UPERFECT 4K OLED Touchscreen Portable Monitor First Look

here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the perfect 15.6 inch 4k oled portable touchscreen monitor now this retails for roughly 800 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and in full disclosure this was furnished to me by the manufacturer for review purposes now with that out of the way let’s talk about what makes this unique of course first and foremost it is an oled and that is a big deal because quite frankly there just aren’t that many portable monitors out there that utilize not only an oled panel but one that is uhd and in addition to being 4k it has a built-in 5000 milliamp hour battery which means uh it really is far more versatile than your average panel also don’t forget we have touchscreen so if that’s something you’re after it is here so what can you use this for obviously it is a portable monitor so whether you’re connecting this to a computer that is desktop or laptop or maybe a smartphone a tablet any of those are applicable but again the fact that it has that portable excuse me the battery built in means that you do not have to be plugged in all the time this could be used because of the fidelity that an oled panel like this brings to the table as a preview monitor for video

work uh when it comes to editing color correction proofing i mean this thing at least on paper for the manufacturer is supposed to be able uh to represent 100 of the adobe rgb uh spectrum as well as dci p3 so that means you know any form of color grading is going to be ideal with a panel like this and when it comes to reputation you perfect is one of the better manufacturers on the market i’ve covered a lot of their products and for the most part i’ve yet to find one that really under delivers i mean no corners are generally cut build quality is usually very good so let’s see what we have here now it is aluminum for those of you the actual body of this uh it almost feels like a tablet uh nothing built on in terms of a stand for those of you that are wondering let me go ahead and show you the balance of what’s in the box and then i’ll get to more on the tablet because they do include everything you will potentially need of course the user manual right there and then we’re going to have i believe it’s a 45 watt power brick here so let’s see if that’s this and it may not be this may just this may be other cables see if i can get it out looks like i got to go to the other side to gain access and they’re going to also include of course the type c and hdmi

cables that you will need to connect this to your device of choice but again what makes it so unique besides being an oled which to me is really the reason you would want to pick up something like this because of its again fidelity also response time it is unlike any other panel i mean comparing it to ips is a disservice to the oled because there really is no comparison so this is the 45 watt power brick goes directly into the wall type c to the panel which will be going over ports in a moment and let’s just take a look at the included cables i’m also going to see what’s in this other box i assume it is the cover the case for the the actual panel so there is our type a to type c cable to connect to your device well excuse me the actual power brick and then this is where the rest of the cables are for connecting it to your device of choice so we have a type c to type c right there we have another type c to type c and then last but not least we have a full size hdmi to mini hdmi so basically whatever you’re going to connect to it will have to be using type c or of course hdmi and that pretty much is every device out there these days let me go ahead and get the box out of the way and that 5000 milliamp hour battery i don’t know exactly what the run time is but regardless it’s still

going to make this again more dynamic than pretty much anything else out there and when it comes to oled panels in a portable form like this there really aren’t many options on the market these days i think there might be one other possibly two and not necessarily for manufacturers that i would recommend i think one of them i’ve covered in the past the other i’ve never heard of and hey if they end up sending something i will cover it we’ll know whether or not it’s something you should be considering so in terms of ports let’s go over that quickly hdmi right there two type c ports and because this has the built-in battery you don’t as i stated at the top of the video have to have this plugged into a power source all the time so that’s a big deal then we have two buttons here which i believe are going to be helping you jump through menus but i’m gonna have to see what i presume is power up here at the top and then they do have what appear to be built-in speakers on this as well nothing on the bottom so it’s a really clean design let me go ahead and try to power it on again i assume this is the power button because there is an led as you can see it just became blue so it is powering on we have something going on here and i’ll put that down and let’s take a look what’s in here which as i stated is likely going to be the travel case and you’re going to need that because on its own if you don’t

