Review GIISSMO 9 in 1 Hub and Giveaway

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the g small 9-1 usb-c hub this retails for a little over 70 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and in full disclosure this was furnished to me by the manufacturer for review purposes now with that out of the way uh two other important things uh that i think all of you should know is that uh for father’s day the manufacturer will be doing a giveaway and in addition to that i should have a discount code for those of you who do want to pick this up in the immediate just check the description for more details now who is this hub for well first and foremost uh this pretty much is a universal hub that is aimed at being compatible with pretty much everything so we’re talking about tablets pcs macs phones you get the idea and it gives you a pretty solid port array of course type c two usb 3.1 gen2 ports which max out at 10 gigabits per second which is very good it’s basically you know one step below thunderbolt performance which for most people is more than enough throughput and then you also have two usb 2.0 ports for peripherals things like you know mice keyboards those things and then on the video side we have vga as well as hdmi out and the hdmi out one of two ports is capable of 4k at 30 hertz the other is full hd at 60 as is the vga so you’ve got two outputs for full hd 60 hertz and one for 4k 30 and then of course we also have an ethernet port so let’s go ahead and get this out of the box again i

think that’s a pretty solid port lineup and the fact that you know it doesn’t have to be powered but of course as you know many would imagine in some circumstances you will want to power it uh if you’re really using all of the ports it’s just something to be aware of so as you can see the first thing out of the box is actually a cd um believe it or not which is not something you’re going to see that often so we’ve got our manual and by the way something that everyone needs to know is that you will want to grab the driver for this device before you start using it and i’ll include more information on that that is specifically a driver that i’ve seen before and they may actually detail it right here on the box i’m just looking through again this is the rundown on pretty much everything else but it’s the silicon motion uh driver uh so something to be aware of and as you can see we’ve got a little adorable uh cd-rom mini cd-rom here which you don’t see very often uh but then moving into the hub itself so they’ve included a type c to type a cable with i would say a good amount of length to it and then the actual hub itself which has an aluminum build every single port as you can see here is labeled which i think is definitely beneficial for anyone trying to figure out differentiate between ports of course the ports are also color coordinated which is a good thing so again the faster ports are orange those are the ones that support 10 gigabit uh throughput and then the black ports usb 2.0 again designed for peripherals and then even on uh the two hdmi ports and the type c port here they also give you more information as i’ve been

stating so 4k right there this is one of the two hdmi ports will give you 4k 30 as i stated earlier then 1080p at 60 hertz that is full hd from this hdmi port this port this type c port is a power delivery now this does not support power delivery to your laptop this is not going to drive um you know 100 watts to another device so for those of you wondering that is not going to happen this is in the event you want to actually use this port as essentially an umbilical additionally to give more power to this hub on this side i’ve already gone over the ports but where i haven’t is the end right here and i’ve mentioned these so as you can see we’ve got vga and an rj45 i mentioned earlier the vga while many of you some of you may not even know what a vga port is this is still a standard in the business world and in many classrooms schools uh college and otherwise full hd at 60 hertz so this is ideal when hooking up to usually projection systems but you know much older monitors do still support it and then of course ethernet well needs no introduction and then what they’ve done here on the cable you’re going to connect to your device of choice and this is truly the umbilical because this will provide power to the hub from the device you’re connecting it to and you’ll only really need to power this hub in the event the device that you’ve connected it to can’t provide enough power for the hub itself so you do not need to carry around a dedicated power supply but it’s just something to be aware of so natively of course we have type c but let’s say you have a laptop or a phone that doesn’t support type c or a

tablet even of course you have type a connectivity as well so that’s definitely a good thing that they’ve included it and that pretty much rounds out the unboxing let’s move to actually using the g small with some different devices so you can see how it actually works now that we have the silicon motion driver installed the g small nine and one hub is ready to be used so let’s start with a portable display i’ve already connected this hdmi cable to this you perfect 15.6 inch 4k touchscreen display it does happen to have a built-in battery so that means by simply connecting this hdmi port to the 4k hdmi port we’re going to have the ability to either duplicate this display or extend it now i’m gonna go with extending it that makes the most sense and you can see boom we’re in business and i’ve already created the orientation here so the primary is one two is to the left i know you can’t see that let me go ahead and bring the brightness down now you should have a pretty good view and if i select display 2 because we’re using i didn’t mean to do that because we’re using the 4k hdmi output you can see we have 3840 by 2160 resolution 200 scaling and we’re in business and if we want to drag anything over to that extended display we have that ability now granted that’s a little bit bright so it’s getting blown out but i can assure you it works perfectly well and this is exactly what you want out of a hub that’s going to promise the ability to expand video now remember this caps out at two displays um one can be 4k 30.

