Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 Gen 7 vs HP Spectre x360 14t 2022

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a comparison between the lenovo yoga 9 igen 7 on the right and the hp spectre x360 14t on the left now the 9i is brand new in fact you can’t even order this configuration yet it’ll be available in may that’s what i hear and pricing should be somewhere around 2 000 us dollars for this top of the line build the 14t has been on the market for roughly a year dropped down from a little under 1800 us dollars to roughly 1550 definitely more value oriented but it is still rocking that intel 11th gen chipset slower ram slower nvme ssd compared to the 9i but keep in mind that the 9i is really in my opinion playing catch-up with the spectre because it finally has an oled screen option it finally has an ir camera that is full hd windows hello compatible it finally has you know an edge-to-edge keyboard a complete redesign that i think it really needed soft rounded corners very modern design language that just didn’t exist on the older 9i and c940 before it so the spectre’s got a lot going for it similar battery life similar webcam similar display quality similar keyboard similar track pad a similar charge time even and that’s what i plan on going through through the entirety of this video so let’s start off with the display again three by two aspect ratio on the left it is an oled 3000 by 2000 excellent as is the 16 by 10 aspect ratio 4k oled on the right both of them are 60 hertz both of course have pen input and touch

capability but let’s take a look at these displays and i’m not playing any audio because we’re going to do an audio test as well for those of you that are wondering what i’ve personally seen thus far from these two displays is that they are incredibly similar and i think you’re all going to see that that’s going to come through in this video but i’m curious which all of you are going to think is the better of the two now i personally favor the aspect ratio on the right uh the 16 by 10 is preferable to me personally but i know for many of you you’re going to prefer the 3×2 it really depends on what you plan on doing we’ve got letterbox in effect here because neither screen is 16×9 and the content that is playing back is 16×9 so if you even noticed granted anything that’s a scene that’s predominantly black it’s going to blend right in and you really are going to struggle to to see the letterboxing in effect but overall i think both of these are really excellent panels in fact they’re nearly identical in my opinion so curious to see what all of you think but i’m going to go ahead and stop the video right there when we get to performance i mentioned earlier that with the 9i we have newer hardware and that is absolutely true we’re dealing with of course an intel core i7 12th gen processor the 1260p it’s 12 cores completely redesigned unlike the 11th gen that’s in here there were two gens of 11th gen chips that the 14t has sported over its lifespan from launch the 1165 and then the 1195 which was a bump in clock speed and not a slouch but of course in my opinion when it comes to cpu performance you’re going to want this and that’s clearly demonstrated right there by the cpu score difference in time spy

granted this is you know a gaming benchmark both of these can gain they both have iris xe graphics but there’s no question if money is not a priority in terms of you don’t absolutely need to make budget with going with 11th gen do yourself a favor and get the 12th gen cpu now if that means waiting for the specter because you prefer the design language do that because i can’t recommend it’s not that you know the average user is going to see a huge difference you will not in day-to-day computing it really won’t make that much of a difference but when it comes to anything that’s heavier than day to day you know there is a fairly big gap i think and it isn’t worth necessarily saving the money if performance is your number one priority even though it won’t be worlds apart that’s just my personal opinion now moving away from that 12th gen at versus the 11th gen chip the next component is the ram both of these have soldered ram both have 16 gigs but with the 12th gen chip you are getting lpddr5 and that just isn’t possible here with the 11th gen that’s another inherent advantage and you cannot upgrade that ramp so whether you go with an 8 gig model or a 16 gig model just be aware that the ram is faster and the same applies to the nvme ssd the hard drive that is inside here in both of these they are not the same and that’s because here with the 11th gen you have a gen 3 drive and that means gen 3 speeds whereas of course with the 9i with the gen 4 speeds you can see there’s a clear difference now i did just notice that the brightness is too high and i’m glad i caught that because if i didn’t we would be looking at a washed out image through the course of this entire video so basically you know you can see that the gen 4 speeds are pretty much they’re close to double the performance of gen 3.

