Review AMD RX 6700 XT – Playing the Most Popular Games!

so this is the rx 6700 xt and it’s retailing for 479 it’s set to take on nvidia’s rtx 3060 ti and rtx 3070. now i’m not gonna be doing your standard benchmark video where i use a bunch of older titles with built-in benchmarks instead i want to give you more of a realistic approach because i figure a lot of you people out there who are watching this just want to know if it can play the games you’re currently playing so i’m going to be picking some of the most popular titles being played on twitch and watched on twitch today and see how well this card handles it if you like this style of review let me know in the comment section down below hit the like button so the algorithm knows and i’ll make sure to do more videos like this the test bench we’re using is going to be a 10 900k from intel i don’t have a 5000 series cpu they’re so hard to find and the ones that i did find are being sold for insane prices i did enable resizable bar but most of the games i’m testing probably don’t take advantage of it now just to give you a quick comparison to the 6800 it’s the exact same length pretty much the exact same width the only difference is you’re using two fans instead of three because the power draw on the 6700 xt is less than the 6800 there’s less vram 12 compared to 16.

It has a smaller bus of 192 compared to 256 and obviously lower bandwidth of 384 compared to 512. so here’s the thing about warzone it is so poorly optimized no matter what gpu you’re using you want to keep most of the settings low as possible so that you get the highest fps as possible now i keep these settings the same no matter if i’m using a 6800 xt or rtx 3080 the only thing you want to be changing is the render resolution we’re going to test out 1080p first and then we’ll test out qhd second you know what let’s go superstore let’s let’s pretend i’m a professional streamer come on buddy you gotta peek you can just die like that i think he’s above me oh my god he had a shotgun you gotta be kidding i ran right into it like an idiot oh can we get out of this good though oh man a pistol okay get him out he’s going up top this guy’s going up top i need to i need to kill this guy fast he’s coming up top right here oh did he beat him oh my god i’m so lucky he should have he should have beat me oh he’s gonna be mad i totally messed that up but hey you know what kind of sucks to be you bud okay well i wanted to find out you ain’t gonna see me come up this please be no guy please be little guy please be no guy okay that’s okay cool sure that’s a great way to end it lovely jokers not even a warning that that a missile was incoming next let’s try the same settings but we’re going to change the resolution from 1920 by 1080 to 2560 by 1440 and see what kind of results we get when we play the game i’m getting about the same fps when i’m on the plane which is expected but i’m more curious how it looks and feels like when i start fighting and jumping down we’re getting about 150 to 160 at 1080p so i’m expecting this to run at 130-ish i don’t know let’s see let’s go straight to the superstore what have i done here okay great way to start the game shotguns nice i’m good with shotguns i think didn’t even have a chance didn’t even have a chance see him oh okay anyways that’s that three kills and he’s good you guys get an idea good frame rate now for overwatch it’s really well optimized i’m not going to bother you showing 1080p because we know the game’s going to run nice and fluid instead i’m going to jump to qhd 2560 by 1440 at 165 hertz per second i’m not gonna change the graphics quality above high settings because i don’t find the

visual experience to be that much better so high settings is the settings that i personally play at no matter what graphical card i’m using push back there get out of here i killed mccree though really i got you i got you easy easy done easily done let’s go baby so 220 to about 270 depending on the situation overall you’re pretty much playing this on a 240 hertz display with the perfect refresh rate you’re taking an advantage look at that play the game baby guarantee this is when i kill the mccree now gta 5 is still being played by a lot of people in fact it’s still one of the most streamed games on twitch as of today i’m gonna be running at 2560 by 1440 because this card has been handling that resolution like a champ and because this is an older title i don’t think we’re going to run into too many issues now the settings are mostly on high there’s a couple of them that are reduced to normal or soft but the visual experience is going to look fantastic not bad not bad 128 ish fps per second 130 fps per second just what i expected and 50 in the second test really good frames per second like it’s gonna handle this game no problem like i don’t even know why i’m showing this to you but i know a lot of you people who play this game want to know now we’re at 160 to 150 frames per second dropping down to 110 when there’s a lot of shadows being present on the screen 140 120 i saw it drop down to 113 for a second this test is looking about 135 to 140 average still very very good now this is what happens we have a bit more movement it spikes up because you don’t have to render as fast 180 190 wow ooh i saw a couple of little uh lag spikes there dropped down to 117 fps but overall this is this is easy qhd gta 5 no problem all right there’s a little bit of street action when you’re running around so we got a guy getting into the car bumping up it’s not dropped to 120 for a second averaging about 140 ish dropping down to 125 130 when there’s a lot of cars and people on the street 109.