The other one can be full hd at 60 hertz or you can alternatively have two full hd at 60 hertz displays but you cannot support three other than your primary you’ll only get to three by having two other than your primary display that’s connected to the g small now with portable monitors already a go and working perfectly well and at 4k let’s get to storage so card readers something that is not on board the g small is yet another thing you’re likely going to want to use so i’ve got a cable here which is ideal and i’ll try to include a link in the description for this cable because you’ll need it with the g small hub to really get the most out of it this is a sovereign cable that’s type c at one end type a at the other but with an adapter so you know if you need it to be type c it can very similar to what g small has included with their hub so basically in this case i’m going to be taking this pro grade card reader inserting my type c cable and then inserting the type a into the g small hub now if you’re wondering why it’s because those two orange high speed 3.1 ports are what we want to use so i’m going to go ahead and connect that remember that’s the way you’re going to get the best throughput from the type a usb connectivity on this and you can see already on my laptop i’ve got folders that have populated let’s go ahead and just try to transfer uh one item so this is 5.66 gigs let’s go ahead and drag that to the desktop now remember the throughput here is going to max out at the capability of the card that it is pulling data from so you can

see we’ve been ranging from you know the low 50s all the way up to nearly 120 megabytes a second showing that essentially right now we are peak for what that card that’s being transferred from copied from is capable of which is roughly a little under 90 megs a second and that’s right where it’s at so performance looks good it’s going smoothly this is what you want to see from a hub like this especially if you plan on using it for transferring data from not only sd cards microsd cards like i’m doing here but of course then something like a compact flash express type a card so let’s go ahead and test that out why don’t we so i can remove this now fair warning you should always eject i didn’t eject uh you should eject it in order to not corrupt your data don’t always do what i do i stick to solid advice but now we’re bringing in a cf a compact flash express type a card which is basically a tiny nvme drive if you will a solid state drive and this is going to be pretty fast significantly faster than what you just saw out of that card because well the other card was just a micro sd card here if i go ahead and drag this entire folder we should see some blistering performance compared to that and you already do we’re transferring at nearly 600 megabytes a second so even though this does not have thunderbolt connectivity it is still more than enough headroom for bleeding edge tech like a cf express type a card with

a pro grade reader which is right now essentially the fastest storage a sony user can get their hands on so if like me you shoot sony this is the way you’re gonna go conversely if you use a camera that supports cf express type b which is the more common standard more affordable larger storage capacity that too is going to work just as well here so food for thought moving away from this let’s get on to external hard drives now i’m going to continue using this cable it’s pretty much a godsend and i’ll remind all of you about it because if you choose to use a different cable than this and this is i’m not saying you have to find a unicorn your speeds the cable may be a bottleneck on your speed so it’s something everyone just needs to be aware of let’s go ahead and take a look at some severant hard drives so i have an nvme four terabyte drive here great drive savart makes a lot of great ones but this is particularly solid because it’s got great storage capacity and of course very fast speed so fast that you can edit 4k video right off of this drive so i’m going to plug that in and it should populate it has and immediately we have access to a wide array of files here from my channel so let’s go ahead and just pull one of those 25 gig files and throw it onto the desktop we’ll see what that transfer speed is like again i’m expecting really solid speeds we’re starting out out at a little over 200 i’m expecting us to top out at around six to seven hundred we’re still working our way up we’re at about five thirty almost hit six hundred there and we’re peaking right around five to six hundred megs now technically this drive can achieve a thousand i generally see it hover between six and 800 megs so this is

performing again as expected a little under 600 megs that is not something where i’m going to look at the g small hub and say what’s going on if anything we may be topping out on the speeds that this particular cable is capable of so just food for thought there now i have this eight terabyte seven nvme drive that is one of my favorite pieces of tech on the planet i’m gonna go ahead and plug this in and see if we can connect now this is designed to work with thunderbolt as well as 3.1 connections like we have here so we’re going to see if it can function it may it may not it really depends on the hub itself so let’s go ahead and connect this and see if it works now i’ve tried this with other cables on other machines and it doesn’t always and that’s why i figured it would be a good test just to see if it plays nice with the hub now when you go direct with this it will generally always work but as you can see it is working if i go ahead and just try to drag this onto the desktop now this i have not optimized performance for which is something you need to do inside of the device manager but we’re still getting roughly the same speeds which in my opinion reinforces the fact uh that you know it’s about the throughput of this particular cable we’re at a little over 600 megs this is a faster drive but performance seems to be basically a wash so again uh we’ve got a drive that’s a hybrid uh capable of thunderbolt as well as you know the 10 gigabit speeds the g small supports and it’s working just fine as is the traditional type c 3.1 drive over there so a good performance across the board now let’s talk about you know just

something as simple as charging devices so i’ve got my mobvoid ticwatch right here it has its own proprietary charger type a let’s go ahead and connect that now this is a good example of not needing those type c excuse me type a ports with the higher throughput so i’ll leave this connected let’s go to one of the black ports those are the type a 2.

