Sigma fp L – World’s Smallest Full Frame Camera

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the sigma fpl now this camera retails for roughly 2500 us dollars and the kit that sigma sent over for review that i’m about to share with all of you includes their brand new evf so this is the evf 11 kit it retails for roughly 3 000 us dollars and it’s not available just yet but should be very soon so this is somewhat pre-production but i’m pretty sure this is a final retail product and this is the experience that i get out of this should be what anyone who decides to purchase it will actually get involved with so second generation of the fp full frame still the smallest full-frame interchangeable lens camera on earth but what makes this really unique is now we have a more advanced uh focus system it is a hybrid so we have contrast and phase detection 10 frames per second but really if i had to sum it up in the most simplest of terms it’s that sigma has re-emphasized the ability of this camera to be both a cinema as well as still camera the first generation of course was dubbed as such but there were things holding it back so sigma addressed those autofocus being one of the most important including a legitimate evf is another and that’s something we’ll be looking at here let me put this aside for now we’ve got a carry case right here and you know at twenty five hundred dollars this is still an incredibly affordable although it may not seem like it body for what it actually packs i mean a 61 megapixel full frame sensor that on paper rivals what you get with a sony a7r4 but then in form a tiny again uh cinema camera that is capable of some pretty amazing stuff so this is the evf rubber eye piece there the director’s uh view capability that this camera incorporates is another really amazing piece of kit that i’ll be talking about and testing because that’s something that on its own may justify a purchase for anyone who is specifically

working in video because it’s something traditionally that would cost a lot more than what sigma has put together and simulates using this camera so the evf as you can see uses uh multiple ports it basically makes it a modular component that is utilizing the type c as well as uh the micro usb connector and in doing so you do give up uh some ports and that’s again the trade-off for going over to really traditional still mode you have a switch here for the lcd versus evf so depending on what you actually want to use there is no sensor to detect what’s being used this is a half inch and a little over three million dots it is an oled so that switch you know some people i’ve heard complaints about having detection on the actual evf with of course sony cameras and many other manufacturers so this is a matter of personal preference and then you do have a headphone jack right here for monitoring your audio that’s integrated into this and then they still give you the ability for external recording to an ssd so there is pass through right there for the type c port so if you want to record raw video again to an external nvme drive you can do so and i will be testing that let’s get into the camera itself and then i’ll take you through the balance of accessories and i believe that’s got to be in here but we’ll figure it out one way or another

and basically to me the sigma fp was already a really unique product because not only was it the smallest full-frame camera on earth but of course it was capable of shooting stills but as i mentioned this generation i feel like sigma really honed the still side of it not just because of the evf there was an optical loop you know to have a viewfinder on the previous gen but it’s really more about the autofocus system improving we do have some general weather sealing here we have touch screen input the previous generation did as well i’m going to see if menus are any different i really do love the form factor i mean how much more compact could a full frame camera be so if you think that you know the world’s smallest full-frame camera now you do the only one that really competes with it directly of course is the original fp and there are some slight differences i mean the body very very similar control layout also very similar your cinema and still cine and still switch right there this was just like the previous generation your power switch shutter button video dedicated record button right there and then on the back uh you know quick access to basically everything you could possibly want out of this camera right there at the bottom from mode to tone color i mean really just a wide breadth of functionality right on the

body and that’s without getting into touch screen and then on the left side which is where the evf mounts you have hdmi out so this is one of the trade-offs of using that evf and that’s why the evf really speaks to you know you’re going to be shooting in still mode if you want to have this paired up and i’ll hook it up in a moment because you are losing the ability to record uh video externally on something like anatomist ninja whatever it may be anything with pass-through that’s a monitor that is an external recorder but you still have the ability as i mentioned to record to an nvme drive so you’re not completely losing it but you’re losing a component which is of course uh through hdmi the other things we have here type c which of course is carried over with the evf uh a microphone jack we have quarter 20 mounts all around which is nice it again just signals that you are working with a cinema camera in my opinion they’ve made sure to give you a lot of flexibility you can see the heatsink runs all around the lcd of course one of the drawbacks just like gen 1 for users that want it and i understand wanting it is that this the lcd screen not evf if i said that before it does not move it is fixed so that’s another thing you need to be aware of but build quality very good as i mentioned some weather uh ceiling i know they call it splash resistant now the actual battery life on this looks like it’s about the