So if there’s a lot of action on the street and shooting happening this is probably going to hit 105 to 115 which again it’s still fine like you’re still getting good fps at qhd damn 99 drop down to 99 there there’s a lot of action going on 92 90. i saw it drop down to 90 for one second now fortnite can run on anything ipad iphone android device doesn’t matter it’s a very well optimized game so we know it’s going to run at 1080p and since this card is crushing games at qhd we’re just going to jump to qhd too it’s ready set 2560 by 1440 unlimited frame rate we have the quality presets on epic ideally i’d play on high but i’m going to turn a couple things off like anti-aliasing and i’m also going to turn off motion blur because we don’t need that and then view distance i will leave where it is and that should do it we’ll just turn a couple things off finally got a gun did i not pick it up seriously this is my weapon all right okay you know what i’m going to change the settings to to high because i think it’s a bit too let’s put down this to 75 and see how that he’ll see how that works a little better i’m going to change that to high presets okay still there we go 190 frames per second not all fairness i haven’t fought anybody yet but that’s much better oh here we go done get out of here dead easy easy oh don’t build the building is for chumps he can’t run people over this game like cod no apparently you can’t how do i get out of here yes you can how do i get out of this thing oh exit e hold knock down baby i like that let’s kill him get out of here oh i see another guy over there i’m out of here i don’t build you keep doing it you build your little house buddy this game is so ridiculous let’s build like that’s how you that’s how you play this okay you build buddy you just keep building i hear someone right here ah number eight i tried i’m not good at this game whatever anyways there you have it no problem this game can handle qhd over 104 frames per second no problem at all so for cs go this is a super old title you can pretty much get good frames per second on any computer with an integrated gpu so obviously this 3700 xt is gonna be able to handle it fine but the idea of testing this out is to see how much fps per second you can get when it’s set to 2560 by 1440.

So i’m getting 230 fps right now i don’t know why msf afterburner doesn’t work in this but i’m using the steam overlay okay okay let’s let’s yeah okay yeah yeah this is good this is fun oh yeah that’s good i’m swearing here okay i’m trying oh my god what kind of game is this where i’m just constantly getting fragged wow you know yeah these kids aren’t listening these kids aren’t again flashbang flashbang flashbang flashbang this makes no sense again a flashbang oh my god i have no idea what’s going on all right well there you have it no problem it handles counter strike or cs go without any issues apex legends another very well optimized game now 1080p we know this is going to hit the 144 fps cap which the game sets natively so we are going to do this at qhd and see if it can maintain the same frames per second all right 144 frames per second while we’re diving which is expected now let’s see how it is one on the ground and fighting okay scanning the area this is the i don’t know which one’s which evo ought to wait what am i using an alternator i don’t even know this is a gun i need a grenade i don’t have a grenade nice this guy can do it very nicely done uh heavy round i think they went up there is this thing doing oh get shot okay this guy’s going straight up oh come on man anyways there’s a fight i suck at this game why i don’t suck at this game i do suck at this game 144 fps even when there are other people shooting at me easily handles it this card is meant for qhd gaming valorent we’re going to go straight to qhd baby because just like csgo this game is super duper light i got all the settings on high i have my screen set to 2560 by 1440 max fps will be shown dropping

down to 318 seconds one this is the dude over here easily clear up where’s my gun oh come on man i missed every shot there oh oh my god get out of my game one enemy remaining you hear him to your right attackers win all right we won that game easy peasy for this card not gonna be a problem guys all right so now i change the settings to qhd we should see about a 20 fps drop play no problem no problem lucky pre-fire i’m not messing with that get him out too where’s everybody we killed them all one bite i apologize i don’t have a fully decked out character and wow it’s been a very long time since i’ve played this game i actually used to play this game for like 10 years straight but i am hopping in in orgrimmar because it’s a fairly busy city and we can get a kind of an idea of what kind of frames per second we’re getting now i’m just going to go into the settings and i’m going to change a few things around and you guys can take a look i’m going to put everything on graphics quality 10 so everything is ultra high just because this is an older title and it should be able to handle it without any issues resolution skill is set to 2560 by 1440.

now i do want to turn off vertical sync so we can get as high frame rates as possible but i’m getting about a hundred frames per second with everything maxed out so most people are not going to play with everything maxed out just because like the graphical representation you get is not that much higher but ogremar is a good example of a place where your fps will kind of drop a little bit especially when you’re around a lot of people all right so we’re doing a dungeon i’m getting what oh my god it’s been so long i haven’t done what i’m doing here i’m so if i’m in orgrimmar frames drop a little bit more but playing this at qhd with all the settings set to ultramax is gonna be an absolute breeze for this uh for this card so here’s the bottom line this thing can obviously handle 1440p on some of the most popular titles being played today especially if you’re a warzone player like the radeon cards just offer better fps at least until nvidia can push out their dlss update to warzone specifically but the bottom line is that you should buy the card that’s available like if this 5700 xt is capable of handling the games you’re currently playing and possibly future playing you should just buy it if you can get it for retail price this holds true for the 3060 ti or 3070.

whatever comes up first just buy it because the shortages are so bad right now if you hold out you might not be able to get one of these gpus at retail price for another year so that wraps up my review of the 6700 xt if you enjoyed it let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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