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ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick update on my experience with the sony a7s mark iii now this camera’s been out for a little while but still nearly impossible to get your hands on and there’s a very good reason this in my opinion is one of the best cameras of its kind on the market if you’re looking to shoot hybrid in other words you want the best of still and video in one camera and you understand that the 12 megapixel full-frame sensor that’s on here is completely adequate for certain if not very good for certain uh photographic opportunities and you want something that’s going to give you best in class video this is capable of 4k at 120 frames per second 10 bit then you found the camera if you can actually find one and i say that because these are very hard to come by right now supply and demand you know sony is having a tough time keeping up because of the pandemic and a lot of people have been waiting for this camera so uh quick initial impressions here love uh the shotgun the sony shotgun digital mic on here that is mine this is all demo equipment this is mine also the bluetooth grip and this is a match made in heaven as well really enjoying the color that this produces uh the video is exceptional and

the beauty of the fact that you can record internally and and record 4k 120 frames that is just an amazing thing that sony has pulled off here now with regard to you know these two slots and using their compact flash type a cards which of course sony recommends and you don’t need to have that but if you want zero compromise on performance that is the road you’ll have to go down they’re expensive the 80 gig that sony sent over for me to test out retails for 200 us dollars they do have 160 gig you’re looking at 40 minutes of video with that 80 gig card um at the highest quality that this can internally record at least that’s what i got so whether or not that’s for you is up for debate obviously but something i wanted to point out also the touch screen i do think that it is a step in the right direction i think what sony did here with giving us you know a legitimate new menu system as well as full touchscreen integration they deserve credit i mean but at the same time this took so long to achieve i mean we’ve been waiting uh what feels like forever for sony to innovate on this side of the camera right they’ve been innovating incredibly when it comes to still and video capability uh really outclassing everybody in the business but when it came to the actual menu system that’s where we felt like we were always getting the same old and now they finally delivered now am i blown away you know a lot of reviewers have been saying oh it’s it’s so much better it’s a new world i’m not blown away i have to say i appreciate it it’s definitely better than what

typically you would find on a sony mirrorless camera especially the fact that it is touch screen enabled but i know sony is capable of so much more and i’ll likely be re-emphasizing this in my full review because as much as i’m enjoying shooting with this and it’s amazing i mean to have a camera that can shoot in the dark we’re talking about stills and then on the video side shoot anything you want it’s an amazing product expensive but amazing and when you put it into context of what cameras with this sort of capability of shooting video of this class typically cost that’s when you realize it’s really not an expensive camera in addition to that i think what they’ve done with the port selection is solid i mean giving an actual hdmi port here is i think a very big improvement for video shooters who want to capture externally we’d rather have a standard format and it’s something that sony should have done and they addressed and i feel like that’s a lot of what this camera is about i think one of the most noteworthy improvements of course is that evf highest resolution widest viewing angle of any evf on the market and that’s something i’m jealous my a7r iv does not have of course when the a7r 5 launches which i’m assuming will be sometime in 2021 maybe 2022.

I don’t know exactly we’ll get that evf and that will be a big improvement of course we’ll also get the flip out screen the touch screen interface all of that good stuff i’m expecting it because that is the way sony integrates their bleeding edge tech into their top pro models and there’s no question the a7s ii iii excuse me is exactly that i mean i’ve been shooting it almost exclusively so far with the g-master 16-35 which i think is a fantastic combination but then again the little bit that i’ve tested with the 24 to 105 f4 has also been really good so i mean you don’t need to have a g master lens to see this body shine it is just that good believe it or not sony really made a video centric camera here but another thing i have to mention is overheating so a lot of youtubers reviewers have said that they aren’t experiencing overheating or if they did obviously you can turn off the overheating threshold limitations so a point of order on that you know i have no problem doing it but i do wonder you know the fact that the first time i was shooting video with this it was about 23 minutes that i had my first overheat shut down before i decided to change the threshold i have to

wonder you know why would sony put that threshold in place if it was just for us to turn it off and i think common sense will answer that question for most of you and it has to take some sort of toll and i’ll reach out um to sony on this and and ask them i mean i’m not accusing them of anything i don’t want anyone to misunderstand this but being that this is so competent and so capable in the video realm and granted a lot of you will tell me you don’t need to do long format i know that already but it still should be able to without giving us the overheat warnings and if it can’t i don’t want people to buy this as a video camera which really it is a cinema camera in large part i would say that happens to also be a great 12 megapixel low light shooter that if you’re shooting portraits and you’re not so focused on you know pixel peeping you’re going to feel good about what you get out of this you know not ideal for landscape obviously you’re losing a lot of resolution architectural shots losing tremendous resolution but again it boils down to should we have to turn off that overheat warning i mean this is something i’m used to i’ve been reviewing sony cameras for a long time and it’s certainly nothing new to have that overheat warning pop up and it’s nothing new to turn it off but i really didn’t expect that to be something i would see with the a7s mark iii so i want to know what your experience is if you own one or you’ve demoed one you know how quickly were you getting

