Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 vs HP Chromebook X2

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a comparison between the lenovo chromebook duet 3 on the left with the hp chromebook x2 on the right now when it comes to pricing and specifications these two machines are incredibly similar here in 2022. in fact less than 100 us dollars separates them where six months ago when the x2 launched at 599 us well the duet the original was roughly 200 so you’re talking about more than twice the price now with the brand new duet 3 i think lenovo has delivered every improvement you could possibly want but the price did go up it now retails for 369 but it’s been on sale since i received it roughly a week ago 269 at the time of the unboxing 299 at the time of today’s video so the fact that this is 2.99 and i can pick this up for 370 right now while i’m recording this the x2 is the winner without any hesitation you get more in every single way the only thing you don’t get more of in my opinion is that little six percent boost in clock speed that the qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen 2 inside the new duet 3 delivers over the x2 will you notice that no would i like to have that 6 yes you got to go with the x2 anyway and that’s something i will explain over the course of this video so let’s start with the display both of them are great both are 11 inches both have good aspect ratios for these sort of devices we went from a 16 by 9 to a 16 by 10 here with the duet 3 that’s a big improvement we’ve got a 3×2 on the hp i think that’s an even bigger improvement even though this is six months older i prefer this aspect ratio if you prefer 16 by 10 the good

news is you’ve got options and they’re more affordable so let’s take a look and listen to each of these the panel on the left the lenovo 2000 by 1200 resolution panel on the right is i believe 2160 by 1440 remember both are 60 hertz you’re not going to get high refresh rate uh in affordable chromebook anything that’s just not uh what you’re going to get and remember the x2 wasn’t meant to be affordable uh it does come with a pen i didn’t even point that out you’re getting more i said that so let’s take a look and listen first to the duet 3 and then we’ll check out the x2 volume is at one hundred percent today i wanted to share a quick unboxing first look at the lenovo chromebook this retails roughly 360 us dollars but is presently at the time of this unboxing on sale for roughly 260 dollars i’ll include a link in the description and that does make it yet again just like its apprentice and by the way this does also support pen input it doesn’t come with a pen but that’s pretty easy to purchase in the aftermarket in business but there’s the whole package in the case i think it’s really slick looking it follows the same design language as all all of lenovo’s android tablets grant so i think the audio performance is fairly clear not that incredibly loud but serviceable and that’s what the the i would say overall experience is going to be for audio on both of these but you will see in a moment here that the x2 does have i think a better overall audio experience uh take a listen to it right now and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the lenovo chromebook duet 3.

This retails roughly 360 us dollars in that it is a convertible so now from a productivity standpoint as soon as you throw it into this position you pretty much have that uh you know complete laptop experience and i’m just impressed with the travel things i think this is going to be right up your alley i mean this really is in my opinion okay so i think the key takeaway here is that both of these are going to get the job done uh the audio performance i think is better on the x2 their front firing speakers as opposed to side uh speakers so you could argue maybe the x2 is actually even impeding here i’ll put this back on i don’t think it is no different but that’s what’s so unique so personally again the x2 i think has the better display it’s higher res uh brightness approximately the same between these two uh and of course the x2 in addition to that you’ve got pen input out of the box here you will be buying a pen it’ll only set you back around 60 i think 60 us dollars to get something that will be reliable but the thing is the experience of pen input on either of these devices really is more a matter of just what the experience is like inside chrome os which is lackluster it’s not something i’m going to recommend to anyone so it’s really better than not having it but i wouldn’t recommend this over probably any other competing product whether we’re talking about mobile os in the apple or android sphere or of course windows devices so that tells you everything you need to know both of these will deliver 10 hours of battery life even more depending on how stingy you can be on the other hand if you push them high brightness i mean if i pump up brightness right now you’ll immediately see a marked difference in what it looks like for all of you and that’s because these do get fairly bright and that you know the brightness title does i think go slightly towards uh the duet 3 but again the aspect ratio resolution is a a twofer i cannot ignore uh with uh the x2 now again the processor six percent uh more you know overall performance in the clock speed uh from the 7c gen 2.

Uh the ram difference i mean the more expensive x2 uh is definitely the way to go in my opinion i don’t know what lenovo is pricing the duet 3 with you know 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage remember this is a 4 gig ram model with 64 gigs of internal storage uh so of course lte options are out there for the x2 for those of you that want that so that’s not a bad thing either but in terms of overall capability you’re going to get a very similar experience here even with uh the low end model versus this so i think that’s the other compelling thing that i didn’t point out while here i’m telling all of you that it’s nice to have the you know eight gigs of ram because it is and it’s nice to have the 128 gigs of internal storage you don’t need it i mean chrome os in my opinion is designed to be it is a cloud piece of hardware so with that in mind internal storage really isn’t that high on my list i mean we’ve got to be able to support apps and multitasking neither of these are excellent at that i’m telling you that now if you push either of these with too many things being open at once even with eight gigs of ram and presumably even with eight gigs of ram on the duet iii i think it’s going to get dicey uh so it’s kind of like the pen experience understand uh that happy medium and you won’t be disappointed uh i think you know you have two to four things open here the world will be good that’s what’s nice and light about chrome os but go beyond that you know turn it into a workhorse you’re going to be let down so don’t have false expectations about that when it comes to the keyboard experience both are really good the duet 3 improved just like the display the processor i mean everything about the duet improved but the keyboard is still better on the x2 you’ve got a bigger trackpad i would say the key travel roughly the same i actually like that you can you know magnetically prop up the keyboard into the angle position similarly to the surface pro that this is clearly a blatant uh replica of but that’s a matter of personal preference some of you may prefer the flat design here remember they’re detachable it’s not a big deal you can even use other accessories but you know of course the idea is you’re buying this for the complete package and the good news is again that the complete