same as the previous generation so you’re looking at i think they’re rated at about 240 shots that’s still of course on a single charge we’ll see how that fares your sd card right there a single slot so it’s just something to be aware of with this camera that again it’s second gen and now we’ve got a much higher megapixel count on the sensor improved autofocus system and beyond that what this really means is that at the very least i could see myself using this as a still camera if it works as expected far more often than i would with the original fp which i really saw more of as a pure cinema camera that could shoot stills this one definitely making a move towards being the best of both worlds so let’s see what else we’ve got here that was just some padding there balance of accessories right here i don’t want to lose this rubber piece and i am going to install the evf just so you can see it we need access again to the type c and the micro excuse me the hdmi i called it micro usb before but it should just slot in i believe that that piece of rubber needs to come off and it does i believe hopefully i’m not doing any kind of damage to the camera not trying to um i believe that completely just pops off i thought uh maybe not so you know what i’m going to just leave it intact right now and see if i’m actually able but i do think it has to

completely come out let me just see i don’t want to destroy anything no it doesn’t look like this completely comes off so i guess it does do a little bit of a fold there that’s what it looks like so let’s go ahead i could read instructions right always could and just made it on the side of the unit let’s see here giving me a little bit of an issue yeah because it does slot in right there that’s it so i’m glad i didn’t go to completely rip it off because it looks like that is the whole process it’s just a matter of screwing this in and it should just tighten right up and there is a slot designed for the rubber lip so i’m glad i didn’t get too aggressive there that’s for sure but it looks like i’m still missing something here hold on bear with me process of elimination because it looks like i didn’t line up the hdmi and this does have a little bit of springiness to it so let’s get this lined up in advance so that we actually are able to get it in there should should go in should trying to screw it in at the same time it should just tighten it up but i’m having more problems than i should as you may have already noticed and we’re going to cop you know point to user error on this that’s for sure trying to line it up there we go now i think i got it so user error it is not that unusual in the world of electronics let’s see if i’m threading this properly hopefully and i got it so sorry for that delay but now that’s on there and at least we’ll be able to test it that took

too long but that’s it’s my first time looking at it never seen the product before not that i’m making any excuses so we have our battery so as i mentioned 240 stills we’ll see what battery life is like on the video side which i’m more interested in not that i don’t care about stills i do and i’m gonna see right now if we have any kind of charge in here and you know for those of you who say well i already i would rather have something like an a7r look there are use case scenarios for just about everything but when you compare the size of this to any camera like that that packs a similar sensor full frame capability it’s just worlds apart in terms of size not even comparable i mean for them them being sigma to pack a sensor like this into such a small body and now give us hybrid autofocus and still retain all of the video prowess it’s amazing and i’m not just saying that it’s just an amazing feat of engineering and even if it’s not perfect even if it doesn’t deliver exactly what you’re looking for it’s still giving you ability that otherwise is just not attainable so you get a strap looks like we have a second battery here so they include two batteries which is nice clearly a sign that they’re aware that you’re going to need two power brick and type c charging cable to charge the camera on board so no way you’ll have to i’m assuming there’s a way to charge this third party and i highly

recommend if you do pick one of these up to grab a kit uh excuse me a kit a cage is what i meant so um sigma was kind enough to send over a small rig cage for this as well as some glass i’ll be um checking out the glass too all this is made in japan by the way and that is a lot of what makes this a killer little package so uh you know i’m gonna test it out we’re gonna see how it works but the whole premise here again is that if you want to get the best of both worlds in the smallest package possible and really have just quick execution with the i think the buttons and what’s there the biggest drawback as i mentioned earlier i think for a lot of people is going to be the fact that the screen does not swivel but if you’re trying to get into tight spots and it’s really about video production a swivel screen isn’t really an issue because generally you will be using an external display granted that kind of undoes the portability but the portability is still good to have there because in the event you wanted to put this on a drone or just film in a tight spot that traditionally a cinema camera can’t fit in that’s when all of a sudden the fp is a game changer and the evf although it’s you know it’s large and it does make this a larger body it is something that we certainly just didn’t have as an option last gen so i can see this being far more useful as a actual camera now simply because there is an evf option so looks like the battery’s dead that’s not a shocker i will charge it up and uh should be as simple as i’m just going to grab a type c charger that i have right here 65 watt and it should work let’s just check it out that’s of course not the

