The Best Phones of 2020 are Affordable!

welcome to my best smartphones at 2020 video and this is gonna be very different compared to every other youtuber out there they’re gonna show you phones like the galaxy zedfold 2 and the iphone 12 pro max so they’re not wrong they’re some of the best phones on the market right now but this is a different year you know a lot of people are struggling a lot of people are not buying super expensive phones and i feel like this year especially there are so many great devices between the 350 and 700 price point that basically offer everything you need in a smartphone and i’d rather give my airtime to those devices than the more expensive ones now before i get there about 40 to 50 percent of you are watching my videos and not subscribing i mentioned this in my last one imagine i owned a hot dog stand and all you did was stare at my wieners you know you don’t have to just stare my wieners come up subscribe hit the bell notification and take a hot dog oh my god these analogies are just getting worse [Music] so again i just want to reiterate all these devices i talk about today are the best smartphones of 2020 but i’m still going to categorize them to help visualize what i’m talking about better let’s start off with the mid-range nice or mid-range premium category that goes to two devices the first one being the iphone 11.

i don’t have it here because my wife is using it she refuses to upgrade but it’s an amazing smartphone you know for a hundred dollars cheaper than the iphone 12 mini you’re getting a device that still gets great performance i honestly can’t tell the difference in terms of speed between the a13 bionic and a14 they just feel so fast the battery life is better on the iphone 11 compared to the iphone 12 pro you have a big display maybe not as big as the iphone 12 pro max and it might be lcd but it’s still a very color accurate display you have fantastic battery life super solid cameras which take pretty much the exact same photos as the iphone 12. but the best thing about it is the updates apple will continue to update this device for the next four years now if you just want a lot of features packed into your smartphone for the same price of 5.99 take a look at the galaxy s20 fe i love this thing you know after using it i really questioned myself on why anybody else would spend more money on the s20 plus or even s20 ultra unless you can find them on discount which is something samsung does a lot but this is a phone that has all the good stuff that snapdragon 865 which is still plenty fast you have six gigabytes of ram a beautiful amoled display that has a high refresh rate a lot of people appreciate it and you can get it on a 599 dollar smartphone three cameras to work with which take great photos and most importantly

fantastic battery life [Music] now for 500 bucks the best mid-range phone the phone i feel offers the best of everything for the price is the pixel 4a 5g and a lot of you on my discord server voted this phone as the best phone of the year and look i agree with you you know it’s pretty much offering all the good stuff of the pixel 5 and getting rid of like the bells and whistles that not everyone really needs like wireless charging it’s great i love it but you don’t really need it you know water resistance it’s great i love it but the water resistance on most phones are not guaranteeing your phone will survive water anyways the pixel 4a 5g just offers the best things you need you get the same two cameras that are on the pixel 5 so that awesome standard wide lens plus paired with a wonderful ultra wide lens you get a very minimalistic software experience the google experience and you know when google drops a brand new update you’re going to get it right away at least for the next three years the display is bigger than the pixel 5 it actually has better speakers than the pixel 5 and it costs less money i think if you’re looking for the best all-arounder for 500 bucks the pixel 4a 5g is the phone to get [Music] so dropping another hundred dollars to the 400 category it comes down to two devices again the iphone se which offers tremendous value for 399 not only do you get a beautiful built smartphone you get a

device that’s powered by the a13 bionic there’s no other smartphone at this price that offers this much performance and when you pair that up with apple’s updates you’re getting a smartphone that’s going to last you for the next four to five years now look i get it it doesn’t have the best camera the pixels is definitely better and if that’s more important to you then get the pixel 4 a5g but the camera is good enough the display is good enough but you still get a lot of high-end features that a lot of other phones at this price just don’t offer again you’re buying this specifically for the performance and the updates for years to come now if you want something with more features and the camera is not as important then i would take a look at the oneplus nord at least if you’re not in north america everyone else around the world can pick this up for 399 euros and that offers you a device that’s packed with really great performance lots of cameras to choose from they may not be the best cameras but you have a lot of cameras to play with you get that 90 hertz display a very minimalistic software experience that’s not going to bother you for years to come and you’re going to get updates for the next two to three years and finally my favorite pick of 2020 goes to the pixel 4a this is a device that costs 350 dollars but google was able to include the exact same wide lens that’s on the pixel 5 today if you’re looking for a phone that just does the basics well but still offers one of the best cameras on the market today the pixel 4a is the device to get i

understand it doesn’t have 5g and it’s not the fastest phone in the world if you start playing games with this or if you’re some sort of crazy maniac who decides to edit a video with their phone this is not the phone to get but if you’re someone who just wants a solid smartphone with a good camera to get the basics done this is it it doesn’t have 5g it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but it has things you want that are most important so that pretty much wraps up the best smartphones of 2020 and i know this is not your typical best smartphone video there’s no iphone 12 pro maxes and note 20 ultras we know those phones are the best but we need to look at this year different just like life is different for us right now a lot of us are struggling and for those of you who need a new phone are probably not looking at the more expensive ones and i really feel between the 350 and 600 price point you can honestly get everything you need in a smartphone today and i feel like that’s the lesson for smartphones that 2020 taught us i know my indian audience is probably swearing at me right now saying where’s the xiaomi’s and real me’s and pocos but i didn’t review a lot of their phones this year and these are the phones that stuck out to me that i feel confident recommending i hope you guys enjoyed this video because if you did i’d love you hit the like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next

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