package on both is good uh but the fact that the four gig ram model is comparable right now in performance the eight gig reminds you that a lot of refinement is still needed both i think from the os as well as the box makers in this case lenovo and hp these products have a lot of potential to basically replace netbooks all together but with a much more creative design than just smaller netbooks which is a lot of what we’ve seen in the last decade i feel like and the netbooks that are out there now they’re not called netbooks anymore you know microsoft still has their surface go line which is akin to that but i think most people don’t even know what that looks like anymore some of you may not know what a netbook is but think incredibly affordable compact and what was meant to have good battery life once upon a time so that people wouldn’t rely just on laptops and certainly at that time couldn’t rely on phones to be you know their primary mobile computing solution and you know now we have devices like this and i think chrome os is that fit you know it really does accommodate everything a netbook could do it’s not running windows of course but in terms of practical use and the what the processor ram and internal storage can really afford at a decent wattage for your battery in order to get 10 hours with an arm processor like this the compromise is real you’re not going to get insane performance you’re not going to get anything amazing you want something serviceable that doesn’t lag the touch input is good you know

and you’ll get that here you’re not going to get high refresh i imagine you know that would be an obvious refresh for hp on whatever they’re doing if they’re continuing this i hope that they do because overall they did make a really nice product build quality is also excellent it is better than the duet 3 but it’s not glaring because the duet 3 improved upon the original duet and build on the overall build quality as well so this is really going to be more of i think for many of you cosmetic and just which you think is nicer you know the pricing is basically the same performance pretty much the same um and until i get my hands on a duet 3 with the higher end config it’s a draw here at least in the week i’ve spent with this and the time i already have spent with the x2 speaking to wi-fi performance on both it’s good remember no wi-fi six bluetooth fine you’re not going to have a problem using your earbuds of choice but remember no headphone jack on either of these five megapixel uh front facing ideal for video conferencing but not ideal for much more but that’s the base expectation so that for me is good the eight megapixel shooter on the back these are all major improvements for the cameras on the duet series but not you know anything special for the six month old x2 that’s what it came with so the higher end overall build actually served as future proofing who thunk it well sometimes we do but most days it doesn’t work out that way especially with how aggressive the

pricing is here so let’s uh when it comes to the pen i said let’s talk about it and let’s do that so i would say that the lag you will have with this will make you not want to really use it it won’t be a go-to and i think anyone who’s looking for an inking experience they want a go-to device and well these are tablets 11 inches that are two in one so you would think this would be an ideal platform and i think we’ll get there we’re just not there yet hp comes closer than what i imagine lenovo will even have gotten down to once i do get something from them but i say that because they’re just being a little bit more progressive uh turning this into a pen input device as well but again if you’re looking for primary pen input go to a different device please there are so many others they’re better if you just want again an affordable device that will give you access to email some i would say content consumption like it’s not ideal because a lot of the limitations that you will see won’t be with these two devices but rather with chrome os netflix is you know a good example historically speaking the 480p issue enough said you know it’s like we have beyond full hd full hd plus on a 10.

9 inch screen and then we have uh you know 1440p on a 10.9 inch screen and yet we can’t even pull off full hd so there are things you know hurdles that chrome os will continue to see but overall these are really promising devices that aren’t uh in my opinion opinion experimental anymore you can buy this for yourself you can buy this for friends and family students they’re ideal for those crowds better than tablets in many instances uh and you know if a tablet is the better device go with that but the fact that you have that convertible capability which i’m going to just demonstrate right now you know you just separate it and this is very much a surface keyboard in my opinion and i’m going to just show you around this device i think we’ve

talked about it enough let’s take a look at it pogo ports down there at the bottom that connect to the surface style keyboard which i think they did a really good job copying it would only be a bad thing if they didn’t right uh we have two let me i’ll have to move the duet unfortunately something’s got to give we have uh two type c ports you’re going to charge this with a typical 65 watt charger essentially your volume rocker right there if you will and your sim tray so you know that’s part of what makes this nice is that you do have a little bit more flexibility than other machines on the market power button right there and it just it’s got pretty much everything you could want in this class device now the magnetic back that i’ve talked about with the hinge it’s done so well i mean i feel like so many companies try at this samsung went through quite a bit of growing pains with trying to get this right with their tablet line which i covered and it was terrible this stays on perfectly you’ve got full range of motion and of course if you want to remove it it’s easy to do it and guess what this tablet is really nice i can’t say that about a lot of tablets at this price so it makes it this is the type of thing that when i think about gifs and you know traditionally buying tablets for people this is on my radar now in a way it historically would not have been where i could see family members getting a lot of enjoyment out of a product like that family if you’re watching you know you already heard about this at any rate and i the design language on this is excellent the

