Review Sigma 45mm F2.8 DG DN Contemporary Compact Lens For Sony e-mount Cameras

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review for the sigma 45 millimeter f 2.8 dg dn contemporary lens for sony full-frame e-mount cameras now i’m glad to share yet another sigma high-end piece of glass that is at an affordable price 550 us dollars for sony email cameras something that you know once upon a time i never could do in fact there weren’t even enough sony options for email but it seems the a7c in particular has become somewhat of a turning of the tide for uh you know other manufacturers to say hey we know that’s a popular camera and for good reason it delivers just about everything a consumer could want no matter whether they’re an amateur a hobbyist enthusiast or of course a pro and it’s so lightweight and convenient it’s pretty much a no-brainer to have in a travel bag you want to travel light you want to be able to shoot just about any sort of content on the still or video side you can do it well with an a7c and you can travel light so the 45 mil it’s not the fastest piece of glass in fact among the sigma lenses it’s the second slowest uh the 35 mil uh or excuse me 24 mil is the slowest of the bunch that i got of these compact primes which is a 3.5 the 2.8 here i think is totally acceptable remember the form factor on this is bonkers it’s tiny and i think that’s really the biggest advantage it is sharp of course when it’s wide open it’s not as tack sharp i feel as the balance of the lenses that uh sigma sent over for review recently that being uh the 24 35 and the 65 but this is still an incredibly competent piece of glass it also follows the exact same build and overall design cues as sigma’s cinema line of lenses which i really like metal lens hood that does protect the lens well this is the only one i believe that does not support the new magnetic cap so we don’t have a metal assembly there on the front end surrounding the element but still really nice piece of glass

made in japan like all of uh sigma’s products and i do like the separation granted this is the most narrow i believe of all of the lenses i’m covering from sigma between the aperture ring and the focus ring so a little bit tighter but then again this is also i believe the smallest of the entire group of lenses even though it’s a 45 mil so who do i think this is right for i think this is ideal as a kit uh replacement lens you know if you bought the a7c and you were wondering whether or not the kit zoom lens uh that launched at the time of the a7c release was right for you and you waited this is probably a good option whereas i look at the balance of the primes that sigma has made they’re generally granted the 24 is 550 as well so they’re not all more expensive but the 65 and the 35 are more expensive this uh does again fall into a range of where i feel like we’re looking at a prime kit piece of glass and i wasn’t disappointed with it i mean if you want to shoot portraits it’s a good focal length it’s not 50 but it’s 45 it’s very close and you know when i compare it to something like sony’s own 40 millimeter which to me is more of a head scratcher than this because this is closer to 50 so i can understand what sigma was after after all this is not really as odd to me the 40 mil is just an odd lens that sony put out it’s not a bad piece of glass but you know this doesn’t have as much weather sealing i go over this all the time as sony’s lenses but again don’t get it wet don’t recommend that with anything the balance on this camera incredibly good again that’s the beauty of all these compact primes is that now you can have a bag full of

them and you know traditionally if you were carrying a sony a7r4 and just a few lenses uh the weight would be much more than carrying the a7c and four compact prime lenses i mean it’s just i like the direction we’re going in uh this is not my favorite among uh the lenses that sigma sent me but i think that for a lot of users that are looking for the the middle ground again the kit replacement that while the 24 millimeter matches it in terms of pricing this is a little bit faster and not everybody’s looking for an ultra wide and if you’re looking to shoot more portraits than you are landscape this is going to fit the bill i like the lens hood on all of these new lenses metal construction something that we didn’t always get with sigma i keep mentioning it for that fact they listened to the consumers and delivered a lens hood that is uh really a reflection of the entire quality of build that you’re getting across the entire lens the only switch on here like all the other sigmas that i’ve been covering is the autofocus switch and all i can say is is that again it is a very sharp piece of glass it’s only going to get a little bit less sharp when it’s wide open and that’s to be expected with every piece of glass on the market even if you’re dealing with sony’s gm line uh of course we could pretend that they don’t get softer some don’t but the majority of glass no matter who the manufacturer is no matter what the

price tag is you take a hit when you push it to its extreme and that’s to be said for just about every form of technology not just photographic equipment so do i think this lens is worth its ask at 550 i personally would go with the 24 millimeter over it uh but again this is a matter the lens hood’s detached there uh this is a matter of whether or not you prefer an ultra wide or something more portrait oriented the beauty is is that with this pricing you have two completely different photographic tools for the price of what traditionally would be one prime lens a good example is that here you get the 24 and the 45 and you’re spending about a thousand dollars and that would typically only buy you this 55 f 1.8 which is still an amazing piece of glass i might add but it’s a 900 retail originally a thousand it might have even been more back when it launched a long time ago alongside the very first full-frame e-mount camera that sony ever made but you know these to me are great kit options and that’s what they represent at 550 respectively again i prefer the 24 because i’m more of an ultra wide or just a wide shooter to begin with but for people that are focused on you know shooting their their children their grandkids their pets the 45 is going to give you i think a better overall uh capability than of course the 24 and that’s not to say you can’t use the 24 and crop in or you know use your feet to get closer that 24 does have a fantastic macro capability so that’s something to keep in mind that’s another reason i prefer the 24 over the 45 especially at the