Now how much of that you’re going to see in real world tangible results i’m not going to try to persuade you because you aren’t necessarily going to see it but again knowing that all of the hardware on the right is superior to all of the hardware on the left it’s important now when it comes to wi-fi performance we have a wash pretty much and that’s good news because after all many of you already know the 9i last generation was plagued with wi-fi issues i didn’t experience a lot of them myself but all you have to do is a simple search to find out that many users did that’s not the case here with the gen 7 model and that’s important now the spectre had no wi-fi issues so that’s why they’re on even keel and just like with the display pretty much even keel yet again so really so far design language and internal specifications are the key difference between the two machines even though that’s not a vast difference and i’m going to reiterate that over and over again so let’s talk about uh actual battery life and you know run time and then i’ll give a little bit of an audio test on here as well because i think that’s pertinent as i’m trying to get out of steam there so when it comes to battery life you may expect that because this has a beyond 4k resolution and it’s oled that it wouldn’t be able to keep up with the spectres battery life well actually you know lenovo threw in a 75 watt hour battery so they’re about even you’re looking at six to eight hours and i’m saying you know if you have brightness cranked all the way up on these panels respectively however if you actually are aggressive with battery management you can see 10 hours out of both of these and that’s really impressive now it’s more impressive in my opinion with the 9i because of the higher resolution display the more powerful processor so i find that to be more impressive

but still for a machine that’s a year old in terms of design and architecture running it that’s still very impressive for something that is significantly less expensive again we’re talking about roughly a 500 difference between these two it’s not chump change it’s significant but if you don’t care about that difference then the 9i right now in my opinion still has the lead now when it comes to the keyboard you know again it seems like lenovo replicated what was done with the spectre 14t we have an edge to edge deck and in addition to that they’ve actually eliminated the keys you see here and instead created hotkeys of sorts one for performance cycling battery saver performance and a quiet motor cool mode and by the way good news this machine does stay a lot cooler than the previous generation then they have a dedicated button for their webcam to defocus the background i’m not sure how many people are going to use that then they have an audio button to take you through the gaming preset music preset and movie preset and then last but not least they have a theme mode for the night theme versus day theme dark mode on windows 11.

Then the fingerprint scanner fingerprint scanner is right here on the 14t now personally i think the keyboard is better on the spectre i’m partial to them more key travel i like the layout better i like the fact that we have illuminated mute keys for both the microphone and speaker system you don’t have to go to toggle it or look at the display to see if it’s actually muted you know because there’s an amber light telling you it’s muted similarly to the power button you have an led there here the power button’s on the side of the machine not on the deck for anyone that’s wondering but the nine eyes keyboard is still very good it just isn’t as good as the hp and quite frankly when it comes to the spectre lineup it is the best out there when it comes to keyboard performance now when we talk about the trackpad major difference on the 9i versus last gen it’s 45 larger uh but i think they’re pretty close and that’s important because the 9i last year was the trackpad left a lot to be desired it was a revamp a new track pad and personally i wasn’t a huge fan of it some people absolutely hated it but they did away with it and this is much better in my opinion responsive glass the click is satisfying it’s solid you’re not going to have problems with it i think that’s a big deal the smaller trackpad on the hp the experience is pretty much the same but i think a lot of people are still going to be drawn to the hp because it’s got

that tried and true performance that just isn’t there um historically with the 9i but i have to say this is the best trackpad that the 9i series has ever had it’s not just larger it performs as it should so i think they’re about a draw here personally i mean i don’t care that this one is larger on the right some people will love that some people will prefer the smaller one because you’re less apt to actually end up having your wrists interfere with it but lenovo has gone to great lengths to try to prevent you know miss or accidental touches on the trackpad and it works fairly well but i think the smaller trackpad is going to satisfy most of you because it’s still fairly large and you’re going to be less likely to trigger it accidentally so we’ve covered keyboard we’ve covered trackpad we’ve covered display quality again i’m going with the 9i just because i prefer the higher res display and the 16×10 aspect ratio when it comes to these windows ir cameras which i’m so glad i can finally say they both have them they’re very close as well five megapixels here full hd here hp has the edge but lenovo has come a long way from the previous generation but again the fact that hp still has the edge and this is a year old machine says a lot about again the ketchup that is uh going on between these two machines now beyond that i mentioned

battery life and that you know they’re very similar and they are i didn’t talk about charge time and i’m sure many of you are wondering with the included power bricks you’re looking at roughly two hours here and roughly two hours here so i think that’s excellent but again it took another

generation for lenovo to have the rapid charge capability to actually get you up to two hours in 15 minutes and to get you a full charge in two hours so they’re even on even ground now but it took a whole new generation so again you know remnants of that ketchup although i don’t think it’s a bad thing it’s just something to be aware of and that’s part of the reason the 14t is still incredibly relevant even in its slightly older age and existence now let’s take a look at the speakers really a listen and then i’m gonna get to uh discussing something completely different which is thermals and i know that’s something that people absolutely are curious about um and we’re gonna get into it so uh let’s start off by going to let’s just go to some yoga 9i coverage here it is the newer machine let’s go to 2022.

