Samsung Note 20 Ultra Poetic Cases

ed here with the digital absorb and today i intended to share a fast unboxing and also initial look at 3 brand-new situations for the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra made by poetic now these were simply sent out over for evaluation you can see i have actually obtained my samsung authorities tough case on my note 20 ultra white rock dome glass on the front and also back on the camera array however let’s take a look at what uh poetic has made here so every one of these are under 20 us bucks so if you’re seeking something economical i’ll consist of links in the description these are most definitely going to achieve that the first one we’re checking out is the poetic transformation and also i have actually seen poetics revolution cases prior to actually the revolution situation is still on my tab s6 i’m a big follower of that so poetic for those of you strange is based out of san francisco right here in the states as well as i assume these all variety from about 17 to 20 dollars approximately this i can already feel is really sturdy out of the packaging see if i can obtain this uh open without uh you understand what let’s simply cut it open no factor not to right so we have actually got a rugged exterior difficult covering with uh kickstand on the back it resembles this is a twin kickstand however i could be no i’m wrong concerning that so it’s a solitary kick stand and also that’s exactly how that a person’s going to function all the

intermediaries are where they must be i would certainly visualize i’m in fact going to proceed as well as obtain these out of framework nothing else in this packaging that we require to be worried about i’ll move over the various other 2 instances as well as allow’s see what the phone looks like in this case i’m going to pop it out of the samsung rugged by the method my phone is the mystic black not truly a fan of the the flashy crap these days and once again this is a sturdy design case and i’m questioning if i require to pop this out initially let’s just see i do not believe so i think this is simply going to drop right in with any luck it appeared like it having a little bit of a concern with getting it into that layer and it may be due to the fact that this is actually making sure it’s not going to damage the phone it may be due to the fact that this is a two-piece assembly i don’t think there were any directions related to this i imply i believed it was just mosting likely to stand out right in there and also it probably will i just wish to make certain i’m not missing something since a great deal of poetics well a minimum of the change case on the tablet computer these are two separate pieces allow me see if there’s anything in there yet i don’t assume there really is so i’m mosting likely to try to pop this in again and we’ll see i mean initially it seemed like it it acted completely fine i don’t assume

that the real display guard is mosting likely to be an issue electronic camera settings up lined up i’m just questioning if i’m ever going to get this out and you recognize it’s still extremely challenging for me to get this in there so keeping that reiterated i do not wish to somehow damage my phone i got to picture that this does really launch and also come out due to the fact that exactly how else would certainly you get it in there hmm seeing a means to separate it to make sure that makes me assume that it is just a pop in so why don’t we attempt going the other method we’ll try the bottom initially which is in and also this is possibly the method i must have done it from the start i’m guessing it doesn’t mean that i’m proper regarding this because again i’m seeing that that lip is just it’s not going to budge to ensure that’s it for this case with me you understand no guidelines absolutely nothing uh plainly this internal covering needs to come out i’m not exactly sure if i’m intended to i don’t think that that’s exactly how you’re gon na pop it out however allow’s relocate on to the next situation since that’s taking means excessive initiative take a look at the next one they sent over which is the spartan i think the spartan is their most expensive case in the lineup entirely various branding below for the spartan hopefully i won’t have the issues i went via with the revolution since that was not enjoyable right this is the weapon steel by the means i didn’t state what shade this was it was just black i’m still type of dumbfounded by this i do kn i’m almost certain that this structure has to pop out and afterwards stand out back in but all right like

i stated i’m giving up on that in the meantime let’s emphasis on the spartan now the spartan usage my my blade below once more the spartan is the most expensive in the schedule i mentioned that and i believe it’s since it’s a bit more boosted i believe you can really see that now and you can see the gunmetal shade the distinction black gunmetal kickstand functionality is exactly the very same as well as it looks like i’m mosting likely to have the exact same well no i’m not mosting likely to have the precise very same trouble so you can see with the change this is difficult plastic right here it’s a silicone to make sure that means i will have the ability to pop this off and also i assume i will have to once again we do not have any kind of instructions from poetic maybe they get on yet i believe this is mosting likely to just come off it must put that pull back i don’t believe that plays any kind of duty there goes the liner as well as this is what i thought we would certainly get out of the various other fit so there that is and also currently obtain this back in there or did i need to hmm it’s coming to be a continuous theme place this on it first i think that’s exactly how you’ve reached do it so we’ve got the structure on it now i believe we can pop it in appears to be playing well with the stone dome glass this is going to be a little bit difficult to leave i will certainly say that however there we go as well as uh appears like we have actually obtained it as well as we do so this i had the ability to handle and i can tell you i like the fit and surface of this

situation fairly thick however if you compare it to the samsung sturdy concerning the very same dimension actually samsung rugged looks a little bit thicker yet not as tall this is mosting likely to give you more defense total i truly like the the look of this case yet it is really broad i will certainly inform you that right currently and the kickstand although i stopped working with the change right there i suggest rather uncomplicated just one position and also the appeal of this kickstand unlike the tough is that in picture it’s not going to pop off now do you require to use it in this way no you do not great allow’s go on to the last case this one i occur to like this one i assume you already understand i was discouraged by and i’m certain that it still is the precise same design that i’m gon na need to get that out i just excessive trouble for me today way too much problem let’s have a look at the last one which is the guardian so we have again change spartan and now lastly guardian similar product packaging to the transformation up until now this is my favorite not even if i can get it into the situation but also fit and also coating and let’s see what this set looks like now this is a clear case i can see that already and for those of you searching for that clear finish due to the fact that you want your phone to be noticeable as well as not have a situation take away from it this may be the best one for you currently this is going to give you the least amount of security but it’s.