price point being the same but if you’re looking for something close to a 50 mil and you don’t want to break the bank and you want better than uh better quality than what sony is offering at least in their kit zoom lens this absolutely delivers it now alternatively if you’re willing to spend 50 dollars more and get sony’s 40 mil lens there are some advantages you know it does have the customizable button which you know for me has been the aps-c crop mode button turn it a little more into a telephoto yes you lose resolution but you are essentially cropping in on camera so it kind of makes it into a zoom option of course you still have the auto focus switch just like you do on the sigma but then you do have the click on and off switch which makes it a little bit better of a hybrid for those of you that are photo and video shooters but the lens hood leaves quite a bit to be desired not a big fan of these lens hoods that sony has rolled out they’re just i don’t feel like they do much to protect the glass but i’m nitpicking again this is about the sigma i don’t think you can go wrong with either of these by the way i didn’t do a comparison of them because quite frankly i feel like people are going to go with whichever brand they personally prefer i you know traditionally i’ve been a sony guy i still am but when sigma puts out a great product it gets my attention as i’ve stated i’m not a huge fan of 40 mil or 45 i’d rather step it up to 50 or be at 35 or go even wider to 24.

But for those of you that you know 45 to 50 is what you’re after uh this may be uh the perfect lens and then alternatively and i i don’t really get why sony launched a 40 and a 50 you can go to sony’s 50. so inherently that’s another comparison i could have done and again it shares the exact same properties i just showed in terms of customizable buttons that the sigma lacks but you know you’re spending more you’re getting in my mind something that is also really good i don’t think you can go wrong with this lens or this lens at its respective price point because no matter what you’re going to get sharp stills quality video and minimal focus breathing from either of these and that applies to the 40 that i brought in frame also you will still be living with this lens cap though which i’m not a fan of i you know i can’t pretend to be a fan of something i am not that just doesn’t work out but i do love that the sony has the click on and off i’m a hybrid shooter i love to shoot still as well as video and of course the sigma is completely capable of doing both but if you have to change your aperture on the fly on or if you enjoy doing so on the lens that click noise it’s going to be in your audio and of course you could take it out so it’s just a little bit more work and you may not be capturing audio you know on camera anyway a lot of people don’t but the whole convenience of the a7c and the small form factor lenses is to have the easiest solution out there so i think the 45 mil f 2.8 is a great option again for kit replacement just like the sony 40 and 50

which are both a little bit faster at f 2.5 but nominal at best again a negligible difference so it really just comes down to in my opinion whether or not you prefer sigma over sony because pricing is so close performance is so close it’s just good to have options these days folks that’s how i look at it great lens not my favorite of the new lineup of sigma glass out there but certainly competent and definitely worth a look if 45 mil is what you’re after and you like the robust build quality that i feel sigma brings to the table where sony keeps it a little lighter it’s really a matter of personal preference there’s no question the a7c is about convenience and form factor and sony reflects that in their lens lineup sigma is just doing sigma which is you know a little beefier a little bit more solid and lens hoods that still remind you as compact as the lenses are that they still need to be protected so just a matter of personal opinion i don’t personally feel swayed one way or another with the 45 versus sony’s 40 or 50 although i do feel the customizable uh buttons and the click switch are compelling uh attributes for both the sony 40 and 50.

but they’re more expensive and don’t necessarily add anything to you if you’re not a hybrid shooter so food for thought uh but that pretty much wraps it up another solid lens from sigma it’s a good time to be a sony e-mount full-frame shooter you’ve got a lot of options and yes this could be used on aps-c as can all of uh the full-frame options uh from sigma that i’ve been reviewing lately but you know that’s really a matter of whether or not you’d want to do it they’re small enough that they certainly match aps-c form factor but at this point uh with the a7c existing i don’t really have a reason to recommend aps-c anymore and that’s kind of why the a7c is such a fantastic camera is that it’s not the death of aps-c aps-c is still there still a more affordable option with great results but it’s tough for me to recommend an a6600 even at 1100 i think that was the most recent sale price when you’ve got um such capability in basically the same form factor right here and such a broad breadth of glass now in the full frame realm even now in compact form any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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