and you know this is really excellent this is excellent i keep saying it because it’s just true you’re not going to be disappointed let’s go ahead and pull this up i want you to hear what the audio quality is like on this everyone deserves a fast affordable and reliable network that’s why we continue to invest billions [Music] ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my first update on my experience with the lenovo yoga 9i for 2022. now this is the seventh generation of this top of the line two in one ultrabook and it has been completely reimagined and the good news is they did an excellent job now granted this is just an update not a full review but so far i am thoroughly enjoying what lenovo has put together and yes we have brand new internals intel’s 12th gen core i7 1260p 12 core cpu as well as 16 gigs of soldered lp ddr5 ram a 1 terabyte gen 4 nvme ssd wi-fi 6e thunderbolt 4 but the most impressive element i think is the brand new 4k and it is the 4k oled is the best feature of this machine but i have to say everything else really just wraps up the package and makes it so easy for me to recommend and as this goes on sale it’s going to be even easier to recommend let’s take a listen now to the 14t make sure my volume is all the way up and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my first update on my experience with the lenovo yoga 9i for 2022.

Now this is the seventh generation of this top of the line two-in-one ultrabook and it has been completely reimagined and the good news is they did an excellent job now granted this is just an update not a full review but so far i am thoroughly enjoying what lenovo has put together i’m stopping it there the 9i is superior uh when it comes to audio without any hesitation yes now we have bmw branding we didn’t used to uh you know we have b and o branding uh on the left with hp which they’ve been doing for a while and the 14t has better audio than 13t which you know was one of my favorite ultrabooks when i got it back in 2019 but it just can’t live up to the dual uh subwoofer system that exists with this soundbar with the 9i and that’s historically been the case the 9i the c940 before it really when it came to audio performance i mean that sound bar goes into whatever two in one position you use and it’s excellent really best in class for two in one and best in class for an ultrabook for that matter so you’ve heard the audio now let’s talk about the thermals the 14t that’s another advantage it has even in its old age it is it will run cooler now when it comes to throttling that’s another story but when it comes to fans kicking on what they sound like how frequently they’re gonna run they both do a really good job but hp does better so that makes me wonder what will happen once we get that

12th gen hardware it should get even better because the yoga 9i from the previous generation with 11th gen hardware improved a lot the 9i was definitely much louder and the fans were on much more often than the 14t so that makes me wonder when we do get a refresh with the 14t how much more quiet things will be granted the inherent benefits of the newer hardware this more powerful processor but of course having dedicated cores to basically taking a break as opposed to doing heavy lifting and that’s what makes the 12th gen cpu unique compared to the previous generation which is pretty much on all the time but i digress when it comes to overall fan noise again both of them are excellent if you put it in quiet mode which you can see right now i’m in the cool mode that’s the equivalent and over here you would jump into uh the hp i thought i had it up the command center and the command center will let you pick a profile there are more profiles on the hp another nice thing about the hp are the the display settings because when you jump into the hp display control you can actually pick what color space you want uh this oled to represent so if you want dc ip3 adobe rgb you’ve got it that doesn’t exist over here but remember that’s just a preset it’s a convenience don’t get too wrapped up into that because this display in my opinion is just as good if not better than what you’ve got with the spectre and that’s just because it’s larger and in my opinion a better aspect ratio with a higher resolution and i don’t see any uh problem with either of them which means as i’ve stated over and over

again i prefer the panel on the right so last but not least we’ve talked about pretty much everything you know the internals the overall experience build quality is great on both let’s talk about io and wrap this up so the 9i i told all of you it improved uh and it did it got an additional type c port we still don’t have a card reader i hope that eventually that’ll be something that gets added type a usb port two thunderbolt four ports right there that’s also how you’re going to charge the machine speakers you are able to open this with a single hand for those of you that are wondering some you know redundant branding on the front lid i wouldn’t call it obnoxious but lenovo and yoga on the same surface is a bit much so something to think about for lenovo in the future but i’m being really critical another speaker right here then we have the power button which does have an led right now you can see because the machine is sleeping it is blinking a type c port now again this is not a thunderbolt 4 port that would have been nice but it’s nice to have another port isn’t it it means the thunderbolt 4 ports don’t have to be occupied for something that doesn’t actually utilize thunderbolt 4.

