Comica BoomX-U U2 Wireless Microphone System

as well as below with the electronic absorb and today i intended to share a quick unboxing as well as initial take a look at the comica boom xu u2 now this microphone system retails for about 250 us dollars as well as it was simply sent out over for evaluation purposes as well as unlike the comica boom xd that i covered in the past which is a smaller system based around 2.4 ghz transmission this is a uhf system with that stated you are getting 2 microphones and a solitary receiver that they will link to as well as i’m expecting efficiency to be strong and comica up until now a minimum of with the boom xd truly does deliver when it comes to value to performance ratio so if you’re trying to find something affordable that’s going to get the job done that’s what i’m anticipating from this equally as uh my experience has actually been with the kamika boom xd so you can see just in regards to functions quick run-through mini and portable broadcast degree quality is what we’re seeking dual channel uhf cordless microphones interior and exterior mic 2 input modes you can naturally connect i believe a lav is

included with this working distance approximately 120 meters so that’s over approximately 400 feet we’ll see if that’s exact which is pretty crazy in addition to that we have actually got several networks used for several devices interacting car scanning and also fast ir pairing as well as 16 degrees of adjusted gain control muting features real-time aesthetic power auto dynamic control you recognize all essentially whatever you can see right here a tft screen on the rx component itself that is the receiver as well as they do have antennas that actually flip up as well as they are also efficient in being affixed with a belt clip allow’s get this thing out of the box allow’s have a look hopefully absolutely nothing was harmed en route i only state that because i listen to some components rolling about and that’s typically not the case when i get things it’s you understand ideally absolutely nothing obtained damaged en route yet obviously absolutely nothing in life is best so i’m not anticipating anything to be or else below so let’s go in advance as well as obtain this out of package so the initial point you can see is we have actually got a bring situation i like that that’s something that is always great to have with a piece of set such as this andy cindy the maker if you’re not acquainted you ought to be if you are a customer uh they are really proficient at making uh top quality items at affordable costs for filmmakers and digital photographers alike so i like this little bag i like the branding it also matches my alpha things with the black and also orange allow’s see if there’s anything in this initial area and also naturally we’ve got cables out the wazoo which is what i was expecting as well as it resembles these are not simply the cords yet the actual laboratories that are coming with this also because remember we do have lav capacity on this besides the microphones actually having built-in mics of their very own so you have that

adaptability you understand if you choose to use an existing lab you already have you can decrease that road or of program utilize the ones that are included so there’s the paperwork and you’re considering the entire system extremely reduced profile tiny kind aspect you know not as small as the boom xd yet still really small when you think of what these can the array and at least in theory what they need to have the ability to achieve for you in regards to program top quality so here’s the receiver this does have a built-in battery you can see the belt clip right there it’s totally up to you if you intend to go that path and after that we contend the top a headphone jack for monitoring outcome the ir is right there as well as an led indication for both the amb network on the receiver food selection uh controls here the power switch we’ll just see if it’s obtained power out of package it does i think that this is rated at six hrs this has a full cost you can see network 22 for one channel 47 for the various other allow’s go on as well as power these up and you can see with these devices likewise naturally the belt clip microphone right here in addition to the mic port uh that has its very own little customized pin config simply like the various other comica so that it locks right into area they’re telling you to focus these this is the antenna right here so simply recognize that ir because this is counting on view you have uh that right there as well as your type c charging port reset pinhole which’s pretty a lot it as well as they’re informing you that that is

how the antenna turns uh they’re giving you clear that it’s clockwise not counterclockwise proceed and also power that on we ought to see it revive right here yeah we’ve got a warm mic currently on network a screening testing one two three not clipping to ensure that’s that’s respectable level right out of the box but naturally when you begin actually utilizing this with uh your cam or configuration of selection that’s gon na alter let’s go ahead to the following one i’ll move the bring instance out of the way power it up it’s the exact same point right here yet naturally preset to funnel 47 testing testing one 2 3 testing testing allow’s get in emphasis will we evaluating testing one two 3 nothing clipping so looking great uh and also i like that you have actually got of course a readout for the power on both your degrees on both as well as after that of training course you can leap in and readjust points as well let’s see what else was available in the bundle looks like we have an xlr adapter right here this is simply a three as well as a fifty percent mil adapter exact same thing right here so that essentially you can connect to your gadget of choice dead pet cat which you recognize you’re mosting likely to want to utilize to basically if you are utilizing the microphone on the comica boom xu devices to cut wind noise as well as what else do we have this appears like a lav i’ll break it open up simply to see allow’s see if it is that’s what it looks like and yes this is a lav so this is the lab that’s consisted of and i mentioned this due to the fact that it’s extremely comparable to the one as a matter of fact i believe it corresponds the one that’s consisted of with the comic boom xd so rationale is is that not just does it connect right into i have an opposite there

brilliant i enjoy the mic jack yet after that this little clip works as a locking device to ensure that it’s secure it’s not mosting likely to come out accidentally and also after that of course wire this approximately where you’re going to intend to use it keep this at your belt it’s a nice little system makes good sense i like the design it’s mosting likely to be fascinating to see exactly how this executes against once again the smaller the comica boom xd and the rode wireless go that i’m utilizing right now other than that though once again one more dead cat if you wish to utilize them on the real microphones themselves it depends on you i’m going to see what audio top quality resembles from the laboratory along with the mic itself but clearly in many situations particularly if you’re doing anything on cam you’re not going to intend to be utilizing these you’re mosting likely to desire to utilize a lav as well as of training course the laboratory that’s consisted of below i anticipate to be suitable yet i do not anticipate it to be anything first-rate after all it’s an added value that it includes the system in regards to billing time i’m uncertain on that however we’ll learn similar to i’ll find out concerning range that’s virtually it again it includes whatever you can possibly require which’s why they’re calling it relayed quality you can see once again the antennas appearing we’re visiting exactly how well that functions if you intended to clip it on a video camera i’ve obtained the sony a7c right here if i proceed and also pop this off i think it will certainly get hold of onto the cold footwear actually hot you and there you have it you understand established ready to go on an a7c talk about a truly small rig that’s just prepared to opt for production also though this wouldn’t be the lens of selection in my opinion yet there you have it again the comica boom xu this is the u2 they do be available in uh different capabilities in regards to whether or not you intend to have several microphones and also i’m.

quite sure that’s provided at the back of the box right here that the optional sets the u1 is that you’re getting one microphone as well as one receiver so a tx and an rx and after that if you go with the kit you see right here which is the u2 as i pointed out on top of the video and also throughout the program you obtain 2 tx’s which are the microphones as well as one rx and also really the appeal below once again is the adaptability with all the networks where some systems simply instantly assign here you’re in fact mosting likely to have the ability to select specifically the best network for efficiency you know getting rid of interference and also that provides you a lot more adaptability when it comes to the number of microphones you desire to sync up with this if you have uh several individuals in the shoot that you’re doing that you need to capture audio from this is adaptability that just didn’t exist years earlier at a cost effective price and also it’s simply actually wonderful to see makers like andy sydney coming out with a growing number of items for filmmakers that do not intend to spend a lot however there you have it once again the comica boom xu this is the u2 2 mics one receiver any inquiries or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and customarily please do not hesitate to subscribe and please remain secure later.

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