Razer BlackShark V2 The Best Gaming Headphones under $100?

so i play call of duty warzone every second night i live stream it on twitch i play with a bunch of people on my discord server it’s a great time but the problem with warzone is the audio is terrible sometimes hearing footsteps is impossible now the headset i’m currently using is not bad but i’m looking for the competitive advantage razer was kind enough to send over two headsets they partnered with me on this and i’m hoping one of them is going to replace the ones i’m currently using let’s start with the black shark version 2 because i’m obviously more excited about these ones since i’m a pc gamer but they retail for around 99 usd or 120 here in canada there’s actually a wireless version of this too called the pros but they’re a bit more expensive now in the box you get the detachable microphone now the headset is a very very simple design it is this nice stealth black with green accents these green accents are nice and punchy to give it a vibrant look i just like the way it looks it just looks super clean the design of this reminds me of those old helicopter headphones now the top portion is made out of metal you have these memory foam cushions inside to provide comfortability when this is sitting on your head now you do have a thick piece of foam so that when it’s resting on your head oh wow it feels nice and comfortable okay it’s super light like i don’t feel like these are heavy headphones and i don’t know if i’m yelling but as soon as i put these on i can already tell how well the passive noise cancellation is so if you’re like in a louder environment and you want to kind of block out some of that ambient noise the shape of these cups is going to do a good job of doing that now the special thing about these is the sound quality these are 50

millimeter drivers meaning the sound stage is quite expensive now it also has this usb sound card attached to it this obviously connects to your computer using usb but if you’re connected specifically to a pc you can take advantage of thx spatial surround sound it’s a 7.1 surround sound so things should sound nice and clear just like the top green cables you also have a braided cable so this is not going to rip nearly as easily as your typical electrical cable quick look you have your volume controls on the left hand side depending on where you go you can feel like a nice indent where the volume rests when you turn it so you can get very specific on how loud or low you want the volume to be you have a mute switch on the left cup as well and a place to stick the microphone now this is a cardioid mic and the beauty about it is you can connect the mic whenever you want to talk to your teammates but let’s say you’re listening to music and you don’t want to have this mic sticking out of it you can simply take it off and then just use it as a regular headset now they don’t fold in to make them more compact but the ear cups do swivel so depending on how big or small your head is you can really specify where you want these cups to sit but i think the best way to test this is to jump into a game of warzone and see if i can get better audio okay so the headset so far sounds good i’m hearing like um very

emphasized trouble and really deep on the low end which is what i want because it makes me hear the footsteps a little bit better my god this is i can hear all the sound i can hear like every effect now this is so much more crystal clear than my other headset like they’re all upstairs i can feel their bodies touching me really too easy really get out of here right randy didn’t even have a chance didn’t even have a chance because i could hear the footsteps [Music] are you serious are you serious get out of here get out buddy just get out that’s how you snipe in my game baby ah that was my stupidity i deserve that okay these headphones i like the audio quality it’s good i can’t believe i died there oh my god now for console users you’re probably gonna look at the kraken instead this works with any console playstation xbox or the nintendo switch and even the newer versions of the series s and series x it too has a 50 millimeter sound stage but the difference with the ear cushions is that you have gel inside of them to help keep your ears cool and that makes sense since the padding is bigger it encompasses your head meaning there’s more heat produced and you need a way to keep your ears cool now the beauty about this is the design it’s very simple you have a black and blue aesthetic accompanying the headphones you have different cables or adapters to connect it to your controller i think these are to connect to the older xbox controllers whereas you can simply just use one jack for the newer ones this is wire two and just like the black shark it includes a braided cable at the top and a braided

cable to attach to your controller now these don’t move inwards to make them more compact but of course you can swivel the ear cups to form around your head better now you have these very squishy and cushiony memory foam pads and they just feel so comfortable on the head and depending on your head size you can move the mechanism up and down to fit your head perfectly there is good passive noise cancellation like when i put this on it definitely does a pretty good job of blocking ambient sound now unlike the black shark you don’t have a detachable mic this mic stays attached the entire time but the difference is is that you can just swivel it in when you’re not using it and bring it back out when you are now in terms of sound quality they’re doing the same thing they’re really emphasizing the bass which is important for explosions and footsteps which is what you want to feel and hear in a game and they also boost the voice so that you can hear dialogue better they sound great you know like they’re doing what gaming headsets can do and the beauty about is you can connect these black shark headphones to your pc jump into synapse play with the equalization settings and have different sound profiles based on the games you’re playing but you probably want to know how the microphone sounds so here’s a little example of the black shark microphone compared to the krakens this is an audio test using the razer black shark version 2.

This is exactly what the microphone sounds like using the razer black shark version 2. you’re now listening to the razer kraken for consoles you’re now listening to the microphone coming from the razer kraken for consoles so obviously this was an unboxing and first impressions video but based on my experience they both sound great i’m going to try using these black sharks going forward and if you want to see me use them you can join me every second night on twitch and ask me questions about them and funnily enough i don’t have a headset for my xbox series x so i’m gonna give these krakens a go but so far they did a good job in sound they feel comfortable to wear and have all the features that i need to game with if you’re interested in picking them up there’ll be links in the description and yeah join me on twitch if you want to see more live gameplay and my thoughts on these headphones like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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