Review Poco X3 Pro – Budget Price, Flagship Specs!

so late last year we got the poco x3 and this was a device that was priced around 200 euros that packed a lot of great specs it was a mid-range smartphone but the price put it closer to the budget sector and it got good reviews i mean it wasn’t perfect but overall it got good reviews now this device is also the poco x3 but instead of being the poco x3 normal it’s the poco x3 pro and the big deal about it is not a new design it’s more of a internal feature bump instead of a snapdragon 732 you get a snapdragon 860. One note about the 860 though is that it’s not some new crazy type of processor that qualcomm released it’s technically a snapdragon 855 plus that’s been revamped to be the 860. design is exactly the same you still have that big stripe that’s going up the middle i personally think it’s okay but i’m not a fan of the poco logo being at the bottom camera bump is still in the middle i mean every phone has a camera bump right now at least if you have it on the table it’s not going to wobble if you’re touching the middle of the device compared to other phones that have it on the side usb type c headphone jack dual speakers i’m gonna do a little comparison against the m3 and you guys can see the difference [Music] it’s still made out of plastic it still has aluminum railings around the device the only visual change which you’re probably not going to notice is that it’s now using gorilla glass 6 instead of gorilla glass 5.

now the 6.67 inch lcd display is a pretty good display you know it’s not going to beat out an oled or anything but it’s not bad i do have a few complaints though like when you’re scrolling up and down there’s a bit of ghosting and i also notice that this phone has a lot of micro lag and it’s very apparent when you’re scrolling up and down when you’re using google now like just look at this when like right now it’s having troubles registering my touch and like look at all the little micro lag it’s having when i’m scrolling you see that like that should not be happening on a snapdragon 860 this also happens to when i’m using chrome like if i’m scrolling up and down it’s not as bad but every once in a while there’s a tiny bit of micro lag now i don’t think this is a processor issue it’s not a ram issue because there’s six gigabytes of ram in here i think this has to do more with the software the other thing to note is that this 120 hertz display doesn’t get very bright like it’s 450 nits which was great like three or four years ago but you go outdoors and you’re gonna notice that the brightness needs to be cranked up all the time the other thing i don’t like is the software like me ui is nice and clean i don’t have any complaints about the theming what i do have a complaint about is the ads like why am i getting ads on a smartphone i understand the price is lower so they have to make up the revenue by introducing ads but when i download software after i install it an ad pops up now just like the poco x3 it does have nfc but it also gets an upgrade from ufs 2.1 to 3.1 so reading and writing should be faster on this device

compared to the previous model there’s still no wireless charging as expected because this is a plastic back but you still can fast charge it using the 33 watt fast charger that comes included in the box but one interesting fact is that they’re no longer using a 64 megapixel camera they’re using a 48 megapixel camera instead now i don’t have the x3 to compare to so i don’t know how the pictures will look against it but based on my testing of this device they actually produce some pretty good results this is obviously not going to beat out an iphone or a galaxy s21 ultra but for a mid-range smartphone this device really holds up its own i compared it to the more budget m3 and you can see that there’s a big difference in terms of photo quality once you start going into night mode it does the job too but it gets a bit grainier you start missing out detail in the shadows there’s a macro mode which is okay and you have the 8 megapixel ultra wide sensor which gives you more of the shot but uh the fact that they include all these features like cloning and being able to record with your front-facing and

rear-facing camera is really nice now this 20-megapixel camera is the exact same one as the poco x3 it takes pretty good front-facing photos it does smooth the skin ever so slightly even if you turn off the feature completely and a lot of you guys don’t like that and i understand but i’m getting old you know i gotta hide these wrinkles okay my modeling days are over fingerprint scanner it’s on the right side it’s not my favorite spot it’s okay if you hold your phone with your right hand it’s super fast and accurate and i get in right away but i would have loved to have it on the back or embedded into the display if you’re someone who holds the phone with your left hand it works fine it’s just you’re gonna have to bind it to your middle finger so every once in a while you’re gonna be flipping someone off now if you’re really into mobile games the bump up from the 732 to the 860 is great like gaming on this i didn’t have any issues there is poco’s liquid cooling technology but overall it felt like gaming on any other high-end smartphone just remember that you are gaming on an lcd screen instead of an oled one so you won’t get those deep inky blacks and vibrant colors like you would on a samsung device but here’s the bottom line you know like for the price this packs a lot of great stuff but you have to get over a couple of

things one the ghosting when you’re scrolling up and down of the display it’s not massive but it is slightly noticeable but more so the micro lag that’s something that will really bother me over the long run like this should not be happening on a snapdragon 860 like it just shouldn’t be in there and the other thing is ads why are there ads on the smartphone we already get ads on youtube you’re watching my video you probably got served an ad you get ads when you go on the web we don’t need it on a device that you purchased with your own money i know why poco’s doing it they’re doing it to subsidize the lower price point so that most people can afford it and i appreciate it but i don’t know you know it should be an option like maybe i want to buy a version of the phone that doesn’t come with ads maybe charge slightly more money i’d be happy to pay that so i don’t get ads on my phone every time i download and install an app but overall for the price it is a nice improvement compared to the poco x3 and if you’re looking for a mid-range device that comes with some premium specs this is a device to take a look at i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did feel free to hit the like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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