Then a headphone microphone combo jack plenty of ventilation and again the machine does stay pretty quiet pretty cool definitely an improvement from the previous generation no question about that the 14t again really nice build quality customizable to some degree on colors three different colors two colors here i didn’t mention that they also have oatmeal besides this gray color when you look at the side of this i imagine that there may be a refresh that we get rounded edges just like the 16t that i reviewed a while back we have a micro sd card reader thunderbolt 4 then you also have a headphone microphone combo jack another thunderbolt 4 that is how you’re going to charge this on the you know gem cut corner and then you have a type a usb port so very similar i o additional port here micro sd card reader here so that’s really a matter of personal preference kind of like well i wouldn’t say the design language but whether or not you really want that card reader on board i personally do prefer it but i have to say having an additional type c port to me is more important believe it or not never thought i would say that but if you know lenovo forced me to choose i’d rather have an additional port because these days i have to use card readers in many cases anyway and the built-in card readers just aren’t up to stuff enough if i’m using a thunderbolt dock then it all becomes uh you

know irrelevant anyway so from a build quality standpoint again both are excellent plenty of ventilation i mentioned both have soldered ram weight is very similar you already know everything under the sun about the internal performance so it really comes down to which you like better i think that hp’s design the subdued hp logo is definitely more attractive but personally i prefer this redesign of the 9i the rounded edges are just a little bit more modern and i wouldn’t be shocked if hp has something similar in store for the spectre 14t just like they did with the 16t so really it comes down to budget both of these are excellent it comes down to whether or not you want to wait for the refresh of the 14t i didn’t even mention getting into the pen performance because as i stated both are good neither is a game changer the precision pen 3 unlike the previous generation that was housed on board this one isn’t it does come with a sleeve also like the 14t another thing that makes me feel like lenovo is emulating the hp experience but hp still does have some level of magnetic uh even though i was struggling there to get it to actually stick it is magnetic and it will actually stick to the machine whereas i’m having a problem with it right now but i’ll pick it up to make this happen there it is you cannot do that with the yoga and i think that’s a bit of a miss but there is a place to store the pen on the sleeve just like there is with the 14 t just something to be aware of i do prefer however that we have a full-size pen now i think that’s a major upgrade i think the

trade-off that you could lose this is a worthwhile one because lenovo was the only manufacturer with a siloed or housed pen on board but it came at the expense of being one of those thin styluses a la you know your palm pilot so i think this is an improvement overall both really do the job they aren’t you know pen input devices first it’s a secondary feature like any two in one but i think it’ll satisfy the student it’ll satisfy the amateur artist the enthusiast and even though this is an inking review you’re not going to buy either of these and say wow you know i wish i went with the other when it came to inking it’s just not the case especially with windows devices in general these days unless you go surface pro 8 or a samsung product there you’re going to get a little bit of a better inking experience but i wouldn’t recommend the sami products over either of these so that pretty much rounds things out i mean i as i stated at the top of the video i don’t think you can go wrong with either one it’s really a matter of which design you prefer availability do you need something right now this isn’t out until may as i mentioned and i don’t know what the ship date will be but hopefully it’ll be may this is available now and it’s you know 500 less and if you can wait for the refresh it will be a similar price to the lenovo but it may be less expensive still and if hp decides to introduce a 14-inch machine with a similar 16 by 10 aspect ratio well then hp is gonna get my money i’ll put it that way because if you haven’t already uh figured it out through the course

of this video i’ve been repeatedly stating that lenovo is playing catch-up in just about every department uh so with that said they’ve done an excellent job but if hp pulls another trick out of their sleeve or hat or whatever you’d like to point to and gives us a display similar to this then i would go with the hp and a heartbeat but as it stands right now personally for me the yoga 9i is the winner it does have the edge of new hardware but it also has the edge of the better display and remember you can get this in a 2.8 k oled option eventually and you can go with the full hd option with eight gigs of ram rather than 16 like i have here that’ll set you back a little over 1200 dollars so i personally think this is the way to go just like i think with the spectre 14t the oled is the way to go as well remember that ram is soldered you can only do that once it can’t be undone but that pretty much rounds it out two great machines i’ve said it over and over again and that’s because it’s been a while since i’ve had two machines that are so closely uh comparable and you know just about every element and it’s like they’re sharing notes at this point and i’m thankful for it because historically as much as i liked comparing let’s say the 13t with this machine before the 14t existed and before the 9i did there were still too many things separating them now that gap has shrunk to a tiny tiny teeny teeny tiny hole the choice is yours let me know in the comments i’m curious to see and hear what all of you have to say about which machine you think is right for you any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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