essentially you understand a giant bumper with a clear back and also if that’s what you’re searching for this could be finest let’s see if i can get this out of below you currently saw what the process was for wow this is actually secured in there isn’t it i need to obtain the rubber the silicone skin i’m sorry off of it and after that once that’s off i can remove the plastic that is wrapped around it this is still better i do not understand what happened with that and also i do not think these are going to harm your phone i indicate now i’m simply taking a look at the note 20 to ensure it looks clean as well as it does and also as i stated no compatibility well fingerprint deposit but no compatibility issues with the white stone dome glass on the front or the back now allow’s see how points deal with this man so i’m thinking this is yet once again another 2 part but it this could not be i keep believing that and then it’s not yet it is so this is once again a two-parter i’m just wondering as i knock the cam if i eliminate this is it you know is that back plate yeah that’s what i believed the back plate belongs to this that’s what makes good sense right that’s rational let’s go on as well as pop this on same concept again i have no suggestion why on the revolution i guess even if it’s difficult plastic it’s a whole lot much more challenging to get that indoor covering out so as soon as you have that on simply go on and also i’m going to start with the base initially obtain that aligned decline it down and simply bring the silicone skin.

over the structure and also there you have it i believe we’re we get on we remain in good form and also there we still have the rear of the phone which is wonderful however you are giving up defense that both this and if i might have got the change on afford you a great deal more protection on the back i suggest this is a trade-off plainly the cam component so you know is recessed in all of them besides this set i believe but this is their most light-weight and also in terms of the overall impact is extremely comparable to the sturdy yet it provides you a much lighter really feel the bumpers are much more hostile on all these situations than on samsung rugged no issues with the white stone dome glass it is side to edge it did not obtain selected up by any of this so i actually assume i such as this situation the most i really did not explain they have actually clearly paid for a huge cutout for the s pen which i think is sensible since i hate cases that obstruct the s pen i mean how much even worse of a case might you have they all provide port security for the kind c charger a relatively deep piece of plastic around the audio speaker microphone buttons are well defined right here another microphone up at the top as well as that’s practically it electronic camera’s not restrained despite the fact that i have actually got a little hair there from one of the pets however that is it so this is the spartan to make sure that’s all 3 of them and once again under 20 you desire some solid protection for your phone i do not think you’ll fail with any one of these approved i i’m still kind of damaging my head regarding why i was unable to divide this and it’s still simply appears oh oh oh oh oh inspect it out possibly.

i’m getting it i am getting it so this was what i had to do at the extremely starting sorry if this is going off cam but i’m attempting so that we can completely check out every one of these i do not intend to break this while doing so it resembles the plastic might be getting slightly distorted on this there we go so this is just a whole lot tougher to venture out yet i did obtain it looks a little warped i need to state from that i indicate my very own doing let’s see how it fits allow’s pop this set out same same drill you recognize you’re taking the outside off of the the front plate that essentially seats it in there the something i can claim is with any one of these also including this man you ought to have solid security on the whole on the phone once more looking at the phone making certain nothing got damaged from placing it in looks tidy i’m not seeing that anything occurred on the coating looks excellent i didn’t think this was mosting likely to take place for all of you as well as rather frankly it may not have as a result of what i did to that leading edge it is a little warped a little however i think once i stick it in here that’s all going to be rectified so allow’s see and as i discussed i you know my tabith6 is still being in the change the only point i didn’t like about the revolution instance for the tab s6 was the front screen protector i’m not a follower of those plastic shields they simply obtain dirty as well as distorted as well as simply bad things absolutely nothing good.

comes from those all right so it resembles i got that on it also appears like this might have peeled off up a side of the white stone dome it looks like it did individuals but it is on definitely looks like it it caught are the switches not lined up somehow fine so these are a much deeper press i’m in fact having a trouble with the power button so alright this is my least fave of their situations particularly considering that it appears like it took off component of my white stone dome also if we intend to criticize that on me um however it does appear to fit once more recessed security on the video camera and also the kickstand as i was showing earlier like the various other you know you can use it in picture it’s not suitable landscape is what it’s created for which works flawlessly well but directly i prefer to opt for this one than the change which you understand also if all the cutouts are done right this one was simply so much job as well as i’m just hoping currently when i i do not recognize why this switch is not aligned because quantity is aligned perfectly it’s weird i imply i can put it on myself in terms of individual mistake or something to that impact but once again i can not even obtaining this off is going to be a discomfort as a matter of fact i will conserve that for off video camera so there you have it three instances for uh the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra from poetic if you have any inquiries or comments please do not hesitate to upload them strike that like button and as typical please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later.

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