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hello my moderatelies i’m chris from texburn and today’s unboxing extravaganza is going to be a double whammy we’ve got not one but two new premium smartphones the vivo x70 pro and the x70 pro plus the pro plus is naturally the more premium of the pair but both of them sport some particularly snazzy zeiss labelled gimbalised camera tech now i don’t know the official uk pricing at the time i shot this video because i shot it ahead of the official launch but i will bring that in the video description when it is revealed for now let’s whip them out the box take you on a full on tour of the hardware the software see how they stack up against one another for the specs and whatnot and for more on the latest and greatest stack satisfy do shove subscribe and ding that notifications bell merriments so first up the x70 pro plus certainly winning the combat of the box is excellently pro very nicely presented and everything photography redefines but on the x70 pro plus you’ve got this gradual uncover form carton which is very snazzy definitely worth the doubtless hundreds of extra pounds just for that that little change digression however

what you actually get bundled in the box is very similar for these two smartphones so you get one preferably sizable adapter one form c usb cable you’ve got a protective dispute wrap with each phone in the case of the x70 pro it’s your standard rubbery condom contingency in the instances the pro plus that’s a more strict plastic liaison and you can get some wired vivo labelled earphones bundled in there as well so now let’s compare these vivo smartphones side by side and as you can clearly see there the x70 pro plus obviously has a bit of extra prestige compared with the smaller x70 pro the plus pattern is a 6.78 inch godzilla compared with the standard 6.56 inch vivo x70 pro and you can definitely feel the value change as well the pro plus is 30 grams heavier than its smaller sibling both come in black as standard although the pro is available in a lighter aurora dawning hue as well very simple straightforward esthetics on both of these vivo xmt smartphones it’s glass surfacing around on the arse end with a matte finish so thankfully touchwood neither seems to pick up greasy fingerprints too easily and besides the obvious size difference you can easily tell the pro plus from the x70 pro because it’s got this extended camera chassis a little

bit of pondering cloth there which actually could be fairly handy you can use it to see if you’ve got anything stuck in your teeth before foreman into a find or something no real changes at all to speak of between the vivo x70 pro and the xmt pro plus when it comes to the buttons and the port is exactly the same arrangement on both nonetheles there is one more invisible difference between the pair and that’s the fact that the vivo x70 pro plus keeps ip68 water and dust resistant so you can drop it in the sag and a bubbly bathtub whatever it should hopefully live just fine whereas the vivo x70 pro is not apparently funding an ip rating and no divergence at all in the sims setup you’ve got a double-sided sim tray on both but unfortunately there’s no cavity for a microsd storage card all right so the vivo x70 pro and the xmt pro plus all set up and ready for action what you got here is of course a bit of android 11 action but suffocated on top of that is vivo’s very own fun touch launcher and no i didn’t conclude that hit up ogle it really is called fun touch is it actually fun to touch well the good news is that similar to other openings like me ui it’s got more of a broth android vibe these days so for example you’ve got your app straight in there you can drag down that notifications bar the likes of the google detect feed that’s on there as well however whatever it is you likewise get on the vivo x7 0 smartphones is

a shag load of bullshit where i mean look at all the stuff that comes pre-installed on here a few of these parts i’ve hurled on myself but things like a load of trash i don’t even know what it is like and lazada shoppie i entail most of it just sounds made up and then you got the likes of hot apps which tries to fill your telephone with even more crap wear and i’m sorry but i don’t think talking tom has ever been described as a sizzling app still on the positive side most of this debris can be quickly and easily obliterated from your smartphones and likewise the good news is you’ve got 256 gigs of storage on both these smartphones although i believe you can pick up the vivo x70 pro in a 128 gigabyte edition if you want to and it’s ufs 3.1 so nice and spry while some apps on there were actually moderately useful like seeing manager which allows you to clear up all the crap that you’ve got uh stored on your smartphone check out how much data you’re using all that kind of shenanigans certainly got plenty of bonus implements on here as well and there’s quantities of other bonus flakes chucked away on here that likes the ultra game mode which i will explore last-minute and on a protection

tape it is a fingerprint sensor built into the display an optical sensor in both cases and nice and fast and accept certainly had absolutely no questions utilizing either of those on my first 48 hours for these smartphones and speaking of those screens well they’re both mighty amoled bodies it’s a 6.

