Review iMac 2020 – It’s so Good!

so i got the 2020 imac right beside me it’s the 27 inch model and by god is it stacked with the latest specs i9 10th gen cpu it’s using a specific apple skew the 10910k this is a variation of the 10 900k that you’re used to seeing on desktop pcs it has 32 gigabytes of ram a one terabyte nvme ssd and the latest radeon 5700 xt gpu now in terms of design it’s the exact same thing not a lot has changed you have the same ports two thunderbolt three three usb ports you have an audio jack and an sd card slot the big update this year is that you can buy it with a 10 gigabit ethernet jack this is something that was reserved to the imac pro this is great because i personally have a backup solution that i work directly off and i connect it directly using 10 gigabit ethernet now the big deal this year is that you can now buy the nano texture display on an imac this was previously reserved for the xdr display only this was done right it’s textured into the glass and it significantly reduces all reflections hitting the display and this is exactly what i want yes technically if you have a regular glass glossy display beside it it might look a little bit brighter but this is the best implementation i’ve seen so far screen brightness color accuracy and color gamut are still exceptional on this display it may be the same old 5k display that apple’s been using for a while but it’s still one of the better displays out there on the market and it looks great with the nano texture the other big addition is the webcam we get a 1080p webcam the same webcam that’s in the imac pro and by god does it look so much better than the webcam on the macbook pro 16.

so if you’re staying at home and you’re using your computer for conference calls you’re gonna love this webcam compared to the previous one the speakers are also the same as the previous imac but the difference this year is that they added a variable controller to the t2 chip in order to equalize the sound so depending on the type of content you’re watching the equalization settings will kick in and offer you a better sound experience now i did compare these speakers to the macbook pro 16 which i feel are like the best speakers on a laptop right now the macbook pro 16 sounded slightly brighter but the imac was louder with better mids and heavier bass [Music] is the other addition is the microphones there’s three of them in here exactly like the macbook pro 16 but the big difference is you don’t get those beam forming mics meaning it’s not going to follow your voice when you’re not directly in front of it this is fine considering the imac is going to be stationary on your desk and you’re most likely going to be staring at it the entire time but the quality of the microphone is exactly the same as the macbook pro 16.

This is a microphone check using the imac 2020. this is a microphone check using the imac 2020. this is a microphone test using the macbook pro 16.

this is a microphone test using the macbook pro 16. right now i’m talking using the rode procaster microphone i am using the rode pro caster microphone now when it comes to performance you would think my water cooled desktop pc would absolutely destroy the imac but this is where software optimization comes into play and changes everything if you’re looking at raw benchmarks then yes on paper the 10900 case especially in something like cinebench is going to be faster same with the gpu the rtx 2080 super inside of my 10 900k is a faster gpu than the 5700 xt the 5700xt to put it in context for you is very similar to an rtx 2080 super max q now when you start using software specifically in the adobe suite that’s when everything changes if you’re a photoshop user both of these computers performed amazingly but the difference is the imac beat out my desktop pc not by tons but by enough same with after effects because the 5700 xt is

sporting 16 gigabytes of vram compared to 12 on my 2080 super the performance of rendering and applying effects in after effects is faster on the mac the only area in the adobe suite that my pc1 was adobe premiere the problem is the 5700 xt lost out when it came to exporting files it was slower something to do with the optimizations probably adobe’s fault is just not there the cuda cores are preferred they’re better optimized to export footage if you’re talking about multicam playback and and timeline scrubbing it’s actually faster on the imac now if you’re a developer same sort of story because it’s running on mac os you have that unix kernel compiling code using the cpu is going to be faster on the mac compared to my desktop pc then there’s gaming you can actually game on this imac this 5700 xt is a capable gaming card the only downfall though is that you’re still stuck with a 60 hertz display and this would have been an absolute awesome time to add some of that pro motion to their imac line thermals on the other hand are always a hot topic pun intended with apple devices because we’ve seen like the macbook air and some other machines get really high temperatures you have to understand something apple has a deal with intel to get the best silicone from the fabs that are come out of the manufacturing process so their cpus can handle the higher

temperatures better than like the typical 10 900k that you’d buy for your desktop pc so yeah i am seeing temperatures that go over 90 and sometimes the clock speeds will go down to 3.6 to 3.9 but at the end of the day the software experience the faster software experience that i showed you in this video speaks for itself so here’s the thing the imac 2020 may look the same as the previous generation but they did a good job of updating the things that count the 10 core intel paired with the 57 or xt from amd runs beautifully you have a better webcam which is great from working from home better microphones better speakers and most importantly to me the ability to buy it with an rj45 and a nano texture matte display look if you’re worried about this getting outdated because of apple silicon i don’t think that’s going to happen for a while for apple silicone an arm processor to be as powerful as what you have inside of here is going to take years the first things to go will be the macbook air than the macbook pro but i think if you were to buy this intel imac today you should be fine for the next four to five years i hope that helps this review if you have any more questions let me know in the comments below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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