Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7i Pro

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the lenovo ideapad slim 7 pro now to my knowledge this is the first coverage of this laptop on youtube and i’m excited to share it with all of you because it also happens to be the first lenovo laptop to ship with windows 11. now in terms of pricing you can order this right now i will include a link in the description it’s a little under 1300 us dollars on sale and essentially what you’re getting is an intel core i7 11370h so the same processor you’ll find in the surface laptop studio that i just reviewed a quad core 11th gen tiger lake processor 16 gigs of ram they are soldered to the board not upgradable a one terabyte nvme ssd i believe it is a gen 4 drive but we’ll see iris xc graphics and then a 14 inch 2.8 k ips touch screen panel that does have a 90 hertz refresh rate so that’s 2880 by 1800 400 nits it is a glossy display and this is going to be i think a pretty favorable comparison to the surface laptop pro now granted it

doesn’t have a hinge that moves in multiple directions but it does have

pretty much everything else i feel like that you could want if that isn’t important to you so that does make it pretty interesting out of the gate and i’m excited to share it with all of you again this looks to be an affordable lightweight powerful ultrabook that’s going to give you a little bit of everything so at least on paper reads like a really good option for the majority of users so let’s just pull out the power brick put the box aside and let’s take a look at the idea pad slim 7 pro and you know this is going to be an interesting test in terms of seeing how windows 11 plays with machines other than service laptops i’ve stayed away from installing windows 11 on my own systems i’m letting things get sorted out and specifically like the

you know some amd based laptops and desktops not faring too well with it but this is going to be a good example i think of how things should go and battery life should be strong here see some paperwork in the box i’m going to get this out of the way there’s nothing else in there i don’t think i’m just double checking nope nothing else and let’s see what this machine looks like now remember this is aimed at being thin and light and this is the less expensive alternative to the yoga lineup first thing we see some ventilation there at the bottom of the unit we can actually see the fans and cooling unit all together construction feels really good i can tell you that right now out of the box i o on here is decent we’ve got a headphone jack right there type a usb port the power button then on the other side of the machine before we get there little 7 series branding right there and then on the left we have two thunderbolt 4 ports so no card reader here you are going to be charging this with the thunderbolt 4 ports they support power delivery

obviously and that’s pretty much it pretty straightforward let me go ahead and open this up it probably has a charge in fact it looks like it’s already on and it is a nice laptop i can tell you that now especially at its price point i think this is going to be popular that’s you know generally the case with machines like this um it has windows hello support with its ir 720p camera large trackpad or touchpad here of course backlit keyboard with the typical smile style keys that lenovo employs and solid key travel build quality seems excellent i like the uh panel that we’re looking at now i don’t know if by default it’s at 90 hertz out of the box it is high gloss as i mentioned so something to be aware of often that will fare better in um you know bright environments so now the charger is tiny i mean look at that thing and so this is part of the refresh that we’re getting here is that manufacturers lenovo obviously that we’re looking at today getting smarter with making these 65 watt chargers minuscule like really really tiny i mean typically 65 watt

chargers were close to twice the size of this um so traveling light if that’s what you’re after lenovo really has that in mind here with this laptop and the touchscreen as i mentioned is a complete go now as far as stylus support we’ll get there as i take it through the paces but it should be fairly robust i expect it to benchmark similarly to the surface laptop studio again the surface laptop studio does have a gpu this does not this is pure ultrabook and that’s you know to be expected i do not see a privacy shutter but there may be an electronic one i’ll have to figure that out but this is exciting i mean this is again the first machine outside of windows 11 based surface products where i’m seeing that environment you know right out of the box so be prepared you know a lot of manufacturers still are shipping machines that are going to be running windows 10 out of the box but they are making that transition and let’s just check out um brightness here to see so it’s

almost at full brightness now it’s at full brightness and i have to say the display looks really good so i’m i’m digging this 14 inch 2.8k ips panel and 90 hertz refresh rate you know versus the 120 that you’ll see on the surface laptop studio i think is i think 90 is more than enough remember this is not designed for gaming this is designed for productivity and general use and i think 90 hertz is more than enough when it comes to refresh rate on that let’s just check it out let’s uh see what we’ve got here in terms of display settings and see if it’s just already there i’m just curious jump into advanced so it’s by default at 60 hertz of course jump up to 90 and i assume we’re going to take a battery hit that’s generally the case i will test it both ways i like to see that this is a 10 bit panel that’s really nice in such a small form factor hopefully that’s coming through it could be a little bit blown out since this is really bright let me go ahead and step it down so you can actually see that clearly but we’ve got a 10-bit 2880 by 1890 hertz ips

panel so i’m liking the direction things are going we’ll see what that 720p webcam is like what speakers are like but i think this is going to be ideal for a lot of people it’s really small really lightweight has solid build quality and if everything else checks out i think this is going to be a winner i love that it’s got touch screen i’m a big fan of that some people aren’t that’s why it’s great that we have a lot of different options out here in the marketplace and of course unlike the yoga series the idea here not to be cute is that this is not going to go all the way around it you know it’s not going to go 360 degrees but you still get great build quality you don’t get the sound bar but i really like what lenovo is doing i mean they’ve been doing it for a few years now in terms of really changing the game with build quality and different characteristics you’re not going to get from other manufacturers so that’s it again a first look unboxing of the ideapad slim 7 pro with windows 11 out of the box and one of the smallest 65 watt chargers that i’ve seen to date any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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