56 incher on the standard pro 6.78 inches on the pro plus they’re obviously one for you media and gaming devotees and that more spacious committee does boast a better answer as well wqhd so it’s 3200 by 1440 pixels whereas the standard pro boss a more standard resolution full hd 2376 x10e generally you won’t really notice a difference between the visual yield though between these two unless you are closely examining a high-res photo on both and that’s when you’ll visualize the standard pro causes slightly better dark-green and misses out on the finer items that you will see ran out by the pro plus but if you’re just streaming a bit netflix disney plus or whatever very similar output on both very similar uh color tonal breeding same crispy differ all that good nonsense for both phones the screen does bow ever so somewhat around those advantages as well and of course

you have the selfie orifice housed up top in a central orientation and the vivo x70 pro and the x70 pro plus the screens get strongly bright on that top tier as well so again use them outdoors on a sunshiny day not a perturb and in those display puts vivo allows you to tinker around with the screen coloring yields you can choose between several different presets otherwise you are eligible to manually configure it as well as you see you’ve got the usual nose comfort modes and all that shenanigans and also if we dive down to the bottom you’ll see you’ve got the screen refresh rate option as well and as you see it’s set to smart switch by default that they are able to automatically change the refresh proportion will vary depending on what app you’re actually use so patronage apps it will improve it up to 120 hertz otherwise you merely do that manually things are more certainly not equal when it comes to the audio yield as well because the standard vivo x70 pro only has a mono speaker housed down here on the bottom edge whereas you’ve got stereo loudspeaker output now on the pro plus but is there any actual real change in that

audio quality well let’s find out 11 like 5g ne for the last week or so i’ve been using that’s my full-time smartphone so here is my in-depth review and for more on the latest and greatest and now the pro plus so here is my in-depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech delight do thrusting subscribe and made that notifications bell praises and yeah the simulate loudspeaker on the vivo x70 pro is perfectly acceptable goes reasonably thunderous and the purity abides penalize but the x70 pro plus certainly a step up in terms of the actual audio quality uh somewhat louder as well simply yeah it just sounds better unfortunately bugger all headphone jack activity on either of these vivo x70 smartphones that is a bloody shame but thankfully no issues streaming via bluetooth to speakers or headphones so at least you’ve got that to depend on now recital and the vivo x70 port is powered by mediatek’s fresh dimensionally 1200 chipset as too found on the xiaomi 11 t and to some degree to the oneplus nord 2 it’s a slightly nippped copy in there whereas the vivo x70 pro plus is powered by qualcomm’s evenly a fresh snapdragon 888 plus and vivo’s crammed 12 gigs of ram into both of these smartphones though i believe you can pick up the standard pro with exactly eight gigs as well if you crave and vivo’s been making a big deal the fact you’ve got virtual ram on both these smartphones as well what that

basically signifies is it uses the storage as makeshift recollection when the remembering is actually full i symbolize with 12 gigs on board you’d hope that that’s not really gonna be an issue and of course use a virtual recognition much slower than standard recognition as “youre seeing” there a clear difference in the geekbench compositions between the mediatek chipset and the qualcomm that’s to be expected there are indeed a accomplishment difference between the two but the good news is that the standard vivo x70 pro still perfectly capable of doing everything you could possibly want it to apps load up in a jiffy perfectly no hanging about or anything like that and also if you are a gamer yeah you’re probably gonna be more invited by that pro plus with its extra grunt but the vivo x70 pro perfectly capable of playing exceed tier claims like gentian impact on higher detail settings as well without any judders or stutters to really break your recreation playing experience certainly both of these smartphones should be capable of playing any deed on the google play store absolutely no worries whatsoever and reassuringly i didn’t notice any proper build-up of hot when i was gaming on again gentian impact on either of these smartphones over a span of age you know

neither of them toasted my fingertips and the implementation of its remained solid throughout “once youve” gaming you’ve got the ultra game mode which you can trigger at any point you really drag out the little menu like so it’s a little bit shy but it gets there eventually this allows you to check on how the financial resources are handling the current title you can also block notifications so you can stay in the game get a bit of picture in video procedure on the go record the screen etc and as you can see there’s also a performance mode that you can swap to only to make sure that all the resources are dedicated to your sport there’s nothing in the background you’re not sucking up your bandwidth and your storage and all that you’ve got a 5g modem built into both the dimensionly 1200 and the snapdragon 888 plus the full 5g help on the vivo x70 pro and the pro plus as well as far as the battery life goes well both the x70 pro and the x70 pro plus crew have been able to determining it through a full period with lots of intensive use as well lots of background music streaming lots of sat nav action camera play all that good substance artillery ability is mostly the same we’re talking 4 450 milliamp hours versus 4500 the recharge rapidity slightly better on the pro plus modeling you got 55 watt fast billing on there versus the 44 watt on the standard vivo xmd pro still extremely spry really though but when it comes to wireless bill the