camera serviceable i do not write home about any of these but serviceable is good on a device like this and you know the touch screen experience is also good and that’s what we want out of this right a device like this and it’s totally uh i think usable handheld it is a little bit on the heavier side both of these they’re a little over a pound with the keyboard solution so you’re looking at about a pound that’s not heavy for the class but you know hand holding it’s like with the tab s8 ultra a lot of people said oh it’s on a tablet because it can’t be handheld for a long period i get where you’re coming from but i don’t agree same applies here you want to hold this for a long period of time you can comparatively it’s in the same weight class as most competing 11 inch tablets for the most part it’s not too far and again i think the front firing speakers that you can see right there are advantageous over the side speakers because neither solution is great but at least you have one that is better than the other in my opinion so you’ve gotten a little look at what i think is the nicer looking nicer performing device with the x2 and now we’re going to look at the duet 3 which as i’ve mentioned is much more refined than days past but that still doesn’t mean that it’s better than the x2 especially at the x2s new found rock bottom or thereabout when it comes to pricing so as you saw with the other device we have a detachable keyboard same exact style of connection we’ve got pogo what else would you expect we have the same magnetic back cover because this is the way manufacturers have gone it’s definitely more affordable than trying to build it in like the surface pro line does we have a type c port on both sides here of the new duet 3.

That’s another major improvement over the previous generation that means obviously being able to connect a device and power this device at the same time side firing speakers as i’ve mentioned that other type c port right there and you can see also we’ve got one button on the side which is going to act as uh your power button and the two volume rockers at the top microphone array at the top of the device and you can see the magnets are fairly strong you pick that up pretty easily this case does come off significantly more easily than the hp this back fitting here in my previous unboxing i had said there was nowhere to place the pen that’s incorrect there’s a little rubber piece that mounts on here to hold the pen in place that is any pen you purchase third-party but remember that’s not ideal in my opinion either it’s better than nothing but the solution hp has with this being totally magnetic is much better than anything we’ve got going on here but i’m not making an argument for pen input i’ve already told all of you i don’t think pen input has a great place with this device so let’s detach that and let’s look at the device itself so really clean i think industrial design not anywhere near as sharp as the x2 but it looks like a lenovo tablet and there’s nothing wrong with that um you know it’s got polycarbonate metal uh build going on with the hp you got that all metal uh body or aluminum chassis whatever it may be i don’t remember but build quality is just not comparable but this is still really good you’ve got that eight megapixel shooter pogo on the bottom i mean you’ve seen it all it it really is just a nice piece of hardware so the question becomes which device is right for you so for me personally i think i’ve made it abundantly clear that the hp is the way i would go every single time and that’s because it has pretty much everything going in its favor other than its price which you already know has gone down drastically so unless there is something i guess from a design language standpoint that

people dislike about the hp the only thing that would prevent you from picking it over the brand new duet 3 would really be that bump in price that extra let’s say anywhere 50 to 100 us dollar premium and that’s over again the four gig capacity uh four gig ram 64 gig internal storage capacity configuration over the 8 gig 128 on the hp it’s not apples for apples but that pricing kind of makes me feel like again it’s a wash on the pricing at any rate um you’ll be well served by either one you already know the hp is the way i would go and it’s just exciting as i’ve said over and over in this video to see two big manufacturers make affordable two-in-one tablet offerings like this even if it’s chrome os which still needs a good amount of work a good amount of polish and i think it can only get better because it’s not going away it seems which is a good thing and development like that that we’re seeing here proves it i feel um the fact that i feel i could recommend these devices says a lot if there’s one takeaway from this and historically i haven’t really been that drawn to chromebooks i’ve covered them but i haven’t really seen the novelty over traditional android tablets like the galaxy tab s8 ultra for example i would pick that over this and that’s a comparison maybe for another time but again you’re going to get good performance it’s not going to be amazing from either of these it’ll be good measured multitasking nice displays that are color accurate and bright um pen input that’s accessible but not recommended in my opinion and

serviceable cameras all in really compact one and about a quarter pound packages that are ideal for travel or just having a computer in a small space that even if it’s not a computer you know it’s what you need in that space netbook killers as far as i’m concerned because they accomplish everything a netbook’s hardware could compellingly do and they do it at prices that are affordable with great build quality and fantastic displays and come on the duet 5 has a full hd 13 inch oled i may have to review that but that rounds things out i think these are both no-brainers i’ve been repetitive that happens when i’m excited about products uh i don’t think you can go wrong with either kudos to both hp and lenovo on making affordable touch screen two-in-ones that actually are worth buying gifting you get the picture any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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