have a stand-up of some sort you’re not going to be able to actually use this in a practical manner and there it is so they do include what is conventionally referred to as a smart case because it’s going to let you prop up the panel and let’s see exactly what we’ve got here so this one’s pretty interesting i have not seen one quite like this yet essentially silicone with you know a folding design so that it can basically create a tent so let’s go ahead and put that in there and let’s see what this actually ends up feeling and looking like inside of its case and then i may end up trying to connect it here to my phone just um you know to see a quick test of how it operates so let me see you know i presume we should be able to figure this out without instructions just based on ports so over here is the opening for all of the inputs so let’s go ahead and just pocket it like that it should be that simple got to probably come in i’m feeling what something that appears to be magnetic but i’m not 100 certain of that i don’t think it’s magnetic since i but it could be there may be something in there all right so that is pocketed in and then if i go ahead and tent this like we just were looking at a moment ago so that is definitely one way that you can stand it up like that and you

can see it is magnetic it has attached now in terms of additional angles that’s where i’m going to have to be a little bit more creative so i’m going to look to see how we can achieve a different position here because there’s got to be a way so i’m assuming that well that kind of seems to deliver the same experience so i’m gonna have to play with it a little bit more okay so now let’s test functionality the first thing you need to be aware of is that even though you perfect has included multiple type-c cables they have different uses so this one in my left hand is labeled as a power delivery cable the one in my right hand which is a thicker cable as you may have noticed is labeled as a video signal cable so this is what you’re going to want to use let’s go ahead and plug that into the oled panel then plug the other end into my z fold and dex will launch i’ll take a moment and then i’ll do a quick playback sample on uh youtube just so you can see what the quality of this panel is like and you know being that it’s a 4k oled panel and you perfect has quoted again that essentially color representation is accurate for both adobe rgb and dci p3 you can expect really good things so let’s go ahead and launch that internet browser and you can see we’ve already got the costa rica video ready to go high gloss display but that’s

par for the course uh working with oled panels let’s go ahead and skip that ad let’s make this didn’t mean to do that let’s go full screen and let’s up resolution here to 4k now brightness is making this look a little bit well let’s see the top right button is going to give you your battery level as well as you can see we’re at 89 and there is brightness as well as the rest of the interface now if i make this a little bit this is really low brightness presently we’re at 10 but i think you can see that things look really good i mean excellent there’s no question at least from what i’m looking at right now this is the best portable monitor i have ever demoed and i’ve only spent a few minutes with it here sharing it with all of you but color fidelity looks great and brightness if i take this all the way up that’s going to look blown out for all of you but it looks like it is peaking exactly where the manufacturer states which is about 400 nits i mean the panel looks excellent so it’s going to be interesting to see what battery life is like it’s going to be interesting to play with more of the presets this can change orientation for those of you that are wondering that’s a non-issue let me go ahead and turn the volume down so really this is looking like an incredibly dynamic solution not just as a portable monitor but whatever you want to make it if you want this to be a preview monitor for video work again color proofing for photo and video

editing or just as again the portable touch screen display that it’s marketed as i really can’t see any downside to picking one of these up other than the fact that you’re paying a premium for what is the best of the best here in portable display technology and you know i’ve been waiting for uh portable oleds for quite some time anyone who knows anything about organic light emitting diodes knows that they started out small my first oled device was an iriver personal media player unfortunately iriver is really not much of a thing anymore and it was a fantastic device of course phones came next and uh tvs now completely mainstream my first oled tv was back in 2015 which was incredibly expensive now pricing i would say is you know fair for what you’re getting and now we’re seeing improved technology beyond just longevity and products like this and more and more of the laptops that i’m covering of course uh have oled displays the next step is just to start seeing higher refresh panels but again there are only i think three oled portable monitors on the market from again three different manufacturers and at least at the time of demoing this right here in this unboxing it’s going to be hard for me to tell you to look anywhere other than you perfect panel quality looks great built-in battery seems like it’s going to give us solid battery life and what more could you want out of a portable display but that wraps it up any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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