 14 on the other hand is smaller it’s about 17 smaller sized in general quantity compared to the g14 as a matter of fact if you select any of these up they feel like the exact same weight as well as i do not think it’s going to make a distinction when it’s within your bag construct high quality on both these devices are great i don’t have way too many issues but if i want a nitpick blade 14 picks up a great deal much more fingerprints because of that black anodized light weight aluminum the lid flex is rather equal yet somewhat squishier on the g14 in terms of appearances very subjective a few of you could prefer the cleaner look of the g14 with its reflective product

beneath the cnc openings of the top chassis others could favor the black theme with the snakes in the center with more of a pc gaming vibe to it more of a macbook gaming ambiance to it i will certainly say this 14 does really feel solid like when you open this up it seems like you’re opening up a macbook pro also little points like when you close the screen there’s even more of a satisfying thump with the blade 14 compared to the g14 now ports they both have the same amount of ports like for instance they both have two usb ports your routine usb a ports and they have 2 usb type-c ports the primary difference though is that the type-c ports on the razer blade are both gen 2 whereas on the g14 just one of the type c ports are gen 2 and also the various other one is gen 1 which clearly supplies much less data throughput the various other point to note is the hdmi port this one is an hdmi 2.1 port whereas the g14 is making use of 2.0 b so exact same quantity of ports a little of distinction however they’re pretty equivalent in terms of what you can attach to it the various other point to note is that if you do get the g14 the power brick is mosting likely to be smaller sized right you’re using a 180 watt power block contrasted to 230 since the blade 14 can be specced all the means as much as an rtx 3080 now the key-boards on both of these tools are extremely

well laid out but i like the key-board on the g14 the tricks are spaced better they’re more responsive they’re less complicated to kind on the blade 14s are tolerable yet they have more of a mushy click to it which i don’t like touch pad is better on the blade 14 though it’s simply a much larger touch pad they’re both extremely precise to utilize however i like the added room that the blade 14 offers you do obtain a few extra macro keys with the g14 that you don’t jump on the blade 14 but if you’re into rgb you can customize each individual trick on the blade 14 where you can not on the g14 now if you’re searching for some privacy includes the blade 14 has home windows hello there to promptly log you in but you do not get that fingerprint scanner the breeze’s g14 does not even have a video camera so it can not log you in operation your face but there is a finger print

scanner embedded within the power button sound top quality on both of these laptop computers are quite good yet the g14 just has more audio speakers to deal with two leading shooting speakers as well as 2 woofers under compared to both audio speakers that get on top of the g14 [Songs] currently both of these laptop computers are tailored towards players initially hence why there is a 16×9 element proportion it’s simply favored for media intake and also video gaming directly i would have liked to see 16×10 yet perhaps on a future design the next thing is both laptop computers can be purchased with a full hd or qhd panel unfortunately i do not have two complete hd models right here the blade 14 is qhd as well as the g14 is full hd however i have actually examined the blade 14 with its full hd screen as well as it’s really equivalent to what the g14 uses both panels no matter whether you choose qhd or fuhd fue hd full hd have wonderful color precision excellent range and also screen brightness the only benefit of the blade is you obtain a better qhd panel due to the fact that it has a higher refresh price you can go up to 165 hertz compared to 120 on the g14 currently quite honestly might not be a big deal to you because 120 hertz with an rtx 3060 is greater than plenty now i’m not mosting likely to

compare gp performance just due to the fact that the blade 14 is rocking an rtx 3080 yet i will certainly claim that the 3060 variation of this increases anywhere from 80 to 100 watts whereas on the g14 you’re type of stuck in between 65 and 80 watts there is one point various this is specked with an ryzen 9 5900 hs this is a ryzen 9 5900 hx hx implies opened however quite frankly based on the examinations that i worked on these computer systems i really did not see that much of a difference in regards to cpu performance like if you’re speaking strictly synthetics cinebench r23 and also you’re comparing multi-core efficiency yeah it’s mosting likely to appear to be a little bit much faster on the razer blade 14 but not by a lot also single core clock speeds were only slightly better on the blade 14 however as quickly as you begin doing actual genuine work that’s where points start to obtain different like if you’re talking strictly cpu efficiency asus is a little bit more aggressive with its cooling it allows the computer system to obtain hotter so i really got a better put together time examination with mozilla firefox on the g14 compared to the blade 14. If you’re speaking gpu performance also the 3060 inside of the blade 14 which i do not have here to examination ought to be much better simply due to the fact that there’s more power being pushed towards it if you’re interested just how quickly this runs contrasted to a 3060 this is what the stats look like at 1080p now qhd gaming i do not believe is worth it on a 3060 i believe you’re far better off with a 30 70 or 3080 and also this is kind of what to anticipate using this laptop currently when it comes to warmth administration it’s completely different with both of these laptops asus is a little bit much more liberal it enables the cpu to obtain hot around 94 to 95 levels celsius as well as if you’re simply making use of the cpu i discovered the efficiency to be a bit much better over the lengthy run but if you’re a content maker as well as you’re pushing the cpu and also gpu at the very same time the blade 14 does much better and also you get better thermals like this point never surpassed 85 levels celsius the g14 allows the cpu to strike like 60 to 62 watts this one kind of tops out around 55 watts follower sound is really comparable between both of these laptops this one obtained up to about 55 decibels whereas the blade 14 would certainly top out at 58 decibels thinking you’re running whatever at turbo so the internals blade 14 has the smaller battery 61 watt hrs i was only able to obtain 5 hrs and also 30 minutes on better battery setting compared to 7 hours as well as 30 mins with the 76 watt hour battery as well as the g14 both computer systems only have one slot for a storage space drive and also right currently i have them with one terabyte as well as they get really excellent read and also write rates but you can broaden it to something bigger later on cooling solution is also various vapor chamber compared to a lot of copper they both job for their desired objectives yet practically the blade 14 has a much better cooling solution the big distinction though is the ram it’s completely soldered on to the blade 14. You can not update it as well as you can just get it with 16 gigabytes of ram the g14 on the other hand has one slot that can be updated depending upon the design you get either comes with 16 or 8 gigabytes soldered onto the motherboard however you could possibly update it to 48 gigabytes so if you’re intending on getting these laptop computers and also you’re simply checking out the 3060 i ‘d most likely just go with the g14 it’s 300 less costly and you get like 95 of the functions plus a couple of benefits like far better battery life and even more speakers if you wanted an extra effective 14-inch laptop computer get the 30-70 on the blade 14. i really feel like that’s the pleasant area and also the additional money you’re paying for a 3080 is most likely not worth it in the end that covers up my review if you have an interest in inspecting out any one of these laptop computers there’ll be web links in the summary down listed below like the video clip if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t currently and also i’ll see you people in the following one [Songs] you.

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