Review – Eufy 2C Pro [3 Months Later]

i have actually had the 2c professional video camera system by yuffie up and running on my home currently for practically 2 months offering 24 7 defense for our building ever given that i made a review video clip after a couple of weeks of use and that video clip was generally really favorable if you have actually not already watched that video i most definitely advise inspecting it out before you enjoy this set as i provide a super comprehensive review of all of the performance of the system i’ll include a web link to it in the description of this video clip as i don’t want to cover every one of the exact same material once more but having the system up and also running currently for a number of months has actually offered me the opportunity to really be familiar with several of the nuances of it the kind of tiny however in some cases fairly impactful information that you may not see right now spoiler alert i still truly similar to this system i have not instantly made a decision that i’m sending it back or anything like that yet there are certainly some things that i’ve discovered that i’m not so crazy about points that ufe could well be able to repair with future updates to the system but points i do think you as a prospective proprietor of the system require to be familiar with as well as these aren’t all downsides by the method there are some great and negative points to talk about below so allow’s talk regarding my experience with the 2c pro system some 2 months later i have actually seen that yuffie are great with their updates the electronic cameras the home as well as the app all appear to obtain updated

on a pretty normal basis this happens over the air you do not need to eliminate any of the video cameras or connect them in or anything like that and also truthfully lots of people will not even identify that the firmware upgrade has actually happened you obtain a notice on the app which lets you recognize that a system update has actually taken place which’s it in regards to the cameras these updates tend to concentrate on security improvements and pest fixes i have actually not yet seen one that presents a brand-new function or anything like that while the app did just recently upgrade to include privacy zones one point i will certainly explain though is a complex circumstance with respect to firmware variations between the video cameras we have actually obtained five electronic cameras in our system we had 3 to start with added a fourth a number of days later then a fifth a number of weeks later on that fifth video camera is an absolutely various firmware version to the various other 4 and whilst the various other 4 appear to update every couple of weeks this never ever does but still seems to work rather well yuffie have actually claimed that this is because of the video cameras having somewhat different interior chips as a result of the international shortage which i guess makes sense it hasn’t been a concern simply something i wished to

discuss charging continues to be among the strong factors of this camera system it’s dead very easy to do and i really uncovered a simpler approach than bringing the video cameras right into your home to charge them i got this nine meter or concerning 29 foot micro usb cable from amazon and i simply curtain this out of a close-by home window or door as well as plug the electronic camera in after that leave it i have seen that charging is slow and i don’t know if that belongs to this cable however it typically takes a full day to bill the electronic cameras up but the great point is that the cameras remain totally functional the entire time however this does bring me to a point about battery life that 180-day battery life that yuffie case is completely possible but in ideal conditions anything besides perfect is going to drag that battery life down significantly by suitable i imply close to the residence base 5 meters or much less i would certainly state not as well many wall surfaces for signals to pass through as well as mounted in a location with minimal task our backdoor and outdoor patio door cameras satisfy those conditions flawlessly as well as i’m on training course to get at least four otherwise six months of battery life out of those 2 electronic cameras no worry yet contrast that with our driveway electronic camera which is a long method from the residence base has thick wall surfaces in between it and the home base and also is turned on several times a day on a daily basis and that battery life is terrible in

contrast i’m finding that i’m obtaining concerning six weeks battery from that electronic camera at a press which to be reasonable isn’t bad for the coverage it provides as well as i would certainly a lot instead be certain that it’s keeping it secure as well as need to bill it regularly yet it is something to be knowledgeable about these electronic cameras do not record 24 7 due to them being battery operated and also rather make use of artificial intelligence to determine when to tape-record as well as when not to so for instance they might find movement yet after that realize that the activity is a cars and truck or a pet dog and also therefore decide not to alert you to that motion and not to record and also that’s excellent in theory and it does usually function and also work extremely well yet in seemingly noticeable situations the video cameras will function perfectly 49 out of 50 times and also after that randomly simply not function for example we had a situation a week or two ago where a courier pertained to our front door with a package and also the system taped them as it constantly does and also notified us to the individual coming up the driveway some 10 minutes later on in the exact same clear daytime problems an additional profession arrived as well as also had a short discussion with me when i opened the door none of that interaction was caught and also for the life of me i don’t understand why like i claim it’s typically rather remarkable but does occasionally blunder clearly if that one blunder is the moment that a crime is

