HP Thunderbolt 3 Dock (120W G2)

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the hp thunderbolt 3 g2 dock now this has been on the market for several years and i just purchased one because well we are still in the middle of a pandemic and this is perfect if you have a laptop that supports thunderbolt 3 and in addition to that microsoft put this on sale for 150 us dollars that’s 100 less than retail and considering its power supply considering you get an hp warranty that seemed to be a pretty good deal in my opinion furthermore if you’ve been waiting for a thunderbolt 4 docking system i don’t think you really need to i mean truth be told the throughput is the same and really if you’re getting a solid price on what you’re picking up that should be most important considering i feel like thunderbolt docks have always been overpriced with that said let’s get this thing out of the box i know hp excuse me b h recently had on sale the cal

digital was it the t3 for 190 and a lot of people will swear by them they make solid products but again that was limited i think to 87 watts this is 120 and for me having 120 and a well-known manufacturer like hp is a big plus so the first thing you’re seeing is a power brick and by the way that’s not a knock at cal digital they are a very good manufacturer as well first thing we have as i just stated the power brick and there is a higher watt version of this i believe 230 but i don’t recommend going that route i mean if you have a workstation that requires it that’s one thing but it’s power cable is not the most intuitive in terms of design so that’s why i mentioned this is the one i personally would prefer but if you need that extra wattage then that is a solid option as well the power cord for that brick we’ve got our paperwork right here and then we have our thunderbolt 3 cable which is tied right into this let’s just pull it right out and i mean hassle-free going with microsoft store so i mean that’s just one thing you should be aware of that if you

choose to pick one of these up know that buying it from microsoft you’re not going to have any problems they’ve got free returns and again that’s if you end up needing one which in all likelihood you won’t so design is really clean on this this is not the model that has uh the speakerphone built into it i shouldn’t really call it a speaker phone but uh it’s basically conferencing capability but also the ability just through bluetooth to make and receive calls but the beauty of this again is that with a single cable you must have of course thunderbolt capability on your laptop of choice in my case it’ll be my hp spectre but i’ll just pull over the 14t that i have right here you know if you have something like this and this just happens to be something i’m reviewing right now it’s not that i’m you know sponsored by hp because i did just purchase this with my own money of course this was sent over for review you just need to hook up one cable and that’s the beauty for those of you that are wondering why on earth you would need something like this it’s about basically convenience and practicality because with one cable connected to your pc you will have all of the connectivity that you need just because of this little docking system so you can see we’ve got a type c a

thunderbolt connection right there and then in addition to that on the back of the unit we have an ethernet port the actual power cable that i just showed you right here that you’re going to have to connect to power this 120 watt hub we’ve got two usb 3 type a ports we have vga out and then we have a displayport type c two displayport outputs and of course a thunderbolt a thunderbolt 3 output so only one thunderbolt 3 output keep that in mind but uh you do have connectivity really i think as much as anyone would need the only thing that i could argue this is missing is an sd card reader that’s something you will get with a product like the cal digital that i mentioned at the top of this video and that’s something i do wish this had but i can’t justify spending more money to get an sd card reader when i’ve got so many external sd card readers already that of course i just plug into this also this is really small i happen to like the design on this i believe this is the actual power button up here and another thing that i’ve seen hp advertise a lot is the ability to mount this on the back of an hp monitor and i did just purchase a dream color 31 inch so this could be a perfect pairing with that and the idea here is to have a workstation just up and running with again a single cable connecting the whole operation you have a kensington lock on the side of this another type c port and your headphone

microphone combo jack and that’s pretty much it really minimal on the design front compact considerably smaller than a lot of other thunderbolt 3 docks and if you’re wondering why not just get um a thunderbolt 3 dock that doesn’t have this sort of power capability and is really a deck style one rather than this specific design because there are a lot of those on amazon that you can pick up for you know 100 or less those generally are going to be capped at 60 watts and to me they all are pretty ugly now i’m not saying this one’s a butte but from a you know overall style perspective and the design queue being a direct match with my hp monitor that i just purchased it’s kind of a no-brainer at its price point but i’m going to come back to the power because to have this sort of power on such a small compact dock i think is really the ultimate reason for picking one of these up now those of you that are mac users i’m not going to be able to speak to support for apple i don’t ever speak to support for apple so that’s not what my channel is for could that change one day who knows you never know right i’ll never rule anything out completely although it’s highly unlikely but the fact of the matter is this should work with apple products but i’ll only be testing it with pc products another reason you might want to consider this over those generic docs that i was mentioning on amazon is the power supply and the length of said power cable i mean this is all what’s important when you get those thunderbolt 3 docks that are really inexpensive the length of the

quartz the the run is incredibly short so if in any way shape or form you’re concerned about that you want a little more flexibility that’s where the power cord the brake everything is going to make a major difference a lot of them don’t include any power delivery on them in terms of a cable a power supply with any sort of length they really are just relying on you hooking it up to your thunderbolt 3 port on your on your system of choice whether that’s a desktop or a laptop so again the beauty here is is that once i have everything connected to this which i will ultimately ultimately likely drive two displays because this can support two 4k displays at 60 hertz which is ideal and then of course the usb flexibility would i like some more usb ports yeah i mean i would but clearly the idea is that if you can hook up ethernet keyboard mouse two monitors and then have yet another you have your thunderbolt 3 port still available i mean technically you can drive three monitors but i believe you have to be doing that sub 4k of course i will test it i mean technically they’ve got four outputs here but i will see what it can do but i believe it caps out it too in 4k at 60 hertz but just imagine that setup so dual monitor keyboard and a mouse technically you could really have multiple keyboards and mice and have everything hooked up including an ethernet connection and then all you have to do is connect this with one

umbilical you know thunderbolt 3 connection to your laptop so it really is a matter of convenience and cable management and just keeping everything clean and as seamless as possible i know a lot of people don’t get these products they think it’s just a hub to give you more flexibility that’s not what it’s about it’s about the ability to be completely plug and play on a workstation setup essentially which i will be doing so in the pandemic i think these are no-brainers i again i’m not saying that it’s wrong to go with the less expensive options but having the 120 watts makes it so that this is not only going to going to simultaneously charge your laptop but then you can connect other things that require power or that you want to charge and that’s really the beauty what i have like to have the version that has the capability of making and receiving calls via bluetooth that would have been nice but again at 150 plus tax this is really hard to beat also read that i’m going to have to update the firmware on this for optimal capability so we’ll see what it has out of the box because this has been on the market now for a few years any questions or comments please feel free to post them and of course as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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