correct port i was under the impression i still had access to a type c port but i do not so that’s another thing that you have to be aware of and it says right here hdmi cover so you know we’ve got a lot going on here there’s a lot to play with a lot for me uh to test out and it’s interesting to see what performance is going to be like more so on the still side because from the video side i’m kind of expecting the same experience because not that much has changed in the video realm uh just to give you a quick round out here at the end of this unboxing and first look uh you know it’s essentially uh you know the the 10 frames i’m not expecting because the even though we have an improved autofocus system i’m not expecting again something like an a7r iv because the number of points fairly limited but remember the previous generation only had contrast and when it comes to you know the video modes again internally you know the limitations are there uh 12-bit with full hd um you can also record in 10-bit or 8-bit of course uh and uh what i meant internally was that excuse me not 12 bit but rather raw 12 bit is what you can get externally so dci 4k uhd 4k full hd those are all available your recording limit is up to 120 minutes in uhd for those of you that are wondering and when it comes to the the raw 12-bit raw 10-bit raw 8-bit you are capped at 8-bit i believe still internally so if you want to step up that’s in uhd to anything beyond uh 8-bit you’re going to have to go external which is just like the original fp when it comes to recording in h.264 422 bit that’s another internal option uh but where this camera

comes to life is with an external recorder or going directly to an nvme drive which is what i will be testing uh the touch screen i’m not sure how much it changed in terms of functionality but i know you can assign the focus points so i’m going to see how that works out the sd card you know it’s uh s2 so if you’re expecting something else well there’s nothing else really to utilize with this so you’re not going to have any of those options like a lot of other cameras out there such as uh you know the a7s 3 or of course the a1 you’re jumping into a realm where you know those compact flash express type a cards are around but i really still think this is completely practical and remember you’re dealing with a 15 ounce body okay 15 ounces i don’t know how much smaller a full frame 61 megapixel camera could be and if that means that i can just shoot incredible video with this by the way no uh five axis image stabilization there wasn’t any with the first gen you’re not getting it here but if i can shoot incredible video with this and then at very least have autofocus that is usable which with the original fp it wasn’t so usable with contrast i mean it was dated that’s why it was more of a video camera but have some form of functioning autofocus and have the resolution with that 61 megapixel sensor to shoot landscapes uh you know streetscapes uh portraits this becomes a much more dynamic tool than gen one so that’s really what to me makes this exciting because if it can do all that we have a different beast uh than gen one uh no question about it and the director’s viewfinder as i mentioned uh that is something that costs

thousands of dollars and yet f you know the fpl is capable of simulating all of that so whether you know you’re looking for the venice look uh or you’re looking for i mean there’s a wide array i think there’s like 10 different uh cameras that it simulates for that that is something on its own that makes the sigma fpl in a class of its own uh from a video perspective that i think any videographer is going to love of course it’s l mount i didn’t mention that the two lenses that they included are l mount i’ll be taking a look at that the least expensive you know options in that world are really the 45 mil kit lens that they make the hand grip that i covered with the original fp still applicable here because ergonomics are not brilliant that’s why i say you know a cage is going to be ideal and i’ll just crack open the cage right now so you can see it but there are just so many things on this uh you know spec sheet uh i didn’t mention the lossless compressed uh 14-bit raw stills that’s another thing are saved as dng and you know essentially i think with jpex it’s jpegs it’s over 10 frames per second i think it tops out at 14.

but you know the 12-bit raw output is what you’re going to buy this for it’s not going to be for the internal capture capability that’s not to say it will be bad but it’s just obvious in my opinion that this is still a cinema camera but more of a still camera this time around so let’s just uh let me grab my my blade here and let’s take a look at the small rig cage and there will be links for all of this in the description uh so if you are interested in purchasing it again this is not a paid review or paid coverage sponsored this is sigma purely sending it over for my honest opinion as usual and i appreciate when companies push you know they go for the bleeding edge and that’s exactly what sigma has done here and i don’t know if many people thought a second gen was on the way but it’s here and i’m glad that they went the distance so with the small rig cage i mean you can already see it still

accommodates the ability to have the actual evf on board it looks like to me that’s going to be fine and it just gives you a lot more mounting options all around i mean literally all around the cage the world is your oyster when it comes to mounting accessories with cages that’s the whole premise and uh when they sent it over i think they knew that i needed it because with the original fp i needed a cage also so kudos to sigma for without question setting this over knowing that the i mean really if you want to leverage this camera in full i would absolutely go for the evf as well as of course having a cage that’s how it’s going to really double as both are still in video camera but either way this was supposed to be a quick unboxing it’s 20 minutes i’m excited if that wasn’t clear already i mean i still can’t believe this is a 61 megapixel full-frame camera now we’re going to see what the autofocus and glass is like because that is what’s going to determine whether the fbl is going to be a winner for some of you as opposed to a loser any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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