0 ports rather than the 3.1s and of course this is working as you can see now i believe the watch has a full charge but you know again just proof of concept that this is working as it should and there you can see it now in the event i wanted to connect yet another device we can do that so let’s give it a shot now i’m not going to be connecting ethernet or vga for those of you that want to use it more power to you i think they’re invaluable to have but most of us do not need those on a regular basis but for business purposes security being one of the great aspects of going ethernet and then vga is just legacy as i mentioned uh projection systems and a lot of commercial buildings and universities schools they’re still there so you don’t want to not have it and need it so let’s go ahead and just try plugging in my smartphone which is the z-fold 3 my daily driver the best phone ever made in my opinion let’s go ahead and connect that i’m going to use the cable that g small includes so again it’s a type a to type c so let me plug that into my phone and i expect that we’re going to get you know decent charging speeds but nothing crazy i’ll actually start off in the higher speed port

because i want to just determine whether or not we are going to see a difference in uh charging capability here now interestingly enough this cable included by g small is not delivering anything uh to the phone let’s see if i go ahead and go to the type a port 2.0 port rather which is generally better for peripherals and see if that delivers a charge that too is not providing anything so i’m gonna say that’s a matter of the cable and this is one of those things folks where you just you need to be aware and most people aren’t and that’s why i’m going over connectivity of this sort so remember the saberant cable that i showed before that i was saying uh was really invaluable it’s kind of that case again let’s go ahead and see how the phone behaves with the severant cable connected and that instantly came up uh with charging capability and of course it’s also giving me the ability through our laptop connected to the g small hub to access files in the event that is what i want to do so we can go ahead and just look at the computer right here and you can see the z fold 3 has populated if i want to copy my images from the phone any data i can do that all right and the charging time is right now i’m at 74 percent and i’m going to show you this right now you can see that it is telling me that i have 51 minutes left to a full charge so this is not a fast charging method i believe it tops out at five watts i believe so

you’re not going to get you know incredibly fast charging but that also could be a limitation of the cable i will state that yet again and if i go ahead and grab go ahead and put this down my z full three let’s say the blower baby i have right here i want to charge that up this should work and it should but this may be where all of a sudden it is charging you can see right there amber light came on so i guess it just was a matter of the amount of power being delivered to the hub it appears but everything is back to working because remember the u perfect monitor has a built-in battery and in the event this did not have a built-in battery you would likely just well not likely you would have to power the monitor um all portable monitors that is the case it has nothing to do with the g small hub so keep that in mind but again just showing the capability of this hub to charge devices connect hard drives read cards through card readers while still maintaining solid speeds and i think that the hub still comes in at a very palatable price but that pretty much rounds things out you know do you need a hub if you do and you don’t need thunderbolt and you’re looking for something that i would call fairly affordable at its price competent it’s going to give you a

wide range of connectivity um and it is marketed as a universal hub and i think you can see why whether it’s charging devices uh transferring data even the ability really to use this to edit with drives like these nvme drives you are getting high enough transfer transfer speeds over those orange 3.1 gen 2 ports that you really can edit 4k uh directly from a drive so just food for thought and then those legacy ports are never a bad thing to have so i’m gonna go ahead and disconnect this uh from the lenovo by the way a great laptop for anyone wondering i’m gonna go ahead and close this up and really what it comes down to again is what you’re looking to get out of a hub this is compact i mean it’s essentially you know the size a little bit longer than a credit card but very similar in length um you know seems to have solid build quality the only thing i would mention that i wish g small had here was power delivery and i believe their other model does have 100 watt power delivery but again it’s all a matter of what you’re after this does give you nine in one functionality it does give you the ability to adapt to computers and devices that do not support type c although in my world the majority of things these days do so i think it’s you know a solid hub and if this checks the boxes for what you need it’s compact and again i think labeling the ports is something that everyone needs maybe not everyone will admit it but when you get to the point that one port delivers 4k one is

1080p one is only for power not delivery but power input you need to know that because people would inherently try to use this type c port and i didn’t make mention but it is only functional to deliver power to this hub in the event the hub requires it and then having that general labeling on the other side to know again what each of these type a usb ports is capable of for data throughput is critical no one wants to waste their time plugging nvme drives into usb 2.0 ports and granted color coordination should do that but not everybody knows what that means and that’s why it’s good that the manufacturer has labeled them but that rounds things out again unboxing full review i can easily recommend this if it fits your needs i would have trouble recommending it if it didn’t live up to its promise of throughput delivery on those usb ports and if it wasn’t capable of delivering the video output as per the manufacturer’s claims but it has delivered on all the promises that g small made and remember that is the pronunciation i didn’t make that up that it may read like gizmo but the manufacturer assured me it’s g-small any questions or comments actually before i get to that remember uh what i mentioned before about the discount code as well as the giveaway that they’ll be doing but you know that rounds things out any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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