occurring at your home then that’s not excellent as well as it does bring me to a real authentic problem that i have about this system my biggest problem without a doubt which’s the truth that human detecting ai does not work at night which is such a letdown so throughout the day you can tell the system to just inform you to human movement autos cats foxes birds landing on your grass they all obtain ignored by the system yet in the evening time it defaults to letting you find out about every little thing so after that when you uncover like we have that a neighborhood pet cat suches as to find and await our yard every evening that poses an actual problem since i do not desire alerts multiple times each night informing me concerning a cat yet i do want an alert that time that a criminal activity has actually occurred i’m really hoping that yuffie may be able to add this in with a firmware update with the extremely least a future version of the video cameras as it could persuade me to update i assume this is most likely the one missing out on feature that might be a bargain breaker for a great deal of individuals so do maintain it in mind my another factor to consider when it happens is that it can be sort of stingy with recordings by default focusing more on attempting to keep a battery life and also lower storage space than in fact catching footage however you can repair this yourself so as an example we in fact caught some people attempting to break into our automobiles i’ll play the video currently you can see that the video is actually short as well as it quits equally as the individuals leave our second cars and truck and this is since the ai at this factor considered that there had not been sufficient motion to keep

recording which is kind of strange what i would have chosen is that the cams kept going to see where they went next currently you can repair this which is what i’ve done you just require the cams to tape-record for a defined collection of time approximately 2 mins as well as they’ll videotape for that lengthy each time without quiting early this does increase your storage usage as well as decrease battery life yet i found this to be rather minimal when contrasted to the benefit of having functional footage a great suggestion to know as i do find 5 or six second bursts of video footage can be a bit pointless this system is 100 reliant on you having both a continuous source of power and also web to your home as well as if either of those things go down out the video camera system is essentially rendered worthless the video cameras will not work they will not videotape during that time now this does make good sense when you comprehend how the video cameras and also the online job however it’s an embarassment that there isn’t a back-up service perhaps a job or more local storage within the video cameras that can just be used when the power is lost and afterwards the video moved back to the house

base when the power is recovered i guess for lots of people this isn’t excessive of a concern we’ve had one prepared power cut considering that we relocated as well as whilst our internet does require resetting when every pair of weeks or so it’s rapidly back up as well as running yet if you live someplace where power and also or internet is a little bit choppy you could require to consider this assimilation with apple home is poor with these yuffie electronic cameras but in fairness that’s a concern with apple greater than with ufe due to the fact that at the time of making this testimonial apple still limits video support to 1080p and the electronic cameras automatically switch to the most affordable data transfer alternative producing horrible top quality video which’s a real shame due to the fact that the basics of apple house assimilation are superb being able to check out cams using your voice or via your apple tv having the ability to benefit from apple homes ai which can signal you about specific individuals going to the door or whether individuals are bring packages that kind of things i also ask yourself if the evening time ai issue may be resolved if i utilize these electronic cameras with home kits yet however i won’t learn up until

apple support 2k streams and to much better data transfer as i’m simply not prepared to go down the video clip top quality to that degree automations are a great feature within the yuffie application which enable you to have one of your cams or a ufe brand home protection device trigger another cam so for instance i know that if somebody were to climb over the entrance beside our home they’re mosting likely to appear by our patio doors therefore i have actually obtained an automation where if movement is found at the entrance the patio area camera will quickly start taping prepared to capture anyone as quickly as they happen the corner the uses for this are i think rather obvious however it would be wonderful if maybe a little bit a lot more sophisticated than just if you detect motion below record over there and it would likewise be terrific if the application can work with various other smart home gadgets like hue for instance i ‘d like it if should our front door electronic camera identify motion at evening it could not just tape the video footage yet likewise immediately switch on our inner entry light i believe this is the sort of performance that would certainly take this from being a good feature to a terrific feature overall i’m still really satisfied with the 2c professional cam system it works really well for us i have actually seen some individuals on twitter recently grumbling concerning cams failing or separating from the network and also truthfully we have actually not had that experience i will upgrade these video clips if we locate that holds true in the future as the system is right now it’s a greater than adequate residence

safety and security system that does not included a regular monthly membership which i believe is a vital indicate keep in mind firmware and also software application updates could make this arrangement also much better so fingers crossed you charge keep seeking to enhance the configuration however that lack of human ai for evening time mode is a killer if i were back at square one buying video cameras as well as learnt about this drawback would certainly it quit me from purchasing honestly it could it would absolutely make me see if any kind of other camera systems are much better with nighttime resemble i stated ideally firmware updates can repair this or at the minimum future versions of the yuffie cameras due to the fact that in general i actually simulate the cams the application and also the basic young people method to protection it’s extremely very great yet not quite ideal what do you assume have you obtained some uf cameras established if so do you like them or have you went with a different brand name allow me understand about it in the remarks as well as let’s discuss it and as ever if you located this video clip helpful do please consider leaving me a like as well as registering for my network for even more content similar to this in the future see you on the next

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