Review Sigma 65mm f2 DG DN Contemporary Compact Lens For Sony e-mount

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the sigma 65 millimeter f2 dg dn contemporary lens for sony e-mount full-frame cameras now at 699 us this is an affordable i say 65 millimeter prime but many of you may be scratching your head as to who is interested in a 65 millimeter prime and myself included when i first received this from sigma i kind of wondered what i would actually use this for now clearly i think it’s obvious that it’s aimed at portrait photography and i think if you employ which i did the aps-c crop mode it becomes even more intriguing of course that’s at the loss of the inherent value of using it as a full-frame piece of glass so i’m not suggesting that that should be its go-to but it’s nice to have that leverage the other thing is is that it is still fairly compact very well made like all of these new additions to sigma’s e-mount lineup of contemporary glass following the same design cues as their cinema lenses this is also available for the l mount for those of you that are interested and essentially it is just a very sharp piece of glass and you know when i first saw the 65 mil i said you know that’s not something i see too much of but you know traditionally 50

millimeters 55 even a little bit odd is where it sits for the average portrait lens that the general consumer maybe not pro is going to seek out and at this price point that is really who i feel sigma is after the average consumer and the a7c is the ultimate average consumer full-frame camera small light capable and incredibly convenient to take with you uh whether you’re traveling whether you’re you know an amateur or a pro it’s just a great camera very versatile so it’s all about finding the right glass and this is just another great addition to the lineup of e-mount options out there from reputable manufacturers and a lot of people will say well there are other manufacturers other than sigma ed or sony of course there are tamron is out there but that’s kind of where the list ends for me personally i’m not saying that other manufacturers don’t make competent glass i’ve got some things coming in from viltrox that are very affordable i’ve covered viltrox in the past those are budget oriented options but the whole idea here is that i think what sigma’s been doing with their contemporary line kind of bleeds in to their higher end art line and the gm line of sony glass and that’s what’s really compelling about this as well as the other compact primes that i’ve

been covering so all metal build made in japan uh we do have weather sealing but again i don’t trust weather sealing so don’t get ahead of yourself don’t think that you should get this wet i keep saying it over and over again because you know i think every time i ever used to mention weather sealing people would assume that that means they’re protected and you’re not it just means it’s better than no weather sealing the metal lens hood i really like it’s aggressive constructed well and it does at least from what i’ve used it it does protect the glass and that’s something you know in the compact primes sony’s been staying away from i get it they want to keep things small but i’d still rather keep my glass protected as well as possible now the magnetic lens cap is something new that sigma’s been including in these new primes of course you get both so you do have your traditional click lens clap lens cap excuse me you know the pinch to put on remove but i love the convenience of these magnetic lens caps so if you’re like me and you see the a7c as being a photographic tool that’s all about convenience and having lenses to match has really been where we’ve been waiting uh for sony and other manufacturers like sigma and tamron to step up to the plate now you’ve got your option and you know i’ve joked um a

little bit that i feel like this is the portrait lens uh in some ways of of social distancing in some form because it it doesn’t allow you unlike a 50 mil where you do have to be a good number of feet away obviously with the 65 it’s even more distance between you and your subject but all jokes aside it’s incredibly sharp if you’re shooting stills primarily i think you’re going to be happy with the portraits you get out of this especially out of again such a compact form factor i mean the a7c is the king in my opinion of rangefinder style bodies full frame beautiful 4k video fantastic stills uh you know fully articulating display it doesn’t leave a lot to be desired although i know we’re going to get a lot more because all this glass coming from both sony sigma and other manufacturers tells you that everybody knows that this is where things are headed which is where things started for sony keeping it small less is more delivering performance in a package you wouldn’t expect it and with this again that fits in the palm of my hand and i don’t have very large hands it is really impressive what this lens and body pairing is capable of and that’s kind of been the theme on everything sigma sent my way here for review i didn’t purchase this this is a review unit it is going back to the manufacturer just like the uh 20 the 24 the 35 and the 45 prime and i really like it you know i this was kind of a head scratcher similarly to the sony 45

where i was kind of like what um or excuse me uh the sony 40 i meant that i just i wasn’t really sure what i would use this for you know but realistically speaking it is a portrait lens and then of course it bleeds into with the aps-c crop mode into becoming a telephoto lens and if you attach it to a higher res uh e-mount full-frame camera like the a7r ii or a7 r4 or the a7r iii i just wasn’t able to test it with it because i no longer have an a7r iii i sold that a while back uh you now have a prime telephoto option which is really cool uh considering how sharp this is now when it comes to focus breathing yes it’s there it’s there on every piece of glass on earth pretty much and you know the a7c has a very strong hybrid autofocus system paired with the auto focus capability of this lens you’re in good shape the aperture ring is as clicky as it could ever be really solid i love the feel it’s a very satisfying aperture ring more so i would say than the sony primes but of course it does not have the ability to turn that click off sigma if you could add that you have really some of if not the best glass on the market i think for e-mount users outside of sony’s own uh native lenses which is a pretty big endorsement coming from me and remember i’m not paid to make these endorsements uh you know i’m not saying one day but uh right now that’s not the case this is just a review unit um i like the distance between the focus ring and the aperture ring that’s something that as these compact primes get more and more compact especially the sony ones they’re so