overheating warnings we all know we can shut them off it’s just i have to wonder over time especially if you’re a pro using this to make a living is that going to eventually shorten the lifespan i mean it’s kind of obvious of the body uh no differently than a shutter count would on a traditional camera you know they all have their mileage they hit that wall and the show is over so it’s just kind of strange to me that on such a video-centric full-frame mirrorless monster like this because that’s exactly what this is i mean boy has it come a long way and i think they’ve delivered in every capacity video quality the color quality uh all the different capabilities that this has to offer especially if you’re interested in the high frame rate shooting 240 frames full hd these are beautiful things to have in one body but i just don’t get the overheating and i’m really hoping that you know there isn’t something to what i’m saying right now i don’t want to believe that if you turn off that threshold and you just shoot as much video as you want that it’s not going you know i hope it’s not going to damage the internals but i’m putting it out there because i never pretend to know everything and always i’m trying to of course acquire and amass as much knowledge as possible about what i’m sharing with all of you if i make an error as quick as possible to correct it so this is one where i love what i’m seeing out of this it’s amazing i’m ready to buy one but i’m trying to control myself because i don’t know that i

necessarily need it in my workflow but i there’s just something off to me about getting that overheat warning so quickly on this camera but of course that can be rectified i just wonder long term does rectifying it short term do damage long term and it’s not something i’ve experienced on other cameras but all of my other sony cameras where i do have uh you know an overheat warning that can be shut off i don’t use them exclusively as video cameras they are truly hybrid and if you are picking this up to shoot solely in the video realm that’s why i’m making this point and i hope that’s abundantly clear but overall the other thing you have to check yourself on with this is you have to be ready for the files you know those 4k 120 frame files they are monsters uh are they as large as shooting raw uh dng with at 12 bit with the sigma fp no they’re not but that’s a completely different story so just be aware and you most likely already are if you’re shopping this you have to have an incredibly competent desktop to deal with the footage you’re going to get out of the a7s mark iii and if you aren’t prepared on that side i don’t recommend stepping in to the a7s mark iii realm because you just aren’t going to be able to use this camera to its potential but i can tell you right now highly recommend the shotgun pure digital mic no wires no batteries love it i just want to see sony expand support for it i wish this worked on the zv1 that’s part of the reason i didn’t pick up the zv1 and

again the bluetooth grip which some people think is novelty it’s perfect for a camera like this with active steady shot you get almost gimbal-like performance so even though we’re not quite there it’s close enough again that i can highly recommend this combination so what you’re looking at right here in my opinion is pretty much a perfect setup for this camera for shooting video i also have been using my full frame 28 to 135 and also getting amazing results i may end up putting up some test footage of this possibly against the sigma the sigma fp a different beast no 4k 120 of course but still 12 bit raw 4k is pretty amazing as well and that little camera has some crazy features and of course much smaller than this which is yet another benefit but this lens i’m also really enjoying it um you know part of the reason i picked this up is because this is a kit cinema lens with power zoom and i knew that eventually a camera like this would come one day and i would probably want to mount this lens on here to have the best of both worlds in terms of still and video shooting and you know that’s not a lens for everyone but this on the other hand is if you can afford it uh its form factor and overall quality is just best in class uh the only thing you know to that i would look at other than this if you’re looking for the same focal range of

course is the f4 zeiss that is older and not nearly as sharp and capable but still a fantastic lens and still one of my favorites and i haven’t dumped it in favor of this because i’m waiting to see remember this lens is not brand spanking new anymore it’s been out for a while and you know possibly you should be looking at the 20 millimeter f 1.8 that i reviewed a while back over something like this if uh budget is an issue because that lens is fantastic granted not as wide not a zoom a prime but stellar either way a7s iii a winner there’s a reason it’s out of stock not just supply and demand but because it’s a no-brainer for video shooters that want a fantastic low-light option for still all in one and really nothing matches it out there right now even though this isn’t my full review i’ve just given you some opinions based on the short time i’ve spent with it and uh i’m really happy with it i’m just irked by the overheating and having to switch off the threshold it’s just something something doesn’t sit well with me about doing that and i’m curious about everyone’s thoughts on that any questions or comments please feel free to post them at that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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