pro plus the more fee modeling is the only one that is compatible with it and it is 50 watt wireless billing as well so you’ve got a corroborated membrane wireless charging pad that can do up to 50 watts then bananarama so let’s finish up this unboxing and compared to a squint-eyed at that camera tech and as “youre seeing” there vivo is still very chummy with the zeiss got a bit of zeiss brandon on both the pro and the pro plus and zeiss actually provided the t-star glass for the lenses it’s the same as sony’s flagships which only helps to reduce thoughtfulness foreclose gaussian yada yada extremely handy if you’re shooting in strong glowing or at night time where you have some very strong light sources like candles or street lights to contend with and unsurprisingly the x70 pro and the pro plus use the same camera ui basically you’ve got the same bonus camera modes chucked on there including the likes of the darknes mode the likenes procedure maximum resolving mode all that good substance now the vivo x70 pro exercises a 50 megapixel imx 766 v sensor that’s a tradition copy of the standard sony imx 766 for improved low-light performance and that’s compared with the pro pluses 50 megapixel samsung gn1 sensor you’ ve got optical portrait stabilization on both plus a five axis gimbal stabilization again helpful when things get a bit dim both vivo phones can spaff out a sharp finely detailed photo with accurate color reproduction accommodates and you knock off all that usual ai shenanigans which tends to over emphasize particular colours depending on the subject and of course all of that beautified bollocks can go as well the major difference i noticed was that the pro plus officers considerably better in stronger light-colored with less flaring and other

visual issues and in general the pro tends to pump out brighter shots than the pro plus with the more payment phone coming closer to what you’ll actually view with your peepers the pro plus also has an additional v1 imaging processor to help brighten and denoise your picks precisely to call a couple of its many uses and in low-spirited glowing this definitely has an impact displaying much sharper more natural looking personas and there’s also a big difference when it comes to the ultra wide angle effort as well because you’ve got 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens here on the vivo x70 pro on the pro plus that is improved to a 48 megapixel result again with a bit of that gimbal war i emphatically noticed that the pro plus is ultra wide angle shooter captivated most natural dyes again in comparison with the vivo x70 pro especially in that stronger light-headed and in lower light-footed as well like gimbal act genuinely cures out means you get a much clearer sharper photo and both sets of blurs too have an eight megapixel periscope lens as well with three times visual zoom that’s absolutely fantastic for getting detailed photos

from a distance and both the vivo x70 pro and the x70 pro plus cliff a 12 megapixel photograph lens as well dedicated lens although this does use a slightly different sensor on both and again it looks like more natural looking likeness now on the pro plus switch to video and you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage now on the vivo x70 pro at either 30 or 60 frames per second however now on the vivo x70 pro plus you can boost that all the way up to a stunning 8k decide and so far the footage that i’ve shot on both the x70 pro and the pro plus absolutely fine you know nice strong uh detailing in there at that 4k solving estimable persona stabilization reasonably accurate hue captivate on both i know you’re really going to be swayed by that ak video option still don’t really view the point is how many beings actually have the ability to play back 8k footage and another difference that’s definitely worth pointing out comes from the fact that when you’re at that 4k solving stage you can swap between the standard lens and the telephoto lens here on the x70 pro on the pro plus you can actually bring that ultra wide angle lens into play as well and the x70 pro plus does also

support hdr video shooting as well if you are dealing with very strong compare as for the selfie results with the 32 megapixel figurehead facing snapper on both the vivo x70 pro and the pro plus very similar results from the pair of them so either is fine for your better instas or whatever else and there you have it that in a nutshell is how the fresh2 vivo x70 pro loads up against the vivo x70 pro plus as you can see quite a lot of difference between the two but then there will too be a big gap in that price as well so which one are you more seduced by can you see yourself upgrading to that pro plus or would you be happy with merely the standard pro it’ll be completely lovely to hear from you guys in specific comments below satisfy do protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech i’m going to “ve brought you” a full review of that vivo x70 pro plus imminently so clearly don’t want to miss that so have yourselves a splendid residual of the week and claps love you

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