tight that i feel like you know if you do have larger hands i’m not saying it’s going to be a problem or you’re going to have issues but it’s just something to be aware of the only switch physical switch on this lens is the autofocus switch beyond that you’re just looking again at a made in japan robust build quality that you really aren’t going to find from anyone else and that’s what sigma’s all about really sharp glass incredible build quality and pricing that you wouldn’t necessarily expect and that is the thing about this lens in particular now i’m not saying i wasn’t impressed with the sharpness of the 35 or the 24 or the 45 but this one in particular as i stated at the top of this video kind of makes me feel like it gives the higher end glass again the art series from sigma and the gm series from sony a run for its money so while i was scratching my head at the 65 millimeter uh point you know i i after seeing the images the stills i was kind of sold on this now am i running out and buying one not quite yet because where i am right now i’m happy with the glass i have and we are still in a pandemic and i don’t shoot for a living as much as i love photography and i’ve been covering cameras and glass for a really long time it isn’t how i make my money i’m not an event photographer i don’t do weddings i don’t have a portrait studio but i could see this being perfect for weddings and general portrait photography again especially in the pandemic the extra distance isn’t bad but it does bleed

into telephoto which is really cool especially considering its size and weight so if you’re looking for a portrait lens that is going to be a great marriage with the a7c it’s going to be tough to look past the 65 millimeter f2 lens and i say it over and over again but i’m going to reiterate love the magnetic lens cap sigma thank you this is something that manufacturers should have done a long time ago but not all manufacturers are making everything out of metal right so they don’t have the ability necessarily to employ magnetic lens caps but remember these are not as secure as the traditional pinch caps so just be aware the other thing you need to know is and i’ve stated this over and over again in my coverage of all these new compact primes that when you put on these lens hoods which by the way i think are the best in the business right now for the compact primes i’ve said it i’ll say it again sony’s done a really nice job with their lineup but their lens hoods leave quite a bit to be desired because they are really following the design cue and i totally understand it of keeping it as compact as possible sigma went a different route which is if we’re going to give them a lens hood let’s give them a real lens hood and if we’re going to listen to customer feedback let’s make it an all metal one because i have covered uh sigma lenses in the past that are great but then i feel like i’m going to need to go to a third

party lens hood well sigma addressed that so uh they’re doing quite a bit to differentiate themselves even though they’ve been in the business pretty much forever and have a reputation uh that is very good i mean they’re an outstanding glass and camera body manufacturer i mean even though their business is primarily in lenses in glass god knows i am waiting for that fpl patiently and i’m excited to see what that little full-frame cinema monster can do with its improvements and advancements but again i don’t think anyone who’s interested in a portrait prime compact piece of glass that’s relatively fast at f2 yes it could be faster but think about the size of this lens you get any faster and i don’t know what how much larger and how much more off balance it will make a camera like the a7c and unlike the other primes that i’ve tested from sigma the new compact ones which are all really sharp this one seems to be the sharpest and that has made me more comfortable it’s also its size as i stated earlier to use this on the larger email bodies like my a7r ii and iv so it’s competent it resolves the resolution and again tack sharp and oddly enough a telephoto lens at the end of the day which is odd considering its size considering its price considering that it’s a prime piece of glass i could see why this would be desirable whereas when i unboxed it i you know and when it was offered for review i was kind of

baffled uh by sigma’s choice to make a 65 mil f2 but after using it i can tell you this is a lens uh that i think is going to garner interest with a lot more people than i initially presumed and you know presumptions are exactly that assumptions that aren’t founded in actual experience and now that i have it i can tell you this is yet another really great offering for e-mount users and i just love that we’ve got them i say it over and over again but the days of sony making more bodies than lenses is so long gone that we have great options for manufacturers like sigma and remember this is made in japan and i don’t feel like we’re paying a premium for that so that’s another nice advantage for those of you who do prefer your camera gear made in japan or any electronics gear i stated over and over that manufacturers no matter where they have their products made granted nothing’s really made here in the u.s we know that we just consume right but japan china uh you know south korea wherever it’s made vietnam they have they are held to the manufacturer’s standards in that factory so don’t think that because something is made in one country it makes it better i feel like that’s mental oh sorry if i offended anyone with that one uh pc police but it’s not to me the days of uh being made in japan being synonymous with uh you know the highest level of craftsmanship it’s not that it’s no more it’s that

companies hold standards high no matter where a product is made but if it appeals to you that it’s made in japan well then sigma’s got your your solution right here don’t they and again not at a premium i mentioned via laptops because i cover them i love them but god knows you are paying an incredible premium for that to be handcrafted in japan here handcrafted in japan but the premium isn’t going to make you turn over your checking account so really like this lens surprised that i do because i kind of wasn’t sure what i’d be doing with it because it does sit somewhere between what is typical for portraiture and of course telephoto but i find myself as i’ve stated like with the a7r iv throwing this into crop mode and then all of a sudden i’ve got a telephoto prime which is really cool and yields some really sharp results that otherwise would not be achievable especially with such a compact and dare i say affordable piece of glass and again love the magnetic lens caps sigma keep on